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Great engine 2003 4.7L Dodge Durango 4WD
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Rating: 5/51
LEES SUMMIT, MISSOURI -- Bought a new 2003 Durango SLT 4WD with tow package in Oct 2003. Now have 195K miles on the SUV and starting to get the low oil pressure problem. But considering I have averaged around 20K/year and the only things replaced are the brakes/tires/ and spark plugs and battery once cannot complain. AND changed the oil every 3000 miles! The SUV has performed well in summer heat and NEVER gotten stuck in the snow in 10 winters. Running with ORIGINAL belts and hoses I guess that eventually something would happen.
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Dodge left my family stranded
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CALIFORNIA -- Just wanted to let everyone know about Dodge's poor customer service. I have a 2004 Dodge Durango with less than 18,000 miles on it. The Dodge broke down while we were on vacation out of state so it was towed to the nearest Dodge dealer. After the dealer checked things out we were told it basically needed a new engine and it would take 2 to 3 weeks before we could get it back. Since it was still covered under the factory warranty, I wasn't concerned about the repair but we couldn't stay there for 2-3 weeks since I had to be back to work and my wife had another commitment that she couldn't change or postpone. We made several calls to Dodge's customer no-service department telling them of our dilema figuring that since our vehicle was still under warranty and it broke down due to a defective engine that they would help us get home or at least put us up for the night. Nobody seemed to care that we were stuck out of state with no transportation or a place to stay. They refused to help with a loaner car or a rental. We had to pay for a rental car to get us home and back to pick up our vehicle a few weeks later when the work was complete, and a place to stay overnight. (I am glad it didn't break down in the middle of the desert or they would have let us sit there and rot to death.) So a repair and inconvienince that I feel should have been taken care of by Dodge cost me over $1300 with rental care and hotel. Needless to say I will never purchase a Daimler-Chrysler product again and our Durango is up for sale as well as my wife's Dodge Dakota pickup that we bought just 6 months ago. We don't want any of their products! When my GMC pickup started to have transmission problems a few years ago and was still under warranty, GMC called me and told me it would take a few days to fix it and then had a rental car delivered to my home for me to use in the mean time. I will be buying a new GMC vehicle in the next few weeks to replace my Dodge since they obviously know what customer service is.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/20/2006:
Had you read you warranty you would have seen a section about "consequenial damages" - that's your Rental Car, Hotels and meals. Most warranties do not cover thesee types of damages.
Skye on 07/20/2006:
Maybe you should consider adding car rental to your insurance policy.
Anonymous on 07/20/2006:
We've heard Dakota complaints before, but usually it's when they are nearing the end of their "life-cycle."
Anonymous on 07/20/2006:
Pirate, how did I know that you would have something to say on this post?
spiderman2 on 07/20/2006:
You are going to sell both your Dodges, one of which is brand new, because they wouldn't pay for your hotel room? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Good luck with a GM, they won't treat you any better. Ask me how many times I had to have my 2001 Blazer towed within the first year.
VIKINGKNIGHT on 07/20/2006:
Let me get this straight, I'm supposed to be OK with my new vehicle breaking down on me in the middle of nowhere and needing a new engine? I didn't expect Dodge to do everything, but a little help or compassion would have been nice. They did absolutely nothing for us, they wouldn't even refer us to a rental car company in the area or anything where we could even rent a car. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was promptly hung up on. I wasn't rude or obnoxious all I asked was to speak to a supervisor. When we went back a few weeks later, we were told that part of the labor repairs weren't covered under the warranty and we had to pay $280 dollars to get our vehicle. So much for the 3 years 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I've had GMC vehicles for over 25 years and never had a problem getting any warranty work done. Like I said they provided me with a loaner car. If the vehicle was past the new car warranty I would have no problem with any of this. You buy a new product still under factory warranty you would expect the company would stand behind their product and repair and replace it. We still had to pay for part of it.
Anonymous on 07/20/2006:
Well, I wouldn't expect you to be "OK" with it, but just because you bought the vehicle, and it's "covered by warranty," doesn't hold the manufacturer liable for lodging and car rental. Sober up.
VIKINGKNIGHT on 07/20/2006:
Is at least a ride to a hotel or rental car company asking too much? Or should we just sleep on the showroom floor for 3 weeks??
spiderman2 on 07/21/2006:
yes, it is asking too much. They are obligated to you for the engine. Not your meals, hotels rooms, incidentals, inconvenience or anything else. It is a warranty on the vehicle.
VIKINGKNIGHT on 07/22/2006:
Well thank god we didn't break down in the middle of the desert or we would be dead by now
beanbagbritches on 07/24/2006:
I thought Triple A usually handled the towing & helped with rental.
biggizmo54 on 07/28/2006:
seems to me...anything...AMERICAN...built after 1982 has become a disaster. First, it became metric-ised...then it became Iaccoca(sp)orientated...then it became ORIENTED! You can't get a tool on it because you don't have the tool...and if you DID have the tool you can't get your large AMERICAN hands into the tiny rat holes they created for miniature four armed mechanics. Sure Dodge left you out to isn't in the contract to relieve a distressed family...go ahead and read it again. If it doesn't say it are doomed. This is like an "AS IS" warranty...there ain't one! The Drango is just an over glorified JEEP, anyway...go out there and buy yourself a good ol' AMERICAN car built with steel...runs on gas...and you can still ACTUALLY STILL GET SHELVED PARTS at a local parts store. And they ain't made in China, Japan, Mexico, Istanbul...Malaysia...Timbuktu...
Dr. Kraft on 07/31/2006:
Don't get me started. Bought a new 2000 Dakota. Within two months things started to malfunction on it. In under 5000 miles : brakes failed, electrical system fried (windows would roll up an down while I was driving down highway, door locks would repeatedly start locking and unlocking on their own while sitting still at light etc) back window leaked and destroyed interior (had to fight to get it fixed, repair manager tried to blame it on my cd player which had absolutely NO connection to the outside panels of the vehicle). At 9000 miles the air started cutting in and out. Took it in and paid exorbitent fee to repair. Drove vehicle home and parked it. The next day at 4 am, started a drive to vegas on biz....NO AIR AT ALL!! AND becaue they are linked somehow, now I had no horn, no power steering (not obvious on .5 mile drive home, obvious with loaded truck bed) and no alarm because of horn! made the whole trip in 106 temp!Dodge was never able to properly fix the brakes, they kept locking up and sometimes failed completely, even at speeds like 35 mph.

