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Dollar Car Rental Extremely Poor Products and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I rented a minivan from Dollar for a 12 day family vacation. The counter service was fine, but that is pretty much where the good ended. The van they gave us was not as clean as I expected it should be. There were some interior stains and it was not vacuumed thoroughly. But I had 2 boys with me and was in a bit of a rush, so I overlooked it.

After driving on the highway a bit I was noticing the transmission not shifting smoothly and applying brakes at speeds over 40 mph would cause the front end to shimmy. By this time we were well under way and on a tight schedule, so I did not take it back to the rental location to request a better vehicle. Bad Move!

You see, when we finally had the time to inquire I was told the only way I could swap would be to return it to the franchise location where I rented it or to a corporate location. Big problem with this is we are several hundred miles from either and they are not anywhere close to our planned travel path.

There is no mechanism for Dollar corporate to use a different franchise for this type of swap. Even though, in my opinion, you know me the customer, this is a safety issue since failed brakes or transmission could leave my family in a dangerous or vulnerable position. But they could only help us if we were actually broken down, not otherwise, even though I feel we had credible cause for concern. Way to go Dollar. Nobody I know will ever use your inept service again.

Taken Advantage of at the Counter
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I don't travel very often. So when my flight was delayed, I was in a hurry to get out of the airport. I was with my 4-year old son who was not cooperating. I even had to put him on the counter. The lady at the counter told me I had to get insurance (even though I am covered in NY for the rental in Florida). She told me that it would be $40 (not $40 a day). It cost me more in insurance than it did the car. It was a disgrace. I felt completely ripped off.

I tried getting a Manager or Supervisor on the phone while on the phone with their customer service, but they refused. They are more interested in their commission and incentives than they are in customer service. I would take a taxi before using them ever again. That is saying a lot considering we flew in from NY to go to Disney. I would rather take a taxi to the Disney resort and all around Disney, then use Dollar Rent A Car ever again.

Worst Car Rental Experience of My Life.
By -

WINDSOR LOCKS, CONNECTICUT -- San Diego, CA 11/5/2010. My review got kind of long so if you don't read anything else know this, car rental reservations are not set in stone so it is not too late to book with a better car rental agency and just cancel or no show for your dollar reservation. I wish someone would have told me!

Renting with Dollar was the worst experience of my life! The shuttle took forever to arrive. We saw several better shuttles pass by while we waited. Then the lady at the counter set a new low in rude service. She barks at people and isn't helpful in the least. I had a reservation for a Toyota Camry but they put me in a Kia Spectra. Our luggage didn't even fit in the trunk. I would have complained but I just didn't want to deal with the rude lady so I accepted it.

They charged us $15 a day for GPS rental (it would have been cheaper to buy one) and it didn't work. It was like 7 years old, the kind with a fat back and no touch screen. When the GPS crashed for the third time before we left the parking lot I took it back in and they quickly swapped it out for a slightly newer one. If they know it's a piece of junk why do they give it to people?

Upon returning the car we pulled to the door to unload our luggage in the pouring rain. The lady came out and instead of helping unload, she barked at us to move the car. We parked the car around back and my more patient wife went inside to deal with the rude agent while I unloaded our bags by myself in the rain.

After I unloaded the bags I went inside to find my wife losing her zen-like patience with the counter lady. We were returning the car with a full tank of gas but we didn't have a receipt so they still wanted to charge us a penalty. I was about to lose my temper so I went out and started loading my bags on the shuttle, it could have been hours until the next shuttle came.

When the shuttle driver came on board he reminded passengers to check for cell phones and chargers because they frequently find them and they have a whole box full of them in the back. One passenger joking asked if they had iPhone chargers and the driver said "let me look."The shuttle driver brought two boxes full of lost and found and let the passengers go through them and take what they liked!!

My wife asked for the manager's name to file a complaint and the lady said she did not know it. Before this experience I thought that all car rental companies were pretty much the same, but this experience taught me that is not true. Stay away from Dollar car rental like the plague. I plan on posting negative reviews as much as possible if only to warn fellow passengers to stay away!

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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Consumer Warning to any travelers renting from Dollar Rental Car at the Indianapolis Airport. Questionable practices! First of all, our trip to Indianapolis was a wonderful experience as we moved our daughter from Casa Grande Arizona to Butler University, except for our rental car nightmare.

