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WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Blueberries, and berries in general are a seasonal produce. Driscoll's is selling blueberries all year long. That is unnatural. Good fresh produce is grown in local California agriculture areas yet Safeway continues to stock up on Driscoll's. I have bought several of their products in season and out of season and both did not have much flavor. We need to stop with the Driscoll's, please.

Driscoll's Berries Warning Read Before Buying
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WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased six containers of Driscoll's berries from Safeway in Half Moon Bay. Sour product was promptly reported to Driscoll's who promised "refund" but failed to even deliver replacement coupons. Re: Driscoll's "organic blackberries" and Driscoll's raspberries - Problem: All of the product was completely inedible. They were all without exception, sour, acrid in taste and without even a hint of flavor or sweetness whatsoever. Noteworthy that purchase was made in prime berry season, August 20, 2010 and within a key berry producing region. Driscoll's was selling foreign berries, $4/6 oz!!! Emphasis Purchased in prime growing season and within a major U.S. berry producing region, but Driscoll's is selling foreign berries!" Driscoll's promised a refund but failed to deliver even replacement coupons.

In contrast, delicious fresh, sweet local berries were available from local produce stands (but not from Albertson's or Safeway). I phoned Driscoll's consumer service on August 23, 2010 and reported the production codes from all six packages. I spoke with Barry ** who promised a prompt refund but failed to process the refund.

Today, Sept 8, 2010, I phoned back. Driscoll's "hadn't processed my refund" although acknowledged notes "in their system" regarding the Aug 23 complaint. No explanation was offered by Driscoll's for failing to send the refund as promised. They altered the original commitment from "refund" to "replacement coupons". Of course the coupons, if they ever arrive, will be non-negotiable. Fresh berry season will have ended. Neither Albertson's nor Safeway will accept these replacement coupons because the sale price is always more than the "coupon maximum value" and they will not let you add to cash to make up the difference.

VOTE with your Grocery Dollars!! It's time for all of us to support our local producers before our locally owned farms are gone. Take the extra time to find and buy locally grown produce. Boycott conglomerate Driscoll's and supporting your own local producer. VOTE with your grocery dollars! Start today or forever hold your peace if the family farm becomes history.

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