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Worst Experience of My Life
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Rating: 1/51

FLETCHER NC -- I visited your store in Fletcher NC this afternoon and had the worst experience of my life. While walking through your store with my cart there were many boxes in the aisles, unstocked shelves and even body wash with a 1/4 of it missing in approximately 4 bottles (This is facing the front door as customers walk in). I continued to shop and fill my cart when I became thirsty. Like any other store in this area I picked up a soda and took a sip while walking. When I was at the last aisle, I opened the soda again and my lid dropped on the floor. I looked down to retrieve it but could not find it.

Throughout the store I noticed workers walking in the general area I was in but figured they must be putting up merchandise. I proceeded to the checkout line where I saw multiple employees. I put all my things on the counter and then paid for my order **including the soda** as I told the cashier I had dropped the lid. Then a woman comes over and says "for future reference there are cameras all around the store and I got beeped telling me you opened a soda. Next time just bring it up to pay for it first before you open it."

I accepted that but she continued to tell me about loss prevention and her getting beeped as I explained my lid dropped and the cart did not have a cup holder. She said "where did you drop it. I can go get it for you." I pointed to the aisle and told her I did not want the lid since it had fell on the ground. She then asked again which I declined. She proceeded to say "I'll get you a new soda" and took my soda out of my hand and brought a new one back. I looked back at the 5-6 people in line behind me and was mortified that I was being accused of being a shoplifter. I said to the cashier "this is the oddest experience I have ever had and I don't know what to think of it."

As I picked up my stuff and left the store. I called the store to ask the person's name I spoke with and it was the Manager Rhonda. I explained that I have never had an experience like that in all my life. That it was embarrassing and I felt it was uncalled for since I had already paid for everything I picked up from the store before she said a word to me. I was sliding my card through. She began to get upset. Talk over me about $80,000 worth of loss per month. She even had the audacity to say "the problem here is that you WERE shoplifting the moment you opened the soda" justifying her nastiness.

Although she said it with a sweet southern tone it still stung because I was being paraded out in front of everyone as a shoplifter. I will never shop in that store again! I am a manager in profession as well and have worked in many venues but as I explained in a normal tone she became defensive. I asked for her boss four times before she actually heard me over her own talking. She then told me her name. When I asked for the number she left the phone and came back with a toll free number as if she was being helpful.

I asked "is this the customer care dept". She said "yes" and thanked me for my call. I call the number and it is the survey number. Not a number I can reach an actual person. I call another store and a very nice gentleman helped me all the while apologizing for this woman's behavior and told me to visit his store where I would be treated with respect and "as family." Those kind words restored my faith today as I found and called customer care to log a complaint.

Unprofessional & Inconsiderate Manager
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Rating: 1/51

AKRON, OHIO -- I am seriously PO'd. 😡😡😡 I went to a new Dollar General near my house (705 ARLINGTON ST, AKRON, OH 44306) today to get a few things. I had my sister & my 2 yr. old daughter with me. First, the carts were all being used by the store employees doing inventory and some were full of boxes to be stocked. For what I was getting I needed a cart. So after 10 minutes a customer was done with his (which there was only 2 other customers who had carts) my sister followed him to his car and got his cart.

Headed to the next isle, my 2 yr. old says, "Peepee mommy, peepee" like a few times. Sister asked a worker (which turned out to be the manager) if they had a restroom she could use (as she continues to yell "peepee") and he says, "Not for public use". So we try to hurry. 2 yr. old still saying. "Peepee mommy." So at the checkout. She's screaming and crying "Peepee mommy, right now."

I said to the cashier "You guys don't have a restroom she can use? She's 2 yrs old and potty training." She leans over to look down the aisle that the manager was in and asks if she can use the restroom. (I didn't hear him due to 2 y/o screaming at me as I'm unloading my cart as fast as I can.) He replied "I would suggest taking her outside." As if she's a dog? I guess the man in front of me heard him say it and said to the cashier "Aweee, that's ** up. How could he say that to her???" The cashier replied to the man "I didn't hear him say that."

