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Early Termination Fee
Posted by Bellmaya.7777 on 03/31/2013
CASTRO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- My husband is totally not happy with Dish' services, so he called to cancel and ask for any fees. The customer representative said you just need to settle $18.96 and return the equipment otherwise you will be charged. After 2 months, they send us this "UPCOMING AUTOMATIC CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD" $227.50, so I called them and I told the lady account specialist that my husband specifically inquired first how much we need to pay but $227.50 was never mentioned? this is her answer "It doesn't matter, whether we mentioned or not during the cancellation the termination fee is valid."

What was that? I mean, the reason we call to ask how much is the termination fee? Had we known that, we probably just stick for the next 13 months, and the lady again said "I apologize if it wasn't mentioned during the cancellation, but it doesn't matter whether it was mentioned or not, it is in the contract that you need to pay termination fee".

It's the same as fooling us consumers right? we did our part call them and inquire they would not disclose to us how much because it was in the contract, you come to them hoping to get the right answer yet you won't get then in 2 months boom! "UPCOMING AUTOMATIC CHARGE IN YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD". Looking and reviewing our contract takes time calling them is a little easier, but I never thought that that will not be honest to you. Don't be fooled by this people like my family do.

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Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2013-04-02:
I understand your frustrations and would be happy to assist you with this. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com.

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by Samantha on 2013-06-25:
I just had the same thing happen to me! I called and cancelled. told I'd be charged a early termination fee... id get the final bill shorty after returning my equipment... never got one! i called and called and called and kept telling me there was no balance and they cant help me! It took 40 days to finally get a letter saying they would be taking it of my account in a week! I hate dish! And am telling everyone I know how horrible my experience was!
Posted by Del335 on 2013-07-09:
SAME thing happened to me. I cancelled on 5/4, and just got a bill for almost 150 (it's 7/9), even though I talked to TWO different agents that ASSURED me there would be no further charges. What's worse, my credentials are apparently not valid anymore, so I can't even LOG ON to my account anymore. GRR!!! I HATE dish. Save yourself the headache and just get Netflix.
Posted by Harrison on 2013-11-08:
We have dish in two different states and we will be terminating ASAP! They are crooks! They lie to you to get the contract and then they leave ya hangin! Don't trust them!
Posted by Barbara on 2013-11-08:
Before I moved from Oregon to Illinois last month I called Dish to find out what I needed to do...nothing, just take my equipment (not satellite dish) and have Dish come out to install in my new location. If I cannot get service at my new location, then my early termination fee would be waived. I had the installer come in IL and there was no place for the satellite dish line of sight. He told me that there would not be an early cancellation fee due to no service available, and that they would send me boxes to return the equipment. All good, until I got a bill for the month of no service, and when I called to tell them of the error I was informed that there would be a termination fee for the balance of my contract. I told them that 2 different reps had told me that there would not be a fee if I could not get service in my new location. I was bumped to the "Executive office", and was told that I needed to pay the early termination fee because it was my fault that I moved where I could not get a signal. I asked if there would be a fee if I died? No, or if I moved into a retirement home - otherwise, you have to pay. What a rip off and the bottom line is that you cannot cancel without a fee no matter what any of the local people tell you, they do not know what they are talking about. Only Veronica knows...
Posted by Jim Bowman on 2013-12-10:
I have had Dish for 4 months and hate it. In October I lost CBS for 6 weeks and now NBC and FOX have been blocked as poor Dish is being asked to pay "3 times" the previous retransmission fee,

How come no other provider is experiencing so much difficulty in negotiations? All my friends with Charter and Direct get a full array of channels.

Dish probably makes as much money ripping off dissatisfied customers as those who can't afford to cancel service.
Posted by Ken on 2014-02-21:
I was a loyal DISH customer and liked their service very much. Personally, I think they have better HD video quality then ATT HD service.

Back in Dec, I moved to new apartment which happened to be 'North Facing' appartment without DISH signal, which I was not aware till DISH rep told me about it. And as a layman, I had no clue that 'North Facing' appartment would not have DISH signal. If I knew it, I wouldnt have moved to North Facing appartment, anyway who wants to pay early termination fees for no reason!

After moving to my new appartment, I called DISH and scheduled a move service. As expected, DISH rep came to my appartment on weekends morning and tried to figure out if he can get DISH signal which he couldn't. I lived in 3rd floor there is a appartment fence right next to my building which has 5-6 DISH and Direct TV antenna attached to fence. I asked DISH rep if he can put my DISH on appartment fence and can run the wire from there. Without analyzing much, he said appartment wont let him do it and he can clearly see wires chopped from those antenna. Since it was weekend, I didn't had option to call my appartment and ensure that information provided by DISH rep was correct.

Since, it was not possible for me to get DISH signal ( as per that DISH rep), I called DISH same day and terminated my service. When explaning the north facing appartment and signal issue situation to DISH rep in phone, I was yelled and told that I am gonna have to pay that termination fee regardless. It looked like that DISH lady on the phone was having bad weekends.

The irony here is, when I checked with my appartment manager next week about having DISH antenna on their fence, she told me that its perfectly fine and I can do it, and that is what other residents were doing. Those chopped wires were from those resident's DISH who had moved out of that appartment community. There you go... If that DISH rep would have waited till next day and checked with my appartment manager, I would have to terminate my service and pay early termination fee !!!!!

Now can some one reading this explain me if it was fair enough for me to pay early termination fee just because my appartment was northfacing with no DISH signal and on the top of that DISH rep misled me saying I cant have my DISH in appartment fence without checking with my appartment management eventhough it was possible !! Average people in this world wouldnt know that north facing appartment will not have DISH signal!

Posted by Don on 2014-02-27:
I am sick of getting ripped off. I would recommend to everyone to write the AG and file a complaint. They do not even respond to me. So sick of being cheated and lied to by this company. No Honor in them.
Posted by bmbutler on 2014-02-28:
Initial poster's situation similiar to mine. Did not have some channels I was paying for while they fought with local companies to get paid more money. Cancelled on 1/10/14. Magicially received email on 1/12/14 that all channels had been restored. Amazing coincidence. Received yesterday statement dated 2/11/14 that balance due was $-10.96 that that this was the final balance on my account. All their equipment immediately returned with their prepaid UPS label (they charge you for it btw.) and documented received on 1/22/14. One thing I also did was cancel the credit card on my account right before I called to cancel so they could not sneak attack me with any undue billing.

