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An Outstanding Experience
Posted by on
DISNEY WORLD, FLORIDA -- I do not like crowds and I do not care much for theme parks, but Disney World, Orlando is in a class of its own. Other than the fact that it is fairly pricey, I have no complaints - only compliments. We visited Disney World between Christmas and New Year's Day 2004/2005. It was an incredible experience. New Year's Eve the park was at capacity - I was told around 80,000 visitors at the Magic Kingdom. People handling (traffic control) inside the park is the finest I have seen anywhere. The last time we went to DW was years ago and we spent most of our time waiting in lines. This trip we spent very little time waiting in lines and got to see everything we wanted to see except for "It's A Small World," which was closed for renovation. I have never been anywhere that is as handicapped friendly as was DW. If there is a handicapped person in your group, your group is treated with royalty. Even the people sweeping up the trash had a smile on their face and a friendly greeting. The sit-down restaurants - especially in Epcot - have got to be among the finest restaurants in the country. People movers from area to area (MGM, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, etc.) were easy to use and fast. It is difficult to pick out a favorite thing because there were so many "WOW's," but if I had to pick out one, it would have to be the New Year's Eve fireworks display. It was absolutely awesome. Until this one, I thought the wonderful ones around the world we saw at the 1999/2000 milinneum were the finest, but none of those could compare to the awesome display Epcot presented. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, our trip to DW had to rate somewhere between a 15 and 20. Our total cost for myself, my middle daughter and myself was around $2,500 including transportation for the 5 days and it was worth every penny of it. FYI, we spent less than $200 on souvenirs and gifts. Tips...If you have trouble walking distances or standing, rent an electric card for $30 ($40 with a $10 refundable deposit). Well worth the cost. Make reservations for the sit down restaurants before you leave. If you wait until you arrive, you may be disappointed. We dined at three of the sit-down restaurants and all were superb. My favorite was the one at Epcot/China.
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Slimjim on 01/03/2005:
Agreed, Disney Orlando is a first class operation. To have a bad time there, you either have to be extremely unlucky or equally unreasonable.
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Defective Toy
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INDIAN TRAIL, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased this tent for my girls for Christmas and after a few weeks of careful use it started falling apart, this is one of the worst toys Disney has made and there seems to be no way of contacting them. This was a real ripoff for the 50.00 price.
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Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
If you purchased it at Disney World then go to www.disney.com for contact information. Or look at your receipt.
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Lead Paint
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LONGMONT, COLORADO -- As a mom of a three year old I have bought all and everything to do with cars. My son has all cars and am very upset that I have spent a lot of money on these toys and Disney wanting to save money has China handle the making of these toys they have used lead based paint on these toys. Now I have to take these away from him. We won't get replacement or even my money back. It is unfair Disney made a profit on these toys and now if they are made right again hopefully in the USA we are expected to again, buy these toys we have already bought again. I am not going to buy anything else Disney unless made in the USA where we care about what our products and families who use them.

Disney is a multi-billion dollars business that is to cheap to care health of children as long as they save a few dollars.

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heaven17 on 08/15/2007:
This isn't a Disney issue. It's a Mattel thing.
You might want to check out Mattel.com for recall information.
heaven17 on 08/15/2007:
In addition:

'Sarge' die cast toy cars
Units: About 253,000

Importer: Mattel Inc., of El Segundo, Calif.

Hazard: Surface paints on the toys could contain lead levels in excess of federal standards. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The recall involves die cast "Sarge" 2 ½ inch toy cars. The toy looks like a military Jeep and measures about 2 ½ inches long by 1 inch high by 1 inch wide. The recalled toy has the markings "7EA" and "China" on the bottom. The "Sarge" toy car is sold alone or in a package of two, and may have the product number M1253 (for single cars) and K5925 (for cars sold as a set) printed on the packaging. The cars marked "Thailand" are not included in this recall.

Sold at: Retail stores nationwide from May 2007 through August 2007 for between $7 and $20 (depending on whether they were sold individually or in sets).

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take the recalled toys away from children and contact Mattel. Consumers will need to return the product to receive a replacement toy.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, call Mattel toll-free at (888) 597-6597 anytime, or visit the firm's Web site at www.service.mattel.com

Ponie on 08/15/2007:
No, you won't purchase the toys if they're made in the USA. You'll be writing a letter similar to this complaining of the high price. The average consumer wants a quality product at a cheap price. You can't have both.
trumania on 08/15/2007:
Ponie, I agree.

