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Where to begin!!!
Posted by on
Ordered pizza and was told it would be ready in 15 minutes. Arrived 20 minutes later and was told it wasn't ready.. The young man at the counter kept greeting people with the word "Bro". A few of the people working in the back had their aprons just hanging around their necks, and it must have been like 85' degrees in that waiting lobby. I got a cool breeze though coming from the back when a delivery person opened the employees door to leave. Another 15 minutes and my pizza finally came out, no sorry for the wait or thank you....nothing.. I know it seems like I'm just complaining but having worked at a pizza place as a driver myself for about a year, I just expect the same service we used to give to our customers.. is that too much to ask for???
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Anonymous on 2011-08-29:
Hey bro, times have changed. Some things for the better...some things for the worse.
GreenstarYT on 2011-08-30:
As for the "bro" comment, it's possible those are people he knows. He didn't call you bro did he? That says to me he is probably selective who he calls bro. I don't think bro is all that much of a problem...
happyyard on 2012-02-02:
I understand - not a complainer myself, but having been in sales for many years, I do think an acknowledgment of your wait and some sort of comment to make you feel like you matter should have been offered.
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Pizza Size Ripoff
Posted by on
Haven't ordered a pizza from Dominos in a while so I figured last night I would give them a try over Papa Johns. Ordered a large pizza with everything and then proceed to go pick it up. When I was handed the box I did a double-take as the box seemed to tiny to contain a large pizza. If it hadn't been for the fact the back of the box said large I would have disputed the pizza size. Regardless, I exit the store and hope in the car only for my 12 year old daughter to question the size of the pizza so at that point I knew I wasn't losing my mind. We get the pizza home and open the box, mind you there was only 3 people eating a large pizza, only to find a little 8 slice pizza! Needless to say we ended up making something extra to fill our bellies. So we find they now have an extra large. Could this be the old large? Well I guess I will never find out because I refuse order from them again.

Lesson Learned
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goduke on 2010-01-08:
The bigger question is whether the new crust, better sauce, and new types of cheese actually make Domino's taste better.

Nutritionally speaking, 8 pieces is plenty of food for 2 adults and a kid.
Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
I ordered a couple last weekend. While not exactly gourmet, they are 1000% better than before.
jktshff1 on 2010-01-08:
Nutritionally speaking, a pair of dirty socks would probably be more nutritional than a take out pizza.
Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
Actually Jkt, the right pizza can be pretty healthy. For instance, a vegetarian pizza gives healthy amounts of at least 3 of the major food groups.
Skye on 2010-01-08:
Oh yea Ken, that's so true. I love a good veggie pizza. Pizza is a more healthy choice, depending on what you put on it, then a burger, fries and a shake.

I can understand the OP's complaint. Seems like these days, you pay more and get less on lots of items. I buy a certain brand of yogurt, and they went from 8oz containers, down to 6oz and still kept the same price.
snowmanvt on 2010-01-08:
Check out for many examples of downsizing and hidden conditions and fees. It is a fun site.
jktshff1 on 2010-01-08:
I agree, but you ain't going to find that in any ff take out I know.
Ya have to make it yourself. Do a quick look at the stuff that goes in their sauces.
I started looking at labels when I had my heart and leg problems and the Dr wanted to put me on a bunch of medicine. Changed my diet, read labels, only take and aspirin a day and celebrex for authur. No problems.
They are killing us with the stuff they put in our foods.
Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
You know, I feel for this OP. I remember when a LARGE pizza was actually a LARGE. It seems like all these pizza chains are getting ksimpier and skimpier on the sizes AND the toppings. I remember when a Medium was a medium, and a large was a large. Now these chains have small, medium, large, and extra large. So now the medium is a small, the large is a medium, and the extra large is a large. Its BS. I go to a local pizza shop down the road from me. When I ask for a large, I get a LARGE. and normally OVER loaded with toppings whereas I can't actually count. YOu order from these chains, I can actually count the amount of topping they put on my pizza. I think they literally make the cooks count out how much topping goes on a pizza. Its sad.
Skye on 2010-01-08:
Chick Fil A, one of the best and healthiest fast food choices, and actually tastes pretty good.

