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The Domino Effect

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- A friend of mine that is not a member of this site, told me about his recent experience ordering a pizza. I told him to write it down and email it to me and I would post it. Here is his experience. Disappointment arrived for dinner tonight, on time 30 minutes after I ordered it. “Wagon wheel” in shape and size and about as edible and appetizing - sheathed in enough cardboard to make me consider recycling.

The Domino's Thick Crust Extra Large Pepperoni shows up at my doorstep presented proudly by a teen who braved the sub-zero wind chill to bring us dinner on an evening when none of us wanted to get up, get out, or go out to a restaurant only to wait too long for bad service - longing for that happy vibrating feeling you get in your pocket that makes you feel “special” because YOU've been summoned to dine and are going to the front of the line to be seated ahead of other diners ala Seinfeld.

I disregarded the confusion on the cost, chalked it up to teenage angst and tipped the kid 3.50, apropos considering he only had to motor a mile or so to my house. Like vultures sizing up road kill, my wife, son and I circled the “circle” in a square box on the kitchen island, staking our claims on hearty looking triangles of pizza prized with the most little pepperoni circles – the conflicting geometry only adds to our hunger lust. We slap the slices on the family pattern, the 9” paper plate and gobble into high gear.

The first thing I found missing from the party was not only “taste” but also “texture.” Allegedly “thick crust,” I'd barely consider this a bump in the road. And only more disappointing was overall flavor. I'm not a pizza aficionado, in fact we very rarely order in, but I think I know a thing or two about what's supposed to taste good, I've been eating for better than 45 years. Abundant pepperonis, though tasteless - accompanied by bland tomato sauce and an afterthought of cheese provided us with little more than comfort from the cold outside. I heard Chef-Boyardee chuckle heartily from the pantry.

My 6 year old son chowed through about half of this pizza, not such a trick considering the crust was not so great and the overall appeal was blah – the wife and I agreed that the only thing good about dinner tonight was that we didn't have to go out in the cold and pay too much for bad service at a restaurant where we'd feel compelled to tip on top of paying too much for small portions in this down economy. At least we were served disappointment at home for a change.

With coupon and tip we three dined tonight for a bit less than 20 dollars, and I can't knock the price of beer out of the home fridge. Future pizza purchases are not too likely to come from this establishment though, we'll consider another chain or a local I suppose. I realize in life you often get what you pay for – I just didn't think I was paying disappointment. Enough said.

Crappy employers
By -

BARTLESVILLE, OKLAHOMA -- I work at Domino's pizza and I hate that I see all these people complaining but I know that all of our employees are threatened with their jobs every single day... It's horrible so we have to do exactly what we're told which what I read is the things were supposed to do... and if we don't do what we're told we will get terminated.

Artisan Pizzas... Nom Nom
By -

OK so my first review under this account, yay! Anyway, my husband caught an ad for Domino's new "Artisan" pizzas. He knew right then and there what he desired for dinner. I was skeptical to say the least. Not only did I NOT want pizza for dinner, but I didn't want Domino's specifically. I figured I would at least give these new pizzas a shot.

I ordered the spinach/feta alfredo one for me, and the sausage and peppers one for him. They are 6 slice rectangle pizzas that focus on toppings and cheese over crust and sauce. The crust is thinner then a normal pizza, but not crispy. It's definitely a chewy crust.

I normally get a pizza very similar to the spinach alfredo so I wasn't expecting much, but this pizza was really good! The mix of different cheeses was very appreciated, and the plain crust was a welcome change over their garlic dusted variety (I enjoy that crust too but it would not work well with this pie). I thought the cheeses + alfredo sauce would be really overpowering, but they worked well together. My husband ate his entire pizza and said he enjoyed it, and I ate 2 slices and saved the rest. It was so good I would have gladly eaten more, but I refuse to be a fatty.

At $7.99 they're an affordable deviation from a standard pie. If you go on their Facebook page they are giving away these pizzas for free. I believe the next giveaway is Monday. So if you don't feel like spending $7.99 you can at least try to get yourself a free dinner Monday. My only complaint is more silly than anything. On the box they make a fuss about how they're not really artisans but the maker of the pizza (or the manager) is supposed to sign the box on a special dotted line to signify their commitment to bla bla bla. Both our boxes were unsigned, I guess there is no commitment at my location! lol I'm sure corporate would not be pleased.

Bad Customer Service
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JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Some co-workers and I wanted to celebrate July 4th with having pizza thought instead of ordering from Little Ceaser's pizza we thought about Domino's pizza. I ordered 8 LG pizza's 2 double pepp, 2 double sausage, 2 double can/bacon, 2 cheese and 2 mediums with pepp, sausage, can/bacon total order came too 81.84. Also was very specific with what I had ordered wanted to have a small box of your peppers, parmesan cheese packets and lots of napkins.

When we arrived were greeted by server ** told her who I was. She got the first part of the order. When I asked where the small box of your peppers, parmesan cheese packets and lots of napkins, she became very snappy and said "that is only the first half of your order." Upon getting the rest of my order she continued her rude behavior by making comments about where I work. She said "that's why we don't deliver to NCO." I do work there. Always show respect to everyone no matter the case. Store manager was even in on it too laughing at us.

When I waited to contact the store manager yesterday he was rude, basically called me a liar that I had attacked his employees first verbally. Believe me if I had done as he had said someone would have gone to jail.

So I went to Facebook made a complaint to Domino's there. Guess what? They took the complaint off even blocking me from making a complaint with them. I have made a complaint with *Domino's Customer Case #: **. Now the response is quick from them. Now I want justice for how I've been treated and mocked by the employees. Stay away from 1505 West 10th Street, Joplin store. Manager cares more about protecting his employees than the brand of Domino's.

