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Horrible Company
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PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- I entered into a contract with Dream House in February, 2009. The main impetus for my job was to replace a sliding door, but I decided to replace 20 windows as well. Even though I specified that the sliding door was the catalyst for contacting their company, the gentleman from the company left it off the estimate. I didn't see that until after I signed on the dotted line and he left. I called and the manager eventually agreed to do the job for the same price but with different financing terms. We agreed that the first contract would be void, and he would send someone out later that week to sign a new contract. Thankfully I faxed a cancellation notice that night, since I got increasingly nervous about dealing with this company. Just as I was calling to cancel the second appointment, having seen negative reviews about the company here, the gentleman showed up 1 1/2 hours early. Too late to call him off. When I told him we had reconsidered, he got Robert on the phone. [snip] went absolutely BALLISTIC on the phone with me, saying "You people are all alike" (I'm not sure what kind of person he thinks I am...) and "I don't want to hear your excuses, I am never doing business with you!"

Well, I am certainly never doing business with YOU, and I don't think anyone else should either. Thank goodness I checked reviews and cancelled the contract. Be careful!
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Answer For Everything
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WEST BERLIN, NEW JERSEY -- I would not recommend Dream House Windows in Berlin, NJ. The salesman will tell you about their "great"record with Better Business Bureau but the people don't want to complain to BBB because if we have problems we still have to deal because they have a lifetime warranty on the leaks and windows. You have to deal with them as long as you live in your house and no one wants to be putting a formal complaint against them when you may need them to fix the doors and windows down the road.

I got my windows recently and have had them out on numerous occasions for leaks. They do come out and caulk and caulk and caulk. We are all entitled to our opinions and I would never, ever recommend this company.
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walterdee on 05/03/2010:
Moved From Other Review: This is in Better Business website about Dream House Windows. I hope they don't go out of business because I paid much higher prices so I could have the lifetime warranty.
On February 12, 2010, the company filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 10-14065-GMB. This permits the company to continue to operate with court supervision while developing a plan of reorganization. Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to New Jersey Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 401 Market Street, Camden, NJ, 08101 for resubmission to that court. The case number should be entered on the form.
thong24k on 04/13/2011:
I had this company install my windows too. And same problem window leak. I had them come out several times and the same they caulk and caulk, very bad caulking job too, and yet still leaking. They tried to say that my roof leak. I have another contractor come and look at my roof and he said that my roof wasn't leak, but because of their poor installation and he advised me to file a complaint which I will. Forget about their warranty because they came and couldn't fix the problem.
Firas Emachah on 10/05/2013:
I'm the president and CEO of Dream House Windows, its extremely difficult to satisfy everyone, however I have never made the claim to be number One in the home improvement industry, but the one claim I will stand by is no matter, the problems you may encounter with my company we will corrected until is done right. with or without a complaint, this is the policy we at DHW live by.
justicewherefraudexists on 02/08/2014:
I made the RIGHT decision to have all fourteen of the Dream House Windows that were installed in July, 2013 replaced by another company. For complete details and pictures go to www.justicewherefraudexists.com. I assure that you will think twice about entrusting the welfare of your home to this person and company.
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Our Experience With Dream House Windows, Inc. (White Marsh, MD)
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Better Business Bureau has not enough score for company like that!
DHW must have at least A+++.
We cannot say enough good things about them.

Research & presentation
We did a huge research on Internet, had presentations from 6 difference companies and only Terry from DHW really touch our hearts. Presentation was professional, understandable, trustable, without any pushing, like: “If we sigh contract to day… etc”. It was not like other, which make us fill as dummy customer with very smart professional. Terry was pleasant and informative. He thoroughly explained all aspects of manufacturing and installation of the windows and answered all of my questions with both knowledge and patience. We were impressed with the lifetime guarantee - it was definitely an important selling point. We liked his product the best, compared to the others we had seen.

We replaced 14 windows, 2 sliding patio doors and wrap all wood staff around windows and front corners of the house. Works was done within 2 days – first day inside and second day - outside.

There were three guys - Marek, John and Greg and all they were nice and good people and very-very professional, very knowledgeable employee, very polite and extremely clean. The entire process was handled with high professionalism and high quality. They showed up on time to do the installation and kept us informed about exactly how things would be installed, how long, etc. After work was done, no one tiny pieces of material left behind, house still clean inside and outside, how it was before start.

We could not be any happier with the windows and the wonderful workmanship of the installers.

It was not lowest one, it was not highest one, but it was great, very reasonable and exactly in our budget. We fill each penny was paid for correct job for best company.

