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Service Department - What a Joke
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KATY, TEXAS -- I own a 2006 Sequoia Limited purchased at this dealership. From the beginning I noticed the truck would pull to the right. Had the service Dept. re-align at 3,530 miles (ASSUMED TIRE ROTATION WAS DONE AS WELL). At 6,971 miles, had the 5,000-mile-service, including tire rotation. Had the recall work done at 11,320 (front suspension lower ball joints replaced, which was supposed to include re-alignment + rotation). At 13,903 had them check the tire pressure light (on for 12 hours). At 14,936 miles I had the 15,000-mile-service (includes tire rotation).

By now, I see uneven wear on the tires (outside of tire) and request honoring the extended life tire warranty. Service person indicates tires not worn to 2/32nds yet. At 20,052, I request once again execution of the warranty. Service person indicates not worn enough and writes in service order to rotate tires and verify for abnormal wear patterns (which are obvious by now, yet no further action was taken by them).

At 24,693 miles I request warranty again, and as expected service person writes in order to check for wear and advise when tires at 5/32nds. At 29,862 miles I have a minor repair done to the left front tire and ask again about executing the warranty. Same answer I get...out I go with worn tires. Today, 1/Aug/2008 with 31,461 miles on them tires are worn to the nylon. I take the truck to Don McGill to execute the warranty once and for all. To my surprise, service person tells me that I have to pay for replacement tires and wait for a refund (Don McGill would send to tire manufacturer a set of tires that complied with rules set forth in the guarantee (even wear all across. I didi not accept this, as obviously this is not fair practice and puts the burden of recuperating the money spent on me).

Finally, the service person could not come up with a better excuse for not assuming their responsibility other than telling me that I did not rotate the tires frequently enough...what a Joke....I have taken my 2 toyotas out of their list and will give my business to someone professional and with ethics....Don Mcgill Toyota, what a shame !!!!
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Horrible Finance Service
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KATY, TEXAS -- I purchased a 05 Avalon from Don McGill on 9/21/07. I reviewed the car online check the vehicle report online seemed OK. So I went by my credit union informed them that I was in the market for a new vehicle, I was informed that I could use my Credit Union financing and get a much better APR and better deal. So I ride up to Don McGill to get the car I saw online. First of all they lie for a living and I hate liars that's why I'm writing this complaint. I told my sales man Marlin Willis that I was going to use my Credit Union financing to purchase my car. He went and spoke to there one of there Finance managers (Jerry) and he then came over to the desk I was sitting at told me that I could do all of my paperwork with Don McGill to save time as they worked with my credit union all the time. Well to make a long story short I was lied to by everyone there at the company [names removed]. All of them told me that I would get the same APR and monthly payment if I filled out my paper work with Don McGill or at my Credit Union. By using there high pressure sales tactics I was convinced to fill out my paperwork at the dealership. After doing this I went home called my credit union and I received a totally different deal than what was offered by Don McGill.

I was offered 7.99% APR for 78 months and payment of 435 from DMT. My credit union quoted my 5.75% APR for 72 months and a payment around 400. So I went back to the dealership the next day and spoke with my sales person, which directed me to the Business Director which was a very rude and unprofessional person. I was told that I was lying about the deal the credit union gave me, that I didn't know what I was talking about, and after a few moments of catching Jaime in her lies about the deal she got frustrated and told me that I was pissing her off and that she was going to throw me out of her office.....WOW now that's real customer service and this was coming from a DIRECTOR....Give me a break I demanded my salesperson to get me the owner or general manager as I was very upset on how she spoke to me.....I shook the General manager hands looked him square in the eyes and calmly explained my situation and all the lies I was told.

The salesperson was standing there to whole time and was asked if (Jaime) told me those things Marlin stated yes and then at that point is when Mike knew his crew made a mistake....He apologized for Jaime's actions which he should had Jaime come apologize for her own mistakes.....I was promised by Mike that they would get everything corrected. He gave me four free oil change vouchers, which wasn't squat and a free hat for my small daughter and a free breakfast for the family.....All this to show the shame on the company....