So we hurried up and paid and went to the car. Sister told me what the man had said, which was the manager but we didn't know, so she went to put the cart back and got his name. I am furious. I'm calling the corporate office. Every DG we have ever been to had a restroom or was ok with children using it. There is about 8 DG stores surrounding my area and not one of them has ever denied the use of their restroom let alone made the rudest comment regarding my 2 year old going outside to pee. This MANAGER has NO HOSPITALITY, MANNERS, PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR WHATSOEVER!!!

Rude Management
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We found sale items on the floor. Got to the register and manager caused a scene. Said they were Not for sale that's why they were in a box. DG rules you find sales items on the floor they have to sell it. She proceeded to reach in my cart and take everything out, not checking to see if we had regular items. I said, "You're taking everything?" Manager said, "YES, they are NOT for sale." Told her she shouldn't be talking to her customers like that. Even the clerk at the door mouthed off. Corporate doesn't seem to care one bit. Store at 319 Moursand.

Decent Prices, Convenieint Location, Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51

DAVENPORT, IOWA -- I like shopping at Dollar General because they have convenient locations and decent prices on most products. However, when I shop, I also look at the atmosphere and customer service. Both, the location between Brady St. and Welcome Way in Davenport, IA and Spruce Hills Drive in Bettendorf, IA have trash either in the parking lot or on the floor in the store. The shelves are lacking supplies and are disorganized at the particular Bettendorf location.

Customer Service at the particular Davenport location is on the downside because the employee on the clock is not watching for customers to come to the counter. Lately, during my last few visits, the employee is somewhere in the store working on tasks and I have had to come to the counter and wait for a couple of minutes or sometimes longer to get checked out. When I'm ready to go, I'm ready, and unless the employee is finishing a product or something, I shouldn't have to wait for the employee to straighten a shelf or stock a shelf before they wait on me. I have been attempted to walk out of the store leaving the product at the counter and shopping somewhere else because of this.

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Rating: 1/51

YALE, OKLAHOMA -- I am not shopping at this store again. It is so piled-up that you can not get your shopping cart down the aisles. You have to leave your cart and walk down aisle to get what you need. Dirty store. I just wonder if the rest of the stores are the same way?

Terrible. Never Received And Partially Refunded.
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE -- I ordered online and never received my items and was only partial refunded twice. I emailed 5 times and still haven't gotten all my money back and it was free shipping. What a terrible experience! I usually go to the store but I will not return if they cannot even ship or refund correctly!!!

Racial Discrimination
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Today I went to the Dollar General to buy two gift bags for my two kids birthday gifts. While I was on the line, there was a white lady in front of me. She was suddenly called by one of the cashier who just opened her register. I was last on the line and I had only two bags and the white lady had a full cart. I didn't say anything, I just looked at the cashier and she asked me why I was looking at her that way. I told her that I have only two items and I was last the line and usually the last of the line is called first when a new register is opened. She said "it is different here." Once I was ready to check out with the other cashier, the cashier told me "you can leave."

I was angry and I throw the money on the belt. The cashier got upset and said she won't sell to me anything and that I need to leave the store. They were chasing and screaming at me to leave the store. I may be shouldn't throw the money at the belt but I felt discriminated because of my race and the way I dressed.

I am a beautiful young African, accountant and mother of three. No one deserves to be treated that way and there is nothing to do because a police officer told to me that "they have the right to not serve you in their store without a valid reason." It is the Dollar General on the Morse Road. I forgot, they told me to go back to Africa.

Disgruntled Employee
By -

ASHLAND, OHIO -- This is my story. In April of 08 I started out as a 3rd key on Galion Ohio. I was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager, due to my work ethic and willingness to break my back to get the job done. Later in that year I transferred to Mansfield store #4638, a store that did a third of the volume that I was used to working in, as Assistant Manager there. My fiancé (who became so after I was transferred) was still the manager at 10401, performing at the top or #2 of our district.

