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Domestications "Imperial Dragon".. Bleeds
Posted by on
I ordered the "Imperial Dragon" comforter set, one set of sheets and a pair of curtains from "Domestications", an online catalog company. All were in the same design. The pattern is dark red with black accents. I immediately washed the comforter set in COLD water on the DELICATE cycle although the label said to use warm water.
The inside of my dryer is now RED ! I called Domestications. They said they aren't liable for any damages because I didn't follow manufacturers directions. They supposedly refunded shipping costs of $39.99 to my credit card. I won't know for a few days if that is true.
Before I prepared to mail everything back I decided to test the sheet set on a warm water wash (as instructions stated). Not only is the drum in my dryer a deeper RED now but upon inspecting the pillow cases I saw that the red had disappeared on every fold line on them and on the sheets too. Did same thing to all the stuff.
Domestications told me on the phone that they'd send a return label but it'd take 10-14 days to get it to me. I told them to forget that,I paid $21.40 to the post office for Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation.
The whole set wasn't worth $10.00 combined.
Material was stiff as a board and fabric softener didn't help at all.
Avoid this company at all costs, they're products are worth nothing.
Funny side note...The palms of my hands are tinged red from handling the wet fabrics !
AND bleach on a wet sponge didn't get half the red out of my dryer.
I'll update this review on how fast I get a refund of $99.97 plus the $39.99 S&H charge.
(I wonder if that red dye in my dryer will turn my husbands white socks pink ?)
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 12/06/2005:
If the whole set was only worth $10 why did the shipping cost $40. Why did you spend $20some bucks to return it. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just throw it away?
CrazyRedHead on 12/06/2005:
Why didn't you follow the labels instructions. They are not put there for decorations. The bleeding is your own fault. If you would have followed the labels instructions then you would have a legitimate reason for a refund. You are not entitled to anything. The staining of your hands and the dryer are your fault, I would be more understanding if you followed the manufactures guidelines.
CjCinColorado on 12/07/2005:
Label instructions said to wash in warm water. I knew it was not good quality so I used cold water.
The set cost $100.00. I tried warm on the sheets. Dye came out still. Just the worst quality I've EVER seen in ANY fabric. This set was a gift for my son who is seriously ill. Otherwise I wouldn't have even tried to wash it. The whole set is garbage.
Ponie on 12/07/2005:
Can't really follow this 'complaint.' What does your son being seriously ill have to do with this purchase? If, as you say, it was not good quality, why did you buy it in the first place? If your son were not 'seriously ill', would you have bought a better quality set?????
Anonymous on 12/07/2005:
A lot of your problems could be avoided if you would shop at stores and not online or mail order as much. Hope your son is feeling better.
Anonymous on 12/07/2005:
You know, people like you really make me happy that I am out of customer service. You goof up & then you try to blame the company. You admitted that you did not follow the directions. Why should the company pay for the damage?
CjCinColorado on 12/10/2005:
OK, first,my son saw the set online. It's a Xmas gift. AND, for your information - no one with any laundering experience would wash a dark red with black accents Comforter set in warm water. I called the buyer for this product and she agreed with me. Cold water is the preferred washing method for dark colors. Domestications has already refunded every penny I spent. Now, the buyer 'Stephanie', is testing the set herself. She understands why I'm upset, I haven't seen dye come out of a fabric like this in more than 20 years. Darn guys,give me a break,Idon't other people ruining their dryers too !
And...I DID wash a couple of items in warm water and the bleeding was worse.
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Sold my credit card information
Posted by on sold my information and more importantly sold my credit card number to a company called Buyers edge. I received a letter in the mail from Buyers edge thanking me for joining their membership program, normally I would just throw this stuff in the trash but the letter went on to say that they would automatically charge my credit card on file for $99 if I didn’t cancel within 30 days. When I called to cancel, I asked how they got my information and I was told Domestications signed me up.

If you order product on line from Domestications, watch out for this scam.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/27/2007:
I would go back to Domestications and see if you inadvertently agreed to this and if not, make sure you report them immediately. If you haven't already, you should cancel the credit card too and get a replacement card issued.
dje353 on 08/29/2007:
Thanks, I did run a fake order on's web site and found nothing mentioning that they would be signing me up or selling my credit card info
Jemsr on 09/10/2008:
I was conned in exactly the same way by Domestications and Buyer's Edge only I didn't discover what had happened until I received a renewal statement in the mail a year later telling me that I would be charged again if I did not cancel. (When we saw the charge on our credit card both my husband and I assumed it was something the other had ordered and we didn't check it out). When I called to cancel I was told that I had agreed to the charge when I ordered from Domestications. Absolutely not true as I have a rule about saying no to all solicitations over the phone. My original order was over the phone as well, so the scam is not limited to online ordering.
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