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Posted by HN on 02/25/2006
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Had a reservation to rent a car between Feb 12 to 23 for a full size car at $468/- from the RDU Airport, which seemed like a great deal at the time. Paid them more than $900 for the same number of days, because I was unable to get the car on February 12, due to flight cancellations due to the storm in NY.

They charged me $187/- per day for the first two days, plus $610/- for the remaining days. Plus the folks at RDU were rude, making fun of me that I was complaining on "Valentine's Day" and generally making it hard for me to ever rent again from them. Specifically a young lady Ms. Kanya, and her office managers Mr. Rahee K. Sullivan, and Mr. Vick Lumley


I used to rent regularly for many years. I am stopping now.

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Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-02-25:
After dealing with RDU rent-a-car services for about 5 years now, I can honestly say I feel your pain
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-25:
Dispute it on your credit card!
Posted by KuniaBoy on 2007-06-16:
After years of good service with Dollar, we had a similar experience at the Philadelphia airport Dollar. The individual locations seem to be governed separately. They fined me $14 a day for bringing the car back 11 hours early. The contract had no mention of this but they insisted that since the contract said we would return at 10:00 AM, any other time would be "breaking the contract". I do this all the time with Budget and Dollar, so I was really shocked. It's small change compared to yours...
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Hidden Charge by Dollar Rent A Car
Posted by Hundrednbeyond on 03/03/2009
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- My friend and I rented a car from Dollar at the travel agent rate of $17.95 per day for four days. When we returned the car, we were shocked to find that Dollar charged us $161.55 for four days or $40.39 a day or 225% of the original rate. There was $16 of CFC (whatever that is), $11.42 for Privilege Fee (I guess it is their privilege to take our money), $8.12 for fuel surcharge (as if paying for gas ourselves is not enough), and above all $39.96 for a second driver. We complaint on the spot and they said it was all in the contract we signed (about 2am when we picked up the car, they really expect everyone to read the contract before we get the key).

The representative that handed us the key never said anything about the extra charges. So take my advice, use Hertz.
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-03-03:
I think CFC is Customer Facility Charge, and Privilege Fee is a recovery fee that the airport charges the car rental locations. As far as the fuel charge, did it spell out the word fuel or did it say FL surcharge (and FL meaning Florida)? Did your friend give his/her license so that they could be added as a driver? I don't think they waive additional driver fees for friends. Maybe a spouse, but I doubt for friends. You say you got a travel agent rate. It seems that your travel agent should have a least told you that the rate doesn't include taxes and fees. And YES you should read the contract before you sign it. That way if there is something you don't understand, then ask. I bet using Hertz would have yielded the same fees. By the way, I think Miami has some of the highest fees, regardless of what company you use.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-03-03:
'...they really expect everyone to read the contract...' Yes, so you'll know exactly what you're being charged for and (usually) how much.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-03:
I always book my rental cars online. The places I've used (Alamo & Enterprise) have always included all those fees in the final price they quote. I've never been hit with anything extra upon return.

Sure, you should always read the contract, but really when you've been flying all day, the rental car people are trying rush you through, the lighting is bad in the garage and your reading glasses are tucked away somewhere in your suitcase I can certainly understand not going over the page and half rental agreement they toss you with a fine tooth comb. I'm not saying your shouldn't but I certainly understand.

Good review!
Posted by hundrednbeyond on 2009-03-04:
I think it is the responsibility of the car rental person to explain (at least mention) the charges that are added. The extra driver fee is what got me. Hertz does not charge extra driver fee for a spouse or a co-worker. What Dollar charged was significant and they should have told us that there is a fee. In fact, only one person wind up driving the car the whole time. We would have skipped the multi driver if we were told that it is another $10 a day. I felt it was blatant robbery on Dollar's part.
Posted by leopard on 2009-03-15:
Yes, they really do expect you to read the contract.
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Bad customer service
Posted by Nats on 01/12/2010
I just wanted to share my experience with Dollar Rental here in Raleigh. I had taken a rental for 5 days last week. I went to the Dollar rental at 8 am and asked for my car.
Unfortunately the car given to me didn't have a few things which I wanted, so I asked them to change the car. At first the lady at the counter was not even interested in my request. After around half an hour they gave me a new car. When I asked for a new contract (as my car was changed) , the lady simply scribbled in my papers and told me that everything is all set and I need not worry about it, she will upload the new info later as the system was down. By the time I got out it was 9 am.
When I came back after 5 days, I reached the rental agency at around 8:50 am. They charged me for the extra day, since according to them I got my car at 8 am and I was 50 minutes late. I tried to reason with them that it took me almost an hour to get a new car and since the system was "down" (according to the lady at the desk) I could not get the new contract for 9 am. They told me that somebody from customer care will contact me and I will get my money back for the extra day. Even after a week when nobody contacted me, I called up the customer care. They told me that original contract was for 8 am and they cannot do anything. Apparently I think that it was my mistake that I changed the car and not got a new papers
My fault in this whole episode is that I believed the lady at the desk. I am never going to rent from an Dollar rental ever again in my life.
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Avoid Dollar Rent A Car
Posted by 10011 on 04/13/2009
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- AVOID Dollar Rent A Car and go somewhere else, if possible. The New York City Dollar Rent A Car businesses freely engages in unlawful practices (discrimination and hidden price gouging) and they were unapologetic about it. They have at least four hidden fees that are "not negotiable" and their cars are filthy dirty (like dog scum and grease all over seat cushions.)

