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Very Veggie Salad
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The large variety of prepared bagged salads now available in supermarkets has driven my laziness to new heights. They make it so easy and convenient to have a fresh salad every day. One of my favorites is Dole Very Veggie blend. It's a colorful and crunchy mixture of romaine and iceberg lettuce, sweet carrots, zesty radishes and crunchy snow peas.

Every bag I've purchased has had a generous amount of snow peas, which is the part I enjoy the most. So I was somewhat disappointed when the last two packages contained no snow peas at all. I carefully searched each bag, but there was not a snow pea to be found. Had the carrots or radishes been missing, I might not have noticed, but the absence of snow peas got my attention right away.

After eating my way through both bags of salad while longing for snow peas, I decided to bring this oversight to Dole's attention via its website. Unfortunately, I no longer had the requested UPC numbers or expiration dates because I had thrown the packaging away before deciding to write. Considering I had no proof of purchase whatsoever, I wasn't expecting much in return. I just wanted Dole to know that an investigation in quality control might be in order to ensure that each bag of salad has the proper ingredients. I received an automated response saying that I would hear from someone shortly.

I waited ten days for some kind of communication from Dole before deciding that I probably would not hear from them at all. Then today, much to my surprise, I received an envelope in the mail containing a large number of very generous coupons for free Dole salads, more than compensating for the lack of snow peas. I was not only thrilled to receive the coupons, but I was also pleased to find out that Dole cared about my concerns and went above and beyond to keep me as a customer.

I have been buying Dole salads for a long time. Even if they had not responded, I would have continued to buy their products as long as they consistently met my expectations. I would never let one incident stop me from buying something I enjoy on a regular basis. I just wanted everyone to know that Dole stands behind its products and cares about its customers.

Rotten Salad
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Rating: 1/51

NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Purchased two bags of Dole Caesar salad kit and both bags had rotten lettuce and chunks of the core from the romaine, not eatable by humans. Tried to send a complaint and their web page goes directly to an error when submitting.

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