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2007 Nitro Electrical System
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ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback on my recent purchase of a 2007 Dodge Nitro. I am from Sacramento, California and purchased the Nitro from a dealership in Bakersfield, California. I had the unfortunate circumstance of my Kia engine burning up and was able to leave the car at Haddad Dodge in Bakersfield. From the time the car was brought on the lot, the service people (** and other's) did an excellent job of explaining what the problems were with my car.

She was even so helpful as to give me her cell phone number and allowing me to call her on a Sunday to talk about the problems. It was ** excellent customer service that took us 5 hours of driving back to Haddad Dodge. While there we ended up not only buying one Dodge vehicle but two! Our experience with the sales process was excellent from ** our sales person, to Mr. **, General Manager, completing the deal.

** continues to be extremely helpful (see details below). Our experience with this dealership makes us wish we could continue to get our cars serviced from them. You can be assured when the time is right to buy again. We will make the drive back to Haddad Dodge.

This leads me to my next experience with Elk Grove Dodge in Elk Grove, California, a five star dealership near my home. The staff at this establishment has been very rude and non-helpful to say the least. From ** in service telling me that he would not call me unless they had some news to come pick up the car (no updates on the progress, etc) to Mr. **, Service Manager, saying that he had gone above and beyond his customer service duties by even looking at the car (as the problem he 'feels' originated from another dealer) and telling me that my car was taking up space in his facility and costing him money. Below is a recap of my experience.

On my way home to Sacramento from buying the car in Bakersfield, I noticed that some of the lights on the dash had gone out. The very next day I took my Nitro into Elk Grove Dodge regarding the airbag light coming on and the heating and A/C lights flickering. I was told this kind of evaluation would cost me $105 for the diagnostics and that it is

NOT covered under my warranty. The car had 305 miles on it at the time; this was the day after my trip home from buying the car. Elk Grove Dodge told me that it was my responsibility to contact Haddad Dodge to get authorization that they would pay to work on the car and the cost for the evaluation.

I made the call and ** said of course they would pay for any problems. At the end of the day on my way to pick the car up I called just to make sure it was ready. They left me on hold and eventually found out the status of the car and told me that it would take 2-3 days.

They had not even bothered to call me sometime in the afternoon with this information so I could make other transportation arrangements. Later I told them that I needed the car by the end of Day 3. Again, no call so I called them at the end of day three to make sure it was ready. Again, it was not and I was told it would take longer and now the heater was not working.

From the time I walked into the Elk Grove dealership, I have received extremely poor customer service. I have left three messages for ** the General Manager and those calls have not been returned as well. In addition, Mr. ** told me that my options are to "let us do our job and hold tight or come get the vehicle and have it returned to Bakersfield."

All along I have been in contact with ** at Haddad Dodge (again according to Elk Grove it was my responsibility to keep Haddad informed). ** has been going above and beyond his required duties and contacting Elk Grove Dodge when I asked him to. ** has been in constant contact with me regarding this problem and has even offered to provide me with another car in order to get this problem fixed. ** truly understands what it feels like to make the customer happy or at best try to make them happy.

My expectations in this situation are that Elk Grove Dodge should not require me to pay to repair an electrical problem in a brand new car; which I essentially only drove home. Elk Grove should have been in communication with the Bakersfield Dealership from day one, not me. From a consumer standpoint the repair should appear seamless. Finally, Elk Grove should have kept me informed on the status of the car; not me calling them. In addition to all my problems, I also had Mr. ** tell me that he is not happy about the car is taking up space in his facility.

On day 25, I was told the car was ready for pick up. Upon receiving the car, I found the original dirt and grim (left from my first visit to Elk Grove Dodge) on the interior door fabric not only in the front but in the back as well, something I had ask the service manager to look into upon dropping my car off back on February 20, 2007. I am tired of hearing when I have to call the dealership that they are the dealer that cares and home of five star service, as in my case neither applies.

To sum it up, I will never take my car or refer anyone to Elk Grove Dodge for any reason. The experience working with them has been extremely frustrating. Regarding, ** and Haddad Dodge in Bakersfield, I have only the highest recommendation for them and I will continue to do as much business with them as possible.

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