We rented on Friday when we flew in and drove straight to the hotel. However, the next morning was a nightmare. As we were all loaded up and ready for the exciting trip to Butler, the battery was dead. Of course our daughter was upset over the thought of missing her move-in time along with orientation meetings. We called Dollar Rental Car and asked for a new vehicle (as we knew we had not done anything to drain the battery).

Additionally, my husband, who is a mechanic, even noticed that the battery terminals had been recently cleaned indicating that this vehicle had probably had previous problems with the battery. We thought Dollar Rental Car would be happy to help us out. However, we were told that because we did not buy their roadside coverage they would not replace the vehicle nor send help to fix the problem (we had AAA and did not need their coverage). We were told we would have to contact our own roadside service.

I was amazed at their lack of customer service or willingness to help stranded customers because of a faulty vehicle. We called AAA and they were there to save the day in minutes. Interestingly, AAA attempted to test the battery, but the battery was completely bad. We were told it could not even be tested, let alone charged. We had to replace the battery in order to use the vehicle to get our daughter moved in and to orientation at Butler. AAA filled out a receipt indicating that the battery was bad and the replacement charge.

When we returned the vehicle on Monday and again explained what happened and that we had to purchase a battery. Dollar Rental Car made copies of all documents so we were encouraged that Dollar Rental Car would step up and take care of their customers. We were told that ** (manager) would call us back. However, when ** called us back, she was very defensive and told us that we should have called them about the battery and that they would have given us a new vehicle; therefore they were not going to pay for the battery.

We told her that Dollar Rental Car was the first place we called, but we're told we had to call our own road side service. She then became even more defensive and told us that they would only pay for half of the battery replacement charge because we should have had the battery change authorized first, and because we did not they would not pay for the entire charge. Really?! Again we reiterated we tried to get help from Dollar Rental Car as soon as we had the faulty battery problem, but were told we had to use our own roadside service.

We explained that we tried to get them to initially fix the problem, but they refused. We also explained that we did not and still do not see any mention of pre-authorization of replacing a faulty battery in our contract. We have spoken with numerous people from Dollar Rental Car including the owners of the Indianapolis Airport location. They were rude, and resistive to taking responsibility for renting a defective vehicle. They have even stopped returning our calls.

We are appalled at the way we were treated and want to warn other travelers to avoid using this company for their rental vehicle needs. I think we will stick with AVIS and Hertz as we have always used in the past with excellent service.

Buyers Beware
By -

DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- Public BEWARE! If you're thinking of renting a car you should know the facts. The rental companies especially Dollar Thrifty are in business to trick you into spending your money. This starts from the time you book your car reservation till you arrive to pick your rental up. The sole role of the person at the rental car counter is to attempt to up-sell you a different car, small to large, etc. You will be told that some smaller cars don't have certain equipment, this is not true.

Should you reserve or rent from the Dollar Thrifty at the Daytona Beach Airport you will be subjected to harsh and continuous sales tactics. You must understand that these Rental Sales Agents are motivated by the fact that they must meet certain sales quotas or face being written up and then fire. The management of Dollar Thrifty based in Orlando FL has a financial part in this factor. When you book online with this company you are sent a random survey asking you to respond with your rental experience.

Most people figure that if they turn in a bad review they will be sent coupons that will save them on their next rental. These survey reviews are sent to the Rental agents for their review and they see what the customers are saying about their rental experience. I'm sorry to say that most of these reviews are lies from the consumers. Just remember "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" and "YOU MUST PAY TO PLAY". You will never get the deal you're looking for from this company due to the ruthless people running the company.

Also, a special note to all you local people renting in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas - smarten up and get your own car as you are getting ripped of by Dollar Thrifty every time your rent at the counter at the Daytona Airport. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF for everyone.

Dollar Rent a Car - Works to Rip Off Loyal Customers
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This past September I took a trip (Business / Personal) to Bradenton FL (just south of Tampa). I rented a car as I do most times from Dollar and was given a Ford Focus. To get from Tampa to Bradenton you get on I-275 at Tampa International and stay on it until you arrive in Bradenton, FL. 1 road with a bridge toll. To get back you take the same exact way.