Skye on 2010-01-08:
jkt, that's great news. Some change in eating habits, reading labels can really make a whole lot of difference on everyone's health. It's never to early or late to start eating better.
goduke on 2010-01-08:
Exactly, Tennboy. Avoid the chains, go local. I've got a place down the street that I use for pizza on those occasions I get it. It's some of the best pizza I've ever had, and their employees seem to really enjoy their job.
Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
The funniest thing about this post, if there is a Papa John's banner ad right above this complaint. TOO funny.
Starlord on 2010-01-08:
Like I always say, you are going to the wrong papa. If you have one near you, try Papa Murphy's. Two failing pizza outfits merged to form Papa Murphy's and they hit on success. They don't have to keep humonous pizza ovens running all day, so thaey can afford to buy the best toppings as Papa John's claims to do. They build your pizza right in front of you and wrap it in plastic with the baking instructions. You take it home and bake it in your own oven, and you have hot, delicious pizza. Outstanding!
Anonymous on 2010-01-08:
I agree Star, and in my experience you need two large pizzas with even two adults.
To the OP: May I suggest Country Buffet?
PepperElf on 2010-01-08:
If I'm not mistaken - at least on the domino's online site
they actually list the diameter of the pizza
jktshff1 on 2010-01-08:
now, if I could just stop drinking and smoking....but ya got to die of something.
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Unsatisfied And Upset
Posted by on
1331 NW 61ST AVE, SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- Today I was an unsatisfied customer. I called Dominos pizza in sunrise fl 1331 nw 61st ave, I had a certificate, but when I called it in I called it an coupon, the certificate said buy one get one free. So I called to place my order and told the guy who worked there I want a large pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage pizza, and the other one should be free. He asked for the promotion code, I explained that I did not have one, then he said that he will not and can not place the order, I told him that he has to, so he said okay ma'am hold on...I was on hold for 15 minutes, and when they returned it was a lady, so I asked her for her name, she would not give it to me. So I drove to Dominos, and showed her the certificate, she said this is not a coupon, this is a certificate, and shook her head. So I proceed to tell her how rude everyone was and that is not professional, and she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, I asked for the supv name, she said right there, call him anytime, matter of fact he will be in tomorrow. Under her breath she was saying how stupid I was. I was trying to be nice, I held everything in. So I asked her was my pizza about ready and how many of my pizza's did she put in the oven, she said I don't know, I didn't know I had to put numbers on your pizza to. Then once the pizza came out she put it in a box, and slammed it on the counter, and told me to have a good day, along with stupid underneath her breath. So I said you to, and I am not stupid. It really bothers me that people are allowed to work in places like this and we have to take it. I told her I was going to complain, and she told me to go right ahead and do what I have to do. So I have been emailing a lot of people about this lady and gentleman, and letting everybody know how unprofessional those 2 people are. None of my family members will be going there.