NOT worth your money or patronage! You will likely leave aggravated.

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Horrible Experience With Dollar Rental
Posted by Rohit.lakhani on 08/28/2013
CANCUN -- I was on a four day vacation with my wife for which I rented a car from the airport location.

On the second day of my trip (Friday, August 16th), I had filled up the gas tank and on the way, I had a flat tire while driving from Cancun to Tulum, near Playa Del Carman. I was waiting in the heavy rain for any passer-by to assist me in changing the tire as the airport location wasn’t helpful at all in calling someone to help me out.

After an hour and a half of waiting, a cab driver finally agreed to change the tire for US $30. Then, I called the airport location again and was told to return the car at the Playa Del Carman location in exchange for a new car. When I reached this location, I was told that there are NO new cars available and that they will need to fix this spare tire and so I need to wait.

From here on, our vacation plans went downhill. It took the staff at this location TWO hours to have an update for my car. After the long wait, I was told that the car couldn’t be fixed and that they will NOW find me a new car. I thought this was ridiculous since they had firmly told me earlier that no new cars are available. So I was lied to and made to wait without any reason. This is UNACCEPTABLE and UNETHICAL. We were simply taken advantage of as tourists by this unprofessional, discourteous and useless staff.

As it was almost the end of the day approaching with your unplanned and unequipped staff trying to find us a car, we could not go to Tulum and had to turn back and drive to Cancun.

The next day (Saturday), we decided to return the car to a nearby location to our hotel (Live Aqua). This location is next to Fiesta Americana and we were told about this location by the airport location staff when we were renting the car. We were told that we could return the car to this location in case we didn’t need the car. There comes our next shock, almost unbelievable for an established rental company, such as Dollar. The one person sitting at this location heard our story and I told him that I want to return this car and should not be charged for the previous day as that was a waste just waiting on an unreliable staff to help me. This person simply told me he can do NOTHING. Not only could he do NOTHING, he said he doesn’t have a way to reach his supervisor. He said his landline doesn’t work and his cell phone doesn’t have any balance.

Then as we were leaving, he tells us that he is talking to his supervisor via Yahoo messenger and the supervisor cannot do anything to help including waiving off a day’s charge on the rental, or compensating us for the gas we filled or the $30 we gave to the cab driver to get the car fixed. So we wasting another couple hours with this lazy, half-asleep, so called Dollar-employee!

The next day as we went to the airport to fly back to USA, at the car rental office, I was given the same cold, unhelpful, useless attitude and was INSULTED by being asked by the staff manager “ So if you don’t want to pay one day’s car rental, do you only want to pay a dollar?!”
I was shocked at his guts taking to a customer in this tone. What an ill-mannered, uneducated staff!

He did not help out or understand our plight one bit. Instead of feeling bad for our ruined vacation, he talked to us in this airy and condescending tone.

I have spent a good amount of money on my vacation and am not frugal in any way. I was asking for only what is fair and ethical, and what a company like Dollar is beholden to do for its customers. Instead I had to deal with a bunch of morons who not only are pathetic at their jobs, but also lack basic common sense and ethics.

I hope after reading this, you can better plan your car rentals and can actually enjoy your vacations.
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Avoid, at All Costs, PHX Dollar Rent a Car
Posted by Rocky_mountain069 on 08/21/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- When it comes to renting from Dollar Rent A Car, take a pass and rent from another rental company. What a truly awful experience.

My recent interaction with them at PHX Sky Harbor was THE worst rental experience of all time - and I rent a lot (both for business and personal use). The agent I dealt with was incredibly high pressured, distracted and unfocused (by other agent's issues), and potentially the most disingenuous rental agent I've met.