I still will not buy anything further from DON MCGILL TOYOTA anywhere. They are liars and crooks and I hate that consumers get the short end of the stick in every situation.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
Actually, the easiest way to do this, is to get the OK from your CU up front. Go to the dealer and get the very best deal on price that you can, based on the fact that you are financing through the dealer. Next day, take all the paperwork to the CU and re-finance the loan with them. You will never even have to make a payment to the dealer's finance company, and you will do better on price.
I did my last three cars this way. One other benefit is that you can do the whole deal in one visit, and leave with your new car.
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
If you can get finance (direct loan) directly via your Credit Union and/or Bank, they can cut you a bank check for the full purchase price. You can buy the car as a cash transaction. I have done this several times and work out well. It is quicker and cleaner (less paperwork at the auto dealership).
MRM on 10/15/2007:
HappyJoyBear, that is a good financing advice as I will be buying a new Jeep soon. HappyJoyBear, let me understand this correctly, the bank will issue me a check and I use that check to pay fot the car, correct? Also, if I know the kind of car I want, do I go the bank for financing before or after I visit the dealership?
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
> the bank will issue me a check and I use that check to pay fot the car


> do I go the bank for financing before or after I visit the dealership?

It is a good idea to get a pre-approve loan amount before heading to any dealership.

Online loans have better rates (lower) than traditional brick-n-mortar loans. Be aware it does take longer to cut the checks (mail to you or directly to dealership).
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
Never borrow money at interest to buy a depreciating asset. Car loans of any sort are by far and away the biggest financial mistake most people make and they make it over and over and over again. If you can't pay cash for that car then you can't afford that car.
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
You cannot look at car purchase as financial investment (e.g. house).

Most people do not have thousands of dollars (liquid asset) available to purchase a decent used car and/or new car.
MRM on 10/15/2007:
Thanks fot the tip, HappyJoyBear, as well as Kenpopcorn and Stew.
grandma005 on 10/15/2007:
Stew, as I said before not everybody has your money. Not everybody can pay cash for a car. For some people having a car is the difference between working and not working. If you don't have the cash then you have to finance. The best we can do is to get the lowest interest loan for the best car price. I would love to pay cash if I had the money.
grandma005 on 10/15/2007:
Who can do without cars today. Public transportation is not always available. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Stew will you give me the money to pay cash for a car?
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
Let's take this review as an example. $400 for 72 months @ 5.75% equals a selling price around $24,400. In six years the Avalon will be 8 years old and probably worth what... 7 or 8 grand.

scenario II. Instead of buying the car you take the 400 dollars a month and invest it in government securities. In six years & 4% you'll have 32,489. I ask you which would you rather have in the year 2013... An 8 year old car or $32,489? A car is an expense which if viewed as such can be minimized.

I bought my first new car ever last year (mistake) and I spent 13,400 for a 2006 dodge ram 1500 --- work truck - no carpet, no power windows or locks .. you get the picture. Paid cash for it and I've regretted it every since because it wasn't a very smart financial decision. Off my soap box now.
Anonymous on 10/15/2007:
Wait for the no interest loans to come by again. At least once a year you can find someone running the no interest loans or low 2% loans. Be patient and wait they will be along again. Bought my Ford truck that way, I had 24 months no interest, it was great I used their money to buy their truck for two years. Keep in mind you have to be able to pay it off within the 24 months.
Aerocave on 10/15/2007:
Stew your example, though "financially smart" is unrealistic to consumers and would be devastating to the economy. I appreciate what you are saying, but our economy depends on the automakers producing vehicles, and the suppliers producing the parts...and ultimately the consumers having a job to purchase the products. Our economy is built on credit...although you can say this is dangerous, it is what it is. Like everyone else said, shop for a good rate--and as superbowl said utililize the low interest loans as well.
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Car salesman accused of using stolen identities to sell cars
Posted by on

ABC13 Eyewitness News
(4/29/05 - HOUSTON) — An employee at a local car dealer is accused of stealing people's identity...and police say he did it while trying to sell others what they thought was a good deal on a new set of wheels.

For weeks, we've been talking with people who say those car deals cost them money and caused lots of damage to their credit records. Now that salesman, Duke Nguyen, is under indictment.

"I gave him the $500 cash and went straight into finance," said car buyer David Gardoni.

