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Donegal Insurance is bogus
Posted by on
MARIETTA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My vehicle was parked outside my home on 3/6/11. A lady came past and hit my truck right after hitting 2 other parked cars. I turned the claim into my insurance company which is Nationwide to get the ball rolling because I have full coverage (lucky for me). Now 5/17/11 I get a letter from DONEGAL INSURANCE (driver at fault) stating. "We have completed our investigation of the above captioned matter.

Due to MS. ________ experiencing a medical emergency there is no negligence on her part and we are not able to consider payment of your claim".

Now I understand about coverage limits but Donegal just refused to pay at all. Because their client had a medical emergency? So for instance, if I am driving and I black out or something happens to me physically where I can't control my vehicle, it is not considered my fault? That is ridiculous. So in a nutshell they are saying if you did not mean to wreck its not your fault but if you intended to wreck that's OK then we will payout on your behalf.

How are you considered not at fault by your own insurance company when you where the only person driving in the accident and you hit 3 parked cars?
Resolution Update 07/01/2011:
My insuraqnce made a full recovery from donegal and my insurance sent me my deductable. Im still glad i had full coverage tho or else i would have had to pay to fight doegal in court
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User Replies:
bob93 on 05/18/2011:
Sounds like you should let your insurance company or lawyer go after them. She collided with your vehicle regardless of the reason, it sure seems Donegal should cover it.
Alain on 05/18/2011:
may give you some useful information to assist you with this problem.
momsey on 05/18/2011:
Obviously her insurance company is going to do whatever they can not to pay. That doesn't make them bogus, that makes them an insurance company.

I just quickly googled this scenario and it seems that there have been court cases where it was decided that because of a medical emergency, the driver was found not to be negligent. It's a defense that has been used but doesn't always work.

Your insurance company should hopefully be fighting this for you. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
Anonymous on 05/18/2011:
Ah the 'sudden emergency doctrine'. Getting old school common law on ya. Jeeze insurance companies are such slime balls.

The good news is since you have full coverage *your* insurance company will do most of the heavy lifting. If in the end you get left holding the bag for a deductible you can always sue the other driver in small claims court. You'll probably win because the sudden emergency doctrine is a flimsy affirmative defense at best in an everyday joe citizen one-on-one auto accident case.

Good luck and I wish you all the best.
raging mad on 10/21/2013:
After having homeowners insurance with Donegal insurance through William-Cleveland for 52 years they dropped us because a few shingles were missing from our roof. We had them repaired and then they wanted my 70 yr. old husband to get on the roof and take pictures of the repair. Thanks Donegal. We got much better homeowner coverage and a lot cheaper. You really did us a big favor. Hope you spent our money well in the 52 years we paid you. You stink
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Canceled a policy due to death of my brother
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARIETTA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I lost my brother to lung cancer in March. I've had to put my mother in assisted living as a result. My brother owned the house they lived in and was the policy holder. I'm still trying to get the estate settled and the house sold. Donegal Insurance just sent me a letter stating that, since my brother died and nobody lived in the house, they thought there was too much risk and are canceling the policy! Are they kidding?! Like I don't have enough to deal with. All I need is to get the estate settled and the house sold and they can't even give me that! I hope they don't try to advertise that they'll be there in time of need. That clearly is NOT the case.
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Slimjim on 09/27/2012:
I never realized until we when we bought our current house but didn't move into it right away... insurance companies do not want to insure empty houses. We had to tell them we were in two weeks before we actually were or they wouldn't insure the place.
trmn8r on 09/27/2012:
This is standard practice with all insurance companies, as far as I know.

Logically, it makes sense for multiple reasons off the top of my head. Any number of things like a water heater leaking, electrical problems that could happen and lead to varying degrees of damage to the house that would be more severe than if someone were there. Also, break-ins would be more likely.

My guess is that if you Google this you will come up with more about the subject (and possibly other similar complaints).
Nohandle on 09/28/2012:
My sympathy in the death of your brother. Many among us have gone through the same thing and wondered what next was going to crop up.

You didn't mention if furnishings were still in the home. Word gets around there is a home with no one living there and I promise you furnishings start disappearing. I've heard of cases homes were broken into and stripped bare. Absolutely nothing left.

Insurance companies in my state and two others I'm familiar with will not insure a home no one is living in furnished or not. I've heard of people allowing an individual to live rent free, or for near nothing, just to have someone there to keep an eye out until the house was sold. That might not work for you but it's a possibility to think about.
CowboyFan on 09/28/2012:
Everyone is correct that it has nothing to do with your brother's death, but with the fact no one lives in the house. When I was "much" younger, a friend was remodeling a large 3 story house into separate apartments. He could not get insurance with it empty, so he rented to me the first apartment finished (cheap) just so someone was in the house and he could get insurance.
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Posted by on
We have full coverage on both cars my husband swerved to miss a deer and slid sideways before smacking the guard rail. all four tires were to the threads in the same spot because the wheels were not turning they were skidding sideways. and some damage to the front fender. We also have rental coverage for 30 days and or until the car is fixed. Donegal has terminated the rental coverage 10 days before the 30 days were up without any notice to us as well as refusing to pay for the tires and additional damage found by the mechanic. They are going against everything in there contract with us.

Our agent that we deal with is even in shock and giving us info on how to handle this. We feel like we were robbed we trusted this company and sent in regular payments so we could have piece of mind now when the time has come to use what we're paying for they've turned there backs on us and pocketed our money.
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screwedByDonegal on 04/11/2012:
Almost the same exact thing has happened to us. We have had Donegal for over 7 yrs and we get a so called discount for never having any claims or issues. And yet they are treating us as if we have claims once a month. Today they cut off our rental just over 2 weeks early without notice in and the car is not repaired. They are refusing to pay for the mechanical damage that is obviously there due to being rear ended. INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE ALL SCUM!
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Doesn't fight for clients
Posted by on
A DONEGAL COMPANY MARIETTA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had full tort on my Toyota Solara but since the car was paid for I didn't have collision. My car was hit in my driveway and Donegal just paid the other driver against my pleading. I take it to court and the arbitrator found in favor of me. I lose my car 8600, rental car 656 as well as going over the 5,000 medical and towing bill of 325. I get 3000 and the other person has a new car and whatever else she got. Donegal won't ask Erie to pay my losses and they can't retrieve the money from the other lady so basically their insurance is useless if you prove them wrong. The new car I had to buy put me 200 a month over budget because of their mistake. I fired them in the first place because they didn't fight. By winning today I even saved them medical bills from her. What do I get from them? A slap in the face.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 06/10/2010:
All this happened while you were sitting in your driveway?
saj80 on 06/10/2010:
How does a car get totaled when it hits another one in a driveway? I have to believe there is a lot more to this story than what we are hearing, and would love to hear the story from the other driver. Could it possibly be that this OP was backing out of a driveway and was hit by someone coming down the street? Not sure what the arbitration process resolved, but I need more information before establishing a conclusion as to what happened.
Anonymous on 06/10/2010:
Tiger Woods could tell you all about it...Busted windows, bloody lips, etc...just from hitting a tree/fire hydrant in his driveway! Yeah, right!
spiderman2 on 06/10/2010:
I think something that you are not understanding is what full tort insurance means. It refers to bodily injury and in PA you can have full tort or limited tort. It has nothing to do with the vehicle only bodily injury.
Also, I would love to know the details of this accident. Typically, if you are backing up, you are liable. I think that may come into play in this case.
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