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Wrong Order
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I placed my order online. 2 medium 2-topping pizzas, 14 hot wings and stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta, wings with ranch and bread with garlic dipping sauce. When I was ready to pay, the app said there was an error and after 10 min I decided to call the store! I told the guy what happened with the app and he said he was sorry but they were not related to the web!

So I told him my order again, exactly like the first one and he told me my total! $34.63! That was at 5:57 pm. He said it was going to take 40-45 min. Fine! I said... I was hungry! At 6:41 pm they called me (by the way something was wrong with their phone because it was hard to understand) saying that I had two orders and I said I was having problems understanding but that I ONLY HAD ONE order.

After the call I asked, "How long?" He said, "20 more min!" What? After the 50 minutes I already wait? OK I told him "but if you take more than that I will call and cancel when I got my food." The guy gave me a first receipt and said this is to show we void the first order! And then he gave me a second receipt and asked me to sign!

I did. Got my 4 boxes and he apologized for everything! I open my food boxes and the stuffed cheesy bread WAS NOT spinach and feta and the pizza was NOT fresh! AND I got marinara sauce instead of garlic EVEN THOUGH the box says SPINACH AND FETA and GARLIC DIP! So I decided to check my bank account and yes, they CHARGED ME TWICE!!! I will wait until tomorrow. I hope they refund my money because if they don't I won't stop until they do!

False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT -- Ever since the 7.99 carryout deal has been playing in Connecticut there is no Domino's that will actually honor that commercial. Stop showing the commercial because it's just a joke. I've called every Domino's in my area and outside of my area just to pick up a pizza. There are other local restaurants that don't have that special deal but their pizza is also good. I've always loved Domino's Pizza but because I can't participate in the special offer I haven't bought a pizza from them in over a year's participation variable for Domino's or do you not enforce it.

I would love to buy a large topping pizza for 7.99 but I can't. Can someone rectify this or should I still shop for pizza at local restaurants? I'm not the only one that goes through this. Either I live in a complex. Words hundreds of people we all live close to Domino's but no one buy their food. That's business out the door because the manager doesn't want to honor in the commercial. Thank you for your time.

Burnt Disgusting Pizza Not Once but Twice
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY -- My goddaughter wanted Domino's Pizza so I ordered a large pizza with sausage and bacon as toppings, 8 boneless PCS of chicken and a 2 liter sprite. The order came to $20.00 and came in about 40 min. completely BURNT! I found the pizza to be uneatable. I called to complain and was told by management that was how that style of pizza (pan pizza in the black box) was normally fixed. I told him that that was not true because I have had this style before. He sounded like I irritated him and said “OK, OK, I will send you another one.” I said “fine, thank you.”

SADLY I have to complain that when that pizza arrived to my home I in fact returned the original uneaten pizza and received what I thought would be a better made pizza. To my surprise it too was also completely BURNT as well. I just gave up because I had to feed my 12 year old goddaughter who had waited at this point over an hour to eat. I am very disappointed and will NEVER order pizza from Domino's again. I didn't feel this issue would be solved by way of management at the Atlantic City Store after speaking to him earlier. So I decided to contact the home office of Domino's.

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Rating: 3/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I have been ordering Domino's for a good while now, but this time the delivery man name ** on Hixson Pike, had an attitude with me. I know I'm supposed to answer my phone before they leave the store to bring your order. OK, I answered my phone when he called the first time but then he called again and I didn't get it. So, he came to the door and said "next time I'm not going to bring your order." But it's the way he said it. Then he said "Papa John's delivers, call them the next time." So I called the store and complained. He should be fired.

An Employee's Point Of View
By -

ARKANSAS -- First off let me explain that it is very late and that I will most likely make spelling errors. I apologize. Now to get to what I have to say. I currently work at a Domino's Pizza. I have read a lot of complaints about Domino's Pizza from many sites. To be totally honest, most are completely understandable and reasonable. I am just here to offer an observation or three from the other side of the counter. I do not claim to represent Domino's. I speak for myself.