Dream House Windows is a great company to work with. This company finds ways to help customer to the best of its ability. If you are looking for outstanding service - choose DHW. I am NOT easy person to pleas and I would be glad to recommend DREAM HOUSE WINDOWS, INC. to anyone looking for replacement windows and doors.
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Window Replacement Sales People
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WEST BERLIN, NEW JERSEY -- I have had similar experience with Dream House Windows as some others. THe sales person arrived about 2 pm. Once inside he began to educate me about virgin vinyl as well as other aspects of the windows. He did a demo with a heat lamp to tout the energy claims of his window, while claiming that acid rain washes off the low-e. He went on and on. Finally he took the window measurements and I asked him to give me an estimate because it was now almost 4:30. After calculating for another 15 minutes, he then gave me some exorbitant price. When I said not interested and asked him to leave, he sat there and called his boss on his cell to tell him I would not sign and so the boss lowered the price by $5500.00 if I would sign on the dotted line today. He even put his boss on the phone with me. By this time I was screaming for him to leave and I told his boss that I wanted the guy out of there.

His boss just kept saying that I would not find a lower price on windows so I just clicked off and handed the phone back. The sales guy finally left at 4:50 pm and he took his estimate and also his brochures with him as he left out the door.
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Anonymous on 11/05/2009:
If they can lower their cost by $5500 in the first place, you were getting scammed. Even at the lower price they sounded like they wanted you to sign. They obviously would still be making a profit. I think you did the right thing.
redmx3racer on 11/05/2009:
Virgin vinyl sounds like something you would find at spencer gifts that gets filled with air.
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Stay away from Dream House & Window
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WEST BERLIN, NEW JERSEY -- I have recently purchased and installed 25 windows from Dream House & Windows (Refer to as Dream below).

As this was a big expense (over 10k), I have contacted 5 companies for the quote. The quote from Dream is the second best but is $2200 more than the best offer, about 20% higher. I have tried to justify why should I go with the company.

Eventually, I have signed the contract with the company for two reasons.

1) The company has promised life-time appears-unlimited warranty.

2) Robert, who is responsible for the operation of the company, has promised to refund me $300, which narrows the quote gap to $1900. He promised to give me the check on the day the installation is done.

The installation process worked OK. The installation guy is pretty responsible but maybe due to his personality, he has not done his work carefully while removing the old windows, he has broken the edge of a few window frames. WhenI pointed this out to him, he said no worry that the broken edge would be covered by aluminum wrap later and they were covered but you bet I was not happy for that.

At the end of the installation, I was asked to sign completion form. I have refused to do so as I have not received $300 refund yet. So the guy called to Robert and Robert said that he is going to send check to me when they got paid from the finance company (Yes, I financed the work via a company that works with Dream), the guy then wrote "ROBERT TO SEND CHECK OF $300. DUE TO CUSTOMER" on the completion report as writing record.

About a week ago, I received pay bill from the finance company. So I decided to call to Robert to find out if he has sent out refund check.

Now, he denied the promise, he said the writing record on completion report is what I have put on. I have tried to argue and he does not listen but handed over the phone to the company's CEO, who also denied the promise. I was completely in shark.

To be honest, $300 is just nothing, comparing to over 10k I have paid for the windows. Another deep reason for me to pursue $300 is more to test how trustworthy the company is. Can I count on their "unlimited" life-time warranty? Now, I found out the answer. If they could deny the refund, they could deny the warranty as well and whatever their pitch about their product may be faked as well.

While I swang to make decision to sign contract with the company, Robert has said that nowadays's people is not just like him who was born in 50s, who do what they say (he hinted that I did not do what I say), now I have learned how he does what he say.

Folks, stay away from Dream House & Windows.
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Dream House Windows Are A Dream Come True!
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We would like to make a comment concerning this company.

We needed new windows, so we called Dream House Windows.

A Dream House Window representative came to our home to show us their products. We were happy to meet with him due to our windows being so old. We were getting drafts from almost everywhere. He was very courteous and polite. He was informative and knowledgeable. He showed us the window that is manufactured by their company. He walked us through the installation process to let us know how the windows would be installed and that they would be installed from the outside and not inside my home. That concerned us a little and it was a relief to know that they could do it that way. He let us know how much the windows would come to and that we could order them that same night.

We decided that we were going to order them with this company. The windows looked better than the other brands we were shopping around for and better than other companies we had come out as well. We ordered our windows and in a few weeks, Dream House Windows came back to do the installation. Everything went very good. Our windows are installed and my husband and I are very pleased.

One of the things that we wanted to comment about though and thought was very professional about this company was the fact that when we called to have them come out to our home, they were a little reluctant to come out to see us until we were both available to meet with their representative.

We found that to be a good thing, We didn't want some sales representative pushing his product on us without either my husband or I being there to agree on the decision to make improvements to our home.

Also, their windows are well worth the money that we paid for them, they are gorgeous and we can feel the difference in temperature in my home now that all of the drafts are gone. We know we are going to save money this winter.
We are very thankful to Dream House Windows. We just wanted to share that with you, We have no complaints about this company.

Thank You Dream house Windows,
The Cox Family
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