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Unsatisfactory Vacation
By -

FLORIDA -- I took a trip this year to Disney World April 4-7, 2008. My reservation was under the guest name of (person's name) and (person's name). While staying at your resort Disney Resorts a great deal of unsatisfactory things took place. My first reservation was at the Polynesian Resort. I was first placed in a room to the far left side of the resort that bordered a parking lot and the Monorail transfer to Epcot.

Within minutes of walking into the dorm that this room was in a musty smell was in the air. At the time parts of the Polynesian Resort I was told was in the process of being renovated. As I entered the room I was first disappointed in the view. I asked for a garden view and I was looking at the end of the parking lot and some type of water pump station for the Blue Lagoon. The balcony to the room was tangled in spider webs and the air conditioner was making a terrible noise. I quickly made a phone call to the front desk to have my room changed.

At the front desk I spoke to a young man named (person's named), I believe he was from Ireland. (person's name) apologized for this mishappening and placed us in another room with a view of Cinderella's Castle. This room had a great view, however was not cleaned well. On top of the television system was an empty chip bag and dust so thick I could write my name in it. In the bathroom there were sticky rings on the bathroom counter and glitter on the bathroom floor.

I immediately walked back to the front desk instead of calling this time and spoke to (person's name) again. I asked him to transfer my reservation to another Disney Resort. He found me a great room at the Disney Floridian with a parlor in it. Before I checked out of the Polynesian Resort I was given park tickets for the inconvenience, but I also asked for housekeeping to come to the last room I was in so I could show them what was missed when cleaning the room. Housekeeping wouldn't come to the room they only called.

After checking out of the Polynesian and checking into the Grand Floridian. I thought my trip to Disney would finish great. We didn't stay in our new room long because we were starving. We had been checking in and out from 2 that afternoon to 7 that evening. After eating we returned to the room and found it to be very stuffy. Luckily the room had windows that opened. Sleeping that night was hard to do with it being so toasty and the temperature in the room was climbing. Also the ceiling fan was uneven and needed tightened.

I called the front desk the following morning to report our new room situation. The maintenance manager I believe his name is (person's name) or (person's name) had our ceiling fan tightened, but had no luck with our air conditioner which was not working. Fans were brought to our room for the remaindered of our stay because the air did not work till our last night stay.

I have visited Disney World since I was a small child and it has always been a magical experience, but this trip was not. Unfortunately Disney World has also done wrong by me in recent E-Mails that I have E-Mailed about this trip. I went to Disney World with myself, (person's name), (person's name), and (person's name). I just came to find out that the (person's name's) E-Mailed you regarding the trip and Disney World has given them two free nights at the Disney Grand Floridian. This greatly upsets me.

The trip was paid for in 4 equal parts. Each person in the party paid for one night's stay. I still have a copy of the check I wrote to the (person's name) for this trip to Florida. The (person's name) were given our money to pay for our trip by using their credit/debit card. Recently (person's name) forwarded me Disney World's response E-Mail to him regarding the trip. (person's name) response to (person's name) E-Mail. I called (person's name) number which was included in (person's name) E-Mail.

Ms.(person's name) recently called me about her response to the (person's name). She told me that Disney World can only make things right with the person who the reservation name was made in. I find this hard to believe when our reservation was in (person's name) name and the 2 nights stay in the Grand Floridian was issued to (person's name) son (person's name). What if I had been the only one to write a letter to Disney World regarding my stay and the (person's name) had not. Would they have still been issued the 2 nights stay at the Grand Floridian or would I??

Instead Ms. (person's name) asked me to call the (person's name) and ask them to resend their letter back and she would divide them equally between the parties. If I were to ask the (person's name) to do such a thing a great friendship would end. Ms. (person's name) actually had the nerve to say well if you are friends then you should be able to ask them to resend what Disney World has already given the (person's name) for their inconveniences. I have watch the Disney Network my whole life and I thought Disney was into making friendships not ending them. This is just such a terrible thing for Disney to do.

I was a paying Disney World customer and yet the (person's name) get compensated for our terrible stay. Basically (person's name) and (person's name) didn't pay for their night stay this past trip to Disney World because Disney World gave them a 2 night's stay at the Grand Floridian. (person's name) and (person's name) are Mother and Son. Also if Disney World's rule is to only issue any compensation to the reservation holder then why were these tickets made out to (person's name)?! The reservation was in (person's name) and (person's name).