Gardoni is one of two dozen car buyers who thought they were getting a good deal on a new car, but there were problems. One problem was the name on his loan. The middle name isn't Gardoni's. When he said he pointed it out to the salesperson, Gardoni was assured it was only a typo.

"They were running through it so fast, that he told me 'Don't worry about it. Just sign the contract so you can take delivery of the vehicle'," said Gardoni.
Instead, detectives say Gardoni and two dozen others were being ripped off. Authorities believe the salesman, Duke Nguyen, never turned Gardoni's downpayment into the dealership. They say instead, the loan was processed under a stolen identity.

When the dealership found out about the problems, workers called all the customers in question and had them return the vehicles. Don McGill has not offered anyone refunds because the dealership never got the downpayment. Because these customers have bad credit to begin with, the dealership can't offer the same low interest loans to victims.

"We are a victim in this," said Don McGill GM Tim Harless. "Unfortunately, we're the worst victim in this for the simple reason that we had the most amount of exposure on this."

As for those who are out of money and don't have a car, some have hired attorneys. They're asking why the Don McGill dealership isn't responsible for the actions of one of its employees.

"I think he should right a wrong," said Gardoni. "I don't believe he should make his customers who walk in be accountable for the ill dealings of his employees."
Officials at the dealership say they had no idea of what Nguyen was allegedly doing. They're cooperating fully with authorities. Harris County detectives say there were 25 complaints against Nguyen in all. It's believed the financial impact of the bad loans is somewhere around $670,000.
(Copyright © 2005, KTRK-TV)
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User Replies:
TXRoadTrip on 05/06/2005:
Story By Jeff Ehling
TXRoadTrip on 05/06/2005:
This guy already had a criminal record of stealing other peoples identities, credit card abuse and other stuff.
Anonymous on 05/06/2005:
What is this? The tx Weekly Report? She even gives HER contributing reporters some ink. What's next? The five day weather forecast?
TXRoadTrip on 05/06/2005:
It's a local problem. Fine you have nothing to add to the review = so don't. Now piss off and go do something else. The same said to SIFFER and SLIM.
Slimjim on 05/06/2005:
Watch out AP and Reuters. Tex is right, this is helpful to site visitors from Katy, TX. Counting "her", that would make none. On a serious note, this dealer actually thinks they aren't responsible for their employee's actions? They're about to get hit with a good dose of business reality.
TXRoadTrip on 05/06/2005:
Katy is right next to Houston.
Look right of that = Houston. I go to KATY a lot to shop. Yes we local people in Houston have many small towns around and in Houston for us to shop in also. Houston has grown that much.
Anonymous on 05/06/2005:
Okay tax, thanks for the tip. Is it okay if I add something related to Texas? Texas University is Oklahoma University's B!tch in FOOTBALL. No need for your "sports update" today, tax.
Anonymous on 05/07/2005:
Don't correct her like that,Siff. TX is a "College Grad". She knows maps like....
IintheSky on 05/10/2005:
Dealership will most likely be sued for improper management oversight and will result in one of the following: Reorganization or going out of business.
TXRoadTrip on 05/11/2005:
Here copy and paste this link in a browser
OK look where it says towns / cities / villages / some are surrounded by BIG CITIES such as Houston and Dallas etc.
TXRoadTrip on 05/11/2005:
The definition in the dictionary for the word Ignorance should have SIFFER and ZZROKK added to it.
TXRoadTrip on 05/11/2005:
The dealership is negligent for the employee; I am waiting to see how they try to get out of this, because this guy already had a criminal record for fraud and theft.
TXRoadTrip on 05/11/2005:
The owner is often there, so really what happened or how did they allow this to happen?
TXRoadTrip on 05/11/2005:
Siffer and ZZ how often do y’all drive around aimlessly not knowing where you are and where you are going? You don’t use maps and don’t stop for directions. Answer = often or not because y’all are homebodies that never go anywhere. Today's lesson is to learn how to read a map or ask for directions.
agentman on 07/06/2009:
Unfortunately most dealerships THINK they Comply to Identity Theft because they belong to the ADA (Automobile Dealers Association)many don't even have a clue when it comes to FACTA.
Do you? What you don't know about Identity Theft can kill you!
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