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Disappointed in Disney Cruise Line
Posted by on
CELEBRATION, FLORIDA -- A February 2010 4 night cruise on the Disney Wonder left us wondering why we spent so much money for such shabby service and conditions. We purchased a veranda stateroom (one of the costliest categories) and were unable to use the veranda because of two chain smoking neighbors in the upwind cabin. The smell of smoke was there from early in the morning and lasted to well after midnight on each of our four days. Disney had no other similar staterooms available and would not credit us for a veranda we could not use because our kids have asthma. Their policy allows smoking on verandas which is not the case in any of the other Disney properties. I have come to find out that many other cruise lines have non-smoking verandas but not our kid oriented Disney Cruise Line!
Shame on Disney for allowing this policy to stand for the ability to sell more staterooms at the cost of their other passengers safety.
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goduke on 03/10/2010:
I get that you are disappointed, but if being smoke free is that critical to the pleasure of your trip, isn't that something to check out before booking the trip?
Anonymous on 03/10/2010:
smokers stink.
Anonymous on 03/10/2010:
Well this just shows my ignorance but I just assumed cruise lines would be smoke free. It surprises me that Disney allows smoking on their ships although on the other hand Walt Disney was a chain smoker.

Eh what can you do?
goduke on 03/10/2010:
They are smoke free on the interior. The smoking is allowed on the outside verandas if the passenger has one.
PepperElf on 03/10/2010:
I don't know why it would be smoke free - especially if the veranda is open to the air. heck even navy ships don't go smoke free - they have designated smoking areas for the crew.

personally I would think that checking ahead would be second nature for anyone with specific lung issues. something like that is not worth taking for granted.

goduke on 03/10/2010:
Just as a side note, it took me about 45 seconds to find the policy. And that was because I had to google disney cruise lines to find their official site.
Anonymous on 03/10/2010:
I believe Disney should have the right to allow smoking if they want. That's cool. I also believe though that we non-smokers who far outnumber the smokers should start screaming, 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'. Hey Mr. Business owner if you allow smoking anywhere on your property then you're not getting our money. Not one red cent. If just 30% of the non-smokers would vocally make that stand then they would listen and we would no longer have to put up with the smoke clouds.

Come on Non-Smokers of the world UNITE. If not us then who? If not now then when? I say just say no to any establishment that allows smoking. We have the numbers! We have the POWER! Let's use it!!!
saj80 on 03/10/2010:
I'm with Stew.
Ytropious on 03/10/2010:
I'm not sure how cruise ships are set up, but maybe they could have smoking on one side of the ship and non smoking on the other? I think the main problem with that might be finding enough of one or the other to fill a side, might be left with some non smokers on a smoking side or vice versa. Anyway I know you say they were chain smokers but I really doubt they were outside on the veranda 24/7 making it smell bad, and on a ship moving over the sea I doubt the smell lingered long anyway.
goduke on 03/10/2010:
I would think you could put the smokers in the staterooms with verandas at the stern of the boat, so that they'd always be downwind of the non-smokers when the ship is in motion.
PepperElf on 03/10/2010:
yt very good point.

like many restaurants have "no smoking"... but it's only inside. once they go outside into open air, it's allowed.
jktshff1 on 03/10/2010:
Stew, we with handgun carry permits have been hollering that for years, what a private business owner, within the law, allows (ie, smoking, gun carry etc) on his private property is his business.
Anyone who does not like the policy, just don't spend your money there.
How hard is that? Kind of like someone taking their kids to Hooters and complaining the waitress don't have on enough clothes.
It's the ME society we have become.
Nohandle on 03/10/2010:
I honestly don't see any difference in this and a smoker checking beforehand to make certain smoking is allowed. If I had a child/children with asthma and second hand smoke was a problem I'd certainly check the policy before I booked.
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What not to do and what to do at Disney
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If you do go to the most popular amusement park in THE WHOLE WORLD during the busiest times of the year, you WILL face l-o-n-g lines. It is not Disney's fault. Planning and proper use of Fast Passes (FP) are keys. We went Nov. 28-Dec.3. Each morning we got a FP for the most popular attraction (Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin'. EPCOT: Soarin', Test Track -get a personalized Driver's License for only $5. Magic Kingdom (MK): Pirates, Buzz.) Then we went to the second most popular and got on quickly. FP TIPS: You can get more than one/day (time printed on bottom). We were told the FP is good from the starting time to the end of that day. TIP: with children, don't do MK first or they may think the other parks are boring in comparison. We did EPCOT first, our grandson enjoyed Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth was good and the personalized ending was a cool/fun surprise. Other than the science being wrong, Ellen's Energy Adventure was dramatic. WARNING: Mission Space has two intensity levels. The more intense (Orange Level)may make you feel sick if you are prone to motion/spinning sickness and I am not kidding. It is very realistic! Disney DOES warn you, so it's not their fault if you get sick. The easier (Green Level)is very mild on the tummy and still dramatic. TIP: Leave babies/toddlers at home. The need for a stroller should be the tip on who not to bring. Wheelchairs: Disney has done lots to make the parks wheelchair-friendly and I applaud them for that. Again, don't come on packed days. Guest Relations: We had a need to use it and Janson (Norwalk, CT)really worked hard to help us. We liked the Carousel of Progress in MK, relaxed, informative, entertaining, v. short wait. Kids may find it a bit "boring" but a little learning is good for them (oh no, learning?!). DON'T MISS: Hollywood: Toy Story, Tower, Rockin', the stunt shows were great, no bad seats. MK: Monsters Inc and Mickey's Philharmagic both very creative. The Hall of the Presidents was inspiring, 'glad Lincoln still takes "center stage". Don't bother: Stitch. A few Disney guests may feel they are "entitled" to the Royal Treatment...be reasonable, plan, and have a magical time. Our longest wait was 25min and we did rides over (Buzz 8 times!). --John W., Beverly Hills, MI
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Flexanimous Fellow on 12/04/2009:
VH! I never understand why people attack Disney because of its long lines. Indeed, it sucks, but that's what happens when you go at peak times. There's nothing Disney can do about that.

