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Complaint regarding an incident that occurred on our wedding day that was at The Doubletree Hotel
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- To whom this may concern,

On April 9th 2011 My husband and I got married at The Double Tree Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. What was meant to be the happiest day of our lives turned out to be a disaster.
When I was looking for a vender to have both our ceremony and our reception at I quickly fell in-love with The Double Tree Hotel. Everything was coordinated well with the hotel all throughout our process until the day of the wedding. Our Ceremony went beautifully the reception I wish I could say the same. About 30 minutes after arriving to our reception we had discovered that every card that our guests had put in a box for us was gone. We got to enjoy 30 minutes of our reception before the rest was just horrifying. Worrying about where our cards were, finding out that over $1200.00 dollars was in that box on top of gift cards and most importantly the words that our family and friends had written in those cards that can never be replaced.

The day after our wedding I sent an e-mail out to all of our friends and families letting them know about what had occurred the evening before and shortly got a response from a very good friend of mine. She told me that she had given us a $50.00 gift card to target in a card and called to find out if the card had been used. She found out that indeed the gift card was used the night of the wedding about 30 minutes after noticing all the cards were missing. We immediately called the target to see if they had footage of the person who had taken our cards. We had to call the SAPD and the balconies heights police department and file a theft report. The Balconies heights police department was the district for the target where the gift card had been used. They went and collected the video and took it to The Double Tree Hotel confident it was one of the staff members because of what the man was wearing was exactly what the servers wear. The hotel declined knowing the individual and did not recognize him. The night of the wedding the manager on duty told us that she would give us $700.00 after finding out how much was taken. We agreed to take that amount but only received $325.00. She said that she could not give us over that without doing an insurance claim. After filing an insurance claim the insurance called us to ask us some questions and was going to investigate the incident. After that we heard nothing from anyone. I am more of less writing this because of the things I think went wrong on the staffs behalf. The event coordinator was suppost to be at the event the entire night and kept disappearing, there was no security for about 115 people, and there was nothing done to help us out on a situation that should have never happened. Because of this we were unable to enjoy our wedding to its fullest, we worried about it the entire night and even on our honeymoon and got no satisfaction out of it.

That is our complaints/concerns about the Hilton Hotel we stayed at. We hope and pray no one EVER has to go through what we did on the most important day of their lives.

Hannah White
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trmn8r on 10/16/2011:
How strange that you were the victim of this theft, and nobody recognized the person on the security tape.

It stinks - not much else to say. I guess that it makes sense to have someone watch the area of the cards, regardless of where your reception is. I rarely attend a wedding and never thought about it.
NicoleM on 10/16/2011:
She said the did call the police dept and file a report. They retrieved the surveillance tape from Target.

What a nightmare. I'm sorry this happened to you. Have the police dropped the case?
At Your Service on 10/16/2011:
I can feel so sorry about the loss, but ultimately can't see where it was the hotel's fault for the loss. I would think it is incumbent on the wedding party to keep an eye on the box. For Double Tree to offer replacing even part of the contents is more of a compliment.
Starlord on 10/17/2011:
I am a minister with a marriage ministry, and have been a security and police officer. Allow me to extend my sympathy for what happened to you. It might have been in your best interests to inquire about security, and if necessary, hire your own. I have serious doubts about the hotel's claim that they did not recognize the thief. Getting a server's uniform is something usually used in a mega-robbery, not to steall around a grand. I wish you luck in finding the culprit. If the police make an arrest and the perp can be identified, I hope they throw the book at him.
trmn8r on 10/17/2011:
I agree with Starlord - when I saw that the perp was wearing a server's uniform that told me it is an employee. Employees usually don't leave their uniforms sitting around, and this would have to be a planned hit for someone to arrange ahead of time to find and use a server's uniform. Just a feeling...
DebtorBasher on 10/17/2011:
I have always had issues with uniforms from hotels, restaurants, fastfood places, cable companies, utility companies and other companies being sold at Goodwills and thrift stores. I've even seen Official Postal uniforms being sold at a Goodwill (I actually bought it for my sister who was a mail carrier!). I have issues with it every time I hear about something like this happening, or people who open their doors because they think they are opening it for legit rep based on their uniforms.
Starlord on 10/17/2011:
My main complaint about Goodwill is they have military uniforms with all the name tags and rank insignias still intact. I can't speak to it personally, but I believe it is illegal to wear military uniforms that have the additions. Wearing BDUs is fine, but if you buy it, you really need to strip it of identifying insignia. Just my take on it.
Venice09 on 10/17/2011:
I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but you really are right to feel the reception was ruined. I can't imagine putting this out of your mind and continuing to have a good time. Being on your honeymoon knowing you had to deal with this must have also been very stressful. The entire ordeal is just awful.