I was told Dollar Rent A Car vehicles do not carry insurance of any kind. Since Arizona isn't a "No Fault" insurance State, I found this hard to believe. The agent told me that if I got pulled over (for any driving infraction), I could be charged with not having valid insurance. I declined all the high pressure extra insurance and was on my way.

The first thing I did was check the glove box for registration and insurance documents. Sure enough the vehicle had an insurance card issued by Rental Car Finance Corp (Policy # S098). So, not only was the rental agent a high pressured jerk, but he was also blatantly lying when he said the car had no insurance, whatsoever. I completely understand that if I damage the car, or I'm in an accident, I'm on the hook for the repairs for the car. But to tell me that I'd be in violation of the law without their supplementary insurance is not only disingenuous, it's an outright lie. I find it hard to believe that the agent was working under the direction of the corporation. But, after reading all the other similar reviews, I'm guessing this is company policy.

Just so you're aware, Dollar Rent A Car is part of the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. And, clearly Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group has a customer relations problem. I've contacted them with my experience and I never received a reply. So, I'm making my experience public (which obviously isn't unique) and making it as widely known as possible.
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$$$$Expensive Insurance in Mexico at Dollar Rent a Car
Posted by Randjhansen on 08/09/2013
SAN JOSE DEL CABO, BAJA, MEXICO -- Traveling with friends to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, we reserved 2 cars through Dollar Rent A Car at the airport in San Jose Del Cabo using United Airlines MileagePlus program. The rental price was estimated at $157.73 per week for each premium car. When we arrived, we discovered that we were not covered by our insurance in Mexico and the cost of each car with the recommended coverage was increased to the outrageous amount of $650! We should have walked (literally) away at this point but had planned to drive to La Paz as an important aspect of our trip.

We ended up with one Suburban to hold all eight of us at the slightly less outrageous cost of $796.84! We were then further raped by an inflated exchange rate used by The company resulting in the final insulting cost of $919.10 on my credit card statement when we arrived home. Our insurance had covered us on a previous trip to Mexico, so I had not checked with them before leaving on this vacation-my mistake.

Evidently many US insurance companies are no longer covering rentals in Mexico or insurance must be prearrangement including obtaining a specific VIN # for the rented vehicle. Dollar Rent A Car should provide NOTICEABLE warning to their customers that they may have to make special arrangements for insurance in other countries or pay outrageous prices.

I will certainly never rent a car in Mexico ever again but I will also never use Dollar Rent A Car as they clearly misrepresented the rental cost. I feel abused and it was a terrible beginning, paying almost 6 times what we had expected to rent a vehicle including 2 hours of miserable negotiations in the Dollar Rent A Car Office, at the beginning of an otherwise great vacation.
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Posted by Henry on 2014-03-08:
Please NEVER rent a car at Dollar Rent a Car at Los Cabos airport (Baja, Mexico). Its a Scam !
Prior to my trip to Cabo I booked online an economy car for 3 days at a total cost of usd 50 dollars. Well, guess what... once i picked up the car, i was obliged to buy "liability insurance" for a total cost of 150 dollars for 3 days!
So the total bill became usd 200 bucks! ,,,the insurance cost was 3 times the cost of renting the car....this is a scam! These guys are making a ton of money by requiring liability insurance, and are not transparent about this cost when you rent the car online! Liability insurance should be 12-15 dollars a day...but not 50 bucks per day Dollar rent a Car is charging !!

Not only that ...the exchange rate they use its also manipulated so they can charge you more. The use an exchange rate of mxn 14 pesos for 1 usd...and the market exchange rate at banks is only 13 pesos per dollar...in other words they inflate the bill by charging you a high exchange rate
I complained to the manager, but he couldnt care less

Their tactics are much worse than time share salespeople...SHAME ON YOU DOLLAR RENT A CAR
Please do yourself a favor and dont rent from Dollar rent a car at San Jose del Cabo airport. Mexico
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Waiting a Month for My Deposit to Be Returned and Still Waiting
Posted by Stefan2026 on 07/01/2013
ORLANDO, OREGON -- Urgent!!!
Read this before you rent from Dollar Car rentals…..Warning Don’t!!! rent from this organization

I am still waiting for my $250 deposit to be refunded since the 7th of June
I have emailed more than 20 times no reply!