Glad you had a good time.
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An experience Disney Traveler
Posted on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- No fair attacking Disney here (Disney Newbie).

Instead of posting a comment to Disney Complaints, I will post a review.

I just got back on Saturday from Universal Studios and stay on Disney Resorts.

I had been going to Orlando for vacation for years.

I offer the following tips for your future trip to Orlando.

Universal studio is pack too. Summer season is where all the kiddies are not in school.

I waited 60min. for Jurassic park / Spiderman ride (normally 15 min. during pre-Christmas time).

We still have fun even with the long lines; you meet some many interesting people from all around the country/world in Disney and Universal Theme parks.

If you do not like crowds, go down there during off-season, you will have better time.

You also get better room rates during off-season.

Disney post this information on their website about park attendances and room rates.

It is August in Orlando. What do you expect the temperature to be?

It is always hot and very humid this time of year. It was triple digit the entire week.

The theme parks (Disney, Seaworld, Universal) have AC and/or fan with water-spray to cool you off while you wait in most lines, restrooms, and restaurants.

You pay way too much; you may want to check out Mouse Saver, there was room/package deal for August and September.

I stay at Port Orlean (normally $195) for $105 (AAA and discount codes). The Disney Deluxe resorts (Poly & Animal Kingdom Lodge) had even bigger discounts.

Universal Studios is currently offering 7 days pass for less than $90. That’s cost less than single day Disney park-hopper pass. I saved hundreds on theme parks tickets this time.

Universal Studios offer 10% discount for most merchandise and restaurant if you have AAA membership and/or Universal Master Card. More saving here…

The Disney transportation (buses) normally has pickup every 15-20min. There is a number/phone near most bus stops that you can call and they immediately dispatch a bus to your stop. I used this service before and it works great. The bus arrived 5 min. after the call.

As for the pool, they tend to be less busy during normal parks hours. We decided to leave little early from the theme park and go back to the resort and hardly anyone was using the pool.

I cannot comment about internet service because I tend to avoid checking my work email while I am on vacation.

If you have Disney Package and have access to Disney Quest (Downtown Disney), they have free internet at the Chocolate Factory café. I think it is on the 4th floor.

Disney offer fast pass, it allows you to avoid the long stand-by lines. We normally use the fast pass on the popular rides (e.g. Tower-Of- Terror, Exp. Everest, fast track, etc).

The bottom line is that you have to plan and research before any trip. You will save cash and headaches.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Good review.
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Wow, quite a collection of very helpful tips. Excellent job happyjoybear. I voted this contribution 'Very Helpful' as should everybody else.
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Great review!
jktshff1 on 08/20/2007:
rated very helpful.
It's great when someone does the research and knows what to expect and then gives a report like this.
MRM on 08/20/2007:
HappyJoyBear, very thorough report.
Slimjim on 08/20/2007:
Good advice. We have been to Disney and Universal a few times and I still found a couple of the suggestions new to me.
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Tower of Terror is awesome.
Very fun ride
kjpfromd on 08/21/2007:
Let me just go through your list one by one-first if you look at the dates we did go in the value? season and we looked at all the websites that offer disney tips and spoke to disney reps who told us that since a lot of kids are back in school it would be less crowded-not!If you notice I did not complain about the heat just all the unnecessary waits so I do not know where that comment came from-and we and other people tried the phone but were told we just had to wait.we paid this much because we got the premium package with all the bells and whistles but we were still treated like cattle once they got us there-attitudes are much better before you get there!we checked the pools several times every day and it was always packed even at midnight-we did not need to check our e-mail my husband had to check on an important work project.wonderful that you had a great time on your vacation however you know nothing about our experience.
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
kipfromd - I never said that last week wasn’t value session. I list the peak summer rate ($195) and my AAA and discount combo rate (for last week) = $105

You did complain (or at least mentioned) about the heat.

