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4.7 liter engine
Posted by J.B. on 06/24/2010
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-06-24:
How often have you changed the oil in this engine? Neglect the oil changes and your engine will knock due to the sludge. Especially since your truck now has 92,000 miles on it. If the oil was changed at least every 3000 to 5000 miles you won't be having this problem.
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Dodge 1500 frontend shaking while braking
Posted by Aprphil on 07/12/2009
The front end of the truck shook violently when braking. This started after the dealership fixed the bearing recall at 30k miles. I had the rotars turned then replaced with new ones. I then replaced the tires. I had a front end alignment done. The problem remained. The dealership told me several times all 4 rotars were warped due to driving thru high water needed to be replaced and my back brakes are gone and need to be replaced Hellooooo. We have had no rain. We are in a drought. My grass crunches under my feet. My husband took the original rotars, that came with the truck, to be turned. He then reinstalled the rotars. Still shook when braking. The brake pads are good. After removing the rotars again, took a wire grinding wheel attached to a cordless drill and cleaned the hub, rotar on both sides and inside the wheel where everything attaches. Put the wheel back on and the problem is gone. The Dodge dealership told me the cost to fix the repairs needed were going to be around $1500.00 to $2000.00. My cost with my do-it-yourself hubby. $2.15 for the wire wheel to hook to the drill.... Yeah we splurged and bought the top of the line wire wheel. By the way...The rotars were not warped in the front or the back. And the back brakes are fine. The dealership is giving false information on the needed repairs and charging excessive amounts.
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Posted by MRM on 2009-07-12:
Stealerships will nickle and dime you to death. DIY repairs are priceless as you have found out!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-12:
LMAO at your splurging!
So it shook, you had the rotors turned. It still shook, you had the rotors replaced. It still shook, so you wire brushed the new rotors and it quit?
That's weird.
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A/C System
Posted by DustyKat on 05/06/2009
I have a 2001 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel and have had A/C problems since I purchased it new. I have had to have 4 evaporator cores installed (so far) and charging the system with dye added numerous times. It was cooling for about a month but now is only lasting a week. No one seems to be able to find a leak anywhere.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-06:
What a nightmare! Good luck!
At least you were fortunate enough to get YOUR review posted here.
Posted by Frenchie on 2009-05-06:
Did you do the work yourself? What reading do you get on the gauges? Was the system pumped down to a vacuum after the evaporator was installed? This is not a fault with the Dodge truck but with someone who is not familiar with how to fix the system. Not fair to blame this on Dodge.
Posted by DustyKat on 2009-05-07:
To Frenchie: Work was done by A/C Mech at Dodge dealership. My research shows that this is a problem with a lot of Dodge vehicles. I love my truck but want the A/C to work.
Posted by Frenchie on 2009-05-07:
OK so you want AC to work. Send a registered letter to dealer who did all this work over the past 7 or 8 years telling him you are going to go to a independent AC repair shop and if it is faulty workmanship by the Dodge dealer then you will file a small claims cause. Naturally you have to be within a couple of years from the last work done by the dealer. You won't solve the problem on here.
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Sales and Service
Posted by 9032 on 11/19/2008
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA -- When purchasing my truck from Performance Dodge in Lincoln Nebraska we found a whole in the passenger seat. They told me at the time they would fix the hole. When I returned to get the seat fixed they tried to convince me to patch the seat. I refused. Even the man who was called in to repair the seat told me it would definitely show, and would not look new. The service guy tried to get me to let the guy repair the seat, and he would fill my gas tank. I explained that this was a brand new truck with lest than 500 miles on it. That I did not want a patched seat, I wanted my new truck to LOOK new. I told him I thought that is why I was there. The service manager then told me they would have to order the seat cover.

I then showed him the damage to the passenger side front door I noticed when I got the truck home. He told me that there was no way to prove that the damage was caused prior to me purchasing the truck a couple of weeks earlier (it should be noted that when I took the truck to Beatrice it was put in storage and not driven). So at that point I was shocked and felt like he was calling me a liar. But knowing he had no idea how particular my wife and I are when it comes to our vehicles, he would have no idea how much of an insult this was to my wife and I.

I took the truck to a body shop to ask them about the damage. I was told that it appeared the damage was done while the rubber guards used during transport were still on the door edges. The body man explained that if the door would have opened into something without the door guards on, there would be some type of mark. But because the door guards were on, the door just bent, but no mark was left.

