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Dove Men & Care Deodorant STINKS. LITERALLY.
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So I found a good deal on Dove Men & Care deodorant at Wal Mart, I smelled it, and it smelled pretty good, so I purchased it. Well what a bad decision. Every time I use it, in a matter of less than 12 hours it wore off, and I start to stink. It says right on the label it offers 48 hour protection. WHEW! I could NOT imagine me putting it on for 48 hours. Id smell pretty darn funky by then! I do not have overactive glands, and never had trouble with any other deodorant brand when it comes to body odor, but this brand is just awful. I took a shower around 6:00PM last night, and put the deodorant on afterwards. I wake up this morning (8:00AM) and I have awful BO.

I will NEVER buy this brand again. It totally STINKS! LITERALLY!
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- There is a commercial about Dove, that shows a woman floating around with just a ribbon. A very small ribbon. Showing that all she has on is that ribbon and one false move and she would be naked. This shows at a family time and I think is quite rank for that time slot. I also think Dove is in bad taste all the way around.
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