>> we would just have to walk around with all of our carry on and children in 100 degree heat
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Unrightful Collection of Personal Information
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I visited Disney World Magic Kingdom yesterday[2/21/10] and I was appalled to see that they require the collection of finger prints!! I adamentally refused to allow my 3yr old son to be scanned. At first the ticket lady wouldn't let us through and I seriously considered leaving then and there. But after much venting of frustation on my behalf she agreed to let him through because he "can't reach the scanner anyway". So my question that I pose to you today is why on earth would the Disney Corporation like to fingerprint a child? For what purpose is this unrightful collection of data? They claim that it is for the sole purpose of keeping someone from stealing your ticket but I don't believe. Furthermore, upon questioning aforementioned ticket lady about what is done with such data and whether it wa stored in a database of some sort or what exactly was done with it she responded, "No, it is just used to get in". So, let me say this, how can the info be used at a later date if it is not stored on at least one database?!?!? And so I shall have to say that unless I see a legitamite purpose for my child to be fingerprint, then I, as not only a parent but also as an American Citizen, refuse to allow this to happen!!!
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Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
"They claim that it is for the sole purpose of keeping someone from stealing your ticket but I don't believe."

Why not? Why don't you believe it? Are you *that* paranoid? I've been going, every year, to Disney World for the passed three years and have no problem placing my finger on the fingerprint area. They don't sell your information because I have yet to receive more junk mail than I already do. All it is, is for identification... like the security lady told you, and was telling the truth.

Wow, seriously? It's just a fingerprint. It's a form of identification. There's no info stored... but just a way to identify someone. You seem to have no problem placing your finger on the scanner, but why not the 3 year old?
This is something that has been going on at Disney World for a while now. At least, it has been the last 3 years I've been going.
Sparticus on 02/22/2010:
My wife and I were quite surprised about the whole finger print scanning as well. Not only did it seem unsanitary (the finger print scanner was this little sticky pad) but it seemed unnecessary.

We didn't complain, but we wanted to. I definitely felt a bit of privacy invasion.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Disney isn't the only park that does this. I paid a lot of money for my Busch Gardens Platinum Passport. If I somehow misplace it, I'm happy to know that no one else can use it.

Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
I guess I wonder how far a business would have to go before some of you would scream foul? How about a DNA sample? Blood sample? Stool sample? Urine sample? Body cavity search?

I never in my life thought we would get to the point in this country where one would have to be finger printed in order to enter an amusement park. That's just messed up.
tnchuck100 on 02/22/2010:
The only thing that is recorded is "This fingerprint is a paid admission for this day." No name, no SSN, no description. Tomorrow it no longer exists.

Unsanitary? If that is a problem you need to stay off of the rides while there.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
I think, just maybe, fingerprinting the 3 year old is a little much. But, it's just solely for additional identification purposes... to make sure you are you. It's quick and easy... much better than waiting for someone to whip their I.d.'s out because most people don't have them out, ready to go. And they want to get people in there as fast and accurately as they can.
MissMae on 02/22/2010:
Call me paranoid if you like...but there's no reason anyone needs to collect my or my daughter's fingerprints. Good for you OP, for standing your ground.
tnchuck100 on 02/22/2010:
People generally fear that what they don't understand.
goduke on 02/22/2010:
I don't know, Star...I've seen NCIS. Seems that they can do an awful lot with a fingerprint......
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Is it a fingerprint, or a finger scan. There is a HUGE difference. A fingerprint makes an actual image of the finger, whereas the finger scan measures certain points on the finger and calculates a very long number which is unique to every individual who has ever lived. The finger scan is totally innocuous and non-intrusive, so before getting too crazy over this, it pays to know first what they are actually doing.
tnchuck100 on 02/22/2010:
goduke, in NCIC they have fingerprints associated with names, aliases, addresses, etc. In Disney case there is no related data other that this finger print is valid today. Granted, this concept takes some logical understanding.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Goduke, LMAO!

Starlord on 02/22/2010:
Watching a television show has little to do with reality. There is a lot of dramatic license taken for TV. Unless you have more than one print, or have a suspect to compare it to, fingerprints are really pretty useless. Add to that the fact that the agency has to spend over $750 to clean up after fingerprinting a scene really makes it not so useful. The myth that they can take one fingerprint and match it to a suspect is baloney. For instance, My index finger print might match the ring fonger print on your hand. That is why a full print set is required for a positive ID. TV cops have better scriptwriters than the guys and gals who bleed real blood when shot by anything other than a blank.
goduke on 02/22/2010:
Oh no. If I saw it on TV, it must be true. Why would they make stuff up on TV? Next thing I know, you'll be telling me stuff on the internet isn't true.

