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A Shady Place
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DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- Downers Grove Saab / Luxury motors is a horrible dealer and would avoid them at all costs if shopping for a new or used Saab. They have dishonest sales and finance associates, that are only there to make a commission off the sale and offer no assistance after the sale. After purchasing our Saab, we had a few issues related to the sales and financing team.

A: They never paid off lien on our trade in so we ended up with 2 months of overdue payments on car we traded in and no longer had., Finally, after giving them every chance to make good, I ended up seeking legal help from states attorney. This is still an open issue and now may effect my credit rating.

Calling the dealer to follow up on these issues I could never get hold of the person in charge of payoffs. Every time I would call the person in charge of payoffs was A: out to lunch, B: sick, C: just left for the day (at 10:00 AM,), D: in bathroom, E: just stepped away F: dealing with customer, etc. They wasted my time giving me the run around for weeks. I heard every excuse imaginable and my calls were never returned by a person in charge of payoffs.
B: They never told us until after we signed they only had one electronic key fab for car. Sales people and managements response was "we just give you what we have with the car". This would have been nice to know up front as these are expensive to replace so we could have factored that into the price of car, or chosen a different one. We finally were able to get this taken care of by the service department when I realized sales could care a less about me or the car they sold me, or helping me out.

This has been the worst auto purchasing experience I have ever had to deal within my life, and would consider a different Saab dealer and doing your homework on any dealership before making any auto purchase.

C: They added extra charges for interior protection and gap insurance and stated they were required to charge these with the loan. Could have gotten these much cheaper and dealer overcharged me for these items..

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DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I would never buy another car from these people. They are crooks. I was lied too, jacked around on price, and just plain disrespected. They have stupid sales people, the women who I spoke with could barely speak English. None of their cars are certified, they are auction cars that have high miles and most of them are un-certifable.The assured me the car I bought would be certified, it was not. When I bought it in for service, I got hit with an $1200 bill after paying them $1700 to make it certified.

I also was there for over 4hrs, they claimed they had problems with the bank getting my deal done, my credit score is 780. I was approved at various dealerships, this is just their way of making you think that they are on your side and are working for you.
The "GM" Sebastian was very rude and also spoke broken English, and did nothing to correct the error.



I am in touch with a lawyer... Keep looking for the final thoughts...of the judge.
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cardealersuck on 10/31/2006:
I agree with the first post, they are just plain out unprofessional. Their finance department is very careful when you are dealing with them.

They butter you up with the nice salesman, then get when you're got your guard down at the finance table. Then when you are unhappy and complaining, they stall you forever, send you to the manager that apparently doesn't do anything but pretends to yell at people. It's just a big game to them.

They never detailed or even wash my car after I bought it because I refuse to buy their cheap $600 Xzilon clearcoat. When I called them to remove the GAP ONE insurance which I am legally able to do by the contract, they gave me the runaround. I was playing phone tag with everyone at the dealership. Don't shop here! Go ANYWHERE else.
TheAv8or on 06/07/2007:
I purchased a used 9-5 this year from them. I found Tony P. (manager) to be very professional and responsive. Their price was reasonable (they took a small loss), the car certified, and the financing was very straight-forward (2.9%).

I've had it in for very minor service items, and each time I've received a loaner vehicle and my car was clean inside and out when I received it back from service.

I played no games with them, and they treated me with respect and fairness.
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