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Posted by Swandunn2 on 07/14/2013
HALLANDALE, FLORIDA -- I order 3 med pizzas, the manager took the order and told me 45 mins. An hour went by and I called the manager. He told me the driver got lost and he came back to store. He was on his way. Another 30 minutes and no show. We only live 5 minutes away.

I called back and the manager said my pizza was at the store. The driver couldn't find my house. I asked why he didn't call, the manager said the driver didn't have any signal. I asked what about the GPS, he left it home. So I asked the manager, what are you going to do? The manager said, I'll make you aother pizza. I said I didn't get a discount for waiting so long? He said no, I had to pay the same price. I asked the manager for his name, he refused. I said to him you just lost a valued customer.

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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-14:
How can he get lost 5 minutes away? Usually delivery people are at least familiar with the immediate area. They survived delivering pizzas for years and years before the GPS. Geesh...they should at least carry a map in their car and learn how to read/follow an actual map! What's wrong with MapQuest, just type in their address and yours and it will give exact directions WITH a map! People now are too reliant on technology to do the work for them...it's not a good thing! Oh, and his cellphone had no signal? Do they NOT know how to stop and use a payphone? Do they NOT know how to pull into a place and ASK for directions???? What's wrong with people???
Posted by Fuentespatty85 on 2013-10-28:
I thought your pizza was free after 30 mins! >( no wounder they stoped that!! They were not getting any money... Since they rlare ALWAYS LATE!!!
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Posted by Orabrewer on 07/04/2013
Every time I order pizza I ask for cheese packages. They tell me they don't give them out anymore. Why do you just give out the pepper package but not the cheese? Kids don't like the pepper. I will start ordering from Pizza Hut.
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Posted by ritz on 2013-09-08:
Dominos is awesome....n itz cheez is really very tasty n different
Really great
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They Do Not Honor Coupons
Posted by Cynthiasueperez on 06/13/2013
CLUTE, TEXAS -- I have a coupon for Domino's, buy one get one free with Official Fund Raising Card of Domino's. They told me today that they wouldn't honor it although it is supposed to be good until Dec. 31, 2013. They told me I had to buy a larger pizza and get a smaller one and I had to buy a large Pizza. That is not what my coupon states and they have honored it in the past. If you do not want to honor your coupons then do not give them . I am so angry over this. I know you don't really care but I don't want any coupons from you anymore and will probably not do business with you if you don't honor my coupon today. It doesn't have a number on it. I am tired of people lying to me.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2013-06-13:
Some of these charity cards are fake....theres some people that sell these kinds of cards on ebay but they are counterfeit. Not all places will take fundraising cards. Usually with a buy one get one free, you must buy a higher priced pizza and get one for equal or lesser value....that usually is the rule for everyone. And some businesses don't participate.
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Had a Free School Coupon, Were Told It Would Be Honored at Phone in Pickup and Were Told Them It Would Not Be Honored.
Posted by Suskaysize63 on 05/21/2013
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Dominos pizza franchise here in Lou. Ky. took my daughter and her friends order, they were told their free school coupons would be honored at pickup. When I drove them there to get their order employee argued with the one that took their phone-in order, wouldn't honor their school coupon and charged them for it.

I went in alone the 2nd time and told them that I didn't feel it was right because they called to make sure it would be honored at their location. They stared at me and one employee admitted she did take the call and apparently made a mistake never really apologizing. I felt they should not of been charged because of her mistake. I would of not made the trip if we were told this ahead of time. It was the employees mistake.

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Really Bad Pizza
Posted by Scottcalvin79 on 04/30/2013
I received a medium one topping pizza last week that was so over-cooked there wasn't any sauce visible. I order dominos frequently and this one was the worst I have ever received. I will still continue to order from your company.
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Uncovered Hands
Posted by Reh46 on 03/30/2013
The tv advert shows a young lady spreading dough in a pizza pan, then sprinkling the cheese. Why was she allowed to touch the food product without wearing gloves. Isn't sanitation not to be observed even on TV. I realize this control cannot be monitored on site at local stores, but on TV they can. I think this is a great malpractice.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-03-30:
Actually the wearing of gloves while handling food is a major misconception that conditions are sanitary. There have been multiple studies made that show gloves as a rule carry and retain many more contaminants than bare hands that are exposed to constant and thorough hand washing. The reason is most workers that wear gloves will wear them too long and touch other things resulting in cross contamination. Whereas in a bare handed situation the worker will constantly clean his hands.

Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-30:
The reason you saw bare hands handling food was because the food had not been cooked yet. The regulations for glove use is for prepared food that is touched after cooking. Foods that do not require cooking may not be touched by bare hands. Frequent glove replacement with washing of hands before replacement is also required.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2013-03-31:
I would rather someone with washed hands touch my food than someone with gloves on. Gloves can be really nasty if not used properly.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-04-01:
I watched a guy in a sandwich shop last week, preparing a sandwich with gloves on, taking the money and making change with the gloves still on, then going on to the next sandwich. Yep, those gloves sure do keep it nice and sanitary.
I'm with CRH, I'd rather watch them wash their hands and get rid of the gloves.
Posted by Ann on 2013-07-17:
You all are saying this with the LARGE assumption that these college aged Domino's workers wash their hands oh-so-frequently. Please.
Sure, I'd rather have washed hands vs. dirty gloves anytime...but that doesn't mean they actually wash them constantly. In fact, I'd bet money that they maybe do 3 to 4 washes a shift and the washes consist of running their hands through the water sans soap. I've seen this! So...I'd take the gloves and the one use discard after each pizza rule (meaning they discard and replace the gloves after each pizza).
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Food Was Not Correct and Was Not Accurate and Service Is Bad Company Is Not Clean and the Workers Have Poor Customer Service
Posted by The1uneednc on 03/24/2013
Our food was not correctly prepared and the workers had poor customer service. The company is not clean and the workers have the slightest regard about the customer.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-03-24:
you can contact dominos via this link. they would like to hear what you have to say.

Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-25:
Take madconsumer's advice and contact them directly. I realize most folks think that it is futile to do so, but believe me, it does! I've contacted corporate headquarters from another company, and within a week the problem was resolved. And to this day, the problem I had remains resolved. Don't give up hope! Please come back and tell us the outcome!
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Not Right
Posted by Ambermalone46 on 03/22/2013
The order was not right and the tried to charge us with sauces we didn't even get and charged us with two deliverys when they came to the same place.

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Mzmenia on 03/04/2013
BLUE ISLAND, ILLINOIS -- I ordered my pizza at 5:04 and as soon as I hung up I felt that this was gonna be a mistake, mainly because I paid with credit card. They told me 35 mins. I asked for specials and ordered a large with multiple toppings and an order of lava cakes for desert. An hour and 10 minutes later the delivery guy shows up with two orders of lava cakes... no pizza. But guess what... he managed to get my card number right. The manager Jen was an complete ass and come to find out (from delivery guy) that the kid that sounded high was her son. They placed me on hold for five minutes before I hung up and called back. I can hear this poor excuse of a manager in the back ground talking smack. She told them to place me on hold and she can't believe I was freaking for one pizza... no genius. I was tripping because you poor excuse of customer service people have my card info, and to be honest that's exactly why you just make pizza.

Take a customer service class once in a while. You tell two screaming hungry kids they aren't getting pizza tonite when you already told them they were.
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-04:
If they refused to get it right, and charged your card, file a dispute.
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Molded Food
Posted by Currencejrock118 on 02/15/2013
Bought a oven baked sandwich after work one night and wings guy with bad eye must didn't see it but after I ate one half of it I looked at the second half the bread was molded. When the situation was brought to location attention offered me a free sandwich but I will be going to the doctor for safety reasons
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-02-16:
Going to the doctor is unneccessary unless symptoms develop. Whenever I eat food I have not prepared myself I always give it a quick onceover. It has saved me many times from putting something in my mouth that would be unpleasant.
Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-16:
I agree it is disgusting to find food molded and not desireable to eat. Molded bread, and most molded foods will not cause issues in an individual with an otherwise normal immune system. You may experience slight stomach upset but not much more.
Posted by moonshimmer18 on 2013-07-04:
I used to work for Domino's Pizza. Their bread is delivered in bags and if not used within two days, it gets molded. Stores try to make the bread stretch bc it is too expensive to throw product out and replace.
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