If this was an inside job, I really hope they get the guy.
SteveWiginowski on 10/17/2011:
That's horrible that his happened. When I got married a little over a year ago, one of the staff was assigned to basically make sure that all of the cards and gifts were safely put in one location. He did an excellent job and went almost unnoticed throughout the evening.

My nightmare happened later though. After the reception, my wife and I went back to our room. Upon getting to my room, I noticed that my overnight bag was not there.

I went down to the front desk and checked to see if they were there (since all of the bags were brought there from the wedding party). I was surprised to find out that they were not there. They said that they were probably put in one of the other rooms registered to my last name, by mistake. They wouldn't give me a key for any of those rooms, so I had to find my family so I could search their rooms.

I checked their rooms, but didn't find the bags. Then I checked everyone in the wedding party who had a room. No luck still. I was getting really nervous because my wallet, cell phone, and car keys were in these bags. I kept them in there because I didn't need them throughout the wedding reception.

When I told the front desk that the bags weren't in any of the rooms, they told me that they never received the bags. I was furious because other bags given to them arrived safely to the correct spots and I just spent over an hour searching for people so I could search rooms. I asked them that if they are able to find them, give me a call right away, no matter what time it was, because I was really nervous wondering about how I could go on my honeymoon without any ID.

The next morning I woke up and went down to the front desk to see what could be done about my bag. They informed me that they now had it, and it was apparently put it the other wedding suite. I was quite mad, and was told sorry. I'm still mad about it, but at least it's now a funny story.
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Do not stay here
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PUNTERANUS -- I took my family to this resort and was very disappointed with the food and cleanliness. We where put in a room at building 3 that was supposed to have been newly renovated. No chance, this place needs a lot of work and should not have the Hilton or Double tree name. The food was very poor quality and not very tasty, I ended up going out for dinner a couple of nights so that I could get some good food. Only bourbon is Jim Beam and it is watered down I suspect.

Chris Nassetta the CEO is moving forward with his plans to expand internationally but has lost focus on the standards of the existing hotels and resorts. The rooms are what you would expect from a motel. The resort at one time was most likely very nice, now it is old and run down. NOT worth the money and not to the standards of a Hilton.

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Delighted in Denver
Posted on
DENVER, COLORADO -- Several months ago, I had decided on a trip to Denver with my daughter for a concert. I reserved the single, non-smoking, double-queen well in advance. All that was required at the time of booking was a debit or credit card to hold the reservation. No charges to the card whatsoever.

I was running a few hours behind schedule, from traffic delays and construction, and called the hotel to notify them of a late check-in. They said it wasn’t a problem at all, and that they’d notate it in the computer system. When I finally arrived, at about 4:00pm, my check-in couldn’t have been smoother. I was greeted by an extremely friendly gentleman at the registration desk. I informed him I would be paying cash (as always) and he said, “No problem”! They didn’t even ask for a deposit, which is the norm when paying cash wherever I travel. They gave us fresh baked cookies from the restaurant next door, and we were given a room on the 9th floor (top floor), which had a spectacular view of the Denver skyline.

The linen was fresh and clean, no bed bugs (first thing I checked), the bathroom was clean and stocked full, nice flat screen television, etc...The beds were the single-handedly, the most comfortable I have EVER slept on.