Now Dish says I owe over $275 for ETF. Called and told them I was in position of bill stating final balance is a credit. Can still logon to their website, but it even shows balance due as $0! I have filed compliant with NC Attorney General office today and sent copies of 2/11/14 statement and screen print of today's website account screen showing balance due of $0.
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Posted by Twoswanks on 11/29/2012
Yes, I would like to know why only new contracts are the only ones intitled to receive a hopper and not people who have been loal customers for years. i feel they ought to be entitled to have one also, even if they have to pay the $99.00 to get ine.
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-29:
I wonder what genius in their marketing department thought that 'hopper' was a great name? I guess they thought we'd think of speedy little bunnies instead of the level of their customer service.
Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2012-11-30:
We have offers for our existing customers to get the Hopper as well. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com so that I can look into your offers. Thank you!

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by Chris Shepherd on 2013-02-21:
I am having the same issue, the "deals" they offer to existing customers aren't much of a deal. You are only important apparently if you have canceled your service for 3 months. They keep offering me $10 off for 3 months and I can upgrade to the hopper with a new 2 year contract. I can't have a new customer deal unless I have canceled my service for 90 days. I am on the 4th person now, but looks like I am getting Cox cable next week.
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It's True, Dish Network is systematically committing fraud
Posted by Pdx-citizen on 08/28/2007
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I'm not expecting great things from a TV service. I don't even care that the bill is always higher than what it says in the promotional ads, or that there are setup costs that you're never told about.

But Dish Network has really gone far beyond the normal range here. For starters they charged my credit card 49.99 -twice- for setup and both charges said "one time payment". The rep told me that the (single) 49.99 charge would be refunded if I signed a lease. What they did was roll back the extra mistake charge, they never refunded the fee. That's just the start.

About a week later a charge marked DishNetwork Auto Pay showed up, for over $60. I did not sign up for auto-pay and my monthly bill (per their own records) was not due yet and was just a little over $50. I called and they claimed they had no record of the charge and that I wasn't enrolled in auto-pay, but there it was on my credit card statement! I had to go through filling out paperwork with my credit card company to reverse the charges - several weeks later the charge was reversed (not by Dish, but buy my Visa company), but by that time another charge for a similar amount was made to my card! Again DN didn't credit any of this to my actual bill. I reported my VISA card stolen so that the # would change and they couldn't make any more charges like this; I have to file another charge-reversal form. How many people don't notice charges like this? This is fraud, either by DN or by a third-party processing company they use.

Nope, it's still not over...

My first bill was about $53 and due on the 20th of the month. My second bill came, for $72, due on the 8th of the next month! What's up here? I didn't add any services, rates weren't shown as going up, and above all how can you only get 18 days of service for a monthly bill? (This wasn't pro-rated; the initial installation was on the 20th). And in all of this, we weren't even getting all of the services we were being charged for; the receiver in the 2nd room only showed basic channels and didn't even show local channels.

My wife and I were both really very patient for *most* of our many hours on the phone with Dish Network (mostly on hold) but it's gone too far; we both feel that Dish Network commited consumer fraud and we're going to drop our service. Fortunately since I cancelled my card they don't have it any more, but if they make any credit collections attempt I'm afraid we won't be done dealing with them. There's strength in numbers! It would be good to know if there's a place where victims of this company can network and maybe take collective legal action.
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Posted by PGLS on 2007-08-28:
This is why we should never give a company our credit card numbers. You can't trust anyone.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-08-28:
Keep any and all documentation that pertains to this. Credit card statements, etc. Keep records of all phone calls. Who, what, and when. You're going to need it. They will go to collections eventually. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-28:
I have Dish, never had a problem in over 4 years. I'm on auto pay, my bill is the same every month - and when rates have changed, I've gotten notice ahead of time of what my new monthly rate will be. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few but I can't support a boycott.
Posted by goodbytes on 2007-10-16:
Your story adds to the long list of people who feel that Dish Network is abusing their customers and/or engaging in unethical business practices (which benefits them greatly in a financial sense). I hope you find relief and perhaps some sharp, class action attorney will be able to run with some of these complaints...
Posted by DishNetworkscam on 2008-04-21:
Yes, I hope they are investigated for all the complaints! I was ripped-off for paper view charges and I believe it’s time for company, personnel and especially equipment audit/investigation.
Posted by donmech on 2012-05-01:
I paid my bill of 73.52 today and when I got home my service was still interupted and I called custermer service who told me that I would have to pay an adistional 106.00 in order for my services to be reinstated even though my bill clearly states t o t a l dew 73.52. I told him what my bill said and he laughed and said he didn't care I would have to pay the 106.00 and if I thought I could do anything about I t , try my luck. Someone needs to knock them down a notch or two.
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Hopper Completely Out of Sync. Record Live Capabilities Not as Stated
Posted by Humphrey on 09/02/2013
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Have 1 Hopper DVR with Sling and 2 Joeys, 3 TVs in adjoining rooms. These TVs are in close proximity to each other. They are always completely out of sync. I called tech support who put me in touch with Advanced tech support and they said, that's how it works. With the Hopper, all the TVs will be out of sync. There is no way to sync them. They also said, Dish does not consider this a problem and they are not going to fix this. This is totally unacceptable.

I had 2 DVRs with 2 slings that fed 3 TVs in the same adjoining rooms and would turn on all 3 TVs and they were totally in sync. I could watch in any room, and it was great. The Hopper is impossible to watch in these adjoining rooms. If you have one large room, like a living room, and an open kitchen that adjoins and you have a TV at each end, you can't have the volume up on both. Sometimes 5 or 6 seconds out of sync. A really really bad product.

Also the Hopper operates each connection; a DVD and Each Joey as one receiver each. You can record on all 3 devices, but you can not watch another channel on anything. You will have to watch whatever is recording. Unlike their other DVRs, you could record on 2 channels and watch a 3rd. Completely misrepresented the recording and viewing capabilities. You don't find out until after they install. Then it's too late.