I have never owned a Dodge in the past but heard a lot of good things about Dodge, and I really like the looks of the Big Horn. So I decided to give Dodge a try. I was very upset with, and felt that I really screwed up, and was sure I would never buy another.

I have talked with my local dealer (Twin Rivers in Beatrice, Nebraska). Dave was very nice to me, and his dealership will be doing all my service work. I have a free oil change at Performance Dodge, but I will not be using it. I feel there is NO reason to return to Performance Dodge…Ever.

While purchasing the truck I asked the salesman about a hitch. I was told that installed it would be around $600.00. Of course I told him to forget that. I purchased and installed an after market hitch. Then I learned that the price for the Dodge hitch was no where near $600.00. This upset me because had I known the real price I would have had it installed the day I purchased the truck.
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Auto Repair Problems
Posted by Njraven28 on 10/13/2008
NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY -- The PCM (computer) in my Dodge stratus '05 needed to be replaced. I called Dodge Sansone auto mall and found it was under warranty. They put the new PCM in at no charge. The day I got my car back I realized speedometer didn't work and it broke down twice. These issues were not preexisting. I called them them that Thurs and was told they couldn't look at it till Mon. I paid for a rental car for the weekend as mine was not drivable. They looked at it Monday, said it was not their fault and I had to pay them $100 for looking at it. I got a 2nd opinion and was told it was definitely their fault. I told them this and made new appointment. They were very insistent throughout this that it was not their fault and they would charge me again for looking at it. After much headaches they found two things unplugged and said that was causing the issue but they plugged them back in for me. They did not have any idea how that happened and said they did me a favor and would not charge me for the service.

All in all I was without my car for bout 2 weeks. I had to fight every step of the way. They just want your money. STAY AWAY!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-13:
hows the AC?
Posted by yoke on 2008-10-13:
Dodge PCM's and sensors are a joke. I will never buy a dodge/chrysler/jeep again. Everyone we have had the sensor go monthly and it is always a different one and therefore we have to pay the deductible. On 3 vehicles the PCM's all had to be replaced, all under 40,000 miles.
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Misleading deal stuck in lease not purchase vehicle
Posted by Danigems on 05/19/2008
WHITE MARSH, MARYLAND -- On July 30, 2007 I went into New Carrolton Darcars Dodge in MD. I sat down with my sales agent "Edet" and we look at about 3 different model cars that day. I finally saw the one I really wanted. It was a 07 Dodge Nitro. They had just came out. Everything was going well until we went into the finance department. The director of finance had took over the sale and was throwing all different suggestions to us on how to "Purchase" our vehicle. I didn't like the deal to much or the price quotes. Due to a few gliches in my credit I wasn't able to have the truck in my name alone (things happen) so my co-signer helped me out. We we're told to make strong payments of 595.00 for 6 months straight and we can bring the truck back and refinance. I didn't like what he was saying so he went into his computer and calculated everything on their finance page review for us. I sat there and watched him. He told us that if would be a 5 years contract and for the first 6 months of strong payments it would be a lease. After we brought it back to refinance after the 6 month period then I could put the truck into my name alone and the payments would come down 100.00. I was told this deal was called "Special financing". So things sound great. We went along with the plan. Just recently we went back to dodge darcars and tried to refinance or trade it in for a smaller vehicle (gas prices and all). The sales agent came back to us and said "Did you know your truck is leased and does not belong to you". I look puzzled and said "No..its not leased, we we're told that after 6 months of strong payments we could bring it back and trade it in or refinance the truck for lower payments and that's why we're here". So the dodge agent told us the full "TRUE" review of the situation. The truck wasn't a purchase it didn't belong to me, it was leased contract for 39 months, I can not refinance, there is no such thing as a "special financing", and the Director of finance in New Carrolton, MD was fired a week after I so called "Purchased" my vehicle. He also told me that Chrysler Financial will start counting the mileage and charging me per MILE after a certain point and after 31 more payments of 595.30 they will take the truck back and my payments will be for nothing. He also said any damage on the vehicle I would be responsible for and I would have to pay Dodge back. He said "your stuck in this vehicle and there is nothing you can do." The deal was never a purchase I was LIED to and sucked into a fake deal that was told to me in Fake Dealer terms. I need to get out of this situation or I will sue. I'm not asking for money all I want is to get out of this truck clear my name and start fresh. If the vehicle could be purchased and re-do the contract so that it is a "purchase" not some fake deal just to make a sale then I would keep it. I'm payiang for a truck that does not belong to me and so much baggage with it. This is not fair. IF anyone has any ideas and can help me please hlp me get out of this or tell me what I can do...