Now this has turned into this, I've been in customer service for 30 yrs never have I seen such disrespect for a customer. Yet no one has said that the employees will be disciplined for disrespect. I should ask for compensation from them. That is sinking below the belt. Customers are wrong sometimes. In this situation I am right on the money with all of this. If anyone knows the corporate ** I would love to have it. This is not over yet.

No customer service
By -

PORT ALLEN, LOUISIANA -- Today I order Domino's pizza to eat at work. I was told that the order I originally made was not big enough to qualify for delivery. The minimum was 20 dollars. I told him to make it anyway and I would close down work to pick it up. He told me he could not do this due the fact he started it already as a delivery order. I told him too add a 2 litter coke to raise the price, trying to be as helpful as possible.

Soon after this ordeal he told me that the delivery guy should be back any minute and that it would be 30 minutes. I said that was fine. 45 minutes later when my pizzas have not arrived I called to cancel my order so I could run up the street for something else and also not spend as much money. The gentleman who talk my order very rudely said that the food was already cooked and it was 20 dollars worth of food and that I should be more patient. I felt that I was patient enough. I then told him that I understood that I was a waitress and I know how things can be but it had almost been an hour at that point and the delivery man wasn't there yet.

I knew for a fact that it took about 15 minutes to get from Domino's to my office building. The gentleman refused to cancel my order practically yelling at me and saying "Well what am I supposed to do with this food?" I told him "Never mind. Keep my order. It just better be there in 15 minutes and be hot." I only did this because I was guilt tripped. So an hour and 30 minutes later I finally got my food. Needless to say it was cold and the order was wrong but I didn't feel like fighting a losing battle. I will never go to or call Domino's in Port Allen, Louisiana ever again.

Bad Pizza
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered a pizza at 6:30 Friday. The pizza man delivered the pizza at 8:30 after I was told that it would be 40 minutes. Then the delivery guy said to come outside that, he could not find the house but was on the street. I stood outside in the cold. No car, no delivery man either. I called back, my address was **. He informed me, "Oh I thought you said 51st." Well, I paid him, brought the food in to 4 hungry little girls.

The pizza was supposed to be cheese. It was cold, burnt brown & very dry. The bread sticks were cold & hard. I called the Domino's store and asked for the manager. After a long wait, all I received was a "sorry." Do not intend to ever order again. Very disappointed.

Not delivering to your house anymore
By -

BIDDEFORD, MAINE -- Kudos to the franchise for making a great hand tossed pizza. I know doesn't sound like a complaint it's not the pizza... that said we ordered from them several times and we live about 3 miles from the Biddeford, Maine site which we confirmed with them. Then, this is after they delivered multiple times to my house... "we cannot delivery to your house." When asked why? The person said "cause we don't..." yet they delivery to my friends' house on Brenda Circle in Saco which is about 5 miles away. So why stop delivery to my house which is closer... Well I guess you're going to lose my business. You know that's a bad business move on your part...

Wish the franchise was able to straighten this policy. If you deliver up to 5 miles then do so... Now if you want the special to medium pizzas as advertised you must place the order online. What? You guys make things difficult and losing business... Wise up and give the customers the deals. Not everyone has a computer... for pizza that's good you are not wise business people or good at customer service.

Poor service, late deliver, wrong order, and the cold pizza was not even cut.
By -

My wife ordered a simple pie and wings since we worked late tonight. But on the contrary of what their advertisement said, which they probably spent millions on. We placed a simple order that took forever to receive, and when we finally got it, sauces we ordered were missing and the pizza was cold and uncut. We called and ** who was off the clock offered to drop them off since he lived a half block away. So I guess what I am getting at is that Domino's still sucks and you can't pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Sorry for your inconvenience. It will not happen again. Thank you for a crappy night!

Crunch Cakes are the bomb diggity
By -

BENNINGTON, VERMONT -- I just ordered some Domino's and decided to tack on a 3.99 box of 2 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes. I had no idea what it was, but the boyfriend had been losing his mind ever since he saw the commercial, so I decided to give it a go.

These are awesome! One is just enough. The whole thing kind of has the texture of a brownie "edge" - super chewy and rich. On the inside is a generous amount of molten fudge - probably the same stuff used in hot fudge sundaes. They're dusted with powdered sugar and very, very sweet. Overall - very, very good quantity and price. Nice addition to your Friday night carb-coma.

Dominos both locally and nationally has crap customer service
By -

GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK -- Last week, as I was recovering from a painful illness, I was awakened--second time this year--by a Domino's delivery driver knocking on my door at 1:30 in the morning. It's very hard to get up when one is in pain, to answer a door--and harder still to go back to sleep. And, I was very sound asleep, and didn't order a stinking pizza. I was justifiably angry, that Domino's did not get better directions at that hour, so the driver wouldn't make any mistakes.

I complained to the main website about it. I did say that I hated Domino's--only because this was the second time a delivery man has mistakenly knocked and woke me post-midnight. When I wrote, it was 2 am and I was in pain, tired, and angry--I had to get up for work at 7 am, and knowing that I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep made me just a wee cranky.

The first response I got from Domino's was an auto responsemerely telling me they'd shuffle my complaint on to the local shop. The response I got from the local shop, was nothing less than infantile and sarcastic (see below). If I only MOMENTARILY hated them before, I certainly hate them FOREVER now. Domino's has CRAP customer relations! After this e-mail, I wouldn't touch anything by Domino's with a barge pole. I'll order local, or go to Subway or Pizza Hut or whatever.

E-MAIL: Normally for any complaint I would offer a free meal and dessert on us but since you hate Domino's Pizza all I can do is apologize for my driver disturbing you last night... ETC.

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