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Biggest Scam On Line
By -

MEDINA, OHIO -- I received my "free" bottle of colon 700, I was told I could cancel within 15 days of my card being charged. I called on day 14, no answer so I e-mailed the company. They said their terms say 15 days after order, but the notice I got with the bottle said after billing. I told them that and they refused to give me my money back and charged my account $88.14. I now have a bottle of stuff that made me sick when I took it, am stuck with the bottle and the website is always down so I don't know what the return policy is. I'm sure there isn't one.

What a scam...biggest rip off I've ever come across personally.
STAY AWAY from them!!!!

I tried again to get satisfaction from their website, and it is gone. Imagine that....

Being Charged Before Free Trial Is Over
By -

I wanted to try the free trial for the teeth whitening gel. I paid for the s&h, $4.99 and was charged another $1.00 for something?. I received it within a few weeks, I tried it and it didn't do what it was advertised to do so I called and e-mailed and canceled it right away.

I received an e-mail about a week later telling me I was being charged the 78.00 Plus s&h because I didn't cancel within the 14 day free trial offer. I know I did so I e-mailed them back with proof and explained I did cancel before the free trial offer expired. They weren't hearing it. After a dozen or more e-mails back and forth I finally sent them once more proof I canceled. I didn't hear from them for another week or so, finally they e-mailed me telling me they are giving me back all my money they charged me.

Don't give up trying to get your refund. Save all your e-mails from the company and yourself. No matter how much they try and get you confused hold your ground. I had to send my proof several times before they finally agreed I was right and they were wrong.

I went online and checked out any complaints this company had against them and was very surprised that this is how they did business. I was determined to get my money back. To many companies do this to consumers and we don't follow through and hold them responsible for cheating us. The only way to get companies to change the way they treat us is to stand up and hold your ground. Now with all the online buying it's very easy for these companies to steal from us. Be very careful who you buy from. I read all the fine lines and made sure I canceled well before the time limit. I will check out any and all before I buy again.

Remember you can get your money back from this company, you have to show them that your not messing around and can prove they made a mistake and you want them to correct it. Stand up to them and be firm.

Colonaid 700.com
By -

ILLINOIS -- I have never been ripped off like this before. The deal was pay for shipping for free trail, after 15 days, they will automatically sent next order out & bill my credit card, the problem is they billed my card 4 times in three days, can't get any one to answer my email, or by phone, the did cancel by account by email. On the same day they also billed my credit card, total charges 175.87.

Unhappy colon in Illinois

Never Shipped My Order!
By -

AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- I order this pill to try it because, I have heard that it is a good product... so, I order to try... it has been 2 weeks since it never came in. so, I called the company back and spoke to a representative named (ely) he said that " he will go ahead and resend me that product... so, I say okay thanks he said don't worry it will be there in 3 days because he was going to expedited my product and that I will have it... and it's still not here... I just want to say that if I can't have the product refund me my money back... PLEASE!!!

Fraudulent credit charges
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Product doesn't work. Without even having had 3 weeks of being able to use the product, 2 new bottles were sent and charged to my credit card without my consent. Have e-Mailed their Support Line - won't answer phone # - says they are open until 4:00pm PDT and it doesn't matter when I call, get that message requesting recall during normal working hours. They are evidently associated with Hoodia, which did the same scam on me last year and I finally filed charges with the Attorney General and the BBB.

Finally got all my money refunded, but not without a long fight.

Colon Med 700
By -

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a free trial of Colon 700 and received it during a period while I was sick. I didn't even open the mail container. Within approx. 3 weeks I received two more bottles and was billed $88.00 on my charge account.

Beware, please read the terms in which you order your free sample. I contacted them immediately upon receiving two new bottles. I still have not opened the free trial bottle. They would not give me a refund and allow me to send back the latest two bottles.

I really hate these type of practices!

2 More Bottles Sent Still Have 1
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I ordered the free trial bottle of colonex700 and paid the shipping charge only. Now after a few weeks they go and send me 2 more bottles and I haven't even opened the first bottle and I don't want anymore of the pills! I'm going to put them in the mail tomorrow marked refused! I'm sure there charging my debit card for something that I don't want.


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