On their Prime Time recording feature they say, and it even says in their manual, that you can record all Prime Time Network channels and 2 other channels of your choice as part of this feature that doesn't use a receiver to record. But you can not choose 2 other channels as part of Prime Time as they very creatively and misleadingly wrote. You can choose 2 other channels, but you have to use your Joey's, which means you can not watch another channel, because all your receivers are being used. Prime Time Recording actually uses one of your receivers. What a sham. They should definitely be sued over the gross misrepresentation in their sales pitch and their own literature. Tech support said, they always get this question because the sales team and their own literature misrepresent this feature.

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Posted by Alain on 2013-09-03:
Thank you for the advice, Humphrey. I live in the Pittsburgh area, as well. I'll stick with our present provider and stay away from Dish.
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Dish Network Sucks!
Posted by Kls2134u on 12/02/2012
Here it is Sunday, Dec 2nd, ready for a day of watching the NFL. What no Fox network available to Dish Network customers?!!!! We pay our bill every month for Dish services. Why is it that Dish cannot provide what we pay for and count on??! Whats their consequences for messing with our Sunday? We should get a reduced bill or better yet, deliver what they promise!!!!
Dish Sucks!
Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/03/2012:
Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media Representative at DISH. I understand you wanted to enjoy a day of football in the comfort of your own home. Due to Northwest Broadcasting’s unfair demands, our agreement with them has expired. We have offered to pay the same rate as our competitors, but Northwest has rejected that offer, demanding more. To get more information for what is going on, it can be found at: www.DISHValuePledge.com
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Posted by Old Timer on 2012-12-02:
"Dish Network Sucks!". Yep, that about covers it.
Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2012-12-04:
kls2134u, we completely understand your frustration we with negotiation. Unfortunately, Northwest is known to take programming away from their viewers in an effort to get money. They have done this with other providers twice in the past two years, and as recently as a few months ago. We will continue to work hard towards reaching a fair agreement soon!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative

Posted by kls2134u on 2012-12-06:
How soon? After the football season is over?! We aren't getting all of our programming in the meantime;but, paying the same amount. How is that fair?
Posted by tickedoff574 on 2013-01-09:
Joining the crowd here our local channels also went out here in Ia but don't worry were still paying for them. Way to go Dish!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-01-09:
It's not just DISH...this has just happened with Cox Cable as well. As of January 1st, we were left without TBS, METV and two other channels because as mentioned by CheriT@DISH, they were trying to negotiate the programing fees with the network(s) or whatever. They wanted to charge COX cable with an increase of 220%!!! Cox said if they agreed, they would have to raise the customer's cable bill. We were without those channels for one week...if it was going to be any longer, I was going to call them for an adjustment on my cable bill. Afterall, if we would be charged more for those channels if we got them, then, by golly we should pay less if we don't get them...the bill should not remain the same. Yeah, I know, they can be changed 'without notice'...but, I would have still called about it. Man-O-Man, a WEEK without the Honeymooners!! HOW DARE THEY!!!
Posted by Tania on 2013-05-23:
We are having the same experience with trying to watch the Yankees play on ESPN, a channel we pay for, but don't get the game when it's on. Dish says well it should be on a local channel, but it's Not!! So each time this happens we call, and ask for a manager, and demand credit on our bill each time we do not get the channel we are paying for, and we get that credit. If a bunch of us do this they will loose a lot of money, and then Maybe they will get the point.
Posted by gayle on 2013-08-01:
This is bull sh. as much as we pay . if not on in a week I'm switching to Direct !
Posted by Karen on 2013-08-01:
Dish has just taken away abc from the list of over priced bill I pay more and dont get any new movies they play old movies this really isnt worth the money I pay ill find a new cable co. bye bye dish!!!!!!!
Posted by kay on 2013-08-01:
Dish network sucks!!!!!!!! Give me back abc my news and weather are gone THANKS FOR NOTHING you wont be getting any more money from me!!!!!!!!
Posted by DOLORES SCHULTZ on 2013-08-01:
Posted by linda on 2013-08-01:
dish always has problems with negotiating with other channels now here in Cleveland we have no more cbs last year it was amc,ifc, why always so many problems with dish and cost you seem to have no problem increasing our rates
Posted by Trashell Waller on 2013-08-01:
I don't understand how Dish customers are loyal and pay their bill and can't watch what they paid for. Customer service gave me an option to watch it on my computer who wants to sit up in front of a computer and watch TV yet along I sit in front of one ALL DAY. I'm missing the news and the stories. No credit or adjustments. Just got referred from a friend now this. Who wants to go through ALL the hassle to change providers. I hope they resolve this issue real quick because DIRECT TV M COMCAST IS NOT AM OPTION for me!!!!! I am very angry disappointed about this.
Posted by Richard sartuche on 2013-08-01:
yes I can't believe we got a station that we watch
Posted by Lee on 2013-08-01:
I don't mind paying my bill for service but would like to get compensation for service I don't get. Please tell me we will get compensation for the days we don't get service. I an 76 years old and this is my main form of entertainment so I will miss some shows that I watch.
Posted by Janet on 2013-08-01:
Dish just blocked my local channel 3 out of Louisville Ky. I am furious! This is my favorite channel. Dish you are making a serious mistake. People love that station around here. Been on air for years.
Posted by shatrena betts on 2013-08-01:
they removed ksla and I can't watch The Prize Is Righ...I need to get me another sattelite provider, and I wonder if we're going to get a discounted bill, lose a important service then the bill needs to drop...that was my news channel also.
Posted by John on 2013-08-02:
Just blocked channel 5 out of Charleston SC. Same situation, station has been around forever. I left Direct TV after 8 years and have been with Dish ever since. After this incident, they can both kiss my @ and $! It is rediculous the money they charge and can't negotiate like professionals. Are you serious? Block the channels because you don't get what you want? How about I stop paying you be ause I don't get what I want??
Posted by shery on 2013-08-02:
my dish bill is high enough and I think dish should take some off the bill every day that there's no channel 6 on out of bham or give a full refund u bet if u didn't pay they would be mad and disconnect well i'm mad and wont a darn refund or some off my bill for every day its off the air
Posted by Randy Bolin on 2013-08-02:
I pay for channel 5 out of Memphis Tn and now you have taken it away . I expect a credit or give me the channel back
Posted by blue on 2013-08-02:
Chill out people. Im upset too but its not dishs fault. Its raycom. Switching providers wont work, they all go through this. You complain, but if they didnt do this from time to time your subscriotion price would eventually double. Then you would be complaining even more. They will get it worked out, but a couple days without one company's channels is worth keeping the cost down.
Posted by Pamela burttram on 2013-08-02:
Aug 1,2013 you took of fox6 that's my news station and also won't be able to watch America idol as well.i be looking for another cable company soon
Posted by Donna staley on 2013-08-02:
Yea this really sucks I guess I'll go back to cable if u don't adjust my bill how can u expect to get the same amount if we don't get what we au for. I will make sure know one comes dish
Posted by Pamela Taber on 2013-08-02:
I'm so mad with adults acting like kids. Come on did Dish not know what was going to happen when they allowed this block to happen. You must be asking to go under. I just retired 4 weeks ago and enjoy watching The Today Show and Hoda and Kathie Lee in the mornings. I will probably be switching to Direct ASAP. Direct can't cost that much more, because too many that I know have it. It's just like the job I just retired from, politics, politics and more politics! Sick to my stomach Dish.
Posted by Judy on 2013-08-02:
You told me when I got dish I would have my local channels now you have lost my local news channel WSFA that I watch every day so I am very upset.I want my channel back that I paid for,
Posted by Teresa on 2013-08-02:
I have been a loyal Dish customer for 6 months and decided to use them specifically because they provided local channels. NBC broadcasting out of Memphis just disappeared yesterday. No warning, no memo, or even an automated phone message. I'm beyond disappointed and am sure if I didn't pay my bill on time, I'd certainly be hearing from them reminding me of our agreement. Well I hope they read this and KNOW that I will not pay a cent more until said agreed services are restored. Put Memphis' NBC back on the air!
Posted by charles henshaw on 2013-08-02:
this really sucks you pay for cable and they do this I watch must of channel 12 and now all my shows wont be there to watch what a rip off quess I will be like the rest finding another cable company charles
Posted by dammmad on 2013-08-02:
It's breach of contract, and fraud.
We the consumer are in the middle of all of this, once again and still paying full price for this mess. I'm in the Wiregrass area, Dothan, and fed up with the always onesides breach of a contract.
Posted by scott on 2013-08-02:
With dish you can count on getting less than you pay for.
Posted by RLG on 2013-08-03:
First of all it seems that most of Dish channels are info... trying to sell you something..But now we in Columbia,SC can't even see our main channel 10. I wish we (the Customer) could pick out the channels we want...After all we pay the bill...
Posted by Lee @ Texas on 2013-08-03:
We here in Texas are having the same thing happen year after year. I think maybe it's time for the FCC and congress look into this problem and shut down these price gougin, corruption, money grubbing charectors and give us what we pay for. They are quick to bill us and refuse to refund the time that we're missing our programs that we paid them for. It's like buying a dozen eggs and you only get ten but get charged for thirteen. Time to investigate all these crooks.
Posted by Lee @ Texas on 2013-08-03:
I think about it this way,
I buy a TV, Then maintain it, I then buy a provider service and pay for that hookup., Then I sit and watch commercials that the providers get paid for, yet I'm paying the providers also. If you want to watch from another room, you must pay for that also. If you wish to watch another chanell rather than the crap that the providers furnish, you pay for that also. The providers flood your plans with junk that no one watches and you have no choice. You cannot swap chanells, you have to pay for that also. I guess you get the point by now that we as consumers are a bunch of idiots. Who as regulators for the consumers let someone get away with this is beyond me.
Posted by sammy on 2013-08-03:
I pay 100% of my bill and expect 100% of my stations!This is not happening! Washington...Government wanting more control. Stay away! Home of the Brave, YES. Not so sure about land of the free anymore! Just saying!
Posted by Pat on 2013-08-03:
Does this mean my cost for dish will be downsized? We are paying for a service that we are not getting. A good lawyer will take you to court and will win the case. Once you pay for a service you cannot take it away. Fox 6! Umbelieveable! Very disappointed in Dish as we have subscribed for a long time. Guess it is time to go to Direct.
Posted by Mary on 2013-08-04:
Time for Congress to set some guidelines on these cable companies. Is this not price gashing? Dish seems to have a communication problem when it comes to management skills. They need to get on board and change their position. This person is feed up with losing channels and you get a little of nothing for losing the channels. Yet we pay a high price for these channels.
Posted by J. Gall on 2013-08-04:
It's football season, I guess it's time to play your games.
Posted by Patricia on 2013-08-05:
we have recently lost kfvs on our local channels which provide our local weather and local news