I emailed the CEO of Dominos pizza also I will let everyone be award of how rude these people are. When I get to work I will let my employees know 'no more Dominos for us!'Suppose I was not a god fearing Christian who happen to have a bad day with a weapon in the car. Everything would have gone down a whole different way. But I said a pray to keep me sane, and not to go off. Had I not been a Christian..... God bless their souls.
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Anonymous on 2009-01-27:
Something tells me the attitude wasn't on just their side of the counter...
Anonymous on 2009-01-27:
Chris, ya think??
Nohandle on 2009-01-27:
I'm certainly delighted you are a God fearing Christian who didn't have a weapon in the car. Those Domino's employees would have been in bad shape had you been otherwise. All of this over a pizza two for one special?
RestaurantGuy on 2009-01-27:
Wow really. Been off our meds for a while have we.
Anonymous on 2009-01-28:
I just read where 52% of all pizza crimes are committed by atheists. I think you guys should apologize to the OP.
jktshff1 on 2009-01-28:
"I told him that he has to" That demand in itself is enough to get spit on your pizza.I do not think you are his boss. They can refuse to serve anyone.
Am I a bad person for being an agnostic or atheist or jew or muslum rather than a christian? The jails are full of people proclaiming to "know christ".
Get off your god's throne before he/she throws you off.
Anonymous on 2009-01-28:
I'm sure a religious person, especially one of Christian beliefs will recognize: "Do not point out the splinter in your neighbor's eye, and overlook the log in your own."
jktshff1 on 2009-01-28:
Doc, that's heavy!
leopard on 2009-01-28:
I think you need professional treatment and anger management classes. If you get this angry over something as mundane as pizza, I'd hate to see what you do in a legitamently bad situation. You're going to be one of those we see on the evening news one day who go on a rampage and kill innocent people because you're throwing a tantrum!
Drea101 on 2009-01-29:
Thanks for everyone's comment! And no it was not that serious. Lol! was just mad at the time. And no I would never kill never, never, have a good day everyone, and thanks again for your comment!
I appreciate the honesty!
A lil brutal, but I take that...thanks
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Domino's Pizza - Brooklyn Park, MN (West) - Order one thing, get another, Manager who says
Posted by on
BROOKLYN PARK, MINNESOTA -- It's been a long time relationship but tonight me and Domino's are getting a divorce.

The Brooklyn Park, MN (West) location has lost my business. We've been ordering from them for something like 15 years but after the way their young manager treated us tonight we've said goodbye to them.

After seeing a commercial for "two mediums for $12.99" I called to confirm what I had seen in passing. I ordered two regular, medium pizzas, one sausage (light cheese, of course) and the other pepperoni. So far, so good.

What arrived were two disgusting looking "Crispy Melts". Yuk. I called them back and they promised to send two replacements.

Five minutes later their manager for the night decided that after 15 years of business with them they'd had enough of our money and that he'd rather we go elsewhere.


He called to tell me that I had indeed ordered "Crispy Melts" - words which would never come from my mouth even under morphine - and that he had no intention of replacing them without us paying for them.

I was shocked.

I said "check the records, look at what we've ordered every time for the last several years and you'll see that what I ordered tonight is exactly the same thing". He said, "I took your order and you ordered 'Crispy Melts'".

He offered his GM's phone number, which I didn't want because I just could not believe they'd be so short-sighted and such poor business people. If the GM is keeping this kid on staff it's because he thinks the same way.

In the end, he didn't care what happened and dug his young heals in stating that there was no way they'd be replacing our pizzas.

And that is grounds for divorce, sadly.

It was a good relationship. We'd have the occasional Domino's and they'd make them exactly the way I liked them. But they've gotten cocky in their near-monopoly of the area. We have very few options here and Domino's is feeling pretty secure, feeling like they don't need me.

I always cut someone slack for mistakes. Mistakes happen. When they happen all I ask is that they do the right thing and make up for it. That’s why I called them back, to give them a shot at making it right. But when they promise to do that, then call me back and rescind that offer and then worse, tell me that it was my fault when I know for a fact it wasn’t, that’s wrong.

So it's goodbye to the Domino's on Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park, MN. I suggest that if you must order from them you are very, very clear about your order. Make sure it's repeated - out loud - and that you record your conversation. Short of that this restaurant can deliver whatever they want to your table, make you pay for it and claim that's what you said you wanted. Imagine going to your local sit-down restaurant and being treated like that. You'd walk out.

We are walking out on Domino's forever.

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User Replies:

KCRovert on 2007-11-27:
the OP states "If the GM is keeping this kid on staff it's because he thinks the same way."
If every customer who had a problem with this "kid" thought the way you do, how would the GM know there was a problem?? The only way to initiate change is to let the GM know about the problems you experienced.
On a subsequent note, for someone who has used this establishment for "something like 15 years", you sure are quick to toss them to the curb after one poor service encounter.....without even trying to get the situation resolved.
GothicSmurf on 2007-11-27:
I never liked Domino's pizza... the crusts were always way too soggy and the pizza was so greasy, I could change the oil in my car, twice.
Principissa on 2007-11-27:
Agree with Gothic. Domino's always tasted like it came out of a microwave.

