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Racial Discrimination
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Today I went to the Dollar General to buy two gift bags for my two kids birthday gifts. While I was on the line, there was a white lady in front of me. She was suddenly called by one of the cashier who just opened her register. I was last on the line and I had only two bags and the white lady had a full cart. I didn't say anything, I just looked at the cashier and she asked me why I was looking at her that way. I told her that I have only two items and I was last the line and usually the last of the line is called first when a new register is opened. She said "it is different here." Once I was ready to check out with the other cashier, the cashier told me "you can leave."

I was angry and I throw the money on the belt. The cashier got upset and said she won't sell to me anything and that I need to leave the store. They were chasing and screaming at me to leave the store. I may be shouldn't throw the money at the belt but I felt discriminated because of my race and the way I dressed.

I am a beautiful young African, accountant and mother of three. No one deserves to be treated that way and there is nothing to do because a police officer told to me that "they have the right to not serve you in their store without a valid reason." It is the Dollar General on the Morse Road. I forgot, they told me to go back to Africa.

Disgruntled Employee
By -

ASHLAND, OHIO -- This is my story. In April of 08 I started out as a 3rd key on Galion Ohio. I was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager, due to my work ethic and willingness to break my back to get the job done. Later in that year I transferred to Mansfield store #4638, a store that did a third of the volume that I was used to working in, as Assistant Manager there. My fiancé (who became so after I was transferred) was still the manager at 10401, performing at the top or #2 of our district.

In April 09 his store, which was first to be Model Store Certified, was chosen to become a perfect store, so for 12 days he worked 10-12 hour days, sometimes overnight, hand in hand with the team from Corporate to get the remodel done. The day that it was completed we had a district managers meeting in my current store (4638). My fiancé comes out and says that he has been suspended along with another manager because they couldn't find a paper trail from the literacy deposits in either store. No money was missing, just no paper trail.

Now if you work for this corporation, you are familiar with how much pressure we have put on us to collect literacy, but it just goes in our store deposits, so he had no doubt that they would find out whatever the problem was, fix it, and reinstate him. WRONG. One week later the DM called him and the other manager into another store and fired them for “Misappropriation of Company Funds”. 1st, literacy is NOT a company fund, and 2nd, no lawyer could help them because as managers they were “at will” employees.

Meanwhile, I am still employed at Dollar General in my same position. I assumed that I would be next because by that time my fiancé and I were married, and I assumed that in the company's eyes, my still being there would be a conflict of interest. I inquired a few times but my DM assured me that he had no doubt that I would be a star in this company, and that he had such big plans for me, and that he wanted me in my own store as soon as possible.

One week before I was moved to my own store in Ashland #6729, I caught an employee who admitted to stealing at least $1750 from our store alone (she had transferred in from 2 other stores in our district). I then was promoted to Store Manager of store #6729 on May 22, 09. When I got there the store had been without a manager for about 2 ½ months, so it was 8 plan-o-grams behind, and just a mess. The Assistant Manager who has been there 5 years still cannot do a MAAP, and both the Asst. and Lead forced balanced their tills at the end of the night, just sticking any extra monies in an office drawer.

Then if they were ever over that's what they could pull from. The Asst. informed me that it just got to the point that when things were short, there was never any money in the little “till”. I tried to put a stop to this because I knew the extra money was going in someone's pocket, but up to the day that I left for Managers School in Columbus OH, she was still bringing me her till to count with the forced slip on top. The day before I left for school I had made it clear that policies and procedures would be followed, or I would start the counseling process. My third key turned in her keys and walked off of her shift that day.

I started school on 6/15/09 after calling my DM (JIM **), and making him aware of what had happened, and also alerting him that on my weekly statement it showed me short $500+ on a day two weeks prior, and that I was concerned because I had no record of this. It was also a day when my main printer was down, and that my credit/EBT machine was replaced on that side.

His response was for me to take the statements to the school and maybe the instructor could explain it. In the meantime I had figured out that it was just that my EBT and credit card deposit had not hit that day. When I called to inform Jim of this for 2 days straight, he would not answer or return my calls.

Yesterday 6/19/09, at the end of my day of class, I was called out and told that I had a visitor. It was Jim ** and the area Loss Prevention guy, Terry **. I was told that before I came to my store, there were NEVER, any transaction voids, and that he had gotten a report yesterday on me that I had done several 8-9, in the last several weeks. I told them that I had not done anything fraudulent because I have the logs from other keys having had to do them as well.

Of course I couldn't remember the details on each receipt, so Terry proceeds to tell me they already know everything except the why. He wanted me to admit to stealing whatever the amount came too, and then just be done with me. Now this store has no camera system, which I have begged for, so there is no way for me, or for that matter, them, to prove or disprove any wrongdoing. I wrote a statement for them saying that I would willfully participate in any investigation, and that I felt that I was being discriminated against because I am the wife of a terminated previous manager.

This company has so many fishy practices, and they hide behind the “AT WILL” statement that we all sign at the beginning of our employee handbooks. My husband lost a $3000 bonus and 40 hours vacation. The other manager lost the same. When Terry was done reading my statement (I don't believe that he knew that I was married to a former employee) he then said that he thought he would have to suspend me.

