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Horrible food and atrocious, abusive service
Posted by Sharleen_and_Drew on 03/21/2006
QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- Defensive and threatening when we called back because pizza was stale and badly burned. When we called to tell them we weren't eating it and couldn't believe they wouldn't have just thrown it out, the manager told us "if you don't want it dry, you should have ordered extra sauce" and then threatened to never deliver to our home if we called back. Called back? We called once. It says right on the box to say something if you're not satisfied. Well, I wasn't with a pizza that looked like it had been sitting out for days and delivered lukewarm and blackened. It stunk up my home for hours. I was about to throw some jeans on and complain in person about how rude they were on the phone. The only thing I said was, "It was burnt and dry so we're not actually eating it," and was about to hang up when he put me on hold and then had another defensive person bark at me. I handed the phone to my boyfriend, and he couldn't believe what a jerk the guy was to us for nothing more than saying that the pizza wasn't great and we weren't eating it.

I was so disgusted at the pizza and how we were treated that I made sure we took a photo to dissuade anyone from ordering anything this location. I have sent this to all my friends and posted it anywhere that allowed me. What's worse is I complained to their national 800 number and was contacted by Domino's Pizza Headquarters two days later, which I thought to be a bit slow... after the call and their assurance that this would be sorted out, the NEXT day, I came home to nasty note on my door from someone at Domino's (assumingly, because I have never spoken up about anything else that's pissed me off. The audacity was startling.) where I complained about and it read, "Nice house you have here, b*tch."

Can you believe it? That's an implied threat. Do yourself a favor and don't complain because the people in these jobs clearly have a vendetta against all of society... especially those who ask remind them to, oh, I don't know... do their f***ing job properly.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-21:
Take the money and not another pizza. Something's being left out here. If you feel that the note was a threat then call the police and their corporate headquarters. Unreal!
Posted by Chefbogey on 2006-06-05:
Same situation. However, when I called, they handled it professionally and sent me a coupon for a "freebie" which was much better!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-27:
I have never had a problem, except I can't order online to my local store. They're very courteous to me.

I'm sorry they were rude to you, but I must admit it's a little hard to swallow that even the 800 number people would have been attacking you from the start.
Posted by eho on 2010-09-13:
Yes, I fear when I complaint to the manager or anyone at the store something like that will happened especially if I order with them the next time they may step, spit, and dirty my food. That why I do not want to call the store to complaint. I had complaint once about the spicy food that no one at home could not eat and I even have requested online and also called them to make sure it not spicy at all before they make it. Guess what they make it spicy with the hot sauce and when I call the store, they said it was the new robust sauce so I no longer ordered the sauce anymore and the problem was solved although I do not got the new replacable pizza but at least no more spice food.

O' yeah the pizza always burn like 2 inches from the crust with the hand tossed style even with extra sauces medium or large make no difference but large always look much better than the medium which look like mostly crusted pizza with fewer topping than regular medium pizza order elsewhere.

I always order extra sauce because it free. Some store give way too much sauces and some like regular size sauce and so more sauces does not make no difference if pizza over burn are not. I usually order the deep dish and the deep dish pizza are not over burn like the hand tossed one.

What happened to dominos pizza reward? All my points is all gone along with the pizza history and the websites no longer show redeeming pizza reward points as they upgraded there website. It sad too because I almost quality for a free large one topping pizza. Making me sad and upset that I no longer wanted to order from dominos pizza again. There was no notifaction of anything about the pizza reward program being ended otherwise I would have gotten my free chicken wings and bread sticks before my points expired.

Another things Many of Domino's Pizza stores does not open for the holiday like labor day so about all the holiday when I craving for pizzas I always had to order pizzas else. So, if you plan to have pizza for the holiday make sure you have another pizza delivery numbers.

I always email my complaints to corporate or call the 1-800# because it usually always a waste of time complainting to store manager. I know before I used to work in the well known fast food restaurant and I know much about how to deal with customers.
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False Advertisement
Posted by Santiagow121 on 11/20/2013
HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT -- Ever since the 799 carryout deal has been playing in Connecticut there is no dominos that will actually honor that commercial stop showing the commercial because it's just a joke I've called every dominos in my area and outside of my area just to pick up a pizza there are other local restaurants that don't have that special deal but their pizza is also good I've always loved Domino's Pizza but because I can't participate in the special offer I haven't bought a pizza from them in over a year's participation variable for dominos or do you not enforce it I would love to buy a large topping pizza for 799 but I can't can someone rectify this or should I still shop for pizza at local restaurants I'm not the only one that goes through this either I live in a complex words hundreds of people we all live close to dominos but no one buys their food that's business out the door because the manager doesn't want to honor in the commercial thank you for your time
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-21:
Not all franchises participate, if all the Dominos franchises in your area are owned by the same person or group, then it wouldn't be surprising for all of them to have the policies regarding this sort of thing. I find it funny that you mention that you've always loved Dominos, but apparently you don't love them enough to pay the non-sale price.
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No Gloves When Handling Pizza Toppings
Posted by Lindasam6591 on 11/09/2013
There were no gloves on these peoples bare hands. Wiping there bare hands on their aprons then handling money then going right back to work on making pizzas. Hat flipping around food several times. Not covering their mouths when sneezing just letting it all fly all over the place. Not making sure the customers get the right orders.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-11-09:
contact corporate. either online or by phone. they have a website.
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Burnt Disgusting Pizza Not Once but Twice
Posted by Mybestisyet2come on 11/08/2013
ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY -- My god-daughter wanted Dominos Pizza so I ordered a large pizza with sausage and bacon as toppings, 8 boneless PCS of chicken and a 2 liter sprite. The order came to $20.00 and came in about 40 min. completely BURNT!! I found the pizza to be uneatable.
I called to complain and was told by management that, that was how that style of pizza ( pan pizza in the black box) was normally fixed. I told him that that was not true because I have had this style before. He sound like I irritated him and said ok, ok, I will send you another one I said fine thank you.