we were offered other options such as watching local news that is one hundred miles away and given a free preview of the Game Show Network which I already have and never watch lol this is the most silly thing I have ever heard of and also switch to another company that is on digit off from their customer service hmmmm please get on your big boy/girl pants and settle this with Raycom my whole area is thinking of dumping all of you and listen to radio or just watching what we have on hand
Maybe we will have much more family time not involving TV at all Just Saying
Posted by Donna on 2013-08-05:
What on earth is their problem. I pay more than anyone I no trying not to switch but now my local wsoc is gone. Switching tomorrow.
Posted by Robbie fields on 2013-08-05:
If anyone has noticed they charge us a month in advance I'm not under their contract anymore and I pay month to month I'm not giving them a free payment of my hard earned money
Posted by Allen on 2013-08-05:
Same old crap with satellite services. I am done don't watch enough tv anyway.. You made it easy to cancel!
Posted by B. Higgins on 2013-08-05:
Yes, Dish does suck. They have dropped channels that were on my list when I signed on with them. Now I have been without a major network ( CBS ) for five days. I'ii bet they wouldn't let you out of the contract although they have not lived up to their end of it.
Posted by DebMind on 2013-08-06:
No Fox and no NBC, we pay and expect service DISH! When our contract is up we will go back to cable. At least we will get what we pay for and not lose service during a thunderstorm.
Posted by k matthew on 2013-08-06:
It ticks me off too that I have lost my Fox and NBC stations in Jackson, MS but the problem is not DISH. Its the megamedia broadcasting companys that own numerous stations across the country trying to extort more money out of satellite and cable companys.Instead if complaining to DISH call your local stations and urge them to come to an agreement soon. If they had any sense they wouls realize this will lose viewers which leads to lost advertising dollars.
Posted by no name Jane on 2013-08-06:
when will we get back our local channels we been dish customers for years and will switch to direct tv soon if this does NOT happen
Posted by Michael on 2013-08-07:
In the 4 years which I have had Dish, there have been contract negotiations which have interupted my service with FX, AMC, and now our local stations... Dish I say, "Enough is enough!' Each time some interuption has occured, Dish always blames the networks involved... I am also am aware there seem to be an increase in the cost of my service at quite a regular rate in so much that now I am paying nearly $100.00 a month and that is for only the stations and not any HBO, Starz, etc... Now, it appears maybe the problem isn't the networks but the manner in which Dish seems to waste "OUR" funds, such as
Posted by tracie on 2013-08-07:
I just realized that I have lost abc channel 9 and the fox station 54. CBS had this same problem just a few months ago and Settled their problem. Why can't Dish do the same for these other channels? As some have pointed out it is price gouging political nonsense and totally unprofessional with the way these negotiations are conducted. I hope for our sakes the loyal customer that an agreement can be reached and our stations are restored. If not I will change service providers if necessary.
Posted by Kelly on 2013-08-07:
I want my local fox 6 station back or I will cancel after 9 years of service.
Posted by Lydia on 2013-08-07:
New Customer! Promised 100% channels, now Dish did not signed an agreement with NBC. All this Bla,bla, bla about negociations, Dish keeps saying in a few weeks. It's happening all over. Look at the complains since 2012, Now they are asking $460 to get out of the contract. If you keep having unhappy customers, you'll be out of business very soon. Definitely DISH SUCKS.
Posted by Adele on 2013-08-07:
I am discusted with Dish after about 10 years with
them. I miss Ch 12 and the Fox chandlle for news.
I will be switching to Direct. You care what we want
and paying for but if enough people switch. See
what happens.
Posted by Cindy on 2013-08-07:
We have been without 3 of our local channels for about 2 weeks. I called Direct and was about to change providers until I found a site listing all of the disputes the other cable providers have had and the length until negotiations were reached. I have had Dish for about 10 yrs and this is the first time that they have actually lost channels. I am going to stick it out another week and see if the channels come back. It would be a real bummer to switch providers and have the new one go down.
Posted by Deanna on 2013-08-08:
Dish suck missing my new out of charleston sc and my soaps but you people got a few more day and am leaving and I will not pay you people one dent more if you cut off one channel you should had cut off all the local channels you people really suck come on make a deal with Raycon we pay enough for our bill am done
Posted by marilyn cooper on 2013-09-23:
U promised local channels when I switched to dish. I may cancel and get an antenna.
Posted by Robert I on 2013-09-26:
When Dish drops WSPA in Spartanburg, SC I will drop them. We should get what we pay for, or a reduced rate.
Posted by Lou on 2013-09-28:
I am very disappointed that channel 7 may be taken away from your customers. We pay for quality service and expect it in return. We pay our bill regularly as you ask. We live in an area where cable is not available, so we need a dish of some type. With the technology of today, we should not be required to buy an antenna to receive wanted stations, that's why we pay your company!!! I do hope you resolve this problem among yourselves soon. It's not good for your business!!!
Posted by Elizabeth on 2013-10-01:
No channel 6. After 10 years of paying a fortune to Dish Network we lose our local channel. I'm sure my bill will go down. Not! Less channels same money. Direct T.V. here I come and I hope more people in South Carolina will join Me. This truely sucks!!!
Posted by David on 2013-10-01:
Well as warned in advance, here it is the 1st of October and my local CBS is gone. I don't really understand why CBS can charge four times their norm in order to allow DISH to carry local channel WJHL. Surely there is legislation that would make this illegal. I have Wi-Fi, but don't really want to watch CBS on my computer. Can't get cable where I live, and understand DirecTV is having the same issues. Just because your number one CBS doesn't mean you can set your own price, there is a reason why. Don't blame DISH.
Posted by Jackie on 2013-10-01:
Well lost wspa, I'll be dropping dish, and no I don't have automatic pay or a contract that you can collect fees on ha ha. I do think it's poor business, the sole purpose of your company is to provide these channels and when you can't handle the contracts you just let your customers do without.
Posted by Nolmor on 2013-10-01:
The amount of money I pay for your service I would hope you would provided local service!! Get my Chanel 5 back on the air!!! We can't drop you without a penalty !!!
Posted by Daniel on 2013-10-01:
Just lost WKRG out of Mobile, Al. Come on guys it tuesday night. Ncis all good shows are CBS. Something has to give....
Posted by j newsom on 2013-10-01:
You know what I am going to do. First of all I will cancil agrement with the provider and just play dvds of my choice plck and choose o and listen to the news a weather on the radio. You ca get all the good movies and tv shows on dvd. But they will try to screw that plan up too. Choice 3 buy games play cards talk to one another. That's a new one. No more texing.
Posted by j newsom on 2013-10-01:
How can you post a comment on 8-2-13 and you guys indicate you received it on 8-10-3. Seems like everyone is screwed
Posted by Jerry on 2013-10-01:
A friend who got $50 dollars for talking me into signing up with Dish network. Worse mistake I very made. Every time a cloud comes up I lose signal. Never had that problem with At and t. They never dropped my local channels. Wish I could get out of this contract. Does anyone know how to get out of the contract without paying a lot of money? If anyone ever ask you to change so they can get the $50 give them the money and keep your provider. Dish get NBC back in Birmingham NOW!!!
Posted by Mardi on 2013-10-01:
Wow! This blocking thing seems to be sweeping the country because Raliegh has just been blocked. Shouldn't Dish hire better negotiators or lower their fees?
Posted by scott on 2013-10-01:
Less than two months and dish is blocking channels again in mississippi
Posted by Ashton Glannce on 2013-10-02:
Its Tuesday night and I'm ready to watch my NCIS show and its a bog night tonight and I've been waiting for 3 weeks to watch it but its not working cause DISH is cheep people trying to rip off its customers!!
Posted by sick of LIES on 2013-10-02:
Just switch to charter. At least with them U get ALL local (FREE) channels free. I had really thought about giving dish a try but Why pay outrageous prices for programs U can no longer watch. WSPA is the main channel I watch. That's 1 reason, and the other is the internet is no where near as fast as Charter. The main reason I was even thinking about trying the Sunday football deal, but that's OK I rather have channel 7.. I feel sorry for those who got took in by a co that can't or won't do what it takes.to make customers happy. Sounds like they trying to get more money outta ppl and that's gonna be their way of eventually raising prices. nuf said
Posted by Deborah Jackson on 2013-10-02:
What about the contract we signed with Dish stating you would provide us with a certain listed named stations. Dish is in violation of the contract and compensation should be made to all customers effective. I am very disappointed with Dish Network and plan to change.
Posted by Lynn on 2013-10-02:
