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Disappointed Employee
Posted by Element1185 on 03/03/2010
NORTHEAST, USA -- I was recently hired at Dish Network. The pay is great, the co-workers are easy to get along with but the company does not stop changing operations. Everyone gets mixed up, the wrong things get put on vans, the wrong things get accounted for, etc. Obviously, I am not here to review working for the company. Overall they are solid and they are a Fortune 500 which means job stability likely is good. I am extremely happy at my job and do not have a problem with anyone I work with.

That aside, hopefully everyone understands I have no bias whatsoever. Before moving back to my hometown I had DirecTV. DirecTV had everything: great programming, affordable packages, reasonable rates for additional receivers and DVRs and AWESOME customer service. I was accidently charged an installation fee and immediately after checking my account I noticed this and called their customer service. They apologized profusely, extended my HBO/Shotime 3-month free trial by a month and gave me a free month of programming ON TOP OF deleting this bogus charge.

As a Dish Employee I receive a special discount for using the service. You're eligible after one month of your hire date. I received my certificate number to use when signing up. This special number identifies me as an employee and automatically (or should automatically) set my account up as an employee account. The guy on the phone informed me that my number didn't work so I double checked my e-mail. It was the exact number. He tried again only to have computer issues and transferred me to someone else, who transferred me back to the original representative Finally he said it went through and I was ready for my install. The phone call took 63 minutes and I would estimate roughly 45 minutes of that were spent on hold. Very annoying. Not only did I lose my morning appointment but I did not get other things done that I should have been able to get done.

That headache was over and two days later the installer came to my house. I was quoted 2-4 hours for install and he was done in 3, not bad I guess, for one television. DirecTV took less time on an older and bigger house to install a dish and receivers in three rooms.

Now for signal strength. Not even 24 hours of install my signal went out. Clear day, sunny, not too many clouds, no precipitation, nothing covering the dish or in the way and BAM, out goes the signal for a good two minutes. I let this slide. As I'm writing this review my signal has now been out for about an hour. Customer service has no idea why. Me neither. They inform me my receiver is raising no red flags and I am informing them that it's a clear night. This is frustrating. Thankfully, since I have a discount, I was able to keep my digital cable account for a larger variety of channels and just use Dish to save on premiums (HBO etc). In three years of subscribing to DirecTV I had only two problems. One I mentioned that was resolved quickly and another with an issue of a receiver not getting local channels. This was also promptly fixed and we were given their "everything" package for free for a month including all premium channels. Not once did their service cut out, NOT ONCE.

Next let's mention picture quality. I have an HDTV. I also still subscribe to my digital cable service. Both my satellite and digital cable receivers are hooked up with HDMI cables so there should be no picture difference. Switching from digital cable to Dish inputs on my TV I notice a huge difference in picture quality on my locals and channels such as ESPN, Discovery etc. Dish's picture is darker and definitely not as crisp. Also, on a lot of my local channels the Dish receiver boxes them in. In other words I get annoying black bars boxing in my picture. I am no advocate of digital cable but I definitely expected better quality out of Dish, after all they do advertise that.

Lastly, my biggest complaint, is their billing. Because the guy who set up my account obviously failed at setting it up for an employee my first and second months bill (due within a few weeks of ordering) is significantly more than what it should be. No discounts applied. I called customer service with my employee number and the certificate number (used to set up the account) and again I was on hold for about 20 minutes of the 30 minute call. Yes, very aggravating, especially when it eats away at your mobile phone minutes. The representative told me there was nothing he could do so I asked for his supervisor who also said there must be a mistake (yeah, no s**t). She informed me the only way I could fix the problem was to talk to my supervisor or my local HR representative and have them resolve the issue because I guess Dish doesn't pay their customer service department to resolve issues. This is becoming a hassle. I e-mailed my HR representative and still haven't received any reply. So now in a couple of weeks I am going to be responsible for paying a bill that is higher than it should be. Additionally, and a bit unrelated to what I was talking about, they call me with an 866 number 1-3 times a day usually around dinner time for a survey or with a representative to ask about how I like my service. Get the hint guys, if people are immediately hanging up, they don't want to deal with you. That is VERY annoying. Even though I receive a discount I'm strongly considering just having the service discontinued, paying whatever they want me to pay and have my equipment hauled off. It's not worth the headache.