One of the most common complaints is about rude employees/managers. These complaints are pretty fair. The major problem is that you are speaking to a person who makes minimum wage, or close enough to it. The threat of being fired isn't really all that troubling when you make minimum wage. Having no benefits combined with low pay gives somebody with a bad attitude a LOT of freedom.

They can pretty much do whatever they want with no real consequences. Sure they know they can be fired. So they just go get another job the next day. Even in a bad economy, there's always minimum wage jobs .available. I see it all the time. You combine low pay with a bunch of kids, and they are kids with little to no bills, and throw in a splash of poor work ethics and you will get some terrible service. I am not attempting to excuse anyone's sorry customer service, I am simply trying to illuminate the why of it.

Another complaint is about the poor delivery times. I hear it all the time. To be honest, I have had my share of deliveries that were late. This one is a bit tricky. If the phones keep ringing, the pizzas get delayed because, and I kid you not on this one, Domino's number one priority is to answer the phones. That is no exaggeration. It is in the employee handbook and is in practice in stores. So if the phone keeps ringing, it takes longer and longer and longer just to start making the first pizza from the first order.

Then there is traffic, car accidents, trains, funeral processions, power outages, roadwork, etc. to consider. I didn't mention weather because most people realize that if it's snowing or raining, the driver is going to take longer. With all this to consider, you might only be 5 minutes away, but it could still take 45 minutes to get to you. Sometimes the only thing the driver can do is apologize. I realize that is not really good enough when the entire purpose of the business is customer satisfaction, but again I am simply trying to illuminate the why of it.

Quality of the product rounds out the top 3 of complaints. Again, this is a totally reasonable complaint. I know that in my store, much of our equipment was new when Carter was president. Yes, Carter, I am truly not joking here. A stove that has been running at 500 degrees for 7 days a week, 12-13 hours a day, 363 days of the year (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas), simply stops cooking properly. The cooler in the back, the makeline up front (the "cold" area we make all the pizzas at), and the AC are all in similar condition. The customer deserves better than this, but again I am simply trying to illuminate the why of it.

I think that is enough for now. I wish all of you the best of luck in your pursuit of a quality product, at a fair price, from a courteous staff. Domino's would do well to remember the words of Earl Nightingale ~ “We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.”

Domino's Pizza - Brooklyn Park, MN (West) - Order one thing, get another, Manager who says
By -

BROOKLYN PARK, MINNESOTA -- It's been a long time relationship but tonight me and Domino's are getting a divorce. The Brooklyn Park, MN (West) location has lost my business. We've been ordering from them for something like 15 years but after the way their young manager treated us tonight we've said goodbye to them.

After seeing a commercial for "two mediums for $12.99" I called to confirm what I had seen in passing. I ordered two regular, medium pizzas, one sausage (light cheese, of course) and the other pepperoni. So far, so good. What arrived were two disgusting looking "Crispy Melts". Yuck. I called them back and they promised to send two replacements.

Five minutes later their manager for the night decided that after 15 years of business with them they'd had enough of our money and that he'd rather we go elsewhere. Why? He called to tell me that I had indeed ordered "Crispy Melts" - words which would never come from my mouth even under morphine - and that he had no intention of replacing them without us paying for them.

I was shocked. I said "check the records, look at what we've ordered every time for the last several years and you'll see that what I ordered tonight is exactly the same thing". He said, "I took your order and you ordered 'Crispy Melts'". He offered his GM's phone number, which I didn't want because I just could not believe they'd be so short-sighted and such poor business people. If the GM is keeping this kid on staff it's because he thinks the same way.

In the end, he didn't care what happened and dug his young heels in stating that there was no way they'd be replacing our pizzas. And that is grounds for divorce, sadly. It was a good relationship. We'd have the occasional Domino's and they'd make them exactly the way I liked them. But they've gotten cocky in their near-monopoly of the area. We have very few options here and Domino's is feeling pretty secure, feeling like they don't need me.

I always cut someone slack for mistakes. Mistakes happen. When they happen all I ask is that they do the right thing and make up for it. That's why I called them back, to give them a shot at making it right. But when they promise to do that, then call me back and rescind that offer and then worse, tell me that it was my fault when I know for a fact it wasn't, that's wrong.