My family has been with Dish for over 10 years. I am very disappointed about our local channels being taken away. We watch more local channels than any of the channels, yet we are paying for them! What kind of racket is this? WHY are the consumers being screwed? Why can't we pay for only the channels we want? Can someone please answer my questions. Actively checking other options. DISH you are losing loyal customers. Wise up!
Posted by Jessie on 2013-10-03:
Very disappointed to lose CBS. You can't trust anything anymore.
Posted by shelby whitfield on 2013-10-03:
I am going to drop my dish if channel 7 and 21 is not back on by next wk I can get it cheaper with charter.anyway no matter if anyone is under a contract you took our channels off so you cant make anyone pay if they cancel it this same thing happen last year but the channels were never taken off so i am thinking they are not coming back on dish will loose a lot of customers and charter doesn't go off when a cloud comes up
Posted by shelby whitfield on 2013-10-03:
I dont think they can charge us for breaking a contract because it is there fault niot ours
Posted by Edward Hayman on 2013-10-04:
Notify your congressmen and complain about this, WJHL get your head out and settle this nasty mess,get CBS BACK ON THE AIR!!!
Posted by sherlene on 2013-10-04:
Dish network I am really upset I have watched channel 5 for over forty years and what you do take it away. When this month is up I am letting you go I can't take this I love channel 5 and what it has to offer alot of great shows. Do very disappointed and very upset
Posted by Johnny on 2013-10-05:
Dish does sux lost wrbl my local channel direct tv has offered up to 200 dollars to change to them think I will
Posted by Dave from FL on 2013-10-06:
Well after reviewing all the online reviews of Dish, Dish Network, Comcast, Centurylink, etc., etc., I have come to the conclusion that none of them are worth the cost or aggravation and I will return to entertaining myself the old fashioned way...
...Watching to see how long it takes the dog to realize the sun has taken over his shade and shining full on his backside.
Posted by bob arnold on 2013-10-06:
yes dish sucks.i am going to switch to direct
Posted by diva on 2013-10-07:
I am beyond unhappy bout misding my shows...alot of them! But...I am getting credit towards bill and free movie channels cause I complained. It is not just them u guys...they r trying to keep our rates down. I remind myself daily of this...cause I am also frustrated
Posted by linda jackson on 2013-10-07:
Charter has already called offering a great deal...
I have been a Dish customer for years, and do not want to change, but since the CBS negotiations are taking so long, I'm considering it.
Missed "Amazing Race" "The Good Wife" and "The Mentalist" last night...if they mess with Gibbs this Tuesday, I'm switching!!
Posted by Anna Waters on 2013-10-09:
If we don't get CBS back this week I am through with Dish. For all the money you charge me you can't supply me with a CBS station? Shame on Dish. Direct Tv is offering great deals!
Posted by Doug mc on 2013-10-09:
Does anybody know if we can cancel dish now while under contract without being penalized for failing to provide the programming we were paying for?
Posted by margaret on 2013-10-11:
give us back our programs that we are paying for for instants the todays show-Dr. Oz Show-Dr.Phil Show -Judge Judy -Wheel Of fortune - Give us back this channel.
Posted by margaret on 2013-10-11:
we pay for dish so we should have the programs we want baCH ON IF NOT WE WILL GO TO A NOTHER COMPANY--- I MISS CHANNEL 3 AND I WANT IT BACK
Posted by Harry Abercrombie on 2013-10-12:
Can't watch Clemson game because on ABC . Tell Joe Clayton I'm going to cable TV next week and he can stick his dish where the sun don't shine!
Posted by Angie on 2013-10-17:
This is pathetic paying what we pay and can't even get the local channels that we desire to watch. I don't believe what dish is saying that northwest want except their agreement or offer. When is this going to be resolved?
Posted by Jessica and Jaime on 2013-10-19:
Yep I agree, DISH NETWORK SUCKS, we are thinking about changing over to Direct Tv........ Not only has dish taken away channel 2 NBC they have taken away channel 50 CW as well and then they expect us to pay the same old high rate prices for channels we are not getting then they don't even offer a low price or up grades to substitutes for the channels lost, they want their money but they don't want to provide services we pay for...... I called and complained and asked for 2 other channels to be added to my account that has my shows on it and they said sure but, you gotta pay a extra $35 a month for them... Have they lost their minds? Thy took away 2 channels and can't even provide 2 others in their place with out wanting more money....How can they run a business like that and think people aren't gonna get mad..... Yep they have lost their minds and DISH SUCKS!!!!!
Posted by Eric on 2013-10-19:
Im very displeased with dish . I haven't had cbs over a month . So I've been missing NFL and college football games and I'm fed up. I wouldn't have got dish if I knew this would happen. Dish need to realize without.Customers. no them!!!!!
Posted by Lori Groshens on 2013-10-21:
I just to keyc tv and now know why we are losing our local channels. Dish wants something that is not theirs. Why do big corporations need to be that way. I am seriously thinking about changing my tv provider . You are right. Dish sucks.
Posted by Sheri on 2013-10-21:
I am really disappointed that we are not getting FOX! And now it is time for the World Series, something we really looked forward to watching. I switched to Dish thinking it was much better than Direct. Get with it and settle your dispute! You should at least reduce your monthly bill if you are not supplying us with the channels we are suppose to be receiving!!!
Posted by jimmy alexander on 2013-10-22:
why is it that direct ,at@t charter can supply local and other channels
and dish can not. don't give me that old run around about price.
Posted by Glen Carlson on 2013-10-24:
Turning off CBS and fox stations shows that doesn't give a dam about its customers. Will they decrease my monthly payments for their action? I doubt it. Its free money. I will switch to direct if they can't provide the service I signed up for. They're holding all customers as hostages til they pull their head out of you know were.
Posted by Tommy Miller on 2013-10-27:
Please let us have CBS. It doesn't have to be out of Jackson. I already have wgn on another channel that I don't watch
Posted by Riley on 2013-11-07:
Since Dish no longer offers a CBS channel, the only real option is to cancel Dish and go with Direct TV. We've had Dish since 1996, but we watch CBS more than any other network. Dish is forcing us to go with Direct TV.
Posted by c w stone on 2013-11-07:
concerning the problem with channel 10 in roanoke, va. why can't you replace it with a NBC channel until you get the problem solved. channel 12 in winston-salem NC would be a lot better than chicago station. thanks for your time
Posted by Glenn Relf on 2013-12-09:
We are not receiving what we pay for by contract, this is a breach, why pay our bill, where is the programs we pay for,i.e. Seattle / San Francisco NFL Sunday Dec. 8, plus many other contract channels. I'll go direct, tomorrow!!
Posted by Gail on 2013-12-10:
Up until this time I have been very satisfied with DISH and have recommended it to others whole heartedly. I am very, very disappointed. Another week without my three favorite channels and I go to Direct TV. Sympathy from DISH PR folks doesn't make up for the loss. You could do the right thing, DISH, and lower your charge to us for the nonservice.
Posted by Umi Harmony on 2013-12-12:
I agree with all of the above, Three of the channels I watch the most are lost, I want my Dish bill lowered! Most of the channels I do get I don't even watch! Going to check out a better service, or not watch TV any longer, could be I will discontinue Dish! Do they want to stay in business??
Posted by MTJan on 2013-12-13:
No Sunday Night football really got to us. DISH putting blame on the broadcasters for contract disputes might be partially true but I say, if DISH would stop making those inane commercials ridiculing DTV services they incessantly shove down our throats, and concentrate more on amicable contract settlements with broadcasters, we'd all benefit!
Posted by MTJan on 2013-12-20:
I am in the more fortunate position in 2 ways
Posted by Janet on 2013-12-30:
Ive decided to go with Direct im giving these till Mon 30 Dec.Ive been a member of dish for many years never been late on paying the bills oh yes five dollars off the bill for the next three months what a joke.
Posted by mary on 2014-01-06:
I was doing alright going to SOAPnet to catch that show at least. Now it too is blocked.
I was blaming dish for raising the rates on the stations and in reality it was just the opposite. So it is the major stations that do not really care whether not we watched their shows. that is who we should be complaining to.
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Scam Artists is what they are.
Posted by Mommas_girl1989 on 11/09/2012
I pay $70 (for the basic package mind you...their $29.99 is a LIE). I have had my DVR go out twice...both times at no fault of mine, they were faulty boxes...and both times they made me pay $300 for them...ridiculous. I'm not paying $300 a year for something I don't even own or get to keep after I pay for the piece of garbage.
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Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2012-11-10:
I understand your frustrations. I would be happy to review your account and see what is causing these issues and help you get them resolved. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com. Thank you!