They did handle the situation poorly. I'm pretty sure that when anyone calls up to order take out food, they know what they want and what they ordered. If you lived close enough to the store I would have just handed them the pizzas back and demanded a refund.
Slimjim on 2007-11-27:
You should have taken the GM's number when offered and registered a complaint with him/her over the incident. That young manager isn't going to miss your business but I bet he'd rather not be defending himself to the GM if a complaint was lodged against him, especially if it wasn't the first time. You bit your nose to spite your face here.
AlaskaBoy on 2007-11-27:
I have contacted Domino's corporate and will be going that direction. I told the young manager to have the GM call me. If no one contacts me in the next day or two I'll be getting that guys number and letting him know. Generally I believe in going to the top and working my way down instead of going up the ladder. I do appreciate your comments, though.
AlaskaBoy on 2007-11-27:
KCRovert: Sorry, you weren't on the phone and didn't hear the conversation. This place has had its issues over the years and we've worked through those. Poor delivery, slow delivery, cold food, etc. They all happen no matter who you're ordering from. So I'm not being "quick to toss them to the curb". I'm a very patient person, actually. This situation was so disturbing, so wrong, that it's going to be hard to fix the situation short of this punk-with-power being taken down a notch or two. Imagine you ordering a burger at a local restaurant, getting a taco salad and having the server tell you "tough, that's what you ordered, you're going to like it and you're going to pay for it". That was essentially what occurred.
Anonymous on 2007-11-27:
You will live a lot longer if you stay away from Domino's Pizza. GothicSmurf is 100% correct.
chris513 on 2007-11-27:
I don't know....I would have taken the crispy melts. those pizzas are awesome.
AlaskaBoy on 2007-11-27:
Ain't that the truth. :)
Principissa on 2007-11-27:
AlaskaBoy you are right for not giving them your business anymore. I think after all that you do know what you ordered and you weren't trying to scam them for free pizzas. It sounds like they got your order messed up with someone else's and just didn't want to take the time out to make it right.
bargod on 2007-11-27:
You did the right thing. Try some local pizza places, you might be pleasently surprised.
CrystalSword on 2007-11-27:
Our Domino's pizza here is fairly good but I feel its too spicy...this old body doesn't handle heavy spices well anymore. Pizza Hut isn't as spicy but they have their problems too. Half the stores areound here have quit carrying Red Baron frozen pizzas and I really like those, especially the small personal size.....I can get at least two meals out of a box of those.

But hubby and I think alike, we really need a Papa Murphy's here, take and bake pizza at its can watch it being put together and you take it home and bake it...cold pizza is a thing of the past with them!
AlaskaBoy on 2007-11-27:
Principissa - thanks. I have a number of friends who are restaurant owners, one owns a chain of places, so I understand very well what these guys go through. I don't want anything for free, just what I ordered.

I'd love to try some other local places but we just don't have any. We have a Papa John's, which we really don't care much for. Our Godfather's is awful. That's it for delivery.

We used to have a place called Zippy's - it was the best. But redevelopment happens and they're gone, RIP Zippy's. :)
killerklown on 2007-11-28:
While I will be the last one to encourage you to continue to use Dominoes, as a manager, sometimes we, like everyone else, have a bad day. While that's no excuse for poor customer service, it happens. Calling the GM of the store may have gotten you much more favorable results. Otherwise, we always welcome you at the Hut.
AlaskaBoy on 2007-11-28:
Years ago I actually drove delivery for the Hut. Three months to pay for a golf trip. :) I understand. I've also owned a retail store and know things happen, bad days happen, manufacturers screw up and it's not my fault, etc. So I'm not without a real understanding. This manager, though - wow. :) He promised to have the GM call me - hasn't happened yet and doubt he even knows. I'm going to be trying to call him today to see if he even knows about it.