So why is it a month after I was in Florida I received a notice from Dollar that my credit card was charged $4.00 for tolls that I "failed to pay for" and $100 for letting me know. $104.00 for running tolls that I DID NOT run. They stated that I ran tolls that were to the East Side of Tampa, which I had never been to, on a road that I had no business being on. Additionally I found after some investigation that the toll violations happened when I was in a business meeting in Ellington FL at a Starbucks with a co-worker. I have 3 receipts showing that I was at this Starbucks 1 hr away from the tolls that were supposedly violated.

So with this information I disputed the charge with AMEX. I let AMEX know that I make the charges for the Starbucks on my AMEX card as well so that they could check the times of the violations with the time of my purchases. And then I waited. I received a letter from AMEX a month later with A Lot of documents stating that they had found in favor of Dollar. WHAT!! I called to find out what was going on and the lady could not find a record of where I had told the AMEX person of the Starbucks charges, so she logged it this time.

Additionally I read every piece of paper that was sent from Dollar and found that the documents stated that the car that violated the tolls was a Dodge Magnum, NOT a Ford Focus. I did not have a Dodge Magnum and I have to say at this point I am a pretty frugal person when it comes to rental cars and will only rent the lowest priced car available (Ford Focus, Kia Rio, etc). I have never even had a Magnum.

So now I have proof that I was over 1 hour away and the car that violated the tolls was not even the car that I had possession of for my trip. I have at this point offered signed notarized affidavits from my co-worker and my friends that I was staying with stating that I had a Ford Focus.

I am not sure what more proof they need, but..... For sure I feel that I am being screwed and probably due to Dollar Rent A Car's computer system error or human error at Dollar Rent A Car! I have disputed the charge for a second time now and I have faxed the receipts from Starbucks to AMEX. I will wait and see if they find the truth this time.

DO NOT, DO NOT RENT FROM DOLLAR! DO NOT, DO NOT EVER LET THEM GET AWAY WITH CHARGING YOU FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT DO! After a different situation I have started to photograph all angles of the outside and inside of the cars I rent with Time Stamp before leaving the rental location. I email them to myself from my laptop so that again it can be traced back to the time and date the photos were taken. This way I will not get another $700 charge for a dent that I did not make.

I know that everyone is on hard times, and I feel that many companies are looking for ways to add extra charges to their customers. They are banking that we the people they are screwing do not have the energy to fight back. PLEASE DO FIGHT BACK WITH ALL YOU HAVE!

Dollar Doesn't Honor Their Own Agreement
By -

I agreed to a contract to rent a car from Dollar based on a weekly rate. I agreed to pick up the car on a Friday at 1pm and drop it off at Tuesday at 4pm. I was quoted $158 based on these times. I arrived at the counter at 12:58 pm (2 minutes prior to the agreed time) and was told that the rental would be $188. The reason given by Dollar was that they operate on a 24 hour clock that begins at time of pickup and that I would be assessed 3 additional hours in addition to the four days.

I told them that I was quoted $158 based on these exact times and that they should honor their own quote. Besides, it was a weekly rate and I was only using the car for 4 days and three hours. After much discussion another clerk simply changed the drop-off time to 5pm and this "fixed" the problem since now I was now renting the car for 4 days and 4 hours which is the same as 5 days to them and the rate would return to the $158 rate as quoted. Are you confused?

That seemed simple enough until I realized that when I returned the car at 4pm that the problem would return. I was right. I called the 800 number and explained the situation and got the same "24 hour clock" speech. After a 15 minute wait to speak to a supervisor I got the same speech again. ** (a female) actually tried to go as far as to say that part of the problem was that I picked up the car two minutes early (as if I had control over their waiting line)!! After much more discussion and personal berating of her company's ethics, she agreed to call the local manager in Philadelphia to honor the original price when I returned the car at 4pm.

Upon return all went well and they were well-mannered. **, the check-in person was very helpful. But not all is well. There was a small dent in the roof rail above the rear door window that I did not notice when I checked out. When I arrived at our destination I noticed it, but of course it was too late. Upon my return I had to fill out a form along with my insurance policy number but they assured me that I would not be charged, only that I did not initially notice it. We'll see.

So why do I mention this? I think that it is possible that they gave me this car (because I was a "problem") with the hope that I did not notice the dent so that they can bill me for it, or at least put me through some additional aggravation. I hope I am wrong. Bottom line: Dollar is either going to extract more money from your wallet, or waste a lot of your time trying to hold them to their agreement. Also you may get a "problem car" for your efforts. Never again. I hope that you can learn from my experience.