I have been nothing but faithful to this company, even after all that has happened. I would state under oath that I had nothing to do with any false anything. I find it strange that Dollar General employees a District Manager, who owns a bar that is stocked with Dollar General property, who patronizes and lives with known addicts, and the head is turned the other way. The company car sits in the front of that bar EVERY night.

I want my position back, I want my vacation back, I want my STARS reward (for the arrest of an employee who stole enough to get arrested for a felony) and I want an apology. Any questions or comments you can email me at **. Anyone involved with the company, I welcome your calls or correspondence.

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Rating: 3/51

INDIANA -- I frequent your store in Martinsville, IN quite often and I'm getting a LITTLE tired of the clerk always asking for a donation all the time. If you want people to donate then just put a container out. I'm not sure of the address but your company just built it. Thank you.

Manager Is Rude
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Rating: 1/51

CARNEY, OKLAHOMA -- I work at the Carney OK store. The manager is rude to the workers and customers. She don't know how to train without being mean and ugly. My first day I went to her office (where she sits all day talking on store phone to her family.) She is lazy, she never is up front always having to go to office to tell her vender is here and I get nothing but bad attitude for telling her.

She does not need to be in charge of others. When district manager came in I told him, he said she can do what she wants, she is the manager. She will tell you to stock, then yell at you when a customer is waiting when she is standing there doing nothing. Customers have told me that she's rude and does nothing all day.

I'm tired of running crazy trying to take of everything while she sits on her a**. Today was our grand opening, after her boss left she went to her office, called her family on store phone and left me by myself to take care of everything. I make $7.25 hr to do all the work.

Then the guy from Texas that set up store come in, I told him what was going on. He was very rude to me and said "she the manager, she can do what she wants to do." Ken is his name. He was very rude to all of us that was helping set up store. I almost walked out then. I am now looking for a job. I will not work where I'm taken advantage of and worked to death.

One day I didn't get a break. I like your company and would have liked to work at the Perkins OK store. I was there the other night. When I walked in 7 people in line looking around for someone to cash them out. I seen they was unloading a truck. I walked out there and asked if someone was working inside. I was told someone would be in in a minute. I couldn't believe no one was in the store.

Then when I was ready to check out nobody up front but one worker kept going in and out front door. I asked if she would check me out. I was told to hold on and had to wait way too long and store unorganized. Please look into these two stores. Very disappointed in Carney managers bad attitude and uncleanliness of Perkins store. Thank you.

Service Is So Awful, Lines Are Down the Aisle, and Not Stocked
By -

I live in a small town in Ashland, Ms and we have a Dollar General store. Yesterday I was in there, like every day, stock was piled up, shelves were empty, lines were down the aisle from just one checker. I spoke to the Asst Manager, she said, "Our stock has been sitting here for two days and there's no one to put it up." This being a small town, people have nowhere else to go but there, and when the employees or the " Manager" doesn't give a hoot, and the lines are standing down the aisle from there being just ONE checker. People were griping and complaining. No one seems to care at this store.

I called the survey and wanted to speak my piece, but it only gave me one option, was I satisfied? I pressed `1 for no, not satisfied at all. This happens all too much at this particular store. Another thing, one of the cashiers, and I DO know her name, "Christina" is so very rude. And that's putting it mildly. Are you offered a cart when you come in? No. Are you asked if you found everything you were looking for? NO. Are you asked if they may assist you with anything? NO. All they care about is taking their frickin break outside to smoke while customers are left standing down the aisle.

This store is the MOST worst store I've ever seen. This happens all TOO MUCH! What good is it to have the stock if there's not anyone to stock it on the shelves? What good is it to have employees that care only about taking a smoke break outside? This is ridiculous! No wonder there's a sign posted on the door saying, "Hiring, need sales managers with experience." This store needs someone who can take control and see that ALL customers are satisfied. After all, if it weren't for the customers, there would be no business. I could say a lot more, but I'll leave it at that.

Employee Told Me to Shut Up!
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UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND -- I am a white woman. I went to the Dollar General in Upper Marlboro, MD so I could purchase some sugar free sweets for my husband's grandmother. (We don't have a Walmart or anything close by and the grocery stores charge an arm and a leg for sugar free things.) Anyway, when I go up to pay for my items, as the cashier was finishing up w/ the man in front of me, who was not white, I start to put my things up on the counter. The cashier pointed his finger quickly at the other cashier and yelled, "Go over there, you wait on her!" (Talking to the other cashier) Shocked, I said, "Excuse me?"

He then said "Shut UP! I wasn't talking to you!" and walked to the back of the store. Well, to say the least my mouth dropped. One of the other cashiers said, "Man, you can't talk to customers like that!" Another cashier said, "Yeah, he can't do that." I asked to speak to the manager on duty. When he came up, I was explaining what happened and the other two cashiers confirmed what I said, and the RUDE cashier comes walking back up front while I'm telling the manager about what happened and told me to "Shut up Lady!" yet again. I took down names and numbers. I said I wanted the name of "THE" store manager.