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-05-19:
Do you have copies of the papers you signed? I don't doubt you got suckered, but the minute he started talking special financing I would have been out of there. That deal makes no sense.
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Warranty Not Covering
Posted by Fman76 on 03/12/2008
FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- I just bought a 2007 Dodge 2500. This truck is brand new leftover on the lot. I haven't even made one payment and only have 760 miles on it and it is at the dealer because of supposed water in the fuel or contaminated fuel as they are calling it. The kicker is since it is supposedly contaminated that the factory warranty will not cover it. This has led to a repair bill of over $1000 as of now to drain the fuel tank and change filters. Yes that is all. Now they tell me that this did not fix the problem and they will have to replace the whole fuel system including injectors which will cost anywhere around $ 10-15000 all of which is not covered under warranty.

The funny part is if there is one is that when I called the dealer and told them of the problem they told me to tow it in and they would take care of it no problem. So much for that B.S.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-13:
Why am I getting the impression that you have a diesel truck and you put gasoline in the tank or vice versa????
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-03-13:
I also think there has to be more to this one...if you just bought the truck, I have a hard time believing the dealer/Dodge would have you pay $1000 out of pocket so soon after delivery...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-13:
I would think you would have had to fill it up at least once since driving it off the lot. Since the problem was caused by the fuel you put in and not a factory defect I wouldn't expect the warrenty to cover it.
Where did you get the fuel?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-13:
When you called the dealer about the problem they had no idea it was caused by contaminated fuel. Naturally it would appear the warranty would cover repairs. But since they determined the problem was not a mechanical failure the warranty does not come in to play. You need to contact the state and have them test the fuel from the place where you bought it. Possible the tanks are leaking or a bad batch of fuel was delivered.
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Dodge Truck A/C Blend Door
Posted by Muzzleloader on 10/10/2007
I have an eighteen month old 2006 Dodge 3500. The A/c quit blowing out the appropriate vent and Dodge told me I have to have the "blend" door replaced. It has come apart. The bill is going to be over $ 500.00 to change out the $ 30.00 door.

This appears to be a "known" problem and Dodge informed me they are not going to do anything about it.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Sounds like trouble - are you sure it's not the evaporator? We've had some reports of issues with those.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Wait a sec… Your truck is still under factory warranty, right? Did the dealership or corporate refuses warranty service? Did they tell you why?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Sounds like a vaccuum problem. Make them fix it if it's under warranty. If not you can get it fixed for cheaper than that, I would think. Keep us posted.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
I would suspect the vehicle is out of warranty by mileage otherwise this would be a covered componet. Yup, it's a $30.00 part and a BioTch to install, they entire dash has to be practically removed in order to get to it. Trust me, $500.00 to replace the door is worth it. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Dealer, do you agree that it is a vaccuum problem, though? Just curious.
Posted by steve101 on 2007-10-10:
How about 800.00 to replace a 32 dollar blower motor! You are paying for labor. I did it myself, having to take the dash apart, it took me 6 hours and two days to recover from being bent like a pretzel upside down! And trust me, you cannot get all the pieces back together perfectly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Yeah, that doesn't sound like vaccuum problem to me.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-10-10:
I remember reading about the blend doors breaking on Chrysler products more than 12 years ago. Apparently, the design or supplier quality is still an issue. Wonder if they've solved that nasty problem of head gaskets blowing on the 4 cylinder engines?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
ZZ: doubtful, if memory serves me correct the blend door is controlled electronically. either way it really does not matter as the problem isn't so much the part but the idea of having to take everything else apart to access the S.O.B.
Posted by RoadKingRider on 2007-12-24:
I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Hemi. I also have a problem with the blend door not working properly. About 4-6 months after the warranty ran out, I had no floor heat. I live in Minnesota and try that when it's 20 below outside. After a day of ice-fishing or snowmobiling. My feet don't warm up until I get home. In fact, my floor mats stay frozen stiff pretty much all winter. I have a friend that owns the exact truck. The same thing happened to him only his was still under warranty. Upon questioning the dealership about fixing the same problem they just fixed on my friends truck, on mine, only without the benefit of a warranty, they told me it would cost me $1800. Needless to say, I have had no floor heat for 2 years now. Among the other problems with my truck.....I will never buy another dodge again. (btw...our '99 Dodge Intrepid has the same problem. No defrost or floor. Just dash vents!)
Posted by bozz73 on 2008-04-16:
I have a 2003 Dodge caravan on which the blend door brok, so I had no heat. The dealer wanted $1200 - $2000 depending on how tuff it was. Crysler knows they break and the dash needs to be pulled to fix however they have not change the design. My back yard mecnanic was abel to make an access door and take out the blend door and repair with epoxy. Unfortunatly it only lasted about a month. I am trying to locate the blend door any help would be appreicated the dealer only will sell the whole assembly. I will never buy a nother Chrysler!!
Posted by Mclovin 001 on 2009-12-15:
I have a 2004 Dodge 3500.. I have the same problem. I've also had the following problems:
U-joint bent had to be replaced
A/C went out
4 flats because the dang cheap plastic hub caps spin
leaks water in cab when it rains
And many more problems....

