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Demeaning Sales associate
By -

YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA -- I just want to vent about an incident in Dress Barn in Yorktown, Va. I must first say my first experience with a Dress Barn Sales Associate; was very enjoyable, so when I was happy to spend my money there for the first time. My second time dealing with a sales associate initials: T. **. was bad from the phone call about a jacket that I really liked. So the first assoc. found the jacket in my size, so when I came in sales assoc. T. **. called with had a nasty attitude. And when I came into the store, she did not even address me or look at me. I let her know I was in here to pick up the jacket, and make an even exchange since I really like the second jacket.

I tried the jacket on looked around and she was nowhere to be found. When I finally saw her in the back of the store hanging up clothing I said "are you going to help me?" She came back still not engaging me as a customer. I told her that she was rude with me on the phone and said very loudly "no I was not". Then when she saw I had my pen out to write her name she said: My name IS T. **., as implying I know you are going to complain about me, so when I left she said "Thank You" like it hurt her to say the words and I said under my breath... Hmhm... And she mocked me and I said "** you have a serious problem" and left the store and called cust svcs.

And she had already notified customer svcs. And they were also rude and hung up on me, saying I was being irate and she disconnected me also. I feel as a paying customer that I should have been addressed with respect and not feel like I did not matter as a customer on both ends. I was so happy by first experience, but after this experience with the sales associate, and customer service, I will not return to them again and I did return over $300.00 worth of merchandise. There are plenty of other stores that will be happy to get my business.

Hello! Anybody work here?
By -

CHEYENNE, WYOMING -- If you are planning to visit Cheyenne Wyoming, and you plan on doing some shopping, you might want to consider steering clear of "The Dress Barn" unless you have a lot of time to kill and if you like being treated like you are bothering the employees. Every time I have been in this store the women who work there are rude and act like they are being "put out" when you ask a question or even if you want to pay for an item because it drags them away from whatever they were doing. Whatever happened to the time when businesses actually appreciated you spending your money in their establishment?

I can certainly understand an employee having a bad day sometimes, but when EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE HAS A "BAD DAY" EVERYDAY, well maybe it's time to clean up and actually put people in the job that really want to work! I have gone there 3 separate times hoping the attitudes of the employees would change, it didn't, and I won't be back! I run a business of my own and if I treated my clients like that... it's just too sad! I noticed other customers in the store being ignored as well, so at least they are "equal opportunity snobs!"

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