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The Dorschel Indifference. Clear. Simple. Rip Off!
By -

HENRIETTA, NEW YORK -- We purchased three vehicles from Dorschel. We took our Ascender into Dorschel for a FULL DIAGNOSIS of what was wrong with it. For a Diagnosis Only they charged us $198 but we said "Do it." It had brake problems, acceleration problems, and an engine light on now and we wanted to know everything wrong with it. They called and said they knew what was wrong and could repair the vehicle in full for $609 and that included the cost of the diagnosis. We said "Go for it!" When we picked it up "fixed", they charged us over $700 (of course) but we paid it and left and the Ascender BROKE DOWN 15 minutes out of the shop!

Dorschel Service apologized profusely & sent a tow truck & promised to "make it right!" They left my husband standing on the side of the highway in the dark in late November (2011) without a coat and he had to walk more than six miles! That was dangerous. They have had the car for THREE WEEKS and today Lou from the Dorschel Service Center sent an email stating they never agreed to repair it. After three weeks and them putting over 200 miles on it and it is still broken & already PAID FOR IN FULL. Is THIS "The Dorschel Difference"? Lying and cheating customers at Christmas time?

I have written emails to Dorschel with no response. I contacted the NYSDMV Inspection and Repair division to file a complaint after Dorschel Service told us that they are allowed to pass inspection on vehicles with dragging/sticking brakes. That sounds safe, right? The NYSDMV said they would never say that and encouraged me to file a formal complaint with them against Dorschel and they would fight on our behalf to the full extent of the law.

The Inspection and Repair Complaint division of the NYSDMV also told us the main issue isn't even that they lied to us about NYS allowing dragging brakes to pass inspection but that they took our money for a full diagnosis, for a full repair, and the vehicle is STILL broken. Dorschel still has my car, still NOT REPAIRED, and told us today in the lying email from Lou to come get it as is. This is The Dorschel Difference? This is their "making it right"?

Used Car Deposit Not Refunded
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Several weeks ago I stopped by Dorschel car lot. I was approached by a salesman, asking what I was interested in. I told him I was looking for an older 95-00 Toyota 4Runner that was in reasonable shape not pre-certified. He had none to look at but would call me when one came in. Within 2 weeks time he called several times leaving messages on my home phone since I live 65 miles away from the dealership - that a 4Runner was coming in and need to get back to see it asap.

My girl and myself went up on a Saturday afternoon located the SUV on the lot. I looked at it, the frame was rusted through just like my Tacoma which was being bought back by Toyota. There was a 2nd 4runner on the lot and I looked at it and was curious to know how much they wanted for the SUV. We took it for a ride - seemed OK except for the brakes and the rear window that was stuck down wide open. We went back to his office to discuss a deal. He came back with a figure.

I asked "Is that your best price?" He said "We can get this at an auction." I asked my girl what she thinks and agrees to have the truck state inspected and see how much it will cost to get it to pass. The salesman asks for a down payment of 500.00 Dollars. We don't have 5 we only have 400.00 Dollars. He agrees that will hold the SUV in the interest of buying it after it passed inspection.

Monday morning the salesman calls me tells me it will cost an additional 1200.00 Dollars to repair the rear brakes. I told him it was too much and forget the deal. He asks well how much would I give for the SUV and told him he had already given his best price in the beginning of the whole deal. Now he wants to dicker. I told him "Just refund our deposit and we'd be good." But now it's 3 weeks later and we still don't have our deposit money back. I called and left messages but no one returned my call about our deposit money we put down on. Oh yes they did cash our check the next day.

I can't believe this is way a so called reputable dealer takes advantage of the poor upstate working class people who live 65 miles away looking for a return customer deal. I spent 400.00 Dollars to drive a total 130 miles my gas money for a 2-mile ride in worn out SUV.

Incompetent Mechanics
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I brought my Volkswagen Cabrio in for service at this dealer because the check engine light was on and when I was driving over 45 MPH, the car was not shifting gears and the RPM was between 40-50. I received a callback from the service department stating that the car had a coolant leak and the air meter needs replacing. I said to go ahead with these repairs if they will fix the problem which were quoted at being over $900. We picked up the car later that evening and as soon as we got on the highway, going over 45 MPH, the car did not shift gears and the RPM was over 40. I immediately turned around and brought the car back to the dealer.

The service technician called us back the next day and said that the car needs a tune up and that would solve the problem. We told him that a tune up was unrelated to the car not switching gears and asked to speak to a manager, Gary. Gary said he would look into the issue and call us back. Gary called back and apologizes for the problem and said he talked to the service guy like he talks to his dog. He stated that the car was not serviced correctly and that B and C were done before A and B. Because of this he says he will give us 1/2 off the cost of parts and free labor to fix the problem which he states is now a camshaft position sensor and coil for a total charge of $354.

We asked him if this would fix the problem and he stated that it would. We asked him "What is plan B if this doesn't work?" and he said "Hopefully we won't need a plan B." The next day we received another call from Gary stating that those items had been replaced. However when they took the car for a road test, it was initially running fine.

However after a few minutes the check engine light went off again and now they believe the car needs a new gearbox speed sensor to fix the problem and this would cost us another $148. We said to forget it and we picked up the car that still has the check engine light on and is still not switching gears and the RPM is still running between 40-50 when driving over 45 MPH. This service department is completely incompetent and they will experiment on your car at your expense.

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