To conclude: As I mentioned, I am happy at my particular office. No beef with anyone. But I am very, very, very annoyed that this is how their customer service offers absolutely little to no help for a fellow employee. It really makes me wonder how they treat regular customers who do not receive any sort of discount. All in all, I have to be completely honest as I am in every review I write. Compare the packages, compare the programming and do your research. From surfing around on this site and many others it's obvious that DirecTV has way more fans. I definitely would recommend DirecTV over any other provider and if satellite is your only option immediately rule out Dish Network. Another thing to take into consideration is, they're both going to be very competitive in pricing, they have to be. DTV might cost a little bit more but you get what you pay for with Dish. Also, in researching you'll realize DirecTV has more satellites in orbit than Dish Network so signal strength will be much, much more reliable.

I know I'm supposed to include my location, but since I'm an employee I do not want to give anything away that could potentially harm my job. Let's just say I reside in the Northeastern part of the US.
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Posted by Disgustedwith DISH on 02/09/2010
For years I have been a loyal DISH Network Customer often ignoring the "hidden fees" and the weekly "Channel temporarily unavailable We apologize for the Inconvenience and are working the issue, no need to call" messages that come up whenever the wind blows! To my disgust let me explain the issue at hand with DISH Network.

I am a single Mom...nicety's are rare in my house hold. Last week I had a house fire to which only 6 bags of clothing are spared for myself and my children. The night of the fire I started making the usual calls to suspend my services (ie Phone, Electricity and TV). To my surprise and disgust when dealing with DISH Network, not only could they NOT suspend my services but the "best we can do is drop your package down to the lowest" which 9 days ago was $51.99. After being transferred to every department the have, I get transferred to TECH Support where the gentleman though nice enough did not speak more than what was written down in English IN ENGLISH. So - attempting to get him to understand that I had no HOUSE to watch DISH in was a moot point. I finally just told him I would call back and hung up.

Today I call back! I explain the situation, get put on hold 6 times then told the best they can do is $31.99 per month and I have 8 months left on my contract so I cannot "suspend" anything. Finally someone realizes that not only do I have a house to watch TV in - I don't have a receiver due to the fire. So again I get transferred...this time furious I just say the hell with it and cancel my contract. CLEARLY they are not understanding what I DON'T HAVE A HOUSE means. Well in the middle of the cancellation process the line goes dead. So I call back - go through this with two different people and get to the cancellation part when low and behold the line drops again! FURIOUS isn't even the word! This time, being disgusted and on the verge of tears, I have my sister call them and get this stupid thing over with. At this point the supervisor starts to say "We don't need to escalate this situation, you signed a contract so therefore we are charging your card on file within the next 72 hours for the cancellation fee".

Furious my sister then says to him "Yeah well I signed a 30 year mortgage too so what's your point?"! I am baffled, disgusted and calling my Attorney General on this! I get that I have a contract - however no where in that contract did I sign up to be treated like crap or have my house burn down! If there is a Class Action Lawsuit against these jerks, I want in! Good Lord I hope the "privileged" people with TV's in HAITI didn't have a damn contract with DISH NETWORK!
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Poor Picture
Posted by SargeAA on 08/15/2005
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Actually just wanted to see from other users of Dish Network if your picture was as bad as mine. I had the dish installed a few weeks ago and haven't been pleased at all.
Initially, the installation took over nine hours to complete. They could never seem to get a picture and blamed it on my house being old. They also said that they weren't able to use the newest technology that Dish provides. They had to use the "old style" equipment.
It is my assumption that the totally digital feed would produce very sharp pictures. Most of the channels that I frequent have almost a pixelation to them. Even seems that the picture is floating behind the pixelation at times.
I have had a tech come by the house and he says that he has Dish and his reception is bad just like that and there is nothing that can be done to fix. Are you serious? What am I paying for? - to have a pretty dish on my roof so that everyone knows that have a bad picture.
Just 11 1/2 more months and I can dump the dish.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-15:
I have dish and the picture is fine. I cannot believe that an older house has anything to do with it, I would suspect probably faulty installation or componets. Call Dish and complain, my experience has been pretty good with them although when my system was installed they needed to make several trips to correct various problems. Good Luck
Posted by tander on 2005-08-15:
We just had dish installed, and our house is very old, and the picture is clear in 3 out of four rooms, and it took them about 4 hours to install.
Posted by goodolddays on 2007-06-04:
I had Dish for 2 years and always had a great picture. My house is 12 years old. However, the dish was initially installed in a place where trees are now growing and interfering with the signal, so we just changed to cable TV.
Posted by carbonware on 2010-01-12:
I have had Dish for 12 years in 4 different houses and one Condo. I've never had any real problems with them. My last move into a condo where the signal has to be bounced off a wall because there was no way to get the line of sight signal. Installers were done in an hour. On one house that was complicated it did take them two hours but that's been the usual accept for one I did myself which was also a little over two hours. Our signal has always been great unless we were in the middle of a blizzard or tornado when we lived in the plains.
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Dish Network has the Worst Customer Service EVER!!!
Posted by on 01/25/2002
NATIONWIDE, MICHIGAN -- This total waste of a company has the worst, rudest, most incompetent "customer service" department I've ever had the misfortune to come in contact with. They debited my checking account $420 without my permission or knowledge one week AFTER they received the equipment I returned to them and it is taking 8-10 weeks to get my "refund" from them. When I called their CS line, all I got was rude people who had no idea who could help me, and when I asked to speak to a supervisor the situation got worse. I guess that's how they get to be supervisors -- be the rudest, most clueless one in the building at the time. This company WILL rip you off. I've found several websites out there with basically the same complaints about this turd of a company. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. You'll thank me for it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-25:
I've been a Dish subscriber for 2 1/2 years. I've used customer service several times, while the hold time is long, they have always been able to help me when I get though to them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-30:
gus is one of maybe 3 people.

