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Dodge vs Nissan - My Story
By -

OREGON -- We did purchase one used car through you last fall & are happy with this purchase. We thought about a Magnum Hemi for myself. I really liked this car. It was one of 2 top choices. We needed, however, to wait on any purchase until we sold our Ford full-sized van. We need the extra funds to work it all out.

We also realized with our lifestyle & work we really needed a good towing vehicle. So a truck was in order. We did not purchase any of your trucks though I liked the megacab. The main reason we didn't go with your megacab was that Dodge wouldn't even give us a trade in value for my van. It was worth something as it was in great shape, etc... Actually I felt like they "dismissed" my vehicle pretty quickly. I think they said they "couldn't even give me $1800" for it. This was a very negative remark from them. So we were on hold again til I sold the van.

I went to Nissan 2 months later to look at a Murano for a friend & just looked at their trucks for fun. I knew I had to sell my van 1st. So wasn't "really" looking. They asked what it would take to get me into a truck & I said jokingly, 4 grand! I figured this would help with 8-10 months of car payments &/OR it would get them to stop trying to sell me something I couldn't afford right then!! Well they said "let's look at the van & work out the figures...." We decided on a Titan LE Crew Cab.

One reason we went with them was the interior size, esp. the back seat area. Second reason - they offered me cash for the van. Nissan bought my van for $*** CASH. I got the check within 2 weeks of my purchase. They did work it out & we all were very happy. I now can use this money to make the payments in bad $ crunch months (we are self-employed). (I don't know if they always do this or just in my case).

Sometimes it is just a waiting game, but other times it just needs the right person to "make something happen". They were more than willing to work it out. I felt Dodge wasn't. My friend bought a repo'd '06 Titan & Nissan gave me $100 check for "bird-dogging" for them. I am happy!

Thanks for helping with the used car (Intrepid). You guys did work that out for us! No hard feelings! We will keep you in mind if someone asks me about Dodge dealers. You can remove my name from your list now. Thanks for trying or not. Nissan & Toyota's are the vehicles to buy. America is too cheaply made right now. Nissan spent 6+ hours locating just the right truck for me. They fixed a problem door handle & washed it afterwards! Good job Nissan!!

Unsatisfied Customer

RALEIGH, NORTH DAKOTA -- Where do I begin.... I went to Dodge to purchase a new vehicle (Dodge Stratus). 2 days later my family and I left to enjoy a vacation at the beach. About an hour into the drive, the engine light came on and the car started to buck uncontrollably. Obviously we exited and found somewhere safe to stop since the car was in no means drivable.

First I called the salesman we purchase the car from and told him of my disappointment. Next I called the 24hr. Roadside service. I was told there would be a tow truck within an hour (for any of you that have a 6 month old baby, an hour is eternity). An hour came and went, and still no tow truck so, I phoned again. Apparently they were lost (even though they had my phone number they still never called).

So finally after a total of 1 1/2 hours, the tow arrived. I phoned customer service and they told me that I would either be able to get a rental from the local Dodge dealership or I would be reimbursed for a rental elsewhere (as long as the rate was under $30/day, yea right). Once I got to the Dodge dealership, I immediately spoke with a salesperson who then handed me a phone book and told me to call a car rental company since they did not have any available.

By this time, it was almost 6:30pm and as luck would have it, the rental car companies in the area all close at 6:00. So, as a stranded customer, you can imagine my anger. The manager notice my frustration and basically told me, "There is nothing we can do since you did not purchase the car here" (Nice attitude to take with a lady standing there with a baby). Plus, the service area was closed so no one could even tell us what was wrong with the car.

Once again, I called the Customer Service number. To my surprise, they too close up at 6:00pm. Basically, we were stranded. My husband and I decided to try driving the brand new piece of junk home. Luckily, the bucking had stopped. We made it home.

We went to the dealership where we purchased the car early the next morning. To my surprise, there had been an error in the paperwork which made the contract void, Guess who had that Brand New Piece of Junk now.... Not me : )

Dash and Transmission
By -

Dodge knew they had a problem with the transmission and dashes on 1999 trucks. They did nothing to help customers.

By -

My dash cracked then it fell apart. Had truck about 4 years when started having problems. Dodge would not do anything.

4.7 Liter Engine
By -

Love my Dodge. But the 4.7 sucks!!!! 92000 miles and the motor is knocking. Replace motor. $6000!!! I live paycheck to paycheck. Help.

A/C System
By -

I have a 2001 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel and have had A/C problems since I purchased it new. I have had to have 4 evaporator cores installed (so far) and charging the system with dye added numerous times. It was cooling for about a month but now is only lasting a week. No one seems to be able to find a leak anywhere.

Warranty Not Covering
By -

FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- I just bought a 2007 Dodge 2500. This truck is brand new leftover on the lot. I haven't even made one payment and only have 760 miles on it and it is at the dealer because of supposed water in the fuel or contaminated fuel as they are calling it. The kicker is, since it is supposedly contaminated, that the factory warranty will not cover it. This has led to a repair bill of over $1000 as of now to drain the fuel tank and change filters. Yes that is all.

Now they tell me that this did not fix the problem and they will have to replace the whole fuel system including injectors which will cost anywhere around $ 10-15000, all of which is not covered under warranty. The funny part is, if there is one, is that when I called the dealer and told them of the problem, they told me to tow it in and they would take care of it. No problem. So much for that BS.

Don't Buy - Don't Service
By -

Facts About Dodge of Naperville, Burke Automotive's Ugly Duckling!!! Read before buying or servicing your vehicle. If you live in Naperville or the surrounding area, do not go to Dodge of Naperville at Ogden and Jefferson. The old Kohler Dodge is now owned by Burke Automotive who also owns Jeep, Hummer, KIA and now they are also a Dodge dealer. Burke Automotive is a great dealership to do business with. Just not their Dodge store in West Naperville.

The technicians at Jeep are non-union and can actually get in trouble by their supervisor if they don't fix your vehicle. At Dodge the union techs couldn't care less about you or your vehicle and there are no consequences if they screw up your vehicle or do not fix it right.

There is no management at the Dodge store and Ed Burke himself never shows his face around the dealership. Naperville Dodge/Jeep/Hummer is his pride and joy and that is fine. It does not make sense why he keeps his Naperville Dodge store open. It is an ugly duckling. You will be treated much better if you go to the Lisle location. I have been very happy with the Burke Automotive Group and cannot understand why he keeps that store open.

Air Conditioning
By -

I have a 97 Dodge Dakota which I took to my mechanic to fix the A/C. Turns out, it needed what would be its 3rd evaporator. My mechanic (no, not Safford) stated it was the third Dodge truck in two weeks he has had to do the same thing. One was a 99 Durango and the other a 01 Ram 1500. He stated the evaporators are thin aluminum, designed to cool better. But apparently, they are too thin and fail quite a bit. So I am on a pace to replace this part every 2-3 years at about $700 a pop. Anyone else have a late model Dodge with premature A/C problems?

Dodge Truck A/C Blend Door
By -

VICTORIA, TEXAS -- I have an eighteen month old 2006 Dodge 3500. The a/c quit blowing out the appropriate vent and Dodge told me I have to have the "blend" door replaced. It has come apart. The bill is going to be over $500.00 to change out the $30.00 door. This appears to be a "known" problem and Dodge informed me they are not going to do anything about it.

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