Here's a story from 2006 about the technology and what they're doing with it:

tnchuck100 on 02/22/2010:
goduke, that article is pure media hype based on a fragment of truth.

If you enjoy technical paranoia just think about it is technically possible to remotely open the microphone on your cell phone even when it is off and monitor your surroundings.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Duke, that guy Crossley in the article is a maroon, plain and simple. They are NOT taking fingerprints, but he's from ACLU so it's about what I would expect from them: they rarely run with the truth.

Look at it this way, if I counted the freckles on your right cheek, then multiplied them by the freckles on yourleft cheek, and multiplied that result by some number that I have pre-chosen, is that the same as taking your picture? Neither is finger scanning a fingerprint.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Ken, thanks for making me think of Bugs Bunny.

goduke on 02/22/2010:
You mean all of the stuff on the internet isn't true?
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Walt, Walt, were art though oh' Walt? What's happening to your happiest place on Earth? All this drama just to have a gay old time.
yoke on 02/22/2010:
We were at DW last year and had our finger SCANNED. I also know that you have to have the correct ticket that your finger was scanned with. We had 11 of us going in at the same time. Be the responsible person in the party, lol, I was given all tickets after we entered so we would not lose them. We had a great day, went back to hotel and then that evening wanted to go back. I handed out the tickets. WELL, if your finger scan did not match the ticket you could not go in. Were we mad, NO, we were thankful because we know they were protecting us from somebody else using them. After about 5 minutes we were all in.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
In this day and age biometrics are prob going to be taken everywhere u go soon.
MissMae on 02/22/2010:
True Wally...that way we will be conditioned when the first chips are introduced that carry all of our info on them...you know, so we don't have to hold up the lines at Disneyworld, so they don't have to wait for people to dig through their wallets for their ID, or worry about their tickets being stolen. I can't wait...things will move along SOO much faster than!
Ytropious on 02/22/2010:
It's easier than remembering a pass or a stamp on your hand that can wash off. I think it's a neat idea. As someone already said your prints are everywhere and if someone wanted them they could get them (I think this was on the show MANswers once). They aren't stealing your identity.
Starlord on 02/23/2010:
As far as fingerprint databases go, if you have never been arrested, in the military or had a job in security, gotten a concealed weapon permit, or been bonded, no one has your fingerprints on file. I have about thirty pounds of fingerprint cards on file with the FBI, and have never been arrested or in the military. I have driven taxicabs in Indianapolis (IPD requires prints for hack license, I have been bonded for my alarm system business, I have worked in both police and security work, and have had CCW permits in two states. They can pull up my print info on AFIS, but they can't do it with a partial print.
Anonymous on 02/23/2010:
OK, one more time for the folks at home... these are NOT fingerprints, they are finger scans and there is no correlation between the two. All the finger scan does is create a unique identifying number that only has signifigance to the one who creates it. It's a very fast, easy and safe way of identifying someone, who you have previously set up on your system. They are often used as logon identification for networks.
Disgruntled Patron on 02/23/2010:
Well, I appreciate everyones opinions and I respect that they differ from mine, in fact, I'm glad that they do because it just allows indivinduals to be exactly that. Now I'm not overly paronoid, let us attest it to overly protective. And while I had no compunction having my finger scanned, I will still no matter what refuse to allow my child to be scanned regardless of how the underinformed masses regard my feelings on the subject and that is my right. As it is also my right to be outraged by the procedure and as duly noted it original post, yes my ticket may be lost or stolen but I don't care so long as it helps to protect the privacy of my child. Thank You!
shanticena on 02/24/2010:
Wow,seriously! Those who believe that there isn`t anything to be paranoid about this is "baaaa" er um excuse me that's the sound of the blind sheep being led to slaughter!
shanticena on 02/24/2010:
If it is only "scanning" then how is it that if an individual has purchased a ticket such as a Fl res 4 day park hopper which doesn't expire until May 25,2010, the so-called "scanner" can differentiate between an individual, as was explained to my friend and I when we recently purchased our tix,up to an indefinite time period? It sounds as if there is a database somewhere... and is solely for identification purposes? The disturbing thing is that this is a corporation. Once again let me repeat, this is a CORPORATION! Why are corporate fat cats investing in personal information that is unique to an individuals identity? We wanted to ride on some rides not invest our money in a bank, or adopt a child, work in healthcare, or anything to that nature... hmmmm.... should Mc Donalds require a fasting blood glucose test before allowing me to purchase food with a high glycemic index? While it appears on the surface that this is not an invasion of our constitutional rights (pssst,hey kids, did you know that once upon a time We The People had certain rights such as freedom of expression, the right against unreasonable search and seizure... go ahead look it up, of course it will be harder to find then fairy tales happily ever after and all that...) the bigger question remains WHY? Oh and by the way I told them o hell no heres my ID! You can look but your`e not scanning that, either. Oh yeah one more tidbit of information, they took down our names put it on a paper ID and added our DOB so WHY scan my unique personal identification that could implicate me in a crime, or clear me of a crime, etc?... anyway hopefully you glean some insight into this atrocity! P.S. I get it, WHY, because we love you! M-O-U-S-E
PepperElf on 02/24/2010:
"So my question that I pose to you today is why on earth would the Disney Corporation like to fingerprint a child?"