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
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Legal Crooks, All They Want Is Your Money
Posted by Wfdowns on 06/29/2012
So I just had dish installed yesterday, not even a day later and its the biggest mistake I've made. When I signed up I was told I could watch 4 different shows in 4 different rooms while recording, that's only the case if you watch on demand witch sucks big time, and if I'm recording I'm limited to live TV on only 2 TVs, the others must watch what I wanna watch or have to watch recorded shows witch I have none of, so I'm paying for 4 TVs but was not informed that I couldn't watch live TV on the 4 TVs, witch makes the point of having a box in every room pointless, when I called I was told my only options is to deal with it cause that's how it works, spend more money on another hopper, or cancel service witch would cost 400$, I considered getting the second hopper but when I asked if I could pay it over the bill, in payments they said its impossible so not only was I lied to when I signed up but they won't even work with me to help correct the situation, there nothing but money hungry people who don't care about the customer what so ever.. so if your thinking dish you might wanna just save yourself money and get basic cable even that would be better then dish.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-29:
Sounds like this 'Hopper' stuff they've been advertising isn't all that great a deal. Thanks for warning your fellow consumers!
Posted by bwood on 2012-07-02:
I agree, I had DISH installed on the 29th. All the hype about PRIME TIME was so misrepresented to me. With DIRECT I had all four local channels in HD. With DISH those same local channels are NOT available in HD, so the PRIME TIME recording service means nothing as it only records those channels if they are HD.