Does anyone know a site where I can get instructions to repair my a/c myself??
Posted by No More Dodge Guy on 2010-09-24:
Stupidity is what it's all about! Count me in,I owned a 2002 Ram1500 and put 5 blend doors into it,the first two were on warranty and the last three were on my bill,aprox.1000.00 each.I discovered after the fifth door that my problems were worse than I thought,I had an issue with the antifreeze and the dealer had mixed regular antifreeze with the long life that the truck came with.If you guys know the consequences of that that it should make you squirm. You'd might as well write the truck off as you cannot get the grit out of the cooling system,and you can bet the dealer wouldn't take responsibility for that.I was stupid enough to buy anther Dodge truck,2007 and the first blend door went out at 50,000km and now the second at 99,500km.I was told they had fixed the problem.I know,there's sucker born everyday...........I'm thinking Ford or GM can have the next run at me because the Dodge is gone next week.Good luck to you Dodge guys but I'm done,I've owned Dodges for 35years and I won't have another and it's all over the trucks furnace.I'm from Edmonton Alberta and we get winter here and the furnace is far more important than A/C.
Good luck everybody and have fun with your Dodges.

Pissed From Edmonton,Alberta Canada.
Posted by alpat on 2013-09-04:
I have a 99 Ram and had the same problem. This is a common problem with Dodge Rams. There is a blend door motor that controls the blend door as you raise and lower the temp control on your dash, The motor sits right next to the transmission hump on the passenger side. It is a little difficult to get the 1 of the 3 small screws(screw nearest to the tranny hump) out that hold the motor assembly but it can be done if you strip away some of the some of the insulation under the carpet in that area. The motor ass'y costs about $130.00. In my case the first time I replaced the assembly it failed because the drain for the AC evaporator was clogged and water built up and got into the motor. After a couple of years that motor quit for unknown reasons and I am on my second one. My e-mail address is apatalano@snet.net if I can be of assistance
Posted by leroy newhook on 2014-01-17:
i bought a 1998 dodge 1500 new, things were good for awhile, then the heat started to crap out, did several things to try and fix it but to no avail, i recently bought a 2010 3500 ram, beautiful truck, but again after owning it for a year,no heat , i emailed dodge and asked them about what they thought might be going on, but those corporate greedy bastards couldnt care less about the little man, i have a friend that did some digging for me and said it was probably the blend door, which may be accessable by removing the glove box, guess we'll see, nevertheless this will be the last dodge i'll ever buy or own
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Don't Buy - Don't Service
Posted by Gwensanders on 08/30/2007
Facts About Dodge of Naperville, Burke Automotive's Ugly Duckling !!! Read before buying or servicing your vehicle

If you live in Naperville or the surrounding area do not go to Dodge of Naperville at Ogden and Jefferson.

The old Kohler Dodge is now owned by Burke Automotive who also owns Jeep Hummer KIA and now they are also a Dodge dealer. Burke Automotive is a great dealership to do business with. Just not there Dodge store in west Naperville.

The technicians at Jeep are non-union and can actually get in trouble by there supervisor if they don't fix your vehicle. At Dodge the union techs could care less about you or your vehicle and there are no consequences if they screw up your vehicle or do not fix it right.

There is no management at the Dodge store and Ed Burke himself never shows his face around the dealership. Naperville Dodge/Jeep/Hummer is his pride and joy and that is fine, it does not make since why he keeps his Naperville Dodge store open. It is an ugly duckling. You will be treated much better if you go to the Lisle location. I have been very happy with the Burke Automotive Group and can not understand why he keeps that store open.