Our Hut isn't that great. We're on the outer reaches of their delivery area so we have a hard time getting hot (or even warm) food. Doesn't bother me much, I just toss it in the oven for five minutes but my wife doesn't like it much then.
DPW123 on 2007-12-30:
If what you say is true, your complaint is valid. But I bet if I asked this "kid" the same thing, he'd say "I know for a fact he/she ordered this". I mean, no one is going to call themselves a liar or admit they were wrong.

And Principissa, you are wrong. Almost every customer I talked to when I worked at a store had absolutely no clue what they wanted to order. Sometimes it's hilarious because they'll call and act like they don't even know why they dialed our number. And there are many cases where they lie about what they ordered so they can get a free pizza. I had several cases where I repeated the order literally several times for different reasons (the person either kept asking "what?" or they were just plain hard to understand). One day I had one who ordered several different toppings on several pizzas. When repeating the order, she kept saying "yes" as in I was correct. Then she received her order, and called and complained that it was wrong. My point is, if you haven't worked at a pizza place, you really have no clue how customers are.
Anonymous on 2007-12-30:
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joedom on 2008-03-22:
AlaskaBoy on 2008-04-29:
The comments by "Jordom", the person who works at the local Domino's in question, were completely false. Sadly, this Domino's doesn't much care about privacy or the fact that their employee logged onto this web site and 1) named me and 2) attempted to imply that because I go by AlaskaBoy that I troll for MySpace girls.

The owner of this franchise went as far as sending me a letter stating that their employee hadn't posted any private information about me (he posted my name!) and that I must have done that myself. They have refused to deal with the situation, they have refused to fire the employee (they "suspended" him for coming here, lying, posting my name and essentially suggesting that I was a deviant pervert), and they've refused to talk to me further.

You should be warned that if you order from a Domino's using a credit card:

1) Your information is not safe. An employee knows who you are, where you live and if you complain you are subject to retaliation (as I have suffered).
2) You will get what they decide to give you and you have no recourse. You can order a pizza, they can deliver a taco, and there's nothing you can do about it if you paid by debit card.
3) The franchise owners don't care, they will cover their own butts.
4) Domino's corporate doesn't care, they will ignore you and never return emails or phone calls if it's anything of substance like this.
5) Your reputation is not safe if you complain to Domino's. Your fear shouldn't be that they'll spit in your pizza, it needs to be that they will allow their employees to go online, lie about you, make things up and post perverted things about you - without fear of being fired.

Ordering from Domino's can be dangerous business, as I've found out.
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Had to be said!
Posted by on
Domino's Pizza is everywhere (just about) and ordering from Domino's is as easy as 1,2,3. I am sure that is the whole idea but after another disappointing meal I finally had to say it. Domino's Pizza is more like a formula than real food. The cheese is kind of grainy, the pepperoni must be processed in a large plant and shipped to thousands of locations tasting as flat and uninviting as anything. The sausage is a joke of some kind, little pieces that tell the consumer, "here is nothing special", the ham is a joke in that it lacks any real taste. A very successful formula since business is and has been booming for as long as I can remember.

When a person is hungry, initially, will eat and devour just about anything that doesn't have a "do not eat me sign" on it.