In April 09 his store, which was first to be Model Store Certified, was chosen to become a perfect store, so for 12 days he worked 10-12 hour days, sometimes overnight, hand in hand with the team from Corporate to get the remodel done. The day that it was completed we had a district managers meeting in my current store (4638). My fiancé comes out and says that he has been suspended along with another manager because they couldn't find a paper trail from the literacy deposits in either store. No money was missing, just no paper trail.

Now if you work for this corporation, you are familiar with how much pressure we have put on us to collect literacy, but it just goes in our store deposits, so he had no doubt that they would find out whatever the problem was, fix it, and reinstate him. WRONG. One week later the DM called him and the other manager into another store and fired them for “Misappropriation of Company Funds”. 1st, literacy is NOT a company fund, and 2nd, no lawyer could help them because as managers they were “at will” employees.

Meanwhile, I am still employed at Dollar General in my same position. I assumed that I would be next because by that time my fiancé and I were married, and I assumed that in the company's eyes, my still being there would be a conflict of interest. I inquired a few times but my DM assured me that he had no doubt that I would be a star in this company, and that he had such big plans for me, and that he wanted me in my own store as soon as possible.

One week before I was moved to my own store in Ashland #6729, I caught an employee who admitted to stealing at least $1750 from our store alone (she had transferred in from 2 other stores in our district). I then was promoted to Store Manager of store #6729 on May 22, 09. When I got there the store had been without a manager for about 2 ½ months, so it was 8 plan-o-grams behind, and just a mess. The Assistant Manager who has been there 5 years still cannot do a MAAP, and both the Asst. and Lead forced balanced their tills at the end of the night, just sticking any extra monies in an office drawer.

Then if they were ever over that's what they could pull from. The Asst. informed me that it just got to the point that when things were short, there was never any money in the little “till”. I tried to put a stop to this because I knew the extra money was going in someone's pocket, but up to the day that I left for Managers School in Columbus OH, she was still bringing me her till to count with the forced slip on top. The day before I left for school I had made it clear that policies and procedures would be followed, or I would start the counseling process. My third key turned in her keys and walked off of her shift that day.

I started school on 6/15/09 after calling my DM (JIM **), and making him aware of what had happened, and also alerting him that on my weekly statement it showed me short $500+ on a day two weeks prior, and that I was concerned because I had no record of this. It was also a day when my main printer was down, and that my credit/EBT machine was replaced on that side.

His response was for me to take the statements to the school and maybe the instructor could explain it. In the meantime I had figured out that it was just that my EBT and credit card deposit had not hit that day. When I called to inform Jim of this for 2 days straight, he would not answer or return my calls.

Yesterday 6/19/09, at the end of my day of class, I was called out and told that I had a visitor. It was Jim ** and the area Loss Prevention guy, Terry **. I was told that before I came to my store, there were NEVER, any transaction voids, and that he had gotten a report yesterday on me that I had done several 8-9, in the last several weeks. I told them that I had not done anything fraudulent because I have the logs from other keys having had to do them as well.

Of course I couldn't remember the details on each receipt, so Terry proceeds to tell me they already know everything except the why. He wanted me to admit to stealing whatever the amount came too, and then just be done with me. Now this store has no camera system, which I have begged for, so there is no way for me, or for that matter, them, to prove or disprove any wrongdoing. I wrote a statement for them saying that I would willfully participate in any investigation, and that I felt that I was being discriminated against because I am the wife of a terminated previous manager.

This company has so many fishy practices, and they hide behind the “AT WILL” statement that we all sign at the beginning of our employee handbooks. My husband lost a $3000 bonus and 40 hours vacation. The other manager lost the same. When Terry was done reading my statement (I don't believe that he knew that I was married to a former employee) he then said that he thought he would have to suspend me.

I have been nothing but faithful to this company, even after all that has happened. I would state under oath that I had nothing to do with any false anything. I find it strange that Dollar General employees a District Manager, who owns a bar that is stocked with Dollar General property, who patronizes and lives with known addicts, and the head is turned the other way. The company car sits in the front of that bar EVERY night.