Also, I was not told that all receivers would automatially shut down in the middle of the night for updates. I understand from an installer the reason of this (the main reason is that new encryption is downloaded each night to make signal theft impossible) BUT the user should be able to reschedule the timing of the updates. For years, I have set timers to record episodes of shows that are very important to me. If it was possible for the system timing to change, I could set the update for mid=day, but not possible. And the system does come back on after the update, so for the last three days, I have had to wake up and turn it back on.

I am going to check into what legal rights I have as a customer since NONE of these things were told to me until I discovered them myself.

I cannot imagine how a company can call this CUSTOMER SERVICE, when the customer is not told of these factors BEFORE signing a contract.

Especially the fact that local channels are not in HD. I have very few pleasures in life but one of them is watching football and yes, I realize that for a 60 year female this is unusual, but these channels are in HD on local cable and on DirectTV, so why not DISH.

I was fairly insulted when I asked why I was NOT told that, and the DISH cust service person told me, "You didn't ask". Now how insulting is THAT.

So much of her sales talk was about PRIME TIME recording of HD local networks, yippee ! Just didn't both to check if that applied in our area.

Posted by joe on 2012-07-21:
I totally agree. Ive had it less than a day and want it gone. Was told $84 for first year and 105 for second year. Well now the first year is 110 and second is 150. WhenI informed them i was told different price..."sorry to hear that sir" . Also told that i should have read the conditions online first before agreeing. I don't see how that's legal
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Posted by Disgustedwith DISH on 02/09/2010
For years I have been a loyal DISH Network Customer often ignoring the "hidden fees" and the weekly "Channel temporarily unavailable We apologize for the Inconvenience and are working the issue, no need to call" messages that come up whenever the wind blows! To my disgust let me explain the issue at hand with DISH Network.

I am a single Mom...nicety's are rare in my house hold. Last week I had a house fire to which only 6 bags of clothing are spared for myself and my children. The night of the fire I started making the usual calls to suspend my services (ie Phone, Electricity and TV). To my surprise and disgust when dealing with DISH Network, not only could they NOT suspend my services but the "best we can do is drop your package down to the lowest" which 9 days ago was $51.99. After being transferred to every department the have, I get transferred to TECH Support where the gentleman though nice enough did not speak more than what was written down in English IN ENGLISH. So - attempting to get him to understand that I had no HOUSE to watch DISH in was a moot point. I finally just told him I would call back and hung up.

Today I call back! I explain the situation, get put on hold 6 times then told the best they can do is $31.99 per month and I have 8 months left on my contract so I cannot "suspend" anything. Finally someone realizes that not only do I have a house to watch TV in - I don't have a receiver due to the fire. So again I get transferred...this time furious I just say the hell with it and cancel my contract. CLEARLY they are not understanding what I DON'T HAVE A HOUSE means. Well in the middle of the cancellation process the line goes dead. So I call back - go through this with two different people and get to the cancellation part when low and behold the line drops again! FURIOUS isn't even the word! This time, being disgusted and on the verge of tears, I have my sister call them and get this stupid thing over with. At this point the supervisor starts to say "We don't need to escalate this situation, you signed a contract so therefore we are charging your card on file within the next 72 hours for the cancellation fee".

Furious my sister then says to him "Yeah well I signed a 30 year mortgage too so what's your point?"! I am baffled, disgusted and calling my Attorney General on this! I get that I have a contract - however no where in that contract did I sign up to be treated like crap or have my house burn down! If there is a Class Action Lawsuit against these jerks, I want in! Good Lord I hope the "privileged" people with TV's in HAITI didn't have a damn contract with DISH NETWORK!

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Service and Billing Issues
Posted by Leary of big business on 03/07/2006
MINNESOTA -- Ok, so loooong story short, Dish Network is a nightmare, which is made evident by the almost 4,500 complaints they have had to the BBB in the last 36 months...but on to my story. We signed up for DN due to their promotional pricing, big mistake. We rarely received their billing statements, which constantly caused late billing. We cancelled our service after about 6 months or so and I was told upon cancellation of our service, that there was no contract, and that our account balance was $0. We returned our receivers etc and had heard nothing until today...when my fiance received a call from a collections agency stating that we now owe $240 for an early termination fee. I specifically asked the CSR when cancelling if this was the case and she stated no...needless to say I'm not happy and would strongly advise anyone considering their service against it.

Now I'm not sure what to do about getting these collections people off my back and get ahold of information to prove that we did not have a contract as there are many other more valuable things that we can do with $240 that wasn't theirs to begin with.
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Posted by tander on 2006-03-07:
They always charge a early cancellation fee, maybe you misunderstood them?
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-08:
I continue to be amazed at how many people blame late billing on late or missing statements. Purchase something like Quicken and schedule the transaction to appear in your account when due. Regardless of the statements, you will never have to miss another payment due to someone elses fault.
Posted by leary of big business on 2006-03-09:
I have talked to DISH and I did not have a contract with them...in fact still have a copy of the contract...so that is not the issue. The major issue is that they are billing for things that I did not order ie. PPV movies when I'm at work and no one else has access to my home. The response I got from one CSR was that someone was breaking into my home to watch movies...sure that's happening and nothing else is being touched...I find that hard to believe.
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Poor Picture
Posted by SargeAA on 08/15/2005
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Actually just wanted to see from other users of Dish Network if your picture was as bad as mine. I had the dish installed a few weeks ago and haven't been pleased at all.
Initially, the installation took over nine hours to complete. They could never seem to get a picture and blamed it on my house being old. They also said that they weren't able to use the newest technology that Dish provides. They had to use the "old style" equipment.
It is my assumption that the totally digital feed would produce very sharp pictures. Most of the channels that I frequent have almost a pixelation to them. Even seems that the picture is floating behind the pixelation at times.
I have had a tech come by the house and he says that he has Dish and his reception is bad just like that and there is nothing that can be done to fix. Are you serious? What am I paying for? - to have a pretty dish on my roof so that everyone knows that have a bad picture.
Just 11 1/2 more months and I can dump the dish.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-15:
I have dish and the picture is fine. I cannot believe that an older house has anything to do with it, I would suspect probably faulty installation or componets. Call Dish and complain, my experience has been pretty good with them although when my system was installed they needed to make several trips to correct various problems. Good Luck
Posted by tander on 2005-08-15:
We just had dish installed, and our house is very old, and the picture is clear in 3 out of four rooms, and it took them about 4 hours to install.
Posted by goodolddays on 2007-06-04:
I had Dish for 2 years and always had a great picture. My house is 12 years old. However, the dish was initially installed in a place where trees are now growing and interfering with the signal, so we just changed to cable TV.
Posted by carbonware on 2010-01-12:
I have had Dish for 12 years in 4 different houses and one Condo. I've never had any real problems with them. My last move into a condo where the signal has to be bounced off a wall because there was no way to get the line of sight signal. Installers were done in an hour. On one house that was complicated it did take them two hours but that's been the usual accept for one I did myself which was also a little over two hours. Our signal has always been great unless we were in the middle of a blizzard or tornado when we lived in the plains.
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