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A multitude of problems
By -

JORDAN, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Hemi, new, back in 2003. It has disappointed me time and time again. First, it was the overhead clearance lights. They were leaking and whenever it rained, especially overnight, water would pour onto my lap from the headliner. Specifically from the edge of the trip computer mounted above me. I took it to the dealer who claimed that they caulked them up, only for it to happen again and again. (That can't be good to have water pooling up in the roof somewhere).

Then, while still under warranty, my check engine light would come on and the truck would run extremely rough, as though there were water in the fuel, anytime that I would let my truck idle to warm up in cold weather. (I live in Minnesota).

The dealer told me that the throttle body intake was made of metal. In freezing temps, upon warming up the vehicle, that metal would produce condensation, therefore throwing sensors out of whack. There was a plan in the works to supposedly put out a recall on this problem and replace the intake with a plastic one. I haven't seen anything yet. That was 3 years ago. I still can't warm the truck up when it's below zero outside.

Then the multi-function turn signal switch acted up. I would signal left, my turn signals would flash right. And vice-versa. That turn signal arm also controls my wipers. They also acted strange. They would not go intermittent. They would stop on their own. They did whatever they felt like doing. I had it replaced while still under warranty 3 years ago. It started doing it again the other day.

While the truck was in for the turn signal arm, I asked them to look at the cruise control switch. I damn near break my thumb I have to push it so hard to get it to work. Sometimes it won't come on at all. According to the work order, they replaced that switch. Three years later and I still don't see a change. It still acts the same.

My biggest issue is that I don't have any floor heat. The air only flows for defrost and dash vents. That started 4-6 months after my warranty expired. As I stated before, I live in Minnesota. Winters can be pretty brutal around here. My feet freeze all winter long when I'm in my truck. In fact, my floor mats stay frozen pretty much all winter.

I had a buddy of mine take his truck in for the same exact problem. He has the same exact truck, only still under warranty. I took him to the dealer the day he picked up his truck after the repairs. I told them I had the same problem and that my warranty was expired. How much is a repair like that? They told me it would cost me $1800 to get my floor heat back. That was 2 years ago. My feet are still cold!

Last issue. In Minnesota we drive on the lakes in winter. They are covered with snow and ice. Last winter I was driving through fairly deep snow on a lake and put the truck in 4-wheel drive. (I rarely use 4WD) The wheels were not giving me the traction I expected nor needed. I heard a lot of "clicking" going on under the truck. Not sure if it was the transfer-case or the rear end. That made me real happy!

In closing, I would like to stress that I take extremely good care of my truck. I perform ALL services by the book and on time. Aside from all these problems, the truck is in new condition. (We also own a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. The air only comes out of the dash vents on that one too. No defrost. No floor). This is my 3rd Dodge Ram since 1996. The transmission went out on the previous 2 trucks. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DODGE!!! I found this site looking for a way to tell the company that.

Won't Stand By Product
By -

After all the numerous recalls I've had to endure for my 2003 Ram 3500 diesel, the one major problem I really had wasn't covered. The original fuel pump system was such a terrible design, and the problem I had so common, that they don't even make a replacement part for it anymore. Instead, they sell you a kit which requires about 5-6 hours of labor to totally re-do the system (plus $500 parts). Customer service? Forget about it. If you finally get through to talking to your "case manager" all you'll hear is: "It's no longer covered by the warranty."

Conclusion - as long as your crappy product limps through until after the warranty expires, then screw the customer (aka sucker). Did I mention that this problem manifested itself by my truck stalling out in the fast lane on the freeway during rush hour - not a lot of fun trying to steer/brake a 6000+ pound truck with no power steering or brakes! How could this not be a safety recall issue? I am done with Dodge.

Cracking Dashboard
By -

Dashboards are cracking on 2002 Dodge Rams. I have read that I am not the first to experience this problem. Chrysler should do a recall on this problem since the American people were good enough to bail them out when they were having financial problems.

Defects That Should Have Been "Recalls" - And Now Chrysler Wants "Bailout"
By -

TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- My 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 stopped blowing warm air around my cold feet several months after buying it off the showroom floor. The Dodge dealership quoted me $572 without asking questions or checking for the cause of the problem. They said they "knew" what the problem was.

I also had a problem with my 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 5-speed when a nut holding 5th gear in place "backed itself off" while driving down the highway a couple of years earlier. $1300 later a newly designed nut was installed. Service Mgr claimed his efforts to assist other customers in getting "recall assistance" from Chrysler had been futile. And now Chrysler wants me to help pay for their bailout...?

2003 Dodge Ram 1500
By -

WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN -- I have a Dodge Ram 1500 with the 360 Hemi engine that has 42,318 miles on it. While my wife was at the pharmacy, her friend who waited in the truck called her and said that the engine had started to shudder, make a loud noise, and then shut off. It turns out that the motor was seized due to a exhaust valve failure in the number 7 cylinder head (left side) which in turn threw a connecting rod.

The warranty covers the parts that have failed and the repair expenses but won't cover the replacement of the same parts that have proved to fail in the right side. Now I am left with a motor that has been rebuilt with new parts on the left side and the old parts on the right side. I believe that Dodge should stand behind their product and replace these parts knowing that these same parts have failed and at such a low mileage under no stress.

I also believe that the warranty should be extended to accommodate the possible failure of the right side for another 35,000 miles. I bought this truck expecting to get at least 150,000 miles out of $20,000 truck and at this point I will be lucky to get 70 to 80 thousand out of it.

Poorly made truck
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I have had my Dodge Ram for 5 years now. In that time I have had a faulty spare tire wench (jammed and was unusable), faulty power steering hoses (leaked), faulty air conditioning unit (broke internally twice), faulty door seal (leaks when it rains), faulty grab handle on the drivers side door pillar (it came off in my hand), and faulty sun glass holder latch (fell off).

I will NEVER buy another Dodge product as long as I live. The blend door on my ac unit literally fell apart. After spending $1000 to repair it, the recirculation door has fallen apart. Now they want me to pay $800 for them to fix their own cheap workmanship. Dodge the Dodge!

Dodge Ram Interior
By -

CLINTON TWPS, MICHIGAN -- Unknown if anyone else has had problems. I have not contacted Chrysler yet to see what they can do. I have a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, it has light grey interior. Anything that touches the seats stains them. When you clean the seats with water or a drop of water hits the seats, it stains them. The interior runs the looks of the truck. Seats always look dirty.

Why Can't I Get This Part?
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I need a left front axle shaft for a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500. This part is/has been on a national back order for 8 weeks and still can't get the part. Every time the mechanic checks on the part they push it back 2 more weeks. If this part was/is so bad and they're that far behind and getting them made (because everybody and their brother needs one) why can't Dodge recall this part? I have a Dodge vehicle that I can't drive - think I'll be buying another Dodge? :)

Why I won't buy another Dodge truck
By -

WALLIS, TEXAS -- I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. My condenser fan went out. Instead of being able to replace the fan motor part for $25, I have to buy a fan motor, fan blades, fan housing, and an upgraded cable harness like the newer trucks use for a whopping $250 in parts. Dodge should make available parts for older model trucks instead of forcing their customers to upgrade to parts the newer models use. This had to be a company policy decision. No more Dodge trucks for me or the rest of my family.

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