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DAYTON AREA, OHIO -- Purchased car new, opted to not purchase extended warranty. Well, that's their out, didn't get extended warranty so they do not have to provide vehicle as the purchased item has "repeated" issues. Mind you I am not including issues which have been covered under recalls, 3 to date.

Initial issue no electric, jumped car took to dealer, no loaner car. Dealer had car approx 3 hours. Services answer, cannot replicate issue. Leave dealer, certain electrical accessories do not work, auto windows down, u-connect were most notable. Return to dealer later that day, to hear "oops" we forgot to reset computer.

Recently went to pull out of drive, car would not shift from park. Been at dealer 4 days, 3 days of service availability. Part is now in, and car is obviously there, but will take most of day to replace part. Asked for parts that are being replaced, told I would have to pay for service. LOL Now, I have been without a car, no evidence of what is/was or will be done. Again, I have time to continue on this, because I STILL do not have my car.

Bottom line, why should I have to purchase something beyond a car to have a vehicle to drive while they(the manufacturer) is fixing issues brought about by there poor quality. IF I ever buy another new car, a loaner vehicle will be part of negotiations. Oddly, the dealer seems to put warranty items at bottom of list for work. just my opinion and experience here.
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Starlord on 07/13/2010:
Cars break down. Cars are machines and all machines break down occasionally, because they are made by people, who are not perfect. I don't understand the logic of expecting imperfect creatures to produce machines that never have a problem. Look at the end of any wooden penci, and what do you see? Right, an eraser. People make mistakes, but alos sometimes materials fail, and that is beyond human capability. I have even seen lemon Rolls Royces. Accept the fact that machines will never be perfect, and you will remove the chances of an ulcer or nervous breakdown.
old newfie on 07/13/2010:
You can't get the old parts back because they have to return them to Dodge to get credit for the warranty work they are doing. In most dealerships they have to pay for the parts and then return the defective parts to get credit for parts and service time.
dodgeNOT on 07/16/2010:
Its not that I expect my car to be without issues. The insult is that I be without a car for 4 days for a simple, well known, 30 minute repair. The issue with my vehicle is well stated (60 cases in 6 months), unfortunate that I did not do the research until sitting at home without transportation on the 3rd day. To even rub salt into the wound the owner of the dealership inquired to my feelings on service, I could see the "that was rhetorical" in his eyes as I answered. I literally just stopped and walked away.

Sir/Ma'am my issues isn't with the defect of the vehicle itself, so much as the lack of caring from the dealer and even manufacturer to my plight of being without the product I purchased.

In closing I will state you are absolutely correct, items don't fail, people who design/engineer them do. I state this as a Mechanical Design Engineer, who DOES care and make every effort to compensate for my misgivings.
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Suspension Hazard!
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NEW YORK -- I was driving down the road when the wheel assembly fell off my 95 Avenger!
Now Chrysler wants to send out an investigator to verify that this had to do with a recall, but, I'm not allowed to know the name of the investigator, their company, or phone number.
They say the investigator will come look at the car at their leisure, and notify me by mail of their results. I don't even get a time frame to know how long I will be without a car! Don't bother buying Chrysler. They're road hazards!
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chancesare on 01/28/2004:
Hey, Thanks for the advise.
walmartangel on 01/28/2004:
I agree, my daughter bought a 2000 Neon, with performance tires on it. You could not buy any other kind of tire for this year and make of car, which I thought really sucked. Anyway, every time she turned around, the battery was dying on her, or else the tires would go flat. I never saw anyone with so many flats in all my life because of this car. Later, the motor mounts went up, and she only had the car for 2 years. a real piece of junk.
Anonymous on 03/15/2004:
Get your own "expert" so that any information their adjuster finds can be compared to yours. That way no matter the outcome you will have a fair assesment of the wheel. Good Luck
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