To be correct by any means the tickets should have at least been in (person's name) name. However (person's name) and (person's name) did pay for their night's stay. This is wrong what Disney World has done. I am so greatly upset and I hope by this E-Mail you will show me the same compassion you have shown the (person's name). A Year of a Million Dreams is your theme as of now and Disney World is asking me to end a friendship because of their wrong doing. What would you do if you were a guest in my shoes?? Thank you, (person's name). If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at (e-mail address)

Disney Swan and Dolphin
By -

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA -- My family and I stayed at the Dolphin Resort from December 16th -22nd, leaving the 22nd. We had a few room issues. The first day, I had forgotten my laptop in the car. I used the TV remote, turned on the internet, but when I tried to use the keyboard, nothing would happen. I couldn't get the keyboard to work, so I took off the back to see if it had batteries. They were completely corroded. Well, you couldn't go back to regular TV without turning off the internet from the keyboard.

I called the front desk, explained the situation and said they would need a keyboard. She said, "Well, we're in the process of removing all of the keyboards." They have maids in everyday - shouldn't be a big process. The tech arrived, tried the keyboard, wouldn't work, took the back cover off. He said, "I'll be right back, I need another keyboard". I explained to him I told them at the front desk it was completely corroded and that whoever came up would need another. He came back within about 10 minutes and fixed the problem.

When the hotel started filling up on the weekend, you had to stand and hold the lever down on the toilet for 11-12 seconds (try actually doing that and see how long that really is). Our shower had a wayward spray that, no matter how tight you tried to get the curtain closed, would spray out onto the floor and the toilet. However, a couple of days later when we started having ants, I called to complain. They had to call me back. They said the only room they had was a king bed room, but there were 4 of us.

They sent up ** to check out the problem. He brought a bug spray - black and white can. He sprayed the area around the coffee pot and under, near the bathroom, and the beds and desk. That was right before we went to bed. After that my throat became very scratchy, I developed a cough, and was a bit hoarse. My daughter developed a cough as well. It didn't seem to affect the other two.

The morning of our departure, I went to the desk to tell them the ants had come back the day before, but since my daughter and I had developed symptoms after them spraying the room, we didn't call to have them spray again. I wanted to make them aware, that they would probably want to spray since there were ants again, before someone else checked in to that room. I asked if there was something they could do with our bill because of this. The woman at the desk (I didn't get her name), said wait a moment.

After waiting, she came back and said I would have to talk to security, which I thought was odd. I waited in the lobby for approximately 10 minutes before someone ** from security arrived. I explained the situation, he asked for identification, saying that way he knew who he was actually talking to. I gave him my driver's license and business card. He proceeded to copy down my driver's license information. He kept saying he was just taking the report, and would be turning it over to someone else to handle. He said they would definitely be giving me a call. It's Jan 6th, and I haven't heard a peep.

My Worst Experience in Magic Kingdom in 8 visits... Almost a 5 Year Fan Is Destroyed
By -

My name is ** and I'm the Director of Operations for a 7 restaurants here in Orlando. I just moved almost 2 years ago.... So I'm in the restaurants? Customer service industry for almost 20 years and what ever happen to me, my family and my friends from Peru (tourist on vacation... They pay a 4 parks anytime tickets. 3 kids and I had a 2 years old boy) is the worst experience I ever had in my life. Everything start when yesterday (12/10) I went to the park and pay for the Xmas party celebration with my boy and family.

I decide to get an a premium annual pass for myself so I get my and I assume when they said no block out days I was able to be part of the Xmas celebration. Nobody explain me I need a different ticket for that. I get into the park around 6pm so I assume is not going to be a problem. Surprise when around 7 someone ask us for a bracelet and nobody has one. So with disappointed for the poor communication we decide to leave when everything start.

A very Rude and poor class and respect guy named "** from San Jose, Costa rica" ask us for the bracelet and we all said we don't have it but we leaving right now (maybe around 7:30pm). In that moment my 2 years old son is having and "kids accident" and I need to use the restroom 911 with defecation all over his back and smelling really bad. ** say “No you have to leave you can't use the restrooms." What... are you serious.. magic Kingdom people. I'm American and I can't use the restrooms to clean my boy. Are you serious? I have to change my son in the floor in front of a lot of people walking around me.

That is not enough for **. He decide to follow me after all this and start screaming in my face. I have to leave in front of my son, family and friends with no respect and able to handle this situation friendly and professional. He called security. I'm a criminal? I'm a father and Director of Operation for a famous Restaurant Company here in Orlando in charge for almost 200 employees. Are you serious you treat me like that?