SADLY I have to complain that, that when that pizza arrived to my home I in fact returned the original uneaten pizza and received what I thought would be a better made pizza. To my surprise it too was also completely BURNT! as well. I just gave up because I had to feed my 12 year old god-daughter who had waited at this point over an hour to eat.

I am very disappointed and will NEVER order pizza from Dominos again. I didn't feel this issue would be solved by way of management at the Atlantic City Store after speaking to him earlier. so I decided to contact the home office of Dominos.

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Did It Get the Special in the Flyer
Posted by Derrz31 on 11/05/2013
I went to get the special 1mediun pizza and 16 bites of bread for $9.99 and the manager told me that the code didn't work and took the flier from [me]. So rude and told me if you want it you have to pay regular price. It is not my fault that the code on the coupon didn't work,,.
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No Gloves Worn to Make Pizza
Posted by Rv11red on 11/02/2013
ESPANOLA, NEW MEXICO -- I went to get a pizza and watched the guys make the pizzas and scratch their faces and pick @ their noses and then answer the phone and handle money and then go back and finish making pizzas. No gloves were worn and no hands were washed. I asked about all of this and one told me that all germs die in the hot ovens. He said the health department approves of all of this and their district manager approves also. I left. I won't be back there anymore.
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Wrong Order
Posted by Fuentespatty85 on 10/28/2013
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I placed my order online. 2 median 2-topping pizzas, 14 hot wings and stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta. Wings with ranch and bread with garlic dipping sauce. When I was ready to pay, the app said there was a error and after 10 min I decided to call the store! I told the guy what happened with the app and he said he was sorry but they were not related to the web! so I told him my order again, exactly like the first one and he told me my total! $34.63! That was at 5:57pm he said it was going to take 40-45 min. Fine! I said.. I was hungry! At 6:41pm they called me (by the way something was wrong with their phone because it was hard to understand) saying that I had two orders and I said I was having problems understanding but that I ONLY HAD ONE order.

After the call I asked how long? He said 20 more mins!! What? After the 50 minutes I already wait? Ok I told him but if you take more than that I will call and cancel when I got my food, the guy gave me a first receipt and said this is to show we void the first order! And then he gave me a second receipt and asked me to sign! I did, got my 4 boxes and he apologized for everything! I open my food boxes and the stuffed cheesy bread WAS NOT spinach and feta and the pizza was NOT fresh! AND I got marinara sauce instead of garlic EVEN THOUGH the box says SPINACH AND FETA And GARLIC DIP! so I decided to check my bank account and yes, they CHARGED ME TWICE!!!

I will wait until tomorrow, I hope they refund my money because if they don't I won't stop until they do!
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Posted by Shemikaunderwood on 10/16/2013
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I have been ordering Dominos for a good while now, but this time the delivery man name Robert on Hixion Pike, had an attitude with me. I know I'm supposed to answer my phone before they leave the store to bring your order. OK, I answered my phone when he called the first time but then he called again and I didn't get it. So, he came to the door and said next time I'm not going to bring your order. But it's the way he said it. Then he said Papa Johns delivers, call them the next time. So I called the store and complained, he should be fired.

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I Was Basically Fussed At Because The Wrong Topping Was On My Pizza
Posted by Pamnlarry1990 on 08/24/2013
The pizza had the right ingredients typed on the box, but the wrong ones on the pizza. I called and the manager wanted to know why it took so long for me to call back.. As if I need to inform them as to what time my family all get home together to eat our supper that we paid for!!!! How dare he, am I right??
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-24:
How long did you wait after delivery before calling the manager? Was it 5 minutes, 10, 20, an hour?

I can understand the managers question if you waited a considerable time considering most people would have called within minutes of delivery.
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Pizza Looked Like It Was Dropped
Posted by Pnthrs75 on 07/28/2013
Ordered pizza from Dominos Pizza in Houma, La off of West Park Ave, Store #3048 and when the pizza arrived two of the three pizzas looked like they were dropped. The slices were stacked on top of each other and some slices were folded over. We took pictures of pizza and called store.
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Posted by Beanie randy on 2013-09-22:
And than what happened?
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