The only drawback was that the indoor pool and sauna were under construction, but the hot tub was still operational outside. While there were signs posted throughout the hotel notifying guests of this, it would have been considerate of them to post something on their website. But the ease of registration and overall satisfaction of the hotel greatly outweighed this inconvenience, so I would have to rate the stay with 4-out-of-5 stars. I would definitely stay there again, and recommend it to anyone staying in the Denver area!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I think the fact that the concert was such a hit, made the stay just a little more enjoyable as well. Funny how that works like that:)
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Anyplace that gives me free cookies is alright in my book. Good thing you checked for bed bugs. Even the nicest, most expensive hotels can get those nasty critters. Hope you and your daughter had a great time, DIRM.
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Glad you and your family enjoyed the concert and had a comfortable stay in Denver.
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Very nice review.
MRM on 04/11/2011:
Very great review! How much were the stay?
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I'll keep this in mind next time I'm in the Denver area. Good review!
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Nice. How was the concert?
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I didn't go. My daughter and her best friend went. They loved it! It was the first time she'd been to a smaller venue, such as the Fillmore Theater. She's only been to large arenas and such in the past, but said this was the best experience ever. Especially seeing them from about 10-ft away.

Dad stayed and soaked in the hot tub for what seemed like forever...
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
Gigs at small venues are way better than large arena shows...IMO

Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
I've been to the Fillmore quite a few times.
I always get to the front of the stage to see the musicians up close. Pretty cool to watch.
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Horrible Experience at Willow Valley/Doubletree Resort Lancaster
Posted by on
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- We booked a birthday party at the Doubletree/Willow Valley Resort. It was the first and last time I will ever step foot in that place! First of all, the party room was actually in the locker room/bathroom area. It smelled like mold, dirty feet, and chlorine all combined. Our tables were in between the bathroom doors and the video games, so every time a pool guest had to use the bathroom or locker room, they walked through our party dripping wet.

Next, we ordered 5 pizzas and only received 4. The waitress argued with us and stated that we only paid for 4 pizzas. Thank goodness I had my receipt, which showed that we paid for 5 pizzas. We did get our 5th pizza......burnt!

The floor in our party room (locker room) was soaked from hotel guests walking through and we asked if someone could mop it. There were 13 five year olds at the party and we were afraid someone would slip. After "eye rolling" by our waitress, housekeeping came to mop the floor. They were making rude comments the entire time they were mopping (which was about 2-3 minutes).

The Jacuzzi was filthy! There were chunks of unidentified objects floating around and the bubbles were brown! When we got out, there was brown grime stuck to our bodies! EWE!

We were very upset about the accommodations that we had. We asked our waitress if there was a customer service representative that we could speak to. She told us since it was the weekend, there was no one that could help us, but feel free to contact the sales department on Monday.

I called the sales department on Monday. She was very rude and informed me that there were more people at the party than what we paid her. I informed her that we paid for 15 kids and only 13 showed up, so I wasn't sure what she meant. The only extra people that were there were the parents of all the five year olds. We actually encouraged the parents to help watch the kids since they were all five year olds! It's a good thing, because the lifeguards were actually standing in the hallway laughing and talking, not even watching the pool area!

I would not recommend this place to ANYONE! Horrible and rude!
Company Response 02/08/2011:
Thank you for taking the time to post on about your recent pool party for your 5 year old. A hotel representative will be in touch with your shortly, if you haven’t already spoken to the manager.

Regarding your issues with our facility – The party room you used was the same all of our Birthday parties use. We have found that guests prefer this location because of its convenience to the pool area. Our private room, Starfish Cove, is down the hall from the pool making it difficult to monitor all party attendees.

Our maintenance team is looking into the issues you had with our Jacuzzi. You mentioned on Trip Advisor that there was toilet paper floating in the Jacuzzi. We will further investigate what these "chunks" were that you mention in this review. I want to assure you our pools and Jacuzzis are extremely well maintained by constant computer monitoring as well as hand testing daily. We will certainly find out what the issue was and immediately correct it.