I got suckered in and it has cost me upwards of $600 for one month of service.

I have never experienced (and I'm from NYC) such a blatent attempt to steal the hard earned money of consumers.

gus is one of the few who has not been screwed or some one from the dish network trying to repair the damage of countless consumer complaints.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-19:
I have had the service over two years now. I haven't had any complaints with the Customer Service. In my area (Phoenix,AZ) your option is COX CABLE, which is HELL. In two years I have had approximately 30 minutes of down time, and about 30 minutes of poor signal quality. My friends with COX get three times that on a monthly basis. Compare to your local cable provider and then decide.
Posted by dgriffin on 2004-03-05:
Customer service through their 1-800 number is horrific. I was on the phone for several hours after my account was debited 547.31, They accused me of terminating early (22 days), and failed to return the equipment. I can prove with documentation I did not. After I told them I would call all day and speak to every supervisor they had, they connected me with the executive office who promptly issued a refund to my account for the money. But they refused to pay the $315 in NSF charges caused by their unauthorized debit. Never, ever give them your credit card number.
Posted by Courtney on 2004-04-30:
For the people who have not suffered due to opening an account with Dish Network, I applaud you. You are very fortunate. For all of us who have lost money and are not able to get our issue resolved with the poor customer service, I wish we could come together and fight in numbers. That is probably exactly what Dish Network would never want to see.
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Dish Network Are Licensed Con Artists
Posted by Jumps82nd on 05/22/2013
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- It all started jan.16 2013, When I had dish install their version of what they said was "fast internet, you can stream videos and video chat", bullcrap, no you can't! They flat out lied to me. Like their TV and radio ads say you can, bullcrap. So, when I called Dish Network, they confirmed that you can not do what the ads say you can. So, they lied, and all the supervisor could say was "Oh I'm so sorry about that, but I've never heard nor seen the ads". Funny, a DN employee never seeing or hearing their own ads for the company they work for?

I asked to cancel the contract they said "sorry, you signed a contract, so we can't do that", I can understand if I waited for over 30 days, but I made this call January 31st, just 2 weeks after I had it installed and they won't bend. So now, they know I'm not happy with the service, so what do they do?, They wait 90 days and then cancel my contract so I have to pay an early termination fee and they just sucked 1200 dollars out of my bank and made my electric bill check bounce, my rent check bounced, oh yeah, I had no insurance because that check bounced too, what really pissed me off is when I was talking to one of the supervisors, I told them I will spread the news what they did to me, and she told me that one person can't make a difference, oh really, well I sure will try my best to make sure everyone I know, what DN did to me, and as long as I can get at least 5 people away from DN then at least I will have some satisfaction, and so she hung up on me. Lol. If anyone tries to call DN, you ask for a supervisor right off the bat, cause the customer service tech can't help you, then when you get the supervisor, you ask for their supervisor, and you don't stop till you get the highest person in the call center, good luck to all you folks, remember, DN are a bunch of lying con artists.
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Posted by Jay on 2013-05-22:
I certainly sympathize with you on the grief Dish has bestowed on you.