And, the toys are being replaced or you'll get a voucher for a replacement as long as you turn in the defective toys.

I think pissedoffmom is very misinformed about the toy recall situation as well as the economic benefits for consumers and corporations alike.

Also, American labor is not subject to perfection. Look at the old Firestone? tires that were called almost every year for like 5-10 years?! Also look at the chili recall, American made and American canned chili was recalled due to contamination, botulism was in the cans. Millions of cans were recalled.

American labor has just as many problems as foreign labor.
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
All we can do is let corporate America know that we want safe products, we either pay more and get them made in the USA or pay less and be at the mercy of the Chinese. The Chinese have had a good ride off the backs of Walmart America, it's time we let them know the rules have to change if they want our money.
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
My wife called the manufacturer of my son's Spiderman backpack (which had led in the decal) and they sent a replacement one free.
pissedoffmom on 08/15/2007:
I want to thank u all for your input you are right it is a mattel issue.disney should pay more attention to what there name is on yes they are giving vouchers but only on sarge what about the others.we have all and on the news a lady working for someone said throw them all out and shes right I don't feel like I can but trust this company. the paint on my son lighting mcqueen and others is chipping.its not worth my sons health.I would gladly pay more to get a safe product.then throwing money in the trash every time they recall a toy
Starlord on 08/15/2007:
I think it is only fair to point out that Mattel is as much a victim of this as everyone else in America who has purchased these items. Mattel certainly never told it's suppliers,, "We'd like 400,000 units of this toy car painted with lead paint banned in the US for years." No, it is the Chinese suppliers willfully using the paint when they knew or had reason to know that the paint was not to be used. China already executed one person in connection when he animal food fiasco, and I foresee one or two being executed for this scandal. Let's get off the let's sue Mattel bandwagon, it was not Mattel's doing In fact, Mattel issued the recall before the Consumer Protection Agency, which has only 100 agents for the entire United States and the millions of units of goods entering daily. (CNN Headline News, 8-15-2007)
Starlord on 08/15/2007:
I think it is only fair to point out that Mattel is as much a victim of this as everyone else in America who has purchased these items. Mattel certainly never told it's suppliers,, "We'd like 400,000 units of this toy car painted with lead paint banned in the US for years." No, it is the Chinese suppliers willfully using the paint when they knew or had reason to know that the paint was not to be used. China already executed one person in connection when he animal food fiasco, and I foresee one or two being executed for this scandal. Let's get off the let's sue Mattel bandwagon, it was not Mattel's doing In fact, Mattel issued the recall before the Consumer Protection Agency, which has only 100 agents for the entire United States and the millions of units of goods entering daily. (CNN Headline News, 8-15-2007)
Slimjim on 08/15/2007:
Nice post starford.
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
Pissedoffmom, while I think there is enough blame to go to all parties here and I agree with you but I think it should be pointed out that the lead paint will not hurt anyone unless they eat it and you would have to eat a few cars before you would have to be even remotely concerned.

The real problem is how we must find this stuff out because the government doesn’t make them tell us where the stuff comes from in the first place.

But if it’s any consolation, the Chinese are trying to rectify the situation and the CEO of the company was executed or killed him self I can’t remember which because there was two executed for this kind of stuff and one just killed himself before they could get to him
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
AlleyS you should really provide a link or a source if you're going to post such a declaration. Hey, Pissedoffmom give this read you might find it helpful unlike Alleys's hollow comment.

leopard on 08/20/2007:
Lidman, he killed himself.
kirtland on 08/20/2007:
Our firm has been asked to investigate the possibility of a class action in regard to Mattel toys that are potentially contaminated with lead paint.

Mattel has recalled approximately 18.2 million magnetic and die-cast toys worldwide. The Chinese-made toys are potentially contaminated with lead paint. Exposure to lead which is added to paint to make colors brighter can cause brain damage.

If you would be willing to discuss this issue with us, please contact me at (310)536-1000.

