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Domino's Stores Need To Close!

OK, so I'm obviously not the first person to have a complaint about Domino's and I'm sure I won't be the last. They have no clue how to deal with the public and should honestly hire competent people. And the most aggravating thing is that the people who are supposed to be in charge of these stores are even MORE rude than the people without the superior title.

So my complaint goes like this. 2 months ago I ordered a special that nobody in the store was even familiar with so I ended up repeating it about 6 times to the point that I finally asked to speak with a manager. I was shocked and disgusted that this manager had an even worse attitude and hung up on me 4 times. Every time I called back, had to listen to that stupid recording about specials they offer that no employee is even familiar with.

Long story short, it took 35 minutes to order a pizza that I ended up getting at no charge because of this poor customer service. So because I know you should give a place another chance and I like their pizza, I've ordered from this location since. That is until tonight when I placed the same order. The same special and still the same problem!! I placed my order with a girl that sounded stoned and once again had to REPEAT my order 4 times. I waited an hour and decided to call and check on my order and big shock, the stoned female employee never put my order in and apparently left for the night.

The same jerk manager I had words with the 2 months previous when they screwed up my order basically accused me of lying about the fact that I even placed the order an hour previous. Like I was some prank teenager looking for a free meal! Once again this guy in charge of this store hung up on me several times after I asked for a general manager or a corporate number. He refused to give me numbers or names of anyone that could handle my complaint and said it basically wasn't his problem and didn't care.

I took it upon myself to research and find some numbers of professional people in charge of Domino's and made a call to a District manager who also said, that's not my store and if you have a complaint you should E-mail the complaint line on Domino's website. I believe in giving people a second chance because everyone makes mistakes, but it seems that Domino's makes mistakes a general practice and then don't care if they lose a customer or not.

And why is this? I have a theory. They are a multi-million dollar corporation and there are a million other people that order their over priced food and enjoy the abuse if something does go wrong with their order. I for one have had it with Domino's and the disgusting approach of managers who are supposedly trained to handle customer complaints. And even though I'm writing about this experience with Domino's, sadly it won't make a difference and I have wasted 2 hours of my Saturday trying to get some satisfaction. Domino's, you suck and I'd rather eat a frozen pizza than ever order from your abusive stores again.

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