Lisle, Illinois
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-30:
Ed (or is it Gwen) - you posted this exact same review under another name on July 7th. At least change it up a little bit - try to fool us.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-30:
Now, that was not very nice…
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-30:
Considering this is your second post trying to trash them, I gotta ask...so when exactly were you fired?
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Candy Apple Red Paint
Posted by Email on 03/16/2007
MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA -- My 96 Dodge caravan had a special Candy Apple Red Paint job--$1000 extra. Within two years it began to fade, then deteriorate. Dodge dealers in Memphis said paint was not under warranty. Dodge dealers in Nashville said paint deterioration was "common" for Dodge. They would repaint it for $800 plus.

Dodge in Las Vegas said it was a mess but should have been corrected earlier. Took it back to Bob Dance Dodge in Florida but they said it was too late.

Granted, my moving around did not help but the Dodge boys really dodged the problem. They have major issues with their clear coat paint and will avoid any warranty responsibility. Letters to Dodge got vacuous responses and merely confirmed that Dodge will not honor their paint deterioration.

The Caravan is cheaply produced and has a lot of parts that deteriorate or break. A few of my repairs included the battery (three times), belt tensioner, door mirrors, rear mirror, all door locks, steering column, horn, light assembly. dash board, water pump, computer module, oxygen sensors and others.

Dodge makes good-looking cheaply built junk!

When my third MOPAR battery failed with 13 months left of the warranty they offered 78 cents toward a new one but only with a 13 month warranty. If I paid the full price ($90)they would offer a 60 month prorata warranty. This was a ADVANTAGE DODGE in Mount Dora. They use funny math and offered no help whatsoever. Bought an Interstate with better ratings for $60; with a PRORATA warranty. Dodge customer service said the warranty was only 12 months and they did not know of any prorata warranty. They are trained to mislead, deceive and simply avoid issue with their products.

The Dodge Consumer rep said that each dealer offers its own service and they are independent.
That was my first and LAST Dodge. Poor product/ poor service/ bad warranty/ no customer service.