Thank you,
Golnaz Pak
Kirtland & Packard LLP.
2361 Rosecrans Avenue
Fourth Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310)536-1000 (Tel)
(310) 536-1001 (Fax)
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Holiday refund
Posted by on
DARLINGTON UK -- Find below the letter I have sent as I have experienced extreme difficulty with getting my money back from Eurodisney, very disappointed with the lack of care for customers.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to complain about the time it has taken for your organisation to refund monies to my credit card since cancelling the accommodation in September after bmi Baby withdrew their flight services from Durham Tees Valley airport. I have rung up several times and been informed each time that the cost of the accommodation minus the 10% cancellation fee will be refunded within 2 weeks. As you can no doubt appreciate this is now 3 months down the line and I still have not received anything as yet.

I feel somewhat let down at this is poor service from an organisation which I know from past experience treats it customers very well having stayed at your resort twice with my family.

In the meantime I have incurred interest charges on my credit card waiting for these monies to be refunded as well as telephone charges in querying your organisation as to the whereabouts of the monies as well as my own personal time. I do somewhat think after all this that the cancellation charge should be waived and a compensatory amount be paid to reflect the inconvenience I have suffered over this period of time since the cancellation in September.

I await your response.

Yours sincerely

Colin Telfer
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tnchuck100 on 12/08/2006:
Dispute the charge to the credit card company. They should not charge interest on amounts in dispute. Disney will probably do the credit when the credit card company starts asking questions.
Anonymous on 12/08/2006:
Did you book the entire package through Disney?
Shakra on 12/09/2006:
I've had dealing with both BMI (an airline I will never do business with again) and Eurodisney. Eurodisney was so not worth the money. It is about half the size of Disneyland and most of it are Disney stores. BMI employees are actually United Airline employees (at least in Chicago) and they don't know how to resolve anything. We were in line for six hours while they screwed our tickets up. When we asked to speak to the supervisor, he cowered in the back and wouldn't come up front. I had to call customer service while I was waiting for BMI to do anything and had them talk to the agent. Incredible!
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Rip Off
Posted by on
Chase and Disney have entered into an agreement whereby Chase is issuing Visa Cards through Disney that includes Disney Rewards, etc. Chase is blatantly misrepresenting their terms of service to include; causing the consumer to believe that after their 1 year 0% program, they can expect to receive a 13.9% APR. In fact, you will be given at least a 24.9% APR. When you catch on and after you decide to transfer this account to a more reasonable account, ie, and APR of 15% or less, they will mis-quote you a payoff that does not include an approximate $100 interest balance. When you call them, they will not discuss this with you. Shame on Disney!! Shame on Chase!! Does anyone else have this same problem? It seems to be very common.
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Dirtydave on 08/31/2006:
M-I-C..K-E-Y...M-O-N-E-Y...Why? Because they like it!
Hugh_Jorgen on 08/31/2006:
Why are you bashing the most Magical Place on Earth? Sounds like your beef is with Chase.
Slimjim on 08/31/2006:
Agree with hugh. This complaint really is about Chase. Shame on Disney???
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
I agree with Hugh, it's the credit card's fault.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
And finally...when you request a payoff, it is as of the moment you ask. Interest continues to accrue until your payment is credited. This is true with just about any time of loan, and while Chase is the bottom feeder of credit cards... it isn't for this reason.
DORCAS on 08/31/2006:
I thought I was checking out a complaint about Disney World in Florida. That's where I'm planning to go for our vacation. Then all I got was a complaint about a credit card that I myself own (but don't hardly use). Now I'm going to write a complaint about misleading complaints. Can I do that????
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
To the contrary, Disney accepts compensation from Chase for use of their trademark so Disney does have some obligation and responsibilities to the predatory lending practices of Chase.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Dorcas: Been awhile since I was there, just be prepared for $8 hotdogs, $4 coffee, and $40 for a pizza
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
dealer, OR...you could pack a meal in your cooler everyday and go back out to the parking lot and eat, OR, if you stayed in resort located on the property, go back to your room...make your lunch, take a nap, etc., etc...
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Of course that was in '98, hate to think what it is now.
DebtorBasher on 09/01/2006:
You need to rid yoursefl of Anything that has ANYTHING to do with Chase...they will rip off anyone, whether it is credit cards, home mortgages, banking or anything else their name is on...Trust me, I worked with them in the past and I made my mind up while I was still IN TRAINING with that company to distance myself from anything with their name. They couldn't understand why I didn't want to open up an account with them once I was hired by them...after all employee's get great deals...BS! It is NEVER the way they tell you it would be and they train the employees to tell the customers whatever they want to hear so we can go onto the next call...I left Chase because of the way they wanted us to handle their customers, I refused to lie to the customers like they wanted me to do. And I was called into the office more than once because I wasn't going by the "CHASE VALUES" ... sorry, but my values are set higher than Chase's Values and I wasn't about to lower them for a paycheck.
DORCAS on 09/02/2006:
DealerD:Thanks for the heads-up. It was the same when we went to Disneyland in Anaheim. I was ready to pay up for things like a soda/water or snacks but we were there for 3 days and came and went so we could afford to eat. We did go to the one restaurant where the Pirates ride goes through. It was just okay, but it was fun.
italianboarder on 12/09/2006:
Are you sure you weren't late on at least a payment or went over your limit? That sounds very much like a Default APR, which is higher, of course, than the regular APR. I don't know of any Chase CC (and I have 4 and did my homework) that charges so much without being a default rate.
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Michael Moore
Posted on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I sincerely hope that the reports that I have seen are not true and that Disney is not stooping to sponsor projects from such an irresponsible source. If true, I can promise you that I will not only sell my stock and my children's, but persuade anyone I know with Disney stock to get rid of it. It's one thing to show a balanced critique of an issue, it's another thing to put a blatant partisan against the sitting President of a nation at war. This man is a blatant partisan and I will not tolerate my three children watching a network that supports his ignorance.
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palmdelicious on 04/30/2006:
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Guest Service Thanks
Posted on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I want to send my sincere 'Thanks' to a few specific people who really helped me 'Remember the Magic'. Although I don't know their names, I hope the information I can give will be enough to get them the praise they deserve. After arriving at the ALL-STAR MUSIC MOTEL, the customer service representative had a wonderful smile and demeanor that turned my day around from the rain that started as I arrived and the horrible experience I had at the car rental agency. She had medium/short brown hair, was medium height, and probably college age. Her job knowledge and professionalism were out-standing. She answered all my questions happily; she provided all the right information. She got extra towels to my room due to the rain. WOW!! The second group I would like to commend are the cast-members at the Magic Kingdom in the 3 P.M. parade. My family ended up at Magic Kingdom for 2 1/2 of our 5 days there. The smiles, energy, excitement, and fun of this parade were a huge part of our choice to focus a lot of our time there. We saw that parade 3 times.
My special thanks also goes to Belle (Beauty and the Beast) at storytime in the garden behind Cinderella's castle (7/16) and to Ariel in her grotto at Magic Kingdom (7/20)for being above and beyond 'nice' and really making my family feel we were part of another magical family for a while.
Really, all of your shows were excellent, at all of your parks. We really, really, enjoyed our time there and will recommend a long stay and utilization of your motels to anyone asking.