I called and spoke to her. First she said, "Well, this is a he said she said thing" and I said "Indeed it is not, I have witnesses.YOUR EMPLOYEES" She told me that this was inexcusable behavior and that she would need me to put the incident in writing before she could do anything. So I brought it in 2 days later. She stated to me on the phone that "I shouldn't expect him to get fired… After all this was his first offense." Now here is my issue. If it were a white person waiting on me and I was African American, would something be done then? Wouldn't he have been fired on the spot?

I'd like to know why I have less "Human Rights" than anyone else does and why it seems to be excusable for someone to treat "ME" this way. I truly believe this was racially motivated. And the fact that I am a young white woman, I am supposed to chalk it up to just rude behavior and just let it go. Well people, if we just let rude behavior and racism go no matter what color we are, it will continue! If I do not stand up and say something about, it goes unnoticed. I am tired of living in the DC Metro areas, and am expected to allow myself, or my family to be treated horribly. Is not customer service still customer service? Or does it not count for me...

Credit Card Denial
By -

CLARKSVILLE,, VIRGINIA -- My daughter & I were in the marketplace for over 30 minutes shopping for grocery items. We got bread, milk, Chinese foods, Mexican foods, cereal, laundry detergent, softener, etc. As we were checking-out the items, I had to keep running my charge card through the acceptance slot several times before the manager showed up. They then called for information from their head company and they said that Platinum Mastercard was not accepted.

We had over the amount to pay for this purchase and we do not understand why we were denied. Because of this denial, we will no longer attend to the Dollar General stores anywhere on the USA. Why did you deny our business when we have been reliable customers to you and this is causing problems just because we are honest Americans. I see you accept other people and I think this is called discrimination against my daughter, who is handicapped, and myself, who is a retired senior citizen. Where are our legal rights that have been denied by a store that has been good to us until tonight round 8:45 pm. You will no longer receive our business. Thank you.

Dollar General, Oologah, Oklahoma
By -

OOLOGAH, OKLAHOMA -- I and my family have been shopping at the Dollar General in Oologah, OK for the last 4 years. A year ago my son's ex girlfriend's sister in law started as working as the manager. Over this time there have been small infractions that she has started with my oldest daughter including but not limited to trying to get a cussing match started in the store by accusing my daughter of throwing stuff off the shelves into the floor. When in reality a child that was with my (grown) daughter had bumped something and knocked off by accident and before they could pick it up Diana jumped on them.

But the latest and incidents have been worse and more humiliating, he and her employees have started chasing us around the store and popping in and out from behind shelves acting like we have stolen something. We shop at that store daily and have never stolen a thing and I'd like to see any proof they have. Because at this point I'm calling my lawyer and filing complaint charges against Dollar General Corp. for harassment and slander because we have heard them blatantly call us thieves while we walk by. And my proof of their actions is on the monitor records in the store that date 12/19/2010, 12/20/2010, 12/21/2010 and now 1/3/2011.

Rude Employee

LELAND, NORTH CAROLINA -- Went to Dollar General in Leland on June 12 and was looking for flower seeds. Ask an employee, who I had seen there working before, "Excuse me, could you tell me..." and she cut me off saying she was off today. So I said, "Does that mean you can't answer a question?" She turned around and said "Ma'am I'm on my way to church, what do you want?" "Nothing thank you," I replied. Now that's a Christian way to treat someone. They have lost my business completely and I will tell anyone who stands still for 30 seconds not to patron these stores.

To Mr Cal Turner
By -

HUBER HEIGHTS, OHIO -- I have worked for Dollar General in Fairborn, Ohio as a store manager since August 1999. On April 14, 2001 I was injured on the job while unloading a truck. I injured my back and rushed by medic's from the store to the hospital. The doctor put me on limited duties until May 4, 2001. Four days before I was to go back to the doctor for a re-check, my DM at the time, Judy **, threatened me. She told me workers comp or no workers comp, she was going to pull me out of my store and demote me.

On May 4, 2001 when I returned to the doctor, he 'blew up' at what the DM said and he did not release me, he took me off work until May 18, 2001. I showed the paper to Judy ** and she said, no way am I going to be out that long on workers comp. She told me if I am she'd fire me. So I continued to work in severe pain. Then on May 13, 2001 I open and closed the store as normal.

On May 14, 2001 I got a call from the bank we bank at and they told me that a deposit from the night before was $730.00 short. I stated that's funny I had TWO WITNESSES that saw me court the money, put it in the bank bag, seal the bank bag and they followed me to the bank. I notified my DM and the company's cash audit. Well, today, May 18, 2001 I was discharged for taking the money. Dollar General blames me for the missing money.

About 2 years ago the same thing happened and the manager at the time WAS NOT FIRED, she was given a lie detector test. I was wrongfully discharged without (Judy ** got her wish. She wanted me fired anyway) an investigation by Dollar General and Dollar General would not abide by the worker comp laws. If you like to talk to me I can be reached at this email address and or can be reached at **.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I want a full investigation including the bank tellers, reinstated in the same position with no loss to back pay and benefits and I want my store back. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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