I'm looking Monday to talk with my lawyer and explain all this, and see how we can fix this horrible Xmas experience with my son, family and friends. And when security came explain the situation, very nice guy. He understand and very nice way he let me walk and leave "your place". I always feel like Disney's part of my life and special in my son life, my son crying and confused with the situation, probably never going to forget. ** disappear 5 min later. This happen in Xmas guys, really? When we all looking for happiness and PEACE.

How someone like this guy can work for Disney? I'm been fan of you guys and I went 8 time to magic kingdom and different park. I bought a premium annual pass, around $500 and this is the way you treat me, my family and friends. This is the real magic kingdom philosophy, so mad and sad at the same time. I will appreciate if someone can reach me to my email address and please fired this employee because I really don't want to see his face anymore ever. This is my first complaint I made ever in my life and hopefully the last one. Thanks.

Disney Parks....My 3 Cents Worth

Again... Disney... You failed! Went to Disneyland for Valentine's Day to propose to my girlfriend. We were going to stay at Disneyland Hotel. (Called 3 weeks in advance). Yikes over $2300.00 for 2 days not counting tickets or food (scratch that!) Stayed at Ramada Maingate, King Jacuzzi Suite, 3 days, $300.00! Asked Disney to help set up proposal in park. NO HELP whatsoever from Cast members or City Hall. Wow. We got buttons to wear. So thrilled about that. (NOT).

So, we decide since we've never been to Disney World we will go there for our Honeymoon on August 28th 2010 (5 nights 6 days). Platinum Dining package, Animal Kingdom Hotel (savanna room), 6 Day Park-hopper pass and water park and extras and flight and transportation. PRICE? $5460.00.. OMG!! So what does Disney Destinations do? Oh they send me email today saying "Heard you were coming to DW in September, First Time! We will give you 40% off on a DW package.”

GUESS WHAT?? So I call 407-W-Disney. It doesn't APPLY to the package we want. (NO Disney Platinum Dining package included with that special!. No Flight!) So guess what Disney Parks, not going to come to your parks ever again. And guess what? My good friends asked about going to Disneyland in June with their 4 kids and some relatives. Know what we said? Don't waste your money. Parks too crowded, prices WAY TOO High and no discount on the packages the guest really wants.

Know where they're going now instead? Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm. So you see. Now when someone ask me about Disneyland and Disney World we tell them spend your hard earned money were they give you something worth remembering besides high prices and no REAL value or specials the customer wants.

By the way, know where we are looking at now for our Honeymoon? Universal Studio's, Knotts Berry Farm and San Diego Zoo. Thanks Disney! "Make your Dreams a Reality"… says Disney. What a bunch of malarkey! We have a very large family Disney (names excluded from this posting), tons of friends and have no problem telling them about our experiences with your Parks. And guess what? They agree. Most have been disappointed by your prices and parks and won't be back.

When you can come up with a better deal and better service and guest relations, just maybe, someday, we might return. Until then, find us at the other parks that have something better to offer. P. S. When we went to Disneyland, several rides were closed. The Matterhorn, The Rivers of America, The Columbia & Riverboat, etc. but we still paid full price for our tickets. Felt a little cheated.

Disney World Biggest Let Down Off All Time
By -

FLORIDA -- My family and I just returned home from our week long trip to Disney and I am sorry to say that it was one of the most miserable weeks of our lives. I used to be one of the biggest Disney fans ever-my house, yard, etc all decorated with Disney. However I am now so disenchanted it is all coming down. First of all Disney is so so money hungry that they over pack every resort, park, and dining area so that it is not possible to even breathe let alone enjoy yourself!

Most of the cast members try to help people but they are so over worked by too many guests that they are just miserable. After booking 6 months in advance we were told our room was not ready and we would just have to walk around with all of our carry on and children in 100 degree heat and when we tried to ask how long this would take we were told no one knew and the looks and tones told us no one cared. It was like we were rude to even ask.

We paid 7000.00 To stay in a Disney resort and for us that is a lot of money but once you get there you are treated like cattle and packed in so tight you cannot even take a breath. They tell you that if you stay in the resort you do not need a car because they provide all transportation. However, you often have to sit in the heat for an hour to wait for a bus that is so jam packed with people that you cannot get on and the drivers are so overwhelmed that all they say is “Oh well just wait for the next one.”

They say you can use fast pass to get on rides but they do not let you know that all fast pass booths are closed most of the time and even if u find one to use u have to wait for hours and you cannot use it on any other rides in the meantime. They tell you if you stay in a Disney resort that you get extra park hours but they do not tell you that the transportation system is so booked that you cannot get a bus to or from the park without being in misery for what seems like hours.

They have you pay extra to get tickets to the water parks but they do not let you know that the good water park (blizzard beach) is closed by 11:00 almost every day because it is filled to capacity. They show you pictures of the wonderful pools at the resorts but they do not tell you that the pools are so packed that you cannot move if you dare to get in. They tell you about all the extra services they offer like internet access but they do not tell you that you have to pay 10.00 every 24 hours if you want to use it. (Are you kidding me?)

Doesn't Disney have enough money, even the Ramada offers free internet. One night we actually got in mgm for extra magic hours and waited forever to get on a ride only to be told at the front that we could not get on cause we did not have a special wristband?? Everywhere you go at Disney you see families fighting because they are just miserable. How do you tell a 7 year old that he cannot get on the rides or do the things he has been dreaming about because everything is so packed you cannot even get close to it.

I am not stupid I knew that there would be lots of people and waits but this was so insane you cannot imagine. I think even chicken houses have more space than we had. It hurts me to say these things cause I have loved and dreamed about Disney forever and I know that they are in business to make money but I have never been any place in my life that shows as little concern about people and as much concern about making a buck as Disney.

If I ever hear of anyone planning a trip to Disney I will do everything I can to talk them out of it and save the money because my family would have been better off to take the 7000.00 and flush it down the toilet. I could go on and on giving more examples but you get the picture. My family has a new saying- Disney where misery comes true!

Food Package Very Expensive
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We went to Disney World a few months ago and bought the food package thinking it would be a good deal, it was not. We were very limited on where you could eat. It was a complete waste of money. Employees did not know how it worked everyone told us different things you got with the meals. The places we were able to eat at everything tasted the same. We found one good place that we actually liked at Animal Kingdom, but of course we were only there one day!

We spent much of our own money on food just so we could eat at more convenient places, and not run around the parks looking for places "in our food plan". The days we did use them we probably spent an hour of our day planning our day around the place we could use our cards at. We ended up giving away 7 of our meals to a family the day we left, hopefully they got some use of it since I feel we got ripped off. I also did not like that you had to get your deserts within 90 min of your food purchase.

This is not very practical when you have to stand in line for rides. I feel we paid for it we should be able to get it when we want. Other than the food cards I had a great time at Disney World and would definitely go back. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great.

Spring Break
By -

When you booked for your disney resort vacation, make sure to print out everything you found on their site so you'll have proof that it is indeed written in their site. (They do not have wifi in the value resorts and I'm certainly wasn't paying extra for a service that they should offer for free-- Most other hotels have free wifi. You will be disappointed with value resort room size and space, we thought we won't be able to stay there for 6 days/nights).

I ended up getting promised $300.00 gift card (included in the package but make sure to put in special code) after 3 days of our 6 days stay. (Thanks to manager named ** who explained were delay was from and no thanks to rude manager named ** who instead of pacifying an irate customer gave me tips on how to book my vacation!) And ended up not paying extra for an in room refrigerator and microwave because we were misinformed upon checked in. (Thanks to a wonderful manager named ** for the follow-up).

Overall, we had a great time at all the theme parks (animal kingdom, magic kingdom, hollywood studios and epcot). So good that my kids want to be performing monkeys when they grow up (inspired by the lion king's monkeys), jungle cruise guide (inspired by ** our "jokester" guide), a disney resort bus driver (inspired by ** the most informative bus driver who cracks jokes in between information) photographers (inspired by photo pass photographers).

They took on a new hobby, pin trading (we used our gift card to buy starter sets :D) and insisted that we need to go back every year so they can trade pins with friendly cast members. They enjoyed all the rides (they are tall enough this year to ride most big rides on their own) most especially, space mountain, mount everest, mission space (caution to those who have tiny space / motion issues you will not like this ride!!) and test track.

They enjoyed all the shows live or otherwise and vow to come back and watch/do them again. Autographs/character photos are best real early or when crowd is thinning down -- one of the many perks of being a resort guest- extended hours! Don't forget to bring your own ponchos and check weather channel before hitting the parks. We ended up buying ponchos for $7.50/poncho. Enjoy planning and do your research! Have a magical vacation!

Disappointed in Disney Cruise Line
By -

CELEBRATION, FLORIDA -- A February 2010, 4 night cruise on the Disney Wonder left us wondering why we spent so much money for such shabby service and conditions. We purchased a veranda stateroom (one of the costliest categories) and were unable to use the veranda because of two chain smoking neighbors in the upwind cabin. The smell of smoke was there from early in the morning and lasted to well after midnight on each of our four days. Disney had no other similar staterooms available and would not credit us for a veranda we could not use because our kids have asthma.