Advice: Sterr clear of cheap cars that lack quality and service--Dodge is the leader here!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-03-16:
I know you said the paint started to fade within two years, but all that moving and second/third etc opinions make it sound like you didn't address it for quite sometime after. Understandable why Dodge wouldn't pay to fix it. Regarding your parts failure list, that's not really bad for an 11 year old car, including 3 batteries. You didn't have to buy a Mopar one again.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-03-16:
I thought that the battery was a part of owner maintenance? I have had my van for 13 years and have had to buy a new battery every couple of years or so.
Posted by Cococraze24 on 2007-03-16:
In certain dodges the Red paint does fade, I know it's a major problem with the dodge neon. Take a look most dodge neon's red front bumper is seriosly faded!
Posted by ChrisTransAm78 on 2008-08-04:
To whom it may concern,
I was in the market to get a new truck, knew the time was right and that the prices would be more in my favor. I have been in the business and still have several friends in the business.
I shopped around, looking for the orange color and gave specific requirements as to what I wanted on my truck. I was movng up from an 01 SLT Quad cab 1500 to the 4x4 I always wanted. I wanted it to be tall, strong looking and pretty. I had real high hopes.
David Fuller of Blue Bonnet (BB) Dodge (New Braunsfels – VIN 1D7HU18N58S553469)) emailed me his price 24.5K and Donald Gillogly of Maxwell Dodge (Austin) told me he could beat it by 750 or 23,750. I was tired of looking and dealing so I went with Maxell.
Irrelavent point: Maxwell had to get the orange truck from another dealer but David had his on the lot.
I went and discussed that I wanted a few extra items to make my truck look great and Don and the Sales manager confired to come up with the pricing. I did not know if they came with the truck but we will get to that. I have this paper in the Sales manager’s hand writing. At this point, and its in writing: Maxwell’s truck’s MSRP was 36,820 as provided by Don and the Sales manager (Jason or James I believe).
We agreed on this Option Itemization:
Tires (Nitto 325x60 R20) and wheels (20” IDX) and a lift (1/2” spacer on front): $2695 – this was just like a white & tan 2500 they had on the lot
Tow hitch: $425
Fog Lights: $250
Wheel Flares: $580
Folding Flat load floor: $100 (taken off the MSRP of another truck)
Nerf Bars: $525
Leather Seats: $1200
So I had a deal. I thought I had to add the lights and tow to it, thought the MSRP was one # and all was ok. It wasn’t.
The next day I went in, late afternoon with my wife and kids, to Maxwell and began the deal process 7-29. This is where things went a bit bad.
At this point we worked on the numbers a bit more, mostly on my trade. 01 Dodge 1500 SLT. They had early on said +130% of Kelly Blue Book (KBB) value. At this time my truck was in fair condition, new tires, new tranny but not great. They went to the least amount of KBB which was $3780. I thought ok fine – here’s where they are trying to recoupe some $ on the deal. I noticed that they however did not choose the correct SLT, PW, locks, tow package, limited slip, etc that were on the truck in their KBB estimate. (They did this all off the online KBB website) Don said that was in their commercial to leave everything off and to do the least amount of KBB. I asked for that in writing and it was never provided and ignored. I then asked to select the correct options in KBB and it was over 1K more in my favor. We then haggled a bit more and came to a somewhat middle of the road value on my trade. I never did receive a copy of the what I can only consider fake commercial statements.
We were then finally ready to go to financing.
We knew we were A paper as we run a business and pay our bills. (We were later verified, by BB Dodge, by me having a score of 730 & my wife 700)
It was late & Robear Hicks was our Finance person there at Maxwell. He said he could not get into Chrysler Credit (CC), but had seen our credit and knew CC would give us the great rate of 6.99. When repeatedly asked he said this was the best they, CC, do. We then said we would go find our financing elsewhere, they then said the truck would be $1000 more w/o CC credit. This was the first mention of this anywhere! We haggled on this and being upset & tired we gave in. This was bait and switch. At this point we should have walked. Come to find out he was lying as was evidenced 1 day later when I got a 5.9 rate from BB Dodge. At this point we signed and left.
The next day I picked up their loaner truck, they took mine and I waited for my truck to come in from San Antonio (Ancira Dodge). I should mention that with the Hemi in this 4x2 loaner, I was never able to get above 11.5 mpg in the supposedly rated 13-17hwy mpg.
Friday the truck arrived late and I went to see it, it was about 6:30 pm at night. As I was walking around the truck, I noticed the trailer tow hitch already there. I asked Don, why he charged me extra for something already on the MSRP. He told me they “must have just installed it”. I called him on the fact that noone was in Service to install it and that it was dirty, etc and he then began backtracking. I told him I wanted that resolved. He said ok. My son, who happened to overhear the discussion was in front of the truck and said, “Hey Dad, it has fog lights already here too.” I then looked at Don and said what in the world is going on? He had now charged me extra for 2 things, already on the truck! I asked Don to fix this immediately and he said it was late, could he work it out in the morning? I said fine but I wanted this cleared up.
The next day I waited and waited 8-1. At about 1pm I showed up at Maxell and went over to the truck as I was begining to suspect something was awefully wrong. I checked the truck to ensure the MSRP had included the Tow and Lights I had asked for thus backing up my claim they had double charged me. They were there. I took pictures. I then noticed the MSRP on the truck was 36,705. This was another huge error in their favor.
I then went in to the Sales manager, told him who I was etc. I asked him for the defintion of MSRP. He finally agreed it included the options on the truck. I never got around to the mistaked of why the 2 MSRP’s (their original one of 36820 and the real one of 36705) was different. 1 mistake is human error but 3, especially when they are all in their favor. At this point the Director came in, asked me if he could cut me a check, for the options, and get me out of the door with just the truck. He was making no money on this deal. I said I had financed something with the wrong MSRP and that I also did not want to finance non-existant stuff. He then said he could let me out of the deal. I said I wanted out and that I felt this was bait and switch.
After much deliberation I’ve come to the realization that this was a complete bait and switch from the beginning. From the wrong MSRP, extra charges for existing items, to the 1% percentage point Robear charged us that was the best deal they had. Lies and deceipt from start to finish.
I then went back to David 8-1-08, he gave me a new MSRP, less than the original!, for the same truck we had previously discussed, of 24,130 and said to come see him. I did, which I should have done from the beginning. The price was what it was, the listing of options was what it was etc. No tricks, no bait and switch, just an honest deal. I left that night a new owner. David gives me faith there are a few honest people still around in the business.
I have never been treated so completely dishonest in my life. I have never run into a racket such as this and total disregard for my time. I am completely dissatisfied in owning a new truck at this point and still w/o the options to make it like it should be. I have never been involved in a bait and switch operation but I now know how it feels. I’m supposed to be loving this truck but I am so upset with the way my wife and I were treated it just looks like another vehicle to me at this point. A large paper weight in my driveway.
I have all of this in their handwriting and all of the paper work from both sides. What I am completely dumbfounded by is the fact Maxwell is a 5 star classification on Dodge’s website. If this is 5 star treatment something is really wrong with Maxwell, Dodge & Chrysler.
Chris Schneider
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