Our children’s pool parties are extremely popular and we host many of them throughout the year! Our lifeguards are well trained to keep their eyes on the swimmers and I know the adults with your party were also watching your kids very closely. Our Recreation manager will be sure to review the security video footage to see if the guards were hanging around the video games and not paying attention to the kids swimming. She will take appropriate action as necessary.

Our pool floors can be slippery, however our housekeeping staff and our lifeguards are available to mop the areas quickly for your safety. I understand your party had close to 50 people, many more than we were expecting! As a team, we will discuss how to handle situations like yours in the future to ensure full safety of all guests at pool parties, and all guests staying overnight in our hotel.

Our Team Members are well known for their hospitality. I’m sure there was a misunderstanding when you overhead them discussing pool guests. Even if that is the case, our Team Leaders will be sure to review appropriate etiquette and how to serve our customers with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves on stellar service and will not tolerate disrespect.

If you have not heard from our manager, please contact me to further discuss your pool party.

Kristin Barnett
Guest Relations
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User Replies:
olie on 02/07/2011:
It sounds like the hotel counted the parents as "guests", too. There is a huge difference between 15 kids and 15 kids plus parents. Especially since this place is staffed with lifeguards.

The places we've attended parties, have charged per guest. If your parents were eating pizza or drinking the beverages, they were guests. If they were in the pool, they were guests.

The hotel should have made the policy very clear. But you could have scoped out the venue before the party. Just because a hotel has a water park, does not mean it has the right facilities for a 5-year-old's party. I looked around at the website and really couldn't find a room(or even a party area) like you describe. Hotel's fault, not yours.
fast327 on 02/08/2011:
Why get into a Jacuzzi that had brown bubbles? The way you describe this place makes me wonder if it really was a Jacuzzi!
b1ackm8tal on 02/08/2011:
That is absolutely disgusting. I would NEVER get into a Jacuzzi that didn't look 100% spotless. God only knows what the scum was.
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It Was Wonderful, Efficient and Very Professional
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I arrived at the Doubletree at the entrance to Universal on June 12, 2014, after having a bad experience at another hotel the night before. I was greeted by Shaun at Doubletree and I explained to him our bad experience the night before and that we did not have a reservation, but needed to get a room there and that we were there on vacation and celebrating our kids 11th birthday. He immediately assisted us and insured us a room will be available soon. Within an hours time a room was ready for me and my family. Shaun was so courteous and efficient, that made our stay all the better. He was wonderful.
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Poor Management
Posted by on
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- 6/26--6/28 My wife and I stayed at the Double Tree Omaha NE., Hilton owned Hotel. The first item we noticed was the lack of lighting. The bed room had two lamps one on each side of the bed. They were very dimm. My wife likes to read in bed and the lamp gave her very little light. The rest of the room had no lighting. I had to sew a button on my shirt. I had to go to the bed side lamp and try to sew. The bath room has two small lamps one on each side of the vanity/sink. The one on the right side was burnt out. I removed the lamp and took it to the desk. The desk clerk sent maintaince up to replace the lamp. He said he only had low wattage floresant type lamps. This was very dimm. My wife could not see to put her makeup on. She went to the front room and stood by the table lamp.!!!

Saturday afternoon we returned to our room to change. We finished and went to the elevator (third floor) to leave. We waited over five min. for the elevator. The door finally opened only to be told that the elevators were closed due to a wedding party using them. (I am disasbled and have a problem with stairs and walking long distance). The employee told us to use the elevators on the other side of the building.

This is apx. 300 to 500 feet around the balconey to the other elevator. Why block off both elevators at that location. No notice posted. If the wedding party had not been in the elevator and the elevator not stoping because we had pushed the call button how long would it have been until we found out the elevators were not in service. This is poor management.!!!!!! The number of trash containers. One in the bath room (good) one in the kitchen?? area (good) ?in the sleeping area? what NO trash container. For what WE paid I would expect better management and more consideration for your guest.!!!