Their policy allows smoking on verandas which is not the case in any of the other Disney properties. I have come to find out that many other cruise lines have non-smoking verandas but not our kid oriented Disney Cruise Line! Shame on Disney for allowing this policy to stand for the ability to sell more staterooms at the cost of their other passengers safety.

What Not to Do and What to Do at Disney
By -

If you do go to the most popular amusement park in THE WHOLE WORLD during the busiest times of the year, you will face l-o-n-g lines. It is not Disney's fault. Planning and proper use of Fast Passes (FP) are keys. We went Nov. 28-Dec.3. Each morning we got a FP for the most popular attraction (Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin'. EPCOT: Soarin', Test Track- get a personalized Driver's License for only $5. Magic Kingdom (MK): Pirates, Buzz.) Then we went to the second most popular and got on quickly. FP TIPS: You can get more than one/day (time printed on bottom).

We were told the FP is good from the starting time to the end of that day. TIP: with children, don't do MK first or they may think the other parks are boring in comparison. We did EPCOT first, our grandson enjoyed Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth was good and the personalized ending was a cool/fun surprise. Other than the science being wrong, Ellen's Energy Adventure was dramatic.

WARNING: Mission Space has two intensity levels. The more intense (Orange Level) may make you feel sick if you are prone to motion/spinning sickness and I am not kidding. It is very realistic! Disney does warn you, so it's not their fault if you get sick. The easier (Green Level) is very mild on the tummy and still dramatic. TIP: Leave babies/toddlers at home. The need for a stroller should be the tip on who not to bring. Wheelchairs: Disney has done lots to make the parks wheelchair-friendly and I applaud them for that. Again, don't come on packed days.

Guest Relations: We had a need to use it and ** (Norwalk, CT) really worked hard to help us. We liked the Carousel of Progress in MK, relaxed, informative, entertaining, v. short wait. Kids may find it a bit "boring" but a little learning is good for them (Oh no, learning?!). DON'T MISS: Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin', the stunt shows were great, no bad seats.

MK: Monsters Inc and Mickey's Philharmagic both very creative. The Hall of the Presidents was inspiring, glad Lincoln still takes "center stage". Don't bother: Stitch. A few Disney guests may feel they are "entitled" to the Royal Treatment. Be reasonable, plan, and have a magical time. Our longest wait was 25min and we did rides over (Buzz 8 times!).

Grand Floridian + Meal Plan = Disappointment
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My stay started on April 19th 2008. I will let you know what Disney didn't tell us when we booked. (Off season). If you are bringing children, and plan on attending any character meal, book it 180 days prior to your stay or you will be in for a huge let down. When we went it was off season and everything was booked even the regular meals. So BOTTOM LINE, BOOK EVERY MEAL! There is no charge to cancel, so book every night or you will wind up eating fast food every night. Don't go with the meal plan it's a complete waste of money.

You pay the same whether you have the meal plan or not. It got to the point that I needed a manager just so we could get a sit down meal. I had to complain that we had the meal plan and could not get reservations for any restaurant in the park for dinner, so we had to get a taxi to the nearest place outside of Disney. They don't like that, then Magically things opened up for us, because Disney does not want you to spend your money anywhere but at the world. Also if you use the Disney buses to get to the parks expect to be overcrowded and you may have to wait for several buses before you can get a seat.

The Grand Floridian is always the last stop on all the buses, so by the time a bus comes to pick you up, most time it was already filled. Grand Floridian is their best hotel but they must feel that only old people stay there and don't care about the transportation, thinking that nobody will be interested in going to the parks. Also our room was to hold 5 people and we paid a lot of money for our stay but the room was in very poor condition and there were a few things that I couldn't let go.

There was what looked like spilled chocolate pudding on our balcony. The whole stay it was never cleaned up. I told the wife not to tell the maid see how long it will stay, (the whole 10 days). The tub was clogged and first thing in the morning we ran out of hot water. For the same money we spent on this Disney vacation, we could have taken a 2 week cruise to Hawaii with all food included. I will not ever stay in Disney again.

I will visit the parks but I will never eat there. A meal for 2 adults and 3 kids eating chicken nuggets and rubber hamburgers with drinks cost around $70. (What do you do to hamburger to make it feel like rubber and taste like sawdust?) Anyway I am not a bitter person but think twice about staying inside Disney.

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