All info about my car rental is below

To whom this may concern
Handle this case as Urgent and very serious!!
Firstly I gave all the info you are asking for three times with my last mails I will forward these to you again. I give you the info again now next to your requests.
This is Fraud and I don’t take this lightly!! I'm actually livid. I will advertise this to everyone. The deposit amount of 250 dollars should have been refunded the day we returned the car!!!!
I want my money back within 2 days from now otherwise I'm going to open a case of fraud against Dollar car rental. I was warned by friends about USA car rentals and the deposit problem.
We also upgraded to a red Mustang convertible and had to pay more, here is what the statement on my side shows:-

25-04-2013 pre paid car rental Rental Cars. com Manchester R 1295.64 about 120 Dollars
08-06-2013 upgrade + holding deposit of $250 DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR MCO000ORLANDO FL R 4115.34 about 410 dollars

Nothing has been returned as the deposit. The R 4115.38 included a $250 deposit and it has not come back.
Here is the link to our reservation conformation-

We would like the opportunity to respond to your message, but we are having difficulties locating a copy of your rental record; please provide the following information:

1. Reservation confirmation number or rental agreement/record number. 236412887

2. Name of primary renter. Liesl Gruber my Wife

3. Beginning and ending dates of rental. 3rd to 7th of June

4. Location of rental. Orlando airport 9201 Airport Blvd Orlando, Fl 32827 Orange

It’s the 1st of July today I should have had my deposit amount back 23 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not wait another week or two for your response!!!
Advise what the delay and handicap is!
This is pathetic really

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Dollar Car Rental Extremely Poor Products and Customer Service
Posted by Dave_t3 on 06/28/2013
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I rented a minivan from Dollar for a 12 day family vacation. The counter service was fine, but that is pretty much where the good ended. The van they gave us was not as clean as I expected it should be, there were some interior stains and it was not vacuumed thoroughly, but I had 2 boys with me and was in a bit of a rush, so I overlooked it. After driving on the highway a bit I was noticing the transmission not shifting smoothly and applying brakes at speeds over 40 mph would cause the front end to shimmy. By this time we were well underway and on a tight schedule, so I did not take it back to the rental location to request a better vehicle. Bad Move!

You see, when we finally had the time to inquire I was told the only way I could swap would be to return it to the franchise location where I rented it or to a corporate location. Big problem with this is we are several hundred miles from either and they are not anywhere close to our planned travel path. There is no mechanism for Dollar corporate to use a different franchise for this type of swap, even though in my opinion, you know me the customer, this is a safety issue since failed brakes or transmission could leave my family in a dangerous or vulnerable position. But they could only help us if we were actually broken down, not otherwise, even though I feel we had credible cause for concern.

Way to go Dollar, nobody I know will ever use your inept service again.
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Taken Advantage Of At The Counter
Posted by Eztmbrlnd on 06/18/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I don't travel very often. So when my flight was delayed, I was in a hurry to get out of the airport. I was with my 4 year old son who was not cooperating. I even had to put him on the counter. The lady at the counter told me I had to get insurance (even though I am covered in NY for the rental in Florida). She told me that it would be $40 (not $40 a day). It cost me more in insurance than it did the car. It was a disgrace. I felt completely ripped off. I tried getting a Manager or Supervisor on the phone while on the phone with their customer service, but they refused. They are more interested in their commission and incentives then they are in customer service. I would take a taxi before using them ever again. That is saying a lot considering we flew in from NY to go to Disney. I would rather take a taxi to the Disney resort and all around Disney, then use Dollar Rent A Car ever again.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-18:
I used to rent from Dollar. They had well kept cars at below market rental rates. Ever since Hertz took them over they have gone to hell in a hand basket. The last time I used them was in Kauai. They demanded I buy their insurance (I had coverage thru our own insurance), I refused it and they backed off. Then they tried to screw me on fuel and a door ding on return. They were pretty stupid to try and pull that one. I had the guy at the gate sign my car condition form that the car already had that door ding and a few other scratches. As for the gas, I showed them a receipt where I filled it just outside their return lot. And asked the girl to look at the gauge with the key in the on position, low and behold being electronic it went right to full.

We got on the bus and my wife said she left the camera in the car. It had black interior and carpet, the camera case was black so it was easy to miss in the rush. Got off the bus and went right to the car that had been moved by now. No camera, of course no one knew anything. Got back on the bus, told the wife that it was gone now, forever. A guy on the bus said it would be in one of the Poipu pawn shops by tomorrow if I wanted to buy it back.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-18:
"The lady at the counter told me I had to get insurance"

That's because she gets a commission for making you buy insurance. If you know you're covered then it doesn't matter what a salesperson tells you. It's never going to be just $40. They don't tell you because you might decide against it and they make less money. Its a shame but its your own responsibility to know the rules. Didn't you read on the paperwork that it was $40 per day?
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