So it's goodbye to the Domino's on Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park, MN. I suggest that if you must order from them you are very, very clear about your order. Make sure it's repeated - out loud - and that you record your conversation. Short of that this restaurant can deliver whatever they want to your table, make you pay for it, and claim that's what you said you wanted. Imagine going to your local sit-down restaurant and being treated like that. You'd walk out. We are walking out on Domino's forever.

Had to be said!
By -

Domino's Pizza is everywhere (just about) and ordering from Domino's is as easy as 1, 2, 3. I am sure that is the whole idea but after another disappointing meal I finally had to say it. Domino's Pizza is more like a formula than real food. The cheese is kind of grainy. The pepperoni must be processed in a large plant and shipped to thousands of locations tasting as flat and uninviting as anything. The sausage is a joke of some kind, little pieces that tell the consumer, "Here is nothing special." The ham is a joke in that it lacks any real taste. A very successful formula since business is and has been booming for as long as I can remember.

When a person is hungry, initially, will eat and devour just about anything that doesn't have a "do not eat me sign" on it. Yes, they do allow you to complain and they will gladly replace your order with a new one but you will still get the same product and a fairly good chance of developing some fastidious "acid indigestion" 9 out of 10 times. How far does a person have to go to get a decent, tasty pizza? Chicago, New York, upscale establishments? After all Pizza is not all that hard to make and what makes a decent pizza is: 1. The Sauce(s), 2. The ingredients.

But when it is a formula that is designed for mass consumption chances are you will get a below average product, kind of like Taco Bell, Burger King and most fast food places. Once in a while you will stop at a decent fast food place (In and Out comes to mind) and you will get a consistent good product, but it is so hard to admit it! Yes, I know, why go out to a fast food place if you are going to complain of this and that and you know something? Why go, indeed! I have closed the chapter in many below par fast food places and Domino's is no longer an option.

Sure, they still make millions more than me but you know what? I can make a pizza in their kitchen that would make the other ones cry (but I would bring my own ingredients!) all this speed of service is costing the palate. Does anyone know the best pizza chain? Please share the information for I do love a great pizza but maybe, just maybe, I live in the wrong place for me to experience a high quality pizza. Boo Whoo, now I just got very hungry so thank you for reading. A healthy and tasty snack is calling my name!

Update: A friendly sort has recriminated me for posting this review, saying than in his opinion is an "invalid complaint" and basically saying how I dare to criticize the products of a Billion Dollar Company and adding that while I praise "In & Out Burgers" he basically despises this chain. The moral? Do not voice your opinion on the large national chains that make large revenues at the end of each year. I do agree on one point: Where preferences are concerned there are no rules, but I still believe that some palates are more demanding than others, some consumers are always hoping for a better product and that was my basis for my review.

I do not say that it's wrong to enjoy Domino's Pizza as I am sure there are countless "die hard" fans of this chain. I also appreciate very much the simplicity of another review that said: "If you don't like it, don't order." That my fellow Americans, in a nutshell, is the soundest of advices and I for one intend to follow it to the letter.

No Gloves When Handling Pizza Toppings
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Rating: 1/51

COUNICIL BLUFFS, IOWA -- There were no gloves on these people's bare hands. Wiping their bare hands on their aprons, then handling money, then going right back to work on making pizzas. Hat flipping around food several times. Not covering their mouths when sneezing just letting it all fly all over the place. Not making sure the customers get the right orders.

Did It Get the Special in the Flyer
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Rating: 2/51

NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY -- I went to get the special 1 medium pizza and 16 bites of bread for $9.99 and the manager told me that the code didn't work and took the flyer from [me]. So rude and told me "if you want it, you have to pay regular price." It is not my fault that the code on the coupon didn't work.

No Gloves Worn to Make Pizza
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Rating: 1/51

ESPANOLA, NEW MEXICO -- I went to get a pizza and watched the guys make the pizzas and scratch their faces and pick @ their noses and then answer the phone and handle money and then go back and finish making pizzas. No gloves were worn and no hands were washed. I asked about all of this and one told me that all germs die in the hot ovens. He said the health department approves of all of this and their district manager approves also. I left. I won't be back there anymore.

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