Yes, they do allow you to complain and they will gladly replace your order with a new one but you will still get the same product and a fairly good chance of developing some fastidious "acid indigestion" 9 out of 10 times. How far does a person have to go to get a decent, tasty pizza? Chicago, New York, upscale establishments? After all Pizza is not all that hard to make and what makes a decent pizza is: 1. The Sauce(s), 2. The ingredients. But when it is a formula that is designed for mass consumption chances are you will get a below average product, kind of like Taco Bell, Burger King and most fast food places. Once in a while you will stop at a decent fast food place (In and Out comes to mind) and you will get a consistent good product, but it is so hard to admit it! Yes, I know, why go out to a fast food place if you are going to complain of this and that and you know something? Why go, indeed! I have closed the chapter in many below par fast food places and Domino's is no longer an option. Sure, they still make millions more than me but you know what? I can make a pizza in their kitchen that would make the other ones cry (but I would bring my own ingredients!) all this speed of service is costing the palate. Does anyone know the best pizza chain? Please share the information for I do love a great pizza but maybe, just maybe, I live in the wrong place for me to experience a high quality pizza. Boo Whoo, now I just got very hungry so thank you for reading. A healthy and tasty snack is calling my name!
Update: A friendly sort has recriminated me for posting this review, saying than in his opinion is an "invalid complaint" and basically saying how I dare to criticize the products of a Billion Dollar Company and adding that while I praise "In & Out Burgers" he basically despises this chain. The moral? Do not voice your opinion on the large national chains that make large revenues at the end of each year? I do agree on one point: Where preferences are concerned there are no rules, but I still believe that some palates are more demanding than others, some consumers are always hoping for a better product and that was my basis for my review. I do not say that is wrong to enjoy Domino's Pizza as I am sure there are countless "diehard" fans of this chain. I also appreciate very much the simplicity of another review that said: "If you don't like it, don't order". That my fellow americans, in a nutshell, is the soundest of advices and I for one intend to follow it to the letter.
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Anonymous on 2007-05-19:
Don't know of a good pizza "chain",but some of the local pizza parlors in my area rock.

I enjoyed reading your post.
Anonymous on 2007-05-19:
If you don't like a particular business's products or services, feel free to order from somebody else.
Anonymous on 2007-05-19:
I have to agree that a good pizza can be found on the east coast in the upscale. I get a pretty good pizza in a Place called Mary's Pizza. It started off as an individual company hardly all that known. They managed a few more outlets as people found their food exceptional. Ever notice how food companies that grow, sooner or later loose their appeal. I'd stick with your search and go to the lesser known places as their the ones doing their best to attract customers. You might find a diamond in the rough.
ejack053824 on 2007-05-19:
I make my own.
beanbagbritches on 2007-05-19:
I make my own pizza as well, but the little privately owned pizzaria down the street makes delicious pizza too!
DPW123 on 2007-10-08:
This seems like an invalid complaint. This is simply your opinion. It's not your cup of tea. Like for example, you say In and Out is great, but I hate that place. Does that instantly mean they don't know how to cook? That it is a formula? In fact, this is a rather ignorant complaint. What qualifies you to judge the making of pizza from a billion dollar company? Obviously if the food was really as bad as you say it is, they wouldn't be the top delivery pizza chain in the world.
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Horrible food and atrocious, abusive service
Posted by on
QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- Defensive and threatening when we called back because pizza was stale and badly burned. When we called to tell them we weren't eating it and couldn't believe they wouldn't have just thrown it out, the manager told us "if you don't want it dry, you should have ordered extra sauce" and then threatened to never deliver to our home if we called back. Called back? We called once. It says right on the box to say something if you're not satisfied. Well, I wasn't with a pizza that looked like it had been sitting out for days and delivered lukewarm and blackened. It stunk up my home for hours. I was about to throw some jeans on and complain in person about how rude they were on the phone. The only thing I said was, "It was burnt and dry so we're not actually eating it," and was about to hang up when he put me on hold and then had another defensive person bark at me. I handed the phone to my boyfriend, and he couldn't believe what a jerk the guy was to us for nothing more than saying that the pizza wasn't great and we weren't eating it.

I was so disgusted at the pizza and how we were treated that I made sure we took a photo to dissuade anyone from ordering anything this location. I have sent this to all my friends and posted it anywhere that allowed me. What's worse is I complained to their national 800 number and was contacted by Domino's Pizza Headquarters two days later, which I thought to be a bit slow... after the call and their assurance that this would be sorted out, the NEXT day, I came home to nasty note on my door from someone at Domino's (assumingly, because I have never spoken up about anything else that's pissed me off. The audacity was startling.) where I complained about and it read, "Nice house you have here, b*tch."