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angela on 09/04/2001:
Glad you had a great time. You are very fortunate for a wonderful experience. It's rare to find nice, kind people that do their jobs well.
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Lines and Crowd Management
Posted on
FLORIDA -- If you visit Disney the first hour is spent in line as follows:

1) Line to park car (5 min.)
2) Line for tram (10 min.)
3) Line for ticket (10 to 20 min.)
4) Line for transportation to part (10 to 20 min.)
5) Security check (5 min.)
6) Stroller if required (5 min.

Some the functionality of these lines could be combined and eliminated. I wonder if Disney employees ever test the system they have created.
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firedept on 08/27/2003:
I've given up on amusement parks. Way too crowded and WAY too expensive. Most parks now cost upwards of $40 just to get in, and that doesn't include parking! Then you pay out the nose to have a meal. Ridiculous.
Anonymous on 08/28/2003:
Disney World is one of the most popular tourists spots in the world. The lines at Disney Orlando now are nothing like they used to be. I've been going there since 1976 and believe they have made improvements. Based on your two complaints, I think you expected too much from your trip, most of all, no crowds.
Anonymous on 01/13/2004:
if you weren't looking for lines and waiting you should have gone at a different time of the year.Do some research and you will know what you need to before you go. try www.magictrips.com or intercot.com
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