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Scam Company
Posted by Toohot4dc on 08/17/2007
GEORGIA -- I ordered the free trial and about 14 days later, I received a charged of $79.98 saying that I am in a membership and it was in the terms and agreement...I can't find it, and when I go to the website they are now no longer offering the free trial and the terms and agreement can't be found... The customer service is rude and won't give my money back...don't deal with this company, they are a scam.....

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-17:
I think you are the third or fourth complaint this week alone that's written about Colonex. But it now looks like they've gone out of business. It was in the terms of the 'free' sample where you allowed them to start shipping and charge your card. Call the number and stop all further shipments that is providing someone actually answers. You probably won't be able to get a refund of whatever they have already shipped. Also contact your credit card company to place a block on any other charges they may attempt.
Posted by Skye on 2007-08-17:
You should probably cancel the credit care they have on file. You may block them, but they may try to charge your credit care under a new name.

They sure seem like big, time scammers.
Posted by Skye on 2007-08-17:
*That should read: may try to charge your credit CARD.
Missed my edit opportunity.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-08-17:
Skye, we understood what you meant.:) If people only stopped and thoguht for a second, What is this product supposed to do? I have talked to many doctors who inform me that this is a totally useless product. Companies that sell stuff like this tell you that years of crud have built up in the lining of your colon, and you need this stuff to flush it out. That is pure moo poo. that is like the vegetarian who tried to tell me I had five pounds of undigested meat sitting in my intestines, rotting. I told them to go to the library and do some research on the functions of the intestines. Nothing clings to the colon walls, NOTHING!!
Posted by JORDAN2 on 2007-08-17:
Can someone post the address or telephone# FOR COLONEX 700. i BOUGHT A TRIAL AND WAS CHARGED
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-18:
Jordanz: