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What Not to Do and What to Do at Disney
By -

If you do go to the most popular amusement park in THE WHOLE WORLD during the busiest times of the year, you will face l-o-n-g lines. It is not Disney's fault. Planning and proper use of Fast Passes (FP) are keys. We went Nov. 28-Dec.3. Each morning we got a FP for the most popular attraction (Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin'. EPCOT: Soarin', Test Track- get a personalized Driver's License for only $5. Magic Kingdom (MK): Pirates, Buzz.) Then we went to the second most popular and got on quickly. FP TIPS: You can get more than one/day (time printed on bottom).

We were told the FP is good from the starting time to the end of that day. TIP: with children, don't do MK first or they may think the other parks are boring in comparison. We did EPCOT first, our grandson enjoyed Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth was good and the personalized ending was a cool/fun surprise. Other than the science being wrong, Ellen's Energy Adventure was dramatic.

WARNING: Mission Space has two intensity levels. The more intense (Orange Level) may make you feel sick if you are prone to motion/spinning sickness and I am not kidding. It is very realistic! Disney does warn you, so it's not their fault if you get sick. The easier (Green Level) is very mild on the tummy and still dramatic. TIP: Leave babies/toddlers at home. The need for a stroller should be the tip on who not to bring. Wheelchairs: Disney has done lots to make the parks wheelchair-friendly and I applaud them for that. Again, don't come on packed days.

Guest Relations: We had a need to use it and ** (Norwalk, CT) really worked hard to help us. We liked the Carousel of Progress in MK, relaxed, informative, entertaining, v. short wait. Kids may find it a bit "boring" but a little learning is good for them (Oh no, learning?!). DON'T MISS: Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin', the stunt shows were great, no bad seats.

MK: Monsters Inc and Mickey's Philharmagic both very creative. The Hall of the Presidents was inspiring, glad Lincoln still takes "center stage". Don't bother: Stitch. A few Disney guests may feel they are "entitled" to the Royal Treatment. Be reasonable, plan, and have a magical time. Our longest wait was 25min and we did rides over (Buzz 8 times!).

Food Package Very Expensive
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We went to Disney World a few months ago and bought the food package thinking it would be a good deal, it was not. We were very limited on where you could eat. It was a complete waste of money. Employees did not know how it worked everyone told us different things you got with the meals. The places we were able to eat at everything tasted the same. We found one good place that we actually liked at Animal Kingdom, but of course we were only there one day!

We spent much of our own money on food just so we could eat at more convenient places, and not run around the parks looking for places "in our food plan". The days we did use them we probably spent an hour of our day planning our day around the place we could use our cards at. We ended up giving away 7 of our meals to a family the day we left, hopefully they got some use of it since I feel we got ripped off. I also did not like that you had to get your deserts within 90 min of your food purchase.

This is not very practical when you have to stand in line for rides. I feel we paid for it we should be able to get it when we want. Other than the food cards I had a great time at Disney World and would definitely go back. Everyone was so friendly and the service was great.

Disappointed in Disney Cruise Line
By -

CELEBRATION, FLORIDA -- A February 2010, 4 night cruise on the Disney Wonder left us wondering why we spent so much money for such shabby service and conditions. We purchased a veranda stateroom (one of the costliest categories) and were unable to use the veranda because of two chain smoking neighbors in the upwind cabin. The smell of smoke was there from early in the morning and lasted to well after midnight on each of our four days. Disney had no other similar staterooms available and would not credit us for a veranda we could not use because our kids have asthma.

Their policy allows smoking on verandas which is not the case in any of the other Disney properties. I have come to find out that many other cruise lines have non-smoking verandas but not our kid oriented Disney Cruise Line! Shame on Disney for allowing this policy to stand for the ability to sell more staterooms at the cost of their other passengers safety.

Disney World: Traveling With Your Pet? Beware Of Pet Kennel Contract

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- About two years ago, disney world changed the contract you sign when you board your pets at their kennels. It no longer is the typical kennel agreement that you sign when you board pets. It says that you are "voluntarily" signing it and that you are giving up all your rights if the disney kennels negligently or intentionally hurt, harm or even kill your pet. If you refuse to sign it or try to alter it, they will not let you board your pets. At the bottom of the "release agreement" it says:

"I have read this release and indemnity agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement." Before making your long trip with your pets, be aware that you should make arrangements to kennel outside of Disney World. Before you kennel with Disney World, fully understand the dangers to your beloved pets.

Not Magic for my "Make-a-Wish" child
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had heard over and over how wonderful Walt Disney World treats children who are visiting the park because it was their wish granted by the Make-a-Wish foundation. That is a huge lie. My daughter was given NOTHING special, they did absolutely NOTHING for her that they would do for any other guest who asked. She was made to wait 20 minutes to access the handicapped entrance for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when the wait time for the regular ride was estimated at 15 minutes.