This is a prime example why you should NEVER, EVER let ANY company have direct access to your checking account. As in this case, the result can be disastrous.
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Dish Doesn't Care About It's Customers or Their Loyalty
Posted by Cbruce2 on 04/05/2013
BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- I've been a loyal Dish Network customer for app. 7 years. I have always paid my bill on time and have been a premium customer subscribing to all their premium channels. I have one basic non DVR box that I take on jobs which I go on with my father in his RV. Dish cut off service to this box and refused to reinstate it due to the RV not being in my name.

I tried all options that I could think of to keep the service but absolutely no accommodation was made for my long years of customer loyalty. I suggested, just reinstateing the box with the boxes in my house, I suggested changing the name on my account. I suggested returning the box and subscribing to a new box, I suggested that I would buy a new box at my expense and add it to my account and each of these suggestions was rejected. Additionally, I was lied to that rule was in place in order to comply with govenment regulations.

After some investigation, I discovered that this was a Dish Network policy and had nothing to do with government regulation. After investigating what Direct TV's policies were, they offered me the same package as Dish Network without the RV restrictions at a much cheaper price. Again I presented this information to Dish network and their attitude was that they were not going to do even the slightest thing to satisfy my complaint and if I didn't like it I could leave their service. That is exactly what I did. My direct TV will be installed on April 13. Do not subscribe to Dish Network. They treat their customers like criminals.

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Why should I pay to fix their equipment, if I don't get to keep the equipment?
Posted by Luvzforplay on 03/02/2013
ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have used Dish Network for about 12 years now, I am aware that all the equipment I am using is the property of Dish Network and not mine to keep only to use, as I pay to receive the signal to be able to watch channels on my television. Recently I have been getting blackouts on my television with messages saying total signal loss. I called Dish Network and after doing their trouble shooting I was told that there was most likely a problem with their dish receiver and that I would have to pay their repairman $99.00 dollars for a repairman to come to my home to fix their receiver so that I can continue to pay them around $90.00 a month to receive the signal that I contracted for.

I was told by a gentleman with I.C.C. When I inquired several months ago when something similar happened that since I am paying to receive the signal it was the responsibility of Dish Network to make sure the signal was available to me when needed and since I do not own the equipment and have to turn it in to Dish Network when I quit Dish, that I was not responsible for repairs for their equipment. But it is their responsibility to make sure I can receive the signal or it is them who are violating the agreement.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-03-02:
they are always finding new ways to suck money out of people. sounds like a scam to force a customer to pay for equipment the customer does not own, nor is allowed to keep when service is cancelled. and if the equipment is not returned, they will take a payment at will from your bank account or credit card.

with my comcast cable, if the equipment fails or has issues, i simply return it to the cable office and exchange it free of charge.

very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-04:
Exactly Mad, makes absolutely no sense. Its their equipment that is faulty and want to charge the customer for their equipment? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me. If I was the poster, I would tell them Im canceling service and finding a new carrier. But Im sure they would find some reason to charge them something anyway.
Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2013-03-06:
Hi, my name is Cheri Torres and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I can definitely understand your frustration with this cost. Leasing our equipment is not unlike leasing a car. When you lease a car you are still required to pay for the maintenance on the car. I would be more than happy to review your account and see what I can do to help! Can you please either PM me here or email me at Cheri.Torres@Dish.com with your account number or phone number on the account? I look forward to assisting you!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative

Posted by justin on 2013-07-28:
Cheri your analogy is only partialy right. If u lease a vehicle and the engine blows due to no fault of youer own then the dealerahip is responsible. You provide a service.
Posted by No Choice but Sat on 2013-08-13:
There is a huge difference between renting a $200 piece of technology which is installed by the person receiving payment verses a $20K - $35K vehicle which is driven and parked wherever the person making payment pleases. HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Thank you for helping me decide to avoid Dish.
Posted by Michael on 2014-01-06:
If you have dish you need to pay for the Insurance so if it brakes you don't have to pay to get it fixed, I know it a rip off by dish
But reed there Contract before buying you would know this,I know it's a pain and if could get cable ware I live I would. Mike
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Customer Complaint
Posted by Jackhammer44 on 02/25/2013
I am still waiting for DISH to REMOVE or at least TELL ME where I can send or SHIP their Equiptment to. I gave them plenty of NOTICE about my Canceling my agreement withem My TWO SERVICE is OVER. I was being RIPPED OFF after the FIRST YEAR,. These arogant people think that they had DOMAIN over all of us. I hope that we can all get together and STOP USING these CLOWNS ...