Because if the unthinkable happens and some jerk steals your kid, they have your child's fingerprints available to give to the police or FBI to use in the search of getting him back.

Anonymous on 02/24/2010:
Shanticena, I guess I'd rather be a sheep about than to be ignorant and uninformed about it.

Pep, this system doesn't create a fingerprint, so there is nothing they could pass on, although it's a good thought.
Slimjim on 02/24/2010:
I read this and didn't even bother with the list of comments because I know they must state the obvious in majority, which is my reaction and Bearkat's out the gate.
Many Disney tickets are sold as Passes, good for many day blocks, weekends, seasons or even the whole year. Finger scans match a ticket account to a person, so yes, no one can steal and use it. More over, you can't just hand your passes out to friends and family using the tickets to allow other people to gain admission free and dishonestly on another day.
So yes, that is the reasoning, "no one" steals admission. I have no problem taking my family in and us all scanning our finger tips. The only reasoning I can see objecting to it would be if I was trying to pull a fast one with the Passes and bought them to be reused by others intentionally.
PepperElf on 02/24/2010:
if they are fingerprinting a child... then there must be a place the data is stored, no?
Toni on 10/20/2012:
wow just wow so sorry I only found this now okay as others have pointed out this is NOT a fingerprint it is a SCAN no onr wants your identity but if you are that afraid I would suggest never using a stores reward card never shoping on thr internet don.t go to Drs as medical records have been c compromised
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Great Staff contributed to a most excellent family vacation
Posted by on
This review is a little late in writing but that's just because I'm lazy.
In Nov 2009, my family and I went to Disney for a family vacation. Well the flight down was a nightmare (read my Delta review) but I have to say, when I got to Disney, the staff there more than made up for all the pain of the travel.
We arrived by 1:30 am with no luggage and no tolietries. When I mentioned this to the check-in agent, he gave us an entire week's worth of amenities. When I asked if they had diapers back there as well, he said no but went and got the Night Manager. The Night Manager opened up the in-hotel store and got diapers for me. I was amazed. The next morning, Concierge was very helpful in getting me and my family our tickets and permanent hotel key. I love this hotel and will be going back next year or the year after. They have earned both my respect and my loyalty.
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User Replies:
trp2hevn on 01/20/2010:
Great review! It's nice to know some employees will make a little extra effort when needed.
BEJ on 01/20/2010:
Very Nice!!!
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
Why couldn't my family's stay at one of the Disney Parks have been this enjoyable?!!!

Signed, Superbowl! *tears*
PepperElf on 01/20/2010:
the one in Japan is awesome too ;-)
bargod on 01/20/2010:
That's just good customer service.(VH)
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Not happy
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I stayed a the All Star Sport and had so many problems. The main thing was housekeeping they would not clean my room right not leaving towels not taking the old ones not cleaning, the room had so much dust on the tables in both rooms cause I had to get moved from rooms and both were the same way the toilet would not flush you had to flush 2-3 times. Then the last day I was there my family and I went to eat at about 9am took most of are thing to the car left camera and thing we took to the parks every day on the table we were gone about 45 min. When we got back are stuff was gone housekeeping had taken all are things out and said they thought we had left. Mind you check out times is 11am. Then they would not find my stuff. So I was not happy at all.
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Principissa on 02/20/2009:
If check out time is at 11 and you were gone at 9 for 45 minutes they should not have removed anything from your room. The room was still yours for another hour and fifteen minutes. I sincerely hope you checked what was left in the room and found that nothing was missing.
Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
You should have called the front desk and insisted that they call the police, as your room had been burglarized. That would have gotten you some attention.
yoke on 02/20/2009:
That is wrong about your camera. As for the towels, many hotels are not giving clean towels on a daily basis like they used to unless you actually ask for them. The days of clean sheets and towels daily are long gone! The way things are going hotels will become like the airlines and start charging for things we take for granted in hotel rooms.
saj80 on 02/20/2009:
Disney just announced layoffs at all of their theme parks, so service will probably get worse.
BokiBean on 02/20/2009:
I didn't know clean towels every day were a thing of the past! Gross. I'm bad about shopping on the maid's cart though..lol
Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
Too funny Boki -- My fiancee is bad about shopping the maid's cart as well.