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User Replies:
dan gordon on 06/28/2009:
Lets see, you didn't like the light bulb wattage, and you wanted more garbage cans, and the issue is bad management? What did they due to rectify your issues?
Ben There on 06/28/2009:
This reminds me of the time my parents stayed at the W Hotel in San Fran. While they got a kick out of the trendyness of the hotel, they admitted that the mood lighting was so dark that they really could not see how cool they were.
sweber25 on 07/10/2009:
I don't believe they can make the entire hotel use the stairs because of some stupid wedding. I would call Hilton on that, and the lighting was an issue, why didn't you just check out? I think people think they're forced to stay because they have a reservation, but the law does allow you to check out within 20 mins for no charge if the facilities were poorly advertised.
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Stupid registration policy
Posted by on
COSTA RICA -- This Hotel Doubletree has a stupid registration policy, you CAN'T REGISTER BEFORE 4 P. M, and if you do they will charge you a fee, you can't even go in for a drink, my niece and her husband were turn away because they got there for there honey moon, 2 hours before registration, they couldn't even go in to have a drink !.
I happened to me few years ago while on a trip back home to Costa Rica at the same place,( it was a different name )couldn't go in for stupid is that?..
So travelers be aware of the DoubleTree Hotel Puntarenas, in Costa Rica .
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/22/2010:
I imagine that since this resort is all-inclusive, the rate covers food/drink/other amenities for guests only between check in (4pm) and check out (1pm). I could be wrong.
goduke on 08/23/2010:
Correct-a-mundo, Dryad! They also post their checkin time right there on the front page of their sight on the inter-web.
Weedwhacked on 08/23/2010:
Don't all hotels have either 3pm or 4pm check in times?
oldisgood on 08/23/2010:
I wondered about this, at first, until I saw the post by Dryad that this was an All-inclusive. It makes perfect sense. You don't start getting the "All-Inclusive (free)" until check-in time. I really could see people abusing this if they could start "freebeeing it" early. I assume someone abused this long ago so the hotel instituted this policy to stop abuse. Once again the few screw it for the many.
azspots on 08/24/2010:
99% of hotels have a 3pm check in policy, if it is an all-inclusive place, for obvious reasons they will not do early check in. Other/non-inclusive hotels will try to accommodate early check in IF rooms are available
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Doubletree Omaha, NE downtown location
Posted by on
OMAHA, NE DOWNTOWN -- Customer Service was the worst I have ever encountered. I waited 15 minutes to check in. One lady was processing the check ins and 2 others were working. I was not greeted or welcomed or even acknowledged. The personality was dry and lacking with the employees. I was given a parking pass and then found it was expired when I left the garage. When I went back inside I waited another 10 minutes to explain the issue and again no apology or acknowledgment of the issue. The room smelled stale but was clean. Water pressure was extremely low in the sink. I used the pool to find the water was uncomfortably warm and the area was dirty. Not worth complaining there since no one seemed to care that I was their custoemr. Before checking out I found that the shower not only had the same water pressure issues but also NO HOT WATER! That's insane. I notified the front desk by phone, again NO apology, they said they would tell maintenance and thanks for letting them know (?), OVERALL, poor experience, wouldn't recommend to anyone and highly dissatisfied with the resolution of my complaints, and most importantly, I did not feel as a guest to this hotel. I have received better customer service and accommodations at super8, where I felt like a valued guest to their establishment.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 07/22/2010:
I used to use the Omaha DoubleTree frequently, but now only do so if I am required to by my company. The issues raised in this post are valid, and this chain seems to have deteriorated, much like other Hilton-owned properties.
guest 1832 on 07/22/2011:
our stay there was pretty bad as well..the first room we got well a total mess ,dust every where ,wall paper ripped ,pcs missing .small holes in the walls the phones in the room did not work,when we first arrived to the room ,the Jacuzzi tub was still full of dirty water,the room over all looked like hell....nasty to be now we got moved to a new room ( presidential sweet ) OK now,,,,, welll where to start .we get up there room 1832 unlock the door go to push it open and the door was out of line ,had to practically put your shoulder into it to open ,slam it to close .mind you this was at 1230 or so at night and the room across from us ,bless there heart with the do not disturb sign hanging know they had to be awake every time we came and went ,anyway turn on the lights first ting noticeable was the "spose to be "nice dinning room table ,looked like something someone got at a yard sale for free was in super bad condition ...the walls wall looked as if someone took a jelly sandwich and stuck to it another wall there was a large black mark about 3 or 4 foot long .ceiling completely missing ,couple corners broke ceiling tile grids busted up bent and gone the furniture was dated and completly in bad shape as well ,the vents in the bathrooms had so much dust built up looked like a small rats nest ,elecrtical wires hanging open in the ceiling ,above the bathroom sink there was a spot about 4 inches in diameter of black mold ,yes black mold where something had been leaking from above ,now this room rents usually for like 299.00 anight maybe moreon different nights had I paid for this room your damn right id be mad....this hotel is in need of some serious up date and cleaning .some of the staff was OK as far as customer service goes .the room service /waiter was wonderful .his name was mark ,very nice man great customer service attitude....but now ....I arrive back at the hotel after being at the casino .get back to the room .door still hard as hell to open ...get settled in ,kind of was calling down to th efront desk= 6 times OK maybe whoever is on break or busy ,so I decide id just go down there ,calling from my cell phone on the way down as well and still no answer. I arrive at the front desk to find the little guy that was on duty ,was no more working then I was ,said it was busy and he was doing a night audit == setting there on his ass talking to the security guard when I walked up ...OK so your busy but seriously 6 calls and no answer.. the 1 call from the elevator going down the whole time your setting there at the phone and cannot anyway ,the hotel manager come to my room ,I show him everything ,black mold and all.maintenance comes and take that ceiling tile out and replaces it ...OK but there is still mold between cieling and upper floor .he sets here telling me that he wants to make this right ,I'm not even going to go there right now lets just say I'm not very satisfied with the out come of any of it right now ...reguardless..this hotel needs some updates as well as a good cleaning and some serious maintenance done ,would I recommend this hotel???? NO I WOULD NOT and I love the double tree hotels I've stayed in before .nothing like this one ....what id recommend is the new midtown crossing hotel the ELEMENT I made resorvations there for my next stay in omaha and they were so nice as far as customer service and making my accommodation for me , hope anyone reading this can make plans to stay somewhere besides this hotel because you will not be to happy if you do stay there ,and if you think I'm wasting my time on here for nothing and think this is a bunch of BS please feel free to comment and I will send you the pictures of everything listed in this letter and the emails I received from hilton corp...discussing this issue as well
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Very Disappointing Stay
Posted by on
FARMERS BRANCH, TEXAS -- This Doubletree Club Hotel in Farmers Branch Texas is very poorly run. I had reservation problems upon check-in. I had double billing charges on my credit card upon departure. I left several messages for management to contact me and they never did. I contacted Corporate Guest Services who just kept referring me back to the hotel manager. Finally, I was told to file a dispute charge with my credit card company, in which I did. Front desk clerk issued my daughter a replacement key card by just asking her room number. I vow to never return.
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User Replies:
bargod on 08/13/2009:
Wow that is pretty lazy asking you to do the charge back for them.
Anonymous on 08/13/2009:
Good folks in Farmers Branch, TEXAS!
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Poor service, poor management, lack of personnel
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- Ten people at the front desk at 11PM with various housekeeping complaints. NO ONE available other than young woman at front desk. She cannot leave the front desk, and therefore cannot help anyone. My child had no bedding for her pull-out bed, had to sleep in my bed. Internet service in suites was unavailable, only available in lobby. No manager available to talk to. "Satisfaction guarantee or money back" is false. Girl at desk had no authority.

Happy just to get out of there. NEVER GOING BACK!!!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/22/2007:
I stayed at one in Orlando, FL (Downtown Disney).

They have very friendly staff and the room is clean.
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