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Unethical Con Artists
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GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- If anyone is thinking about doing business with this dealership, please do yourself a favor and re-consider. They advertise an in-house financing program for used cars. It is a total ripoff...they sell you overpriced, salvage vehicles at inflated prices...none of the repairs are covered by the warranty, and to top it off they charge you 25% interest. Forget about trying to communicate with them. They will tell you something--even send you emails confirming it--then totally deny doing it. They are an absolutely terrible, unethical organization.
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Ponie on 03/01/2006:
I get the feeling if you had a good credit rating and were able to obtain the loan from your bank, you wouldn't be writing this letter.
Lounge on 03/02/2006:
I know Wisconsin is a consumer protected state. From what I understand from your review things didn't go well for you. 1st, I bet the warranty is spelled out in writing as to what is covered and what is not. 2nd, I bet you didn't abide by the legal documents that you signed and live up to your contractual obligations. 3rd, I bet that if your credit was good you wouldn't be in that situation.

It appears to me that you are a high credit risk based upon what you describe, and the interest rate reflects that. If you didn't like the transaction details you didn't need to sign any documents. That was your choice to enter into a legally binding contract at that interest rate and price. Let me ask you this: Did you pay as you agreed to in your contract? Was there a warranty in writing and did the part(s) that broke down say that they were covered or not?
Is the situation their fault or is it yours because you may not have lived up to your legal obligations.
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