Good answer Ken! That is exactly what one should do.
Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
My nephew shops from the maid's cart and drinks all the vodka and rum in the in-room bar...and re-fills the bottles with water. Not recommending the practice.
Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
What was inappropriate about my comment? Sheriff, any idea?
Nohandle on 02/20/2009:
Oh my Doc, I thought the only thing available from the maid's cart was additional hand lotion and shampoo to be taken home after hiding in one's luggage. I really need to pay more attention as to what's free for the taking.
Crown Jules on 02/20/2009:
Like yoke said, a lot of hotels don't change the towels every day anymore unless you ask them to. There's usually a sign or some kind of notice in the room saying that they're doing it to help the environment. It honestly doesn't bother me. I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly don't change the towels in my home every day.
Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
justbcuz, mine was deleted too so maybe yours no longer made sense?
BokiBean on 02/20/2009:
lol@Doc's nephew!
yoke on 02/22/2009:
Did you file a police report?
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Recent Vacation At Disney
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Just spent 8 days at Disney World and as far as we are concerned it is still a great place to spend a holiday with the family. We have been there quite a few times since 1973 and it is a great place to spend a family vacation.

Nobody does it better. The grounds the parks the resorts everything is well kept and the staff is always polite and considerate.

Thanks Disney for a great holiday. My son was 4 years old in 1973 when we first came and this year my grandson was 4 when we went. I don't know who had the most fun my grandson my granddaughter my son or my daughter in law.

They all had a great time. In fact they stayed 3 days longer then my wife and I.
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Ponie on 02/18/2008:
In that list of people who may have had the best time, I think you should include yourself. That's quite a record--first with a four year old son and now with a four year old grandson. Glad you had a good time. Very good review.
shelly16 on 02/18/2008:
I freakin' love anything Disney!
aimmelou on 05/12/2009:
I'm also really glad to hear someone NOT complaining about Disney. We have bought into the vacation club and go as a huge group every year during peak season. Sure it's hot and crowded, but that's to be expected and we enjoy laughing about some of our "adventures" later.

My favorite part is seeing our trip through the eyes of not only my son from year to year, but people experiencing it for the first time, no matter what age.
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Security and Medical facilities at DisneyWorld
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- This is more a suggestion for Disney than it is for visitors, but I'll state it anyway in case Disney actually cares enough to read about it.

We took the Backstage Tour of Disney, a well organized informative tour. Worth the money. To do so we often had to go "backstage" through doors on the visitor side to the back lot. We just simply followed our guide who, although she had a badge, was never challenged. There was essentially no security on these doors. Later, when my wife and I were walking around the visitor side, it was obvious we could have just slipped into the back without anyone questioning us. (If fact we had Backstage Tour button on which would have made it easy).

Disney goes through great pains at the entrance to search your bags and scan your fingerprint, but this is a real big security hole, being allowed to go to the back, or people from the back to come to the front. A delivery guy could be a terrorist and come in with a bomb strapped around his belly. I questioned this to our tour guide and was told it "had" to be this way in case of emergency, eg fire, bomb threat, etc. This makes sense, but what they should have is electronic doors, and only a swipe card will open them. Doing so ensures Disney employees are opening the doors, and each one is being recorded on a computer somewhere. In case of emergency, cut the power and the doors will automatically open.

On point #2, regarding medical facilities, I was disappointed/appalled that there was virtually none. In the 95 deg/95 % humidity heat in Florida (September) my wife got heat stroke and there was no one around to help us. We asked a park employee for help and were told the medical facility was at the main gate (we were in Toon Town). Not ONCE did I see a medical person walking around the park. I saw no emergency phones and obviously the park employees know nothing about emergency procedures. I was able to steal some ice from a soda display to cool my wife down enough that she could walk under her steam. We left the park about 4 hours earlier than expected and could not re-enter due to our ticket type. At our local exhibition in the city where I live, there are numerous first aid attendants walking the park in pairs, ready to attend to anyone needing assistance.

I even saw a portable stretcher attached to a motorized scooter, if it were necessary. The guy sitting in it had a radio so that he could be anywhere he was required. Disney did not have this and I'm shocked that they don't. Our park also had city police patrolling regularly.

