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Don't Waste Money on a Dormia Mattress
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- My husband and I purchased a king size memory foam mattress from Dormia in October 2005. The bed was great at first. By January 2007 we began to notice significant sagging in the mattress on both sides of the bed where we sleep. It's like we have a hill in the middle of our bed and a steep slope or valley down both sides of the mattress. As a result, I can no longer sleep on my stomach on the mattress. If I do, I wake up with neck and back pain because I'm sleeping with an arched back all night. My husband is practically rolling of his side of the bed.

I contacted Dormia about this as they advertise a 25 year warranty. They told me to take pictures of the bed and email them to I did, but had them returned to me after several attempts because their email was full (bad sign right there). The email finally went through, but I never heard back from them. On my second call to customer service, I got the major go around from a customer service rep (CSR). This CSR told me that we were denied a replacement mattress (not that I would want one - I want a refund!).

She said that our bed looked normal and that we should expect up to 2 inches of settling (she said the bed was doing what it was supposed to do - "it's memory foam; it's supposed to settle where you sleep on it". I said "okay, but am I supposed to be having back and neck pain from it too?" She evaded this question. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she said that there wasn't one. She was it. We went around in circles. It was like I was asking Bill Clinton questions.

I should point out that I am 5'4" and weigh 110 pounds. I'm not a big person - and neither is my husband. We are active people who expect to get our money's worth and top notch customer service from the companies we do business with. This had not been the case with Dormia and I am using any vehicle I can to get the word out. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A DORMIA MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS!

In 3 Years the Mattress Has Lost 3 Inches in Loft/height
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Rating: 1/51

JESSUP, MARYLAND -- In July 2010 we purchased a king size 17" mattress from The Dump (first mistake). The bed was wonderful for the first 10 months or so. Then it seemed to get harder and harder and my deep pocket sheets were getting to be too big for the bed. Not until after I called the warranty number did I measure the mattress. Our bed had shrunk in height from 17 inches to between 14 an 15 inches. There is none of the properties that memory foam mattresses are famous for left in our mattress, like pressure reducing or pressure relief.

We are basically sleeping on the hard base foam, there is no give or support left. This is after only having it 3 years and I called to make the claim at 2 and a half years. I was just notified that my claim was denied because comfort is not part of the warranty? Having No comfort is the result of the foam failing. I am left with 25 year warranty that they do NOT honor! DO NOT BUY A DORMIA MATTRESS - DO NOT BUY THROUGH THE DUMP. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!

Don't buy a Dormia Mattress
By -

We bought a Dormia adjustable latex mattress 11-2007 and by 11-2009 it had lost all support where we sleep. It was like sleeping in 2 ditches. So I sent in a warranty claim with pictures.

Here are the 2 responses from ** at Dormia -response 1- "The warranty claim you have submitted was reviewed and has been denied for a replacement mattress. This claim was denied because based on the photos you submitted your warranty is void because the mattress is stained."

The warranty states "€œThis warranty is void if the product is found to have been tampered with or misused by the purchaser beyond reasonable wear, shall not apply if the product has been physically damaged intentionally or due to accident and/or neglect; including burns, cuts, water damage, mold, stains, or is otherwise abnormally soiled or unsanitary"€.

Response 2- "It is wise to cover your mattress with a mattress cover, most sales reps recommend their customer's purchase a mattress at the point of sale. Especially since the warranty clearly states stains void the warranty. Classic Brands will not be offering any refunds. You are free to take any further action you feel are necessary."

FYI -There is a slight yellowish stain on one side about 4 inches wide - probably from sleeping with wet hair. That's it no damage, abuse, misuse. It's only 2 years old. Be warned they will not honor the 20-year warranty!!!!!

Complaint of Bad Product
By -

Last year I bought a Dormia mattress with an adjustable frame which cost $2100 total. It was OK for a few months, then started to sag and tilt down on the edge. After lying in bed I would slide over to the edge during my sleep. Quite a few times I almost rolled out of bed until last week I finally did. I couldn't get up because of my bad back, knees and I also have neuropathy in my legs & feet. I had to call 911 for them to help me get up. If I would have checked on the internet, I would have seen all the complaints & would not have bought it. It's just plain junk.

