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Dodge vs Nissan - my story
Posted by KC88 on 02/19/2007
OREGON -- This is part of my letter to Dodge - Hillsboro, OR

We did purchase one used car thru you last fall & are happy with this purchase. We thought about a magnum hemi for myself. I really liked this car. It was one of 2 top choices. We needed, however, to wait on any purchase until we sold our Ford full sized van. We need the extra funds to work it all out.

We also realized with our lifestyle & work we really needed a good towing vehicle. So a truck was in order. We did not purchase any of your trucks though I liked the megacab.

The main reason we didn't go with your megacab was that Dodge wouldn't even give us a trade in value for my van. It was worth something as it was in great shape, etc... Actually I felt like they "dismissed" my vehicle pretty quickly. I think they said they "couldn't even give me $1800" for it. This was a very negative remark from them. So we were on hold again til I sold the van.

I went to Nissan 2 months later to look at a Murano for a friend & just looked at their trucks for fun. I knew I had to sell my van 1st. So wasn't "really" looking.

They asked what it would take to get me into a truck & I said jokingly, 4 grand!
I figured this would help with 8-10 months of car payments &/OR it would get them to stop trying to sell me something I couldn't afford right then!!

Well they said lets look at the van & work out the figures.... We decided on a Titan LE Crew Cab. One reason we went with them was the interior size, esp. the back seat area. Second reason - they offered me cash for the van.

Nissan bought my van for $xxx CASH. I got the check within 2 weeks of my purchase. They did work it out & we all were very happy. I now can use this money to make the payments in bad $ crunch months. (we are self employed). (I don't know if they always do this or just in my case)

Sometimes it is just a waiting game, but other times it just needs the right person to "make something happen". They were more than willing to work it out. I felt Dodge wasn't. My friend bought a repo'd '06 Titan & Nissan gave me $100 check for "birddogging" for them. I am happy!

Thanks for helping with the used car (Intrepid), you guys did work that out for us! No hard feelings! We will keep you in mind if someone asks me about Dodge dealers. You can remove my name from your list now. Thanks for trying or not.

--- I add here --- Nissan & Toyota's are the vehicles to buy. America is too cheaply made right now. Nissan spent 6+ hours locating just the right truck for me. They fixed a problem door handle & washed it afterwards! Good job Nissan!!

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Posted by lepearso on 2007-02-19:
You did the right thing by shopping elsewhere and getting a fair deal.
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Customer Serice at Dodge City
Posted by ABG on 08/03/2004
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- My husband and I have only had our Dodge Caravan for over a year. Of all four times I've gone in for oil changes, I have had the worst service. First of all, the time promised is never accurate; I always end up waiting double the time. Second, I have to go back in this week because when my last oil change was done, my breaks were tampered with. I'm sure it was an accident, but what kind of service is this in today's day and age, where I have to wait over 2 hours to find my breaks not working correctly!! This really is disappointing.
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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-04:
Never go to the actual dealership for these kind of services. Go to a quickie lube style place or lower yourself to Walmart-there is no difference in the products that are used just the fact that dealerships deal with bigger issues during the day that require special parts-your needs are on the end of the food chain~~~if you wait at a dealership its because of the fact that you are on the lower end of priority-go to somewhere else.
Posted by Sparticus on 2004-08-04:
I prefer my dealerships for any type of work unless you know a good shop. I used a quick oil change place for about a year... and for 2 out of 3 oil changes they never put my oil drain cap back on tight enough and oil leaked all over... I guess it depends on how good your dealership is. I trust mine since they often turn down work I ask them to do, saying it is not necessary, etc. My rule of thumb... I try to stick to dealerships that are out in the country... where they get less business. I find they tend to treat customers better since they need the return business more than a shop that is constantly flowing with new business...
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