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Toning/Shape up shoes caused problems
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HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought a pair of Dr. Scholl's version of Skechers Shape up/ Toning shoes to help me tone up while I walking around the lake and sometimes shopping and working around the house. After less than a month I found I stated to have problems with "Leg drop" and then my back. At first I attributed it to my body adjusting to the change and working different muscles but I had to stop wearing them because problems only increased as time went on. I no longer wear them but now have a back problem that has cost me a lot of money, pain, and sleepless nights. My chiropractor told me to throw them away because this style has caused many people physical troubles! Please beware that there are problems with this style of shoes made by Skechers and Dr. Scholl's before you buy and wear them.

Poor Quality?
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Just a month ago I bought a Dr Scholls pair of shoes. I paid $30.00 approximatley. These shoes are for ONE MONTH wearing and you need to put them in the garbage. This was my last time that I spend my money in something that it is not worth it. Poor quality? I will say NO QUALITY AT ALL.

Shoes caused pain
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I bought Dr Scholl's Roller Motion shoes and I have osteoarthritis
and no where on the advertising did they warn that you shouldn't wear these shoes if you have problems with your bones. I called the Dr Scholl's company consumer service and talked to Rochelle, she told me to take the shoes back to the store. I can do that but now I am going to have to pay medical bills because of injuries caused by wearing the shoes one day.
I wore the Roller Motion shoes one day and a week later I am still having so much pain in my left knee that I can not sleep at night and I am having trouble walking because of the pain.

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I recently purchased a pair of DrScholls shoes. I work long hours standing up. these shoes were a nice leather. They were made with gel insoles. The shoes cost more than I can afford to pay, but they were so comfortable, I bought them anyway. Exactly 1 month from the day I bought them, the heal on one shoe cracked open and split all the way through. I had a choice, of course, on which shoes to buy and I chose this brand because I thought they were still a high quality shoe. that is no longer my opinion, nor will I encourage others to buy.

I am very disgusted and disappointed!

Very Disappointed
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KATY, TEXAS -- For many years I have been a big fan of Dr. Scholls shoes. They usually provide the comfort I need in a casual work shoe. Recently I purchased a pair of Dr. Scholls shoes at my local Wal-Mart. I was very satisfied with them until they all of a sudden just started falling apart!! I work at a bank and do not have extreme wear and tear on my footwear but the Dr. Scholl shoes that I wore only to my job just came apart completely! I spent $40.00 on these shoes just so I would have a good dependable sensible shoe to wear and then less than 2 MONTHS later..they completely fell apart!

I am very very disappointed in Dr. Scholls shoes and probably will not ever purchase them again.

Last Minute Xmas gift to warm your "heart?"

Like most careful consumers, I'm a bit skeptcial about the products I see advertised on TV. Not merely because I've worked in TV and know the chicanery in advertising, but also because half the stuff my wife ends up ordering - I have to stand in line at the post office to send it back because it's junk!

Therefore, a few nights ago when she summoned me to the livingroom, I was not enthused. "Honey, look at the 50" Plasma, QVC has heated seats for the SUV!" Heated seats were the one option I'd neglected to get on our otherwise tricked-out Escalade, a year or so ago.

Bemused, I glanced over from the comfort of our new leather sectional sofa hoping to change the channel. I humored her and watched the sub-par TV talent demonstrate the Dr. Scholl's Set of 2 Full Seat Heated Car Cushions that simply plug into your cars power outlet/cigarette socket.

"Come on," I thought to myself. "How can these things work, and both for less than thirty bucks?" I chortled to myself and chastised her for entertaining the thought. "Honey, everything you order off of TV ends up going back," I reminded her.

Over games of cribbage and glasses of sherry, we left the plasma tuned to QVC, just out of curiosity. The Dr. Scholl's Set of 2 Full Seat Heated Car Cushions did seem to work, heck they even used a thermometer to show the things got up to 145 degrees or so - enough to take Old Man Winter's grip right off your a__!

Ultimately, being the model husband I am, I gave in to her and let her order, guessing that I'd see myself in line at the post office about this time this week. To my surprise, the things arrived via UPS in just a few days. I opened the box, and found another box and a lot of those white peanut things. I opened the second box and found two rather ordinary looking seat covers, some elastic straps, and one of those car plug-in-thingies.

I must say, I had my doubts the things would even work. Far from luxurious in feel or appearance, I'd say they were more utilitarian in construction. Nevertheless, I took them out to the Escalade and gave them the old college try.

By now you've guessed that I'm going to rave about these things, and rightfully so. These things heat up FAST! I'm talking two blocks down your exclusive gated community, you start to feel it! I mean, these things get HOT! Directions recommend not leaving them plugged in more than 25 minutes, and if you try them you'll know why - that ain't bacon that's sizzlin' honey! I guess the only downside is there's no adjustment, only an off an on feature.

Comfortable - you bet. Luxurious - not so much. But hey, as a last minute affordable Christmas gift, it's something to consider, and you don't have to own an Escalade to appreciate them! -pwp

here's the link if you're interested


The Sneakers I Brought Are Falling Apart I Want My Money Back I Brought Them From Walmart and It Been Over 60 Days
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LA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- I brought the men's sneakesr from Walmart on 11/15/13 and they are falling apart and I have my receipt . I want a new pair or my money back please.

Debra Davis,
My email is ykeela 7257@att.net my cell number is 1- 619-248-6494 can someone get in touch with my about my problem and solve this ASAP

Mrs Debra Davis not a happy customer!

Bad Quality shoes
By -

SILOAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought these shoes at WalMart 2 months ago, and after 2 days my heel was bruised so bad, it was because the gel pads don't work and inside the shoe around the heel is a band that's 1/2 in high and 1/4 ih wide that rubs against the heel causing a stone like bruise. There is numerous bad reviews on WalMart's site about this very shoe. I am compiling complaints from all over the web about this shoe and there is more complaints than you can count on 2 hands and feet. I e-mailed them and they just seem to brush it off. They won't brush it off when I get enough data and turn it over to my atty. Maybe just maybe we can get a class action suit against a company that reportedly cares about feet and their products. It's a long time problem when companies aren't held accountable for their mistakes. Any company that will
put profit over the well being of the people who put their trust in buying their products, should be heavily fined or banned from selling to the American public. Wake up America and lets put a stop to companies like this.

Dr. Scholls Shoes Crack in two (the sole)
By -

L have been wearing the same style of dr scholls
shoes for some several years. all purchased at the same Walmart store. l need special 1/2 " soles put on these shoes. Cost is $60. Until now all has been 100% OK.. the shores l bought 6 months ago have literally cracked in two like a
match stick. (the sole that is)..went back to Walmart where is your receipt??? l lost it.
WE CANNOT HELP YOU was their sytern reply.
l think Walmart could have at least held the shoe
for the dr scholl, s representative. The shoe was not worn out just "broken in half".
thanks Gerrac

Dr. Scholl's Men's Shoes Sold at Walmart
By -

I purchased Dr. Scholl's men's lace up black shoes - with the gel insole and the oil and slip resistant and non-marking soles. After one day my feet hurt so bad and the insole did not work at all. These are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn! Definitely not worth the $30.00 I paid.

I am disappointed in Dr. Scholl's because I have never had a problem with the companies products before.

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