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As is, means goodbye
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KENT, OHIO -- I do understand my purchase of a used vehicle is on my own merit but I do believe dealers should not knowingly sell cars that should be scrapped. I purchased a 98 Subaru for my 16 yr old son for winter driving. After 2 days the battery was dead, no big deal. After 1 week the check engine light was on all the time. new o2 sensors and a compression test revealed a bad head gasket. Dealer at this time was rude, manager pretty much called me an idiot for buying a used car and said it`s not his concern.
Needless to say the car was a 4,200.00 lesson in how to never buy a used car from a dealer. Currently the car is dead and waiting to be junked. I refuse to drop 5,500.00 in a new motor, due to blown gasket, warped heads and possible other block damage.
Again, you should bring a mechanic, inspect the car.... Seriously, Don Joseph, If your that heartless for money, go into politics....
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