I do NOT intend to be a STORAGE UNIT for them. My CONTRACT with DISH NETWORK is OVER. PERIOD !! This is a NOTICE that today is February 25th 2013.

Your EQUIPEMENT is still here. Ok CAR 54 ? Where are YOU ??
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-02-25:
unfortunately, they play this game with everyone. they will not send the info to return their equipment, but will draft your credit card or bank account at will for the payment they think they deserve.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-02-26:
As you have cancelled service, you should be sent some boxes for the equipment. If they have not arrived, contact Dish and let them know you need the shipping containers. They will not send someone out to pick up the equipment.
Posted by BeckiB@DISH Network on 2013-02-27:
I am sorry to see that you had a negative experience with us. If you have cancelled your account, we send out boxes for you to return the equipment. I would be happy to resend boxes for you as well. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com

Becki Barned
DISH Internet Response Team
Posted by Gorgeouschelle on 2013-07-05:
When I cancelled my service, I was sent the boxes for the equipment. They also give you the option to use your own shipping method and box to return the receiver.

Also, you can always call their Customer Service Center toll-free number at 1-800-894-9131 or start a live chat with their Customer Service Representatives.
Posted by C. A. Davis on 2013-08-11:
I'm very upset about "CLOO" (ch. 198, Calif.) being discontinued. It was a channel I actually liked, vs more than 100 that are a total waste of time!. DISH statement to watch "USA" (ch. 105) instead is stupid. The best thing on USA is 8-13-year-old NCIS reruns (Oh, please!!!). Bring back CLOO, or I'll find another provider.
Posted by Elizabeth Garland on 2013-10-02:
After 18 years we switched from Directv to Dish about 2 months ago. We have had nothing but trouble since then with Dish. You have overcharged both months and we have had to call and sit on the phone to get it straightened out and now you have taken the CBS station off the air. I believe this would be a contract breaker.
Posted by Rosealie Willis on 2013-12-08:
Well Dish has done it again,, charge for services not given,, and that is why we went to Direct cause they promised and never give, after a 2 year battle of taking money out of our account, for canceling the account with Direct and returning to Dish, finally got a credit and even a check for $8.12 from Direct. I think we have become very ignorant people to fall for these companies promises. If we charged for something we didn't provide we would be sitting behind bars..Its all about the greed of money in our world today..When we had the good old antenna's on our roofs we had any program we wanted to watch and better programs, not all the sex and violence that is causing our children and adults to do the things they do today..Why don't we all ban together and shut all of them up..Holding us hostage is not a good thing and that is exactly what they are doing, they know we count on tv, well , I don't think so we have dvr's and vhs movies and our own family movies to watch..alot of them out there for sale, and maybe we are the ones that cause this problem of greed and not wanting to get off the couch.. If this is not solved by DishNetwork we will no longer have either one of them..Don't need to be held hostage to anyone, including them.. Besides they are the same company..wake up America..
For us that live in towns we have Chartier and other cable companies, when will the scam go on for them.. they think they hold the magic key to money.. well lets show them they don't call n disconnect.. Protect your bank accounts,, call your bank and it will take care of their scam for equipment, also..
Hostages in America fighting back.. Say NO!!
Posted by jeanine on 2014-03-20:
OK, so all it took was 10 min. For me to cancel with DISH. I was misinformed about channels I was going to recieve. When I brought this up to the technician he told me there was nothing he could do I had to call the number on the remote about the problem. I signed off so he could return to his job and go on to the next house. I literally called as he was walking out my door. Now I have a problem with getting the money back that I paid for the first months service in which I never used. Not to mention the fact that he ran the cable cords through my fence and screwed them in. I am not happy and was not informed they would be defacing my fence. I would never of said that was ok. Now I'm trying to get someone out to remove the cord in a professional matter, instead of me just going out and cutting the wire. But I am being told I have to open an account to get this handled. I find this unacceptable specially since its against city code. I am appalled at the customer service I have recieved, so my next step is to contact the BBB.
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Unreliable, Worst Customer Service,faulty Equipment
Posted by YANNISPIRO on 02/07/2013
MASSACHUSETTS -- Worst service provider,17 years being a customer and customer service personnel can't follow directions, untrained, condescending on phone. Waiting all day for service of yet again faulty receiver, without tv for a week. When scheduled appointment left cell # for contact, no call from installer. After contacting Dish again told installer came and left.