Can you believe it? That's an implied threat. Do yourself a favor and don't complain because the people in these jobs clearly have a vendetta against all of society... especially those who ask remind them to, oh, I don't know... do their f***ing job properly.
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Anonymous on 2006-03-21:
Take the money and not another pizza. Something's being left out here. If you feel that the note was a threat then call the police and their corporate headquarters. Unreal!
Chefbogey on 2006-06-05:
Same situation. However, when I called, they handled it professionally and sent me a coupon for a "freebie" which was much better!
Anonymous on 2006-09-27:
I have never had a problem, except I can't order online to my local store. They're very courteous to me.

I'm sorry they were rude to you, but I must admit it's a little hard to swallow that even the 800 number people would have been attacking you from the start.
eho on 2010-09-13:
Yes, I fear when I complaint to the manager or anyone at the store something like that will happened especially if I order with them the next time they may step, spit, and dirty my food. That why I do not want to call the store to complaint. I had complaint once about the spicy food that no one at home could not eat and I even have requested online and also called them to make sure it not spicy at all before they make it. Guess what they make it spicy with the hot sauce and when I call the store, they said it was the new robust sauce so I no longer ordered the sauce anymore and the problem was solved although I do not got the new replacable pizza but at least no more spice food.

O' yeah the pizza always burn like 2 inches from the crust with the hand tossed style even with extra sauces medium or large make no difference but large always look much better than the medium which look like mostly crusted pizza with fewer topping than regular medium pizza order elsewhere.

I always order extra sauce because it free. Some store give way too much sauces and some like regular size sauce and so more sauces does not make no difference if pizza over burn are not. I usually order the deep dish and the deep dish pizza are not over burn like the hand tossed one.

What happened to Dominos pizza reward? All my points is all gone along with the pizza history and the websites no longer show redeeming pizza reward points as they upgraded there website. It sad too because I almost quality for a free large one topping pizza. Making me sad and upset that I no longer wanted to order from Dominos pizza again. There was no notifaction of anything about the pizza reward program being ended otherwise I would have gotten my free chicken wings and bread sticks before my points expired.

Another things Many of Domino's Pizza stores does not open for the holiday like labor day so about all the holiday when I craving for pizzas I always had to order pizzas else. So, if you plan to have pizza for the holiday make sure you have another pizza delivery numbers.

I always email my complaints to corporate or call the 1-800# because it usually always a waste of time complainting to store manager. I know before I used to work in the well known fast food restaurant and I know much about how to deal with customers.
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No Gloves When Handling Pizza Toppings
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COUNICIL BLUFFS, IOWA -- There were no gloves on these peoples bare hands. Wiping there bare hands on their aprons then handling money then going right back to work on making pizzas. Hat flipping around food several times. Not covering their mouths when sneezing just letting it all fly all over the place. Not making sure the customers get the right orders.
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nikalseyn on 2013-11-09:
contact corporate. either online or by phone. they have a website.
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Did It Get the Special in the Flyer
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NORTH BERGEN, NEW JERSEY -- I went to get the special 1mediun pizza and 16 bites of bread for $9.99 and the manager told me that the code didn't work and took the flier from [me]. So rude and told me if you want it you have to pay regular price. It is not my fault that the code on the coupon didn't work,,.
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No Gloves Worn to Make Pizza
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ESPANOLA, NEW MEXICO -- I went to get a pizza and watched the guys make the pizzas and scratch their faces and pick @ their noses and then answer the phone and handle money and then go back and finish making pizzas. No gloves were worn and no hands were washed. I asked about all of this and one told me that all germs die in the hot ovens. He said the health department approves of all of this and their district manager approves also. I left. I won't be back there anymore.
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I Was Basically Fussed At Because The Wrong Topping Was On My Pizza
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BESSEMER, NORTH CAROLINA -- The pizza had the right ingredients typed on the box, but the wrong ones on the pizza. I called and the manager wanted to know why it took so long for me to call back.. As if I need to inform them as to what time my family all get home together to eat our supper that we paid for!!!! How dare he, am I right??
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cmthru on 2013-08-24:
How long did you wait after delivery before calling the manager? Was it 5 minutes, 10, 20, an hour?

I can understand the managers question if you waited a considerable time considering most people would have called within minutes of delivery.
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