Threw out my ownership, 4 years, I spent over $10,000 repairing things that Dodge should stand behind (except replacing back window and interior, they did pay for that) They found excuses for everything! My last Toyota van had over 135,000 miles and not one air conditioning issue in 10 years!

The truck had only 25,000 miles on it when I sold it after 4 years, was in p-erfect shape and $8000 worth of add-ons (top of line lumber rack, tool boxes, lojack, seat covers, 12 cd changer) It took me 8 months to find someone to buy it for $10K.

Got a Toyota Tundra..paid LESS for it, got more features! It has over 22k on it and I have not spent one dime on it or even had to repair anything! It drives better and has more room. Buy Toyota! I would never buy another dodge!
biggizmo54 on 08/02/2006:
it's those damn computers...
VIKINGKNIGHT on 08/02/2006:
Well guess what?? My Durango broke down again and is back at the dealer. Went and bought for sale signs today and it will be in the auto trader once I get it back. I will be glad to get rid of that piece of crap.
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Durango Recall - Fire and no restitution
Posted by on
DELAWARE -- So, I've been having issues with buying a 2004 Durango on 8/16/06, I had it two weeks and three days - it burned down to the ground -

I lost out on several thousand dollars, due to insurance items, etc. I don't understand that if this vehicle is recalled, why am I out money on this? I did nothing wrong, except buy a locally built product from a local dealer. I've contacted Dodge several times, I keep getting that since I "elected to settle" with my insurance company, they consider it closed. This has ruined my credit, cost me thousands in out of pocket expenses and many, many hours of my time. Why won't Dodge own up to this, after all they recalled 384,000 vehicles.

From what I can tell, mine was one of the few that caught fire. Dodge, what say you?
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 10/10/2007:
Looks like it was electrical and started inside. Was that why they were recalled? I don't see why you couldn't file a suit considering. It may just end up in arbitration, but you could make a strong case for reimbursement.
Anonymous on 10/10/2007:
If you can prove this is a factory defect, you may be able to recoup all out of pocket expense that your insurance did not cover.

You need to check to see if your state has a "Product liability law".

There is no federal product liability law. Typically, product liability claims are based on state laws, and brought under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. In addition, a set of commercial statutes in each state, modeled on the Uniform Commercial Code, will contain warranty rules affecting product liability.

Here is the URL to find a Product liability lawyer.
Anonymous on 10/10/2007:
Product liability law would not apply here.

This is trickey and a lot of people do not understand. Dodge was correct in the fact that you are not entitled to anything. The trickey part comes in when your insurance company totaled the vehicle and you accepted the settlement you no longer were the owner of the truck, your insurance company is, and you no longer have any rights or claims to the vehicle. Every insurance policy has a clause in it that states something similar to they(the insurance provider) reserves the right that if they pay out on a claim, they(ins. company)have the right to recover any damages from the at fault person or company. So in easier terms your insurance company will be reimbursed by Dodge. The two keys here is when was the recall announced by Dodge relevant to the time of the fire??? and is there adequate documentation that proves the recall was the cause of the fire??? If the recall was after the vehicle burned you may have a chance at some form of recourse. I would recommend that you seek legal representation that is highly experienced in these matters as the waters get pretty murky from here on out. Good Luck
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2000 Durango w 4.7 liter engine bad design
Posted by on
TWIN CITIES, MINNESOTA -- First, I meticulously maintain all my vehicles. I regularly have all driveline fluids replaced, and have it properly maintained, and have always changed the oil at 3,000 miles. My previous vehicle was a Chevy Astro which at 318,000 miles did not use any oil yet, and I had no service work ever done on that engine.

The dealer just told me that my Durango is worth whatever the scrap man will pay. Jan 7 the car had a cold engine stall problem. Brought it in. THey said the Air pump was bad, causing the problem. $700 for all the work they did) 2 weeks later. Cold engine stall problem. Wife restarted it, drove it most of way home. Car wouldn't warm up. ALmost home. Temp gage went from cold to overheat in a few seconds. Towed the car to Chrysler. They told me that the real problem of the stall was bad head gaskets. Temp caused heads to go. They tell me the fix is to buy a reman engine at $8000. THey also tell me that after I put the 8K in, I can trade it in for $1500, as once the engine has gone in it, it is scrap. I told them that the problem was that they didn't fix the gasket problem the first time I brought it in. I told them that if they wanted me to be a happy repeat customer, that they should give me $4000 trade in allowance for new car. Dealer trade in was $8000, before the blown motor. They didn't even try to sell me another car. I had been considering trading my Durango and my 1 ton for a new truck. The dealer hold back amount for a $20,000 vehicle is about $2000 dollars. They did agree to pay me $1500 plus 200 for unnecessary and incorrect repairs (out of the original $700). I am a customer who always has gone to the dealer for any major repairs. I am a profitable customer, formerly for Chrysler.
So, I am in the process of buying a RAV4, and not from the dealer who sold me the Durango.
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