Not one "Cast Member" went out of their way to do anything special for her, she was denied access to the characters she asked to see, she was ignored by staff in favor of pushier people who had more money to spend. I will definitely recommend to any child, handicapped or not, that they visit Universal Studios instead.

Totally Ruined our Vacation
By -

We planned our daughter sixteenth birthday party at Disney World. That was the only thing our daughter wanted to do for her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday. We set up our vacation with AAA and saved our money and made our plans to celebrate her birthday. We had dinner reservations for our daughters birthday at Magic Kingdom and they would not let us in for our reservations 1 hour before the park close. We went to guest relations and try everything to get in and they refused.

We filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida and it was a bigger joke like guest relations at the Disney Gate. Disney is too big to file a complaint on. They just don't care if they ruined your entire vacation. They've got your money what do they care. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge which also turned out to be a big waste of money also. It is a overpriced Motel 6.

Disney World debacle
By -

Last year my wife and I stayed at a Disney Resort. We had heard so much about how great the Disney experience was. We ponied up the $160 to go into the Wild Kingdom Animal Park (Totally not worth the money). We purchased the tickets at the resort and headed to the park. We arrived as they were letting people into the park. They scanned our ticket and it did not read for some reason. They rudely told us to go over to the customer service line and figure out what was wrong with our tickets. They did not take us their or tell us where to go. They just said get out of line.

So we found the customer service desk and they checked the ticket and said they did not issue the ticket and we would have to go back to the resort and figure out the problem. At this point my wife and I were getting upset because it was not a short trip back to the resort. I asked to speak with someone and the guy basically told me no. He then went on to make a smarta$$ comment which really infuriated me. We had to go back to the resort and have them reissue the tickets.

By the time we got back to the park the day was half gone and we did not even want to be there. It was the worst customer experience I have ever had. I would not recommend Disney to anyone. Save your money and go someplace that will treat you with respect. All Disney wants is your money. I will never step foot in another Disney park and I will tell everyone of my experience.

Unrightful Collection of Personal Information
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I visited Disney World Magic Kingdom yesterday [2/21/10] and I was appalled to see that they require the collection of finger prints! I adamantly refused to allow my 3 yr old son to be scanned. At first the ticket lady wouldn't let us through and I seriously considered leaving then and there. But after much venting of frustration on my behalf she agreed to let him through because he "can't reach the scanner anyway". So my question that I pose to you today is why on earth would the Disney Corporation like to fingerprint a child? For what purpose is this unrightful collection of data?

They claim that it is for the sole purpose of keeping someone from stealing your ticket but I don't believe. Furthermore, upon questioning aforementioned ticket lady about what is done with such data and whether it was stored in a database of some sort or what exactly was done with it she responded, "No, it is just used to get in." So, let me say this, how can the info be used at a later date if it is not stored on at least one database?!?!? And so I shall have to say that unless I see a legitimate purpose for my child to be fingerprint, then I, as not only a parent but also as an American Citizen, refuse to allow this to happen!!

Great Staff Contributed to a Most Excellent Family Vacation
By -

This review is a little late in writing but that's just because I'm lazy. In Nov 2009, my family and I went to Disney for a family vacation. Well the flight down was a nightmare (read my Delta review) but I have to say, when I got to Disney, the staff there more than made up for all the pain of the travel. We arrived by 1:30 am with no luggage and no toiletries. When I mentioned this to the check-in agent, he gave us an entire week's worth of amenities.

When I asked if they had diapers back there as well, he said no but went and got the Night Manager. The Night Manager opened up the in-hotel store and got diapers for me. I was amazed. The next morning, Concierge was very helpful in getting me and my family our tickets and permanent hotel key. I love this hotel and will be going back next year or the year after. They have earned both my respect and my loyalty.

Magic Kingdom
By -

Took my 5 yr old son to Magic Kingdom yesterday for his birthday, since he's never been there before. While it was terribly humid, the lines weren't too long. We went on the Jungle Cruise and the cast member, let him steer the boat (totally by chance that he got to do this), but it made him feel so special. (I didn't let him wear his "Happy Birthday" pin since it had his name on it -safety issue).

We also went to Mickey's Toon Town where you can meet Mickey & Minnie. I like this since you don't have to be at a certain location at a certain time. They also have where you can meet Disney Princess' or Disney Fairies. I took him to both since my little man loves the pretty ladies. And at each one, the Princess/Fairy actually carried on a little conversation with him, calling him a Prince and giving him a kiss on the cheek (where her lipstick makes a kiss print). He was in Heaven. He felt very special.

At each of the meetings they have a Disney photographer that will also take pictures and then scans a "Disney Photopass". You keep the card with you so that at any time they take any photos they can scan the card and you can later view and order prints online. I think they stay there for only like 30 days, but I thought it was so cool that they have this service. Of course along with everything else Disney, the print prices are astronomical. But I can share them by e-mail link with other people for free.

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