Terrible Mattress Came With One Side Defective
By -

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Called store and company.. They sent mattress inspector who measured the top to see if it was even with a string..(I have only had it 2 wks and left side was caving in, impossible to sleep on.) When asked he said he did see that there was a approx circle of 15 in around that was extremely soft and he would report it.. When I called main office in Maryland they said the string looked straight and they would not do anything further unless I was willing to pay for an upgrade and DELIVERY AND RESTOCKING CHARGES.. I ALREADY PAID ALMOST $2000. 2 WKS AGO.

What don't they get about memory foam.. it is sponge and you can take any sponge and make a hole on on side and the other will still look straight until laid on then you feel it.. They say it's because I have purchased a adjustable bed.. Duh.. Why don't they say they won't guarantee mattress with adjustable bed???? They sold me the adjustable bed too!!! Anyone who would like to join me in a class action suit against this bunch of liars?? Any one any suggestions or remedy.. besides not paying for it? Duh!

Buyer Beware Of Dormia Claims
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be fooled & BUY A DORMIA MATTRESS! I, too, have had a DORMIA NIGHTMARE!!! I've wrangled with this company for over 2 months due to problems that were all caused by their store manager's lies. At the point of sale, he told me that the "only difference" between the Dormia mattresses and Tempur-Pedic was "the price" ($500). I even asked him to repeat this claim by asking him, "That's the ONLY difference?" To which he responded "Yes."

Well, let me also set the record straight. IT'S NOT the only difference, by far! Here are the differences: Quality, Comfort, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, & a 90-Day Money-Back guarantee -- ALL OFFERED by Tempur-Pedic but conspicuously absent at Dormia!

In fact, I hate this mattress & the company so much that if anyone out there will pay the shipping or pick it up, I'll GIVE them this piece of junk that I paid $1000 for. Maybe it would make a great dog bed or something. If you need a mattress for back problems, etc., do yourself a favor & just pick out your favorite Tempur-Pedic model. I have 2 Tempur-Pedic sets & they're great. I regret giving Dormia a try. They're foolish to throw away valuable customers. How do they stay in business?

Back pains
By -

HAYMARKT, VIRGINIA -- Dormia mattresses are far from what they publish. The mattress at first was comfortable and had good memory. After about 3 months of sleeping on the mattress, it would not bounce back after getting out of bed. The problem lies when you are sleeping in it. The portion of your lower back and head fall so deep into the mattress anyone would wake up with back aches and pains. Before purchasing the bed, I was suffering with back problems. After purchasing the Dormia, my wife also now has back problems.

We contacted Mattress Discounters who say they will send out a tech to measure with a laser the height of depressed portion when no one is in the bed. The bed does rise back to close it original position. The measurement needs to be taken when I am sleeping in it. To all who are considering purchasing one of these foam beds, I say don't! Especially if you have back problems. I was sold that this would be good for my back. Beware!!

To the company: if the store or Dormia does not resolve this I will be picketing at the Manassas store as well as sending through my blogs bad press about both. Do not buy a Dormia. Spend a little extra and get the real thing with the Tempur-Pedic.

Mattress Sags
By -

I bought this mattress four years ago. I remember spending over $2,000 for it. The sales representative gave me a lot bull. He said that the mattress would not sag. A few month after I purchase it started to sag and tilt down on the edge. We called the store that we bought it from and they told we need to upgrade to a different mattress. In the meantime the mattress got worse and I started falling off the bed. I had a few falls when I was sleeping. Two weeks ago I slipped on something, fell back and broke my wrist and arm. I had surgery to fix my arm and wrist. A week and a half later I fell out the bed because the way the mattress was sagging. Thanks for nothing Dormia.

Don't Trust Warranty
By -

BIG RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I am complaining about a mattress that was purchased on March 2006. I paid $6000.00 for what I thought was a purchase that would last me for at least 10-15 years with the warranty on this. Now the mattress is sagging so bad that I can't lie on it without rolling to the middle. This company has denied my claim stating that they no longer make this mattress, but would sell me another one at cost, but I would have to pay shipping also. I have contacted my lawyer. Will see what happens.

StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

JESSUP, MARYLAND -- We purchased a queen size mattress from Dormia a few years ago and love it. We were so happy with it that we bought another one for our guest room. The price was very reasonable for the quality. Going on vacation is a problem now since most beds are not nearly as comfortable. I would definitely buy again from this store.

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