Consider cable!!!!!!!!!! Especially considering the amount of money I pay every month for horrible service, if wind blows the wrong way no service "complete signal loss" if it rains or snows "complete signal loss" really????? For $185.00/Mo dish bill? Thanks but no thanks for your condescending attitude Tyler id#8bj, and Chris [snip] in account specialist dept.
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-08:
I have been somewhat lucky with dish, being in an area where there is good signal strength/sattelite view; and have had only positive experiences with their customer service.

Your review is not suprising as it does reflect a growing trend shown by complaints posted here and elsewhere. Dish network was recently rated by a survey as the absolute worst place to work in America. They are notorious for requiring manadatory overtime, low pay, demeaning employees and the list goes on. I expect in a work environment such as this the employees are not interested in providing good customer service.
Posted by paulkchoi on 2013-02-08:
I had dish for almost 2 years and I was impressed with their customer service, easy web access, free promos etc. I cancelled because I was only watching a few channels, yet paying for all of them. I was paying $85 a month, now $7.99. If I could get HBO as a standalone I would be set.
Posted by yannispiro on 2013-02-11:
my problem still not resolved, 2/10/12 had scheduled another appointment to replace receiver and no one came, called Dish, repeatedly bounced around and got different excuses, the last girl Jasmine I talked to said no one was coming out due to weather, and automatically rescheduled for the 2/12/13 between 8-12, we had no clue and when I said to her can Dish accomodate us with a closer time frame, she hung up on me. That's my experience with Dish.
Posted by BitterinSussex on 2013-02-25:
I"m going to package it all up in one comment. They are the Worst from Shoddy Installation, outages , No Email Address to complain if your phone is out, and the 2 year Contract isn't anything more than a Prison Sentence.
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Rudest customer service reps EVER!!! Beware!
Posted by Faridaarif718 on 12/03/2012
MANITOWOC, WISCONSIN -- Dish network customer reps are so incredibly rude! I pay almost $80/month, and have for several years. My receiver suddenly stopped working for the last two days. I get zero channels. No TV at all. When I call to inquire about it, the soonest anyone could fix it was 8-10 days from now. When I asked if it could be sooner, the voice on the phone was so degrading and brusque. The first person transferred me to his manager, who was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP I've ever spoken with. This man actually had the audacity to yell at me and tell me that I am "pissing him off"! He abruptly put me on hold, and hung up after a few minutes. Unbelievable! I called a few times after that and they kept "putting me on hold" and hanging up. Can't believe Dish Network can run a business with such people working for them. Cancelling my service and telling everyone with Dish network about it!
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Posted by CheriT @ DISH Network on 2012-12-04:
Hi faridaarif718, I am very sorry for the issues that you're experiencing with your receiver and also for the customer service representatives that you spoke with, this is never acceptable. I would be happy to help in anyway that I can. Can you please PM me with your account number or phone number on the account? You can also email me directly at Cheri.Torres@Dish.com. Thanks!

Cheri Torres
Social Media Representative
Posted by Jon on 2012-12-18:
I am wondering if this situation as been resolved. I am considering moving to DISH as I am finding the bang for the $$ is pretty good. Though this type of experience is untenable.
Posted by Richard on 2012-12-20:
Dish Network is the worse. Their customer service is a consumers nightmare. You would be better served to go to Kmart and buy some rabbit ears and a box of aluminum foil.
Posted by Lee on 2013-02-02:
Dish Network has the worst customer service is an understatement. They never have a problem you are always wrong and their equipment is always right. I tried it for 6 months but after many call for problems and NEVER any solutions I gave up. The last call the customer support person just hung on me after telling me I didn't know how to operate their equipment. It cost me $325 to cancel and another $45 to ship THEIR EQUIPMENT back but it will be the worst $$$$ they ever spent on negative advertisement. DON'T USE DISH
Posted by Humphreyspade on 2013-06-19:
spot on ----- with so many good people looking for work Dish corporate must also be dunderheads my request to discontinue Dish 06/30 was met with derision meathead said only possible to discontinue service 06/31 ????and insisted I climb on roof to retrieve receiver from center of satelite dish to avoid having to pay for it--- told him I have a bad leg but a good lawyer so he waived that charge. Was a happy customer for years using autopay so puzzled by derision and rude dismissive attitude of several reps ???????
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