All emergency personnel at our exhibition and fair were available: police, fire, first aid.
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shawnp80 on 10/26/2007:
I'm sure your wife might have been a little overcome by the heat, but quit exaggerating. She didn't have a heat stroke.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2007:
It's a theme park, a for profit business and not a city government. They usually rely on the local city services for fire and emergency problems.
By the way, it's our schools you need to worry about, not a theme park. go to Glen Beck on line.
Slimjim on 10/26/2007:
This might surprise you JK but Walt Disney World is some kind of independent entity. I'm not sure how they handle fire and medical, but I know they have their own police force. They are in Lake Buena Vista FL., and the ONLY thing in Lake Buena Vista (population around 15) is Disney property. They somehow control the whole municipality.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2007:
slim, yea but not police force...it's a security detail and is subject to the local laws and government. That being said, they probably pull enough weight and bring enough tax money to do what they want, how they want.
fazie on 10/27/2007:
gee thanks for now giving that info to possible TERRORIST!
yoke on 10/27/2007:
You can buy water at almost any place that sells food at Disney.
Anonymous on 10/27/2007:
If you tell any employee at Disney that someone in your party is having a medical problem, they will call and get someone to you pronto. I think having someone walking around in a sea of people, wouldn't really be that effective anyway. They are pretty efficient at Disneyland/world from what I've experienced when it comes to helping people in need. I have to agree with the others--never go anywhere in the heat without plenty of water--and replenish as necessary. Hope your future travels are better.
Anonymous on 10/27/2007:
Don't know about Disney World but Disneyland has put in miles of fiber optic cable to run their new secuity camera systems. It's no secret, they published the news localy. Just about every square inch of the place is being watched now. If someone is in an area they do not belong it will be seen at once by security. Slim is right the only thing the Disneyland security force does not have are guns. They are a police agency within the city limits of Anaheim.
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An experience Disney Traveler (part 2)
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- It looks like we have more questions that need to be answer for Disney newbie.

I am no DISNEY expert but have been to DISNEY many, many times.

How many?

Since 1999, I clock in 33 stays on Disney properties.

I stay from value to deluxe resorts. So far, this year, I was down in Orlando twice. I plan for 3rd trip around Christmas for their annual “Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party”.

I used their concierge services and attended 2 friends' wedding on Disney properties.

Here are the responds to the more Disney service complains.

1.The Disney World staff can only inform you about local schools (kids attendance) in Orange County (Orlando). The school starts on Monday, August 20.

* This is a bad indicator for kids’ attendance.


2.Disney World is visited by guests all over the country and world. You should have checked their WDWsite.

It shows the historic attendance level for the entire year (seasons and/or holidays).


Highest Attendance: Presidents' week in February
Mid-March through Late April ("Spring Break")
Memorial Day weekend
Mid-June through Labor Day *** HERE ***
Thanksgiving Day and weekend
Christmas week through New Year's Day

August trip is bad if you want to avoid huge crowds.

3.Not sure who you talked to, we were stuck in EPCOT one night because Magic Kingdom was getting out early and they routed all available buses to that park to pick up resorts guests. I call the WDW transportation and they dispatch a bus to our stop within 5 minutes. They usually have spare buses for special needs or emergency. They label these buses’ destination display with character names such as “ariel”. You normally see one or two parked in Disney Transportation Center and theme parks.

4.Premium packages do not mean premiums VIP services. If you really want to be treated above the average Disney resort guests, you need to stay with concierge service in Disney deluxe resorts. I stay at the Polynesian resorts with concierge service and got into all popular restaurants with little wait time and no reservations.

We were also allowed to take a VIP tour of the safari ride in Animal kingdom at dawn. This allows you see the predators (e.g. lions) up and moving around. The predators normally sleep during the day.

e.g. Le Cellier Steak house in EPCOT means 2 hours wait (some nights) if you do not have a reservation. We got a table in 20 min. with no reservation.

5.Another tip regarding the resort pool. If your resort's pool is too crowded for your taste, you are allow go to other Disney Resorts' pools. I have done this several times. You will need your resort pass, they will check to make sure you are a Disney resort guest. I have done this couple of times.
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MRM on 08/21/2007:
I will need to print this out, as well as, Part I of your great review, just in case I will ever go to Disney. HappyJoyBear, you are an exprerienced Disney World traveler!
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
One quick tip for anyone who want least crowd and mild temperature (average low 70’s).

The first week of February.

The first week of December.

No large holiday crowds.

The value season rate still applies.

You get to see the holiday’s display (both).

Most popular rides are 10min. or less (Without using a disney fastpass).
MRM on 08/21/2007:
I am also going to print this out also. Thanks again, for the tip!
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
These are very good tips HappyJoyBear. I've never been to a Disney property. Sounds like there's some potential pitfalls for the unseasoned Disney traveler. If I ever do decided on a Disney trip I'll certainly keep your info in mind. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Good Stuff!
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
Couples of money saving tips.

1. Disney takes AAA discount for room only. Better rate during value season (up to 20%).

It is nowhere listed on their site (that I can find). You need to book via their hotline.

2. WDW employees or large corporate sponsors (you see them on the rides) get special discount code for room and/or packages. Check out mousesavers.com for latest codes.

3. When you see a Disney employee walking around (taking surveys). Be sure to speak to them. They will add you to their system and sometime mail you discount codes. The survey takes 5 min. to complete.

4. The best value for tickets is base ticket. Especially if this is your first trip to Disney World.

We normally do not jump between parks (magic in morning, epcot in afternoon).