I want my position back, I want my vacation back, I want my STARS reward (for the arrest of an employee who stole enough to get arrested for a felony) and I want an apology. Any questions or comments you can email me at **. Anyone involved with the company, I welcome your calls or correspondence.

Service Is So Awful, Lines Are Down the Aisle, and Not Stocked
By -

I live in a small town in Ashland, Ms and we have a Dollar General store. Yesterday I was in there, like every day, stock was piled up, shelves were empty, lines were down the aisle from just one checker. I spoke to the Asst Manager. She said, "Our stock has been sitting here for two days and there's no one to put it up." This being a small town, people have nowhere else to go but there, and when the employees or the "Manager" doesn't give a hoot, and the lines are standing down the aisle from there being just ONE checker. People were griping and complaining. No one seems to care at this store.

I called the survey and wanted to speak my piece, but it only gave me one option, was I satisfied? I pressed 1 for no, not satisfied at all. This happens all too much at this particular store. Another thing, one of the cashiers, and I DO know her name, "Christina" is so very rude. And that's putting it mildly. Are you offered a cart when you come in? No. Are you asked if you found everything you were looking for? NO. Are you asked if they may assist you with anything? NO. All they care about is taking their frickin break outside to smoke while customers are left standing down the aisle.

This store is the MOST worst store I've ever seen. This happens all TOO MUCH! What good is it to have the stock if there's not anyone to stock it on the shelves? What good is it to have employees that care only about taking a smoke break outside? This is ridiculous! No wonder there's a sign posted on the door saying, "Hiring, need sales managers with experience." This store needs someone who can take control and see that ALL customers are satisfied. After all, if it weren't for the customers, there would be no business. I could say a lot more, but I'll leave it at that.

Employee Told Me to Shut Up!
By -

UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND -- I am a white woman. I went to the Dollar General in Upper Marlboro, MD so I could purchase some sugar free sweets for my husband's grandmother. (We don't have a Walmart or anything close by and the grocery stores charge an arm and a leg for sugar free things.) Anyway, when I go up to pay for my items, as the cashier was finishing up w/ the man in front of me, who was not white, I start to put my things up on the counter. The cashier pointed his finger quickly at the other cashier and yelled, "Go over there, you wait on her!" (Talking to the other cashier) Shocked, I said, "Excuse me?"

He then said "Shut UP! I wasn't talking to you!" and walked to the back of the store. Well, to say the least my mouth dropped. One of the other cashiers said, "Man, you can't talk to customers like that!" Another cashier said, "Yeah, he can't do that." I asked to speak to the manager on duty. When he came up, I was explaining what happened and the other two cashiers confirmed what I said, and the RUDE cashier comes walking back up front while I'm telling the manager about what happened and told me to "Shut up Lady!" yet again. I took down names and numbers. I said I wanted the name of "THE" store manager.

I called and spoke to her. First she said, "Well, this is a he said she said thing" and I said "Indeed it is not, I have witnesses.YOUR EMPLOYEES" She told me that this was inexcusable behavior and that she would need me to put the incident in writing before she could do anything. So I brought it in 2 days later. She stated to me on the phone that "I shouldn't expect him to get fired… After all this was his first offense." Now here is my issue. If it were a white person waiting on me and I was African American, would something be done then? Wouldn't he have been fired on the spot?

I'd like to know why I have less "Human Rights" than anyone else does and why it seems to be excusable for someone to treat "ME" this way. I truly believe this was racially motivated. And the fact that I am a young white woman, I am supposed to chalk it up to just rude behavior and just let it go. Well people, if we just let rude behavior and racism go no matter what color we are, it will continue! If I do not stand up and say something about, it goes unnoticed. I am tired of living in the DC Metro areas, and am expected to allow myself, or my family to be treated horribly. Is not customer service still customer service? Or does it not count for me...

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