Dollar Failure in Safety
By -

On January 28th, at approximately 2 pm, myself and my alternate driver were driving at about 60 mph eastbound in I70 down the mountain about 15 miles from Denver (in and around Evergreen). I noticed that our ability to accelerate ceased. Simultaneously an indicator light with a lightning bolt symbol lit up on the dashboard. There are no words associated with the indicator light so we were not clear on its meaning.

As I tried to maintain speed (turned on hazard lights) and identify a safe location to stop the car, my associate looked for a manual (in order to identify the symbol) in the glove compartment and found none. She called Roadside Services as per the instructions in the agreement.

A woman who self-identified as "**" answered the call. She advised us at that time to "jiggle" or "move in and out" the shift from gear. We explained that we were decelerating rapidly on I70 and that we could not risk experimenting with the car and that someone should be dispatched to assist us. Our representative insisted that we try this and despite clear risks, we tried to comply because we had the sense that without following those instructions no assistance would be dispatched.

Toggling the gear did not recover acceleration at that point and so we took the opportunity to pull over. We asked ** to arrange to send roadside assistance but she insisted that we continue to try to toggle the gear. We tried to explain that we were not in a position to experiment with the car on a major highway with high speed traffic, that that was, in fact, a dangerous proposal.

Her response was, "I can either send help that will get there in 2-3 hours or I can get you to try to do this approach that will get you started in 5 minutes." We asked if ground transport (e.g. taxi or limo service) could be subcontracted to collect us and to transport us to the airport since we had to catch a plane.

The response was that, no, Roadside Assistance would send a tow with a second car, which they would exchange with our broken car. And that we would then be expected to drive the second car to Dollar to complete the rental agreement. That assistance would now be predicted to arrive in 1.5-2 hours. We explained that that time frame was not acceptable. We were not in a place where it was safe to remain for that amount of time (approaching sunset).

Since there was daylight, we were confident someone could easily find us. As the sun set, it would be more difficult for us to be found and the risk of our being hit by traffic would increase. The response to that was "Did you hear what I said?" We were then told we could arrange a taxi for ourselves at our own expense, but that if we did not inform them of that choice in adequate advance notice, and if the tow with the second car was sent out, we would be charged extra for that tow.

We determined that Roadside Assistance did not have our best interests in terms of safety in mind. We were fortunate to find a taxi service that would be available to collect us within 30 minutes. We called and spoke with the Colorado State Patrol who put us through to Trooper ** who documented the situation with the location of the car, that we would be leaving it and that Roadside Assistance would be sending a tow.

When our taxi driver did arrive we called Roadside Assistance, spoke with two different people. The first was a woman (name unknown) who confirmed that we could leave the keys to the car in the car (underneath the driver's mat) and we were to leave the passenger side open. Dollar confirmed this and confirmed that the tow with the second car had been canceled and that order was now just to recover the original broken car.

Our opinion is that Roadside Assistance failed in consideration of the safety of the cars and customers for whom it is to provide assistance. ** was rude, unsympathetic, and provided dangerous recommendations to experiment with a clearly broken vehicle on a major highway. Further, Roadside Assistance failed to recognize that our only option was to park the car in a precarious location that endangered the safety of the passengers. This situation could have been tempered by offering to assist with arranging rapid ground transport as was available in the area.

Trying to Obtain Quote From 'Worldwide' Reservations Centre - Don't Bother
By -

You would not believe the problems I have had with Dollar just trying to get a quote. This has been going on for 3 weeks. A long story, but worth the read. In other words, never rent with Dollar! I am in Australia and traveling to San Francisco in July 2009. I was especially interested in hiring a Chevy Corvette Convertible from their style series range, but was having issues in displaying prices/availability on the website.

I decided instead that I would email their worldwide reservation desk with my simple inquiry. Bear in mind when you read the below, that it is the same person responding to me each time, and so they had records of my previous emails (through the tracking number).