The water park option. They usually have very long lines. Moderate and Deluxe Disney resorts all have pools with slides.

Do not expire is a cool option, but not for the upgrade cost. Unless you plan on coming back in 10 years, not much saving there.

Save money on these options upgrade (if first timer). Disney World is so big; there is no way to see/do everything in one trip.
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
Stew – Thanks. Just like any vacation, proper planning and research is a must to get the most out of your vacation time and money.

There are WDW travel books that go into more details than I can provide.

What I offer is my research and experience here…

I hope it help the Disney newbies.
kjpfromd on 08/21/2007:
Do you own stock in disney or what?? The original posting was about my experience at disney-hence the name my three cents-all of your insisting that things should have been done another way change nothing-who said I wanted to be treated better than anyone? I wanted to be treated like a human.you assume so many things that are just not true and you act like it was a complaint against you-I will state again this trip was booked 6 months in advance I spent hours and hours on the wdw site,travel sites,youtube,etc-this was like a job to me-all shows.meals,etc were reserved 6 months in advance all directly through disney again I am glad you always have a good time at disney but all your talk does nothing to change the experience we had. I thought this site was a forum to express complaints about a experience you have had with a company so that is what I have done nothing anyone says is going to change my mind about disney world I was there and it was my experience not yours and sorry if it sounds rude but I only care about my experience and not yours.
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
Do not own Disney stocks or ever work for Disney.

Poor planning, unrealistic expectations, bad timing and overspending were the downfall of this trip.

I had shown others not to make the same mistakes. You can spend fractions of 7K and have a better time and get better service. It is true that I was once a Disney newbie too. After years of going down to WDW, my tips posted in these two reviews and comments will save anyone time and money.
Anonymous on 08/21/2007:
Do not give up on WDW and/or Orlando just yet because of one bad trip. WDW is so big that it normally takes a few more trips to enjoy all of the offering of Walt Disney’s legacy.

That’s my 3 cents…
kjpfromd on 08/23/2007:
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
Like they really need your money to stay in business…
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
I think you are missing the point I am making here.

I am not here to help you but to advice others from making the same dump mistakes.
aimmelou on 05/12/2009:
There are things that can only be learned either the easy way (research) or the hard way (experience). I hate to hear that someone will never visit again or tell others never to go based on one visit. Like HappyJoyBear said, there are so many things to do at Disney that it can never be done in one trip.

Take the time to make several trips at different times of the year and do different activities. Gear yourself, and your family, up for some roadbumps and try to put a spin on the things that happen. Some of the things we laugh about when we return every year are the things I see people complaining about on here.

We laugh every time we see the pictures of our family in the ridiculous (and expensive) Disney ponchos that don't really work. Lesson learned, we always take our own...It always rains when we're there.

We have gone enough to come up with a game plan at each park. We know where to head first and what attractions to avoid when it's hot, rainy, or super busy.

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Disney World Kennel service
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We went to Disney (Orlando) many times (per. my other review) before and never use their Kennel service.

We are glad that we did this time.

We have a 1.5 years old shi-su and my son is very attached to the little guy.

He always gets very upset when we leave him behind for vacation with a family member or local kennel service.

This time, we plan to bring him along.

Most of you (may or may not know) that pets are not allowed in Disney parks and resorts. The same applies to other Orlando theme parks (e.g. Universal, SeaWorld,etc).

The Disney World kennel service is located next to Disney Transportation Center.

They charge $13 for over-night stay (Disney Resort guest). This is cheaper than the local kennel in town ($17).

You need to make sure that the dog has all its shots, this is pretty standard for all kennels. They will need your vet's vaccination papers when you check-in your cats and/or dogs.

The kennel is open very late (11PM) on most nights. However, you can call Disney Security and they allow you 24 hours access to your pets. You will need your resort ID or other photo ID for proof of ownership.

They even have a little animal park with free litter bags for the little guys.

We are very happy with the staff and service at the Disney Kennel.

Definitely use this service again in future Disney/Orlando trip.
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Sparticus on 08/20/2007:
Great to hear about this. We just adopted a puppy... and my wife loves to visit Disney... it might just come in handy some day. Thanks.
CrystalSword on 08/20/2007:
Not sure I'll ever get Starlord into Disneyland again, wonder if they have kennels there. We take our dogs everywhere as they are service dogs, but I think some of the rides, like the riverboat, a couple of the train rides, its a small world, seems those would be okat since they are haressed and leashed. They do wonderfully out in public!
CrystalSword on 08/20/2007:
sorry...that's HARNESSED
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Yes they do. I was told by the Disney World Kennel staff.
SilverWngs71 on 08/20/2007:
As a former Walt Disney World Employee< I know that Disney not only treats their visitors as guests but also their pets as guests. Glad you had a nice time at the parks!
Anonymous on 09/07/2007:
I agree...
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