  1. I sent them an email and explained that I couldn't get the website to show me prices and told them the type of vehicle I wanted, my pick up location and that I wanted a 1 week period in July.
  2. What I got back was an email (not the automated one but a personal written one) that said I can obtain the rates by going to the website.
  3. I emailed back and I explained that (as per my first email) I had tried to do that already, and so was seeking assistance.
  4. I then received an email back saying they could not provide me with a quote without the rental location.
  5. I replied and said that I had already provided this, and all I wanted was a quote.
  6. She then responded and said that was correct, but they could not provide a quote without details of when I wanted to hire.
  7. I replied and said I had provided this and by this time I am getting annoyed.
  8. She then replied saying to check the website and giving me instructions (talking in a very condescending manner) how to use it.
  9. I replied and said I had already tried that and just wanted a quote and dates that the vehicle WAS AVAILABLE so I could arrange my holiday around getting this vehicle.
  10. She then replied and said without EXACT dates they could not even give me a rough price or quote.
  11. I replied and asked her to try any 1 week period throughout July 2009, to see when it was available and providing they could do this I would book straight away.
  12. The same lady then responded saying they could not provide me with a quote without the rental location or exact dates.

Now by this time I felt like I was being wound up. I made a complaint via email to head office, who never responded. I had also asked the sales representative for the contact details of their complaints dept or customer advocate - never a response! Of course! And now 2 weeks later I thought I would give it one last try. So emailed her back asking her to just call the rental location and ASK when it was going to be available. She replied back saying she made the call, and the car had been pulled from the rental location in 2009 due to unpopularity.

I am very angry now. Could she not have just done this in the first place? It would seem that Dollar are really not interested in whether they have a customer or not, and in the current economic down spiral, I would have thought that companies would be tripping over themselves to get customers. I will NEVER rent from Dollar. EVER.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I reserved a Kia Rio (or similar) economy car online, with Dollar Rent A Car, to be picked up Monday, Sept. 15, 2008 at Tucson International Airport and to be dropped off Sunday September 21 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. On the 15th we arrived at the Dollar Rent A Car counter at the designated time to pick up our car. We were told that there were no cars available but that they had an arrangement with Alamo to rent us a car and that if there were any discrepancies in the rental price, we would be reimbursed.

The gentleman who helped us was very apologetic and helpful. I was a little disappointed as I had made my reservations on June 18th and now I was being told they did not have a car for me. However, it seemed that the employee had taken care of any problems, was nice, and so we went on to Alamo to get our car. After waiting in line for 30 minutes at Alamo, we were informed that the only vehicle that we could take to Phoenix was an SUV and would cost at least $600, almost $400 more than we had planned on paying.

My husband and I knew that we could not afford this difference even though Dollar had promised they would pay the difference, we decided to check with them. We called Dollar from the Alamo counter and explained the situation. The person I spoke to told me to ‘wait a minute' and began talking to someone in the background. While I was waiting for a response, the Alamo representative began talking to me as I explained my frustration with the situation. She made an innocent comment stating that Alamo did not have a policy of overbooking. I replied that I think that would be a good lesson for Dollar.

Immediately, the Dollar representative began yelling at me on the phone stating that he did not appreciate my attitude and that it was uncalled for. I asked if he even knew what I was responding to. He said no. I then told him that based on the situation that DOLLAR had put me in I was being more than cooperative and understanding. I had not raised my voice, I had not cussed, I had not complained a SINGLE time. He continued to berate me at which point I became upset and let my husband deal with the problem.

He hung up the phone and went back to the Dollar counter where the same representative, whom we later found to be named **, continued to be uncooperative and kept insisting that he was just trying to help us. (Of course reneging on an agreement and reducing a woman to tears is my idea of helpful! What was I thinking?!) My husband replied that we appreciated that but the only way to help us was to get us a car. He even tried to tell my husband that just because we had a reservation, it did not guarantee that we would have a car.

I think he should be shown a dictionary as the definition, by Webster's, of reservation includes an arrangement to have something (as a hotel room) held for one's use; also a promise, guarantee, or record of such engagement. By the very definition, a reservation is a promise or guarantee!! My husband finally had to become firm with ** and miraculously, a car was found for us. I truly believe, that had my husband not intervened, ** would have continued to be disrespectful and bully-ish to me and I would have been left high and dry. As soon as a man entered the situation he became accommodating and helpful.

I feel that I was disrespected as a customer and a person. The simple fact that we had a contract for services to be rendered, that initially the company was not going to honor, is enough for me never to use Dollar Rent A Car again (much less recommend it to others). Combine this with the horrendous attitude and customer service given by **, and the situation is even worse. I cannot see how this company will continue to survive when there are so many other choices out there. I suggest a change in policy and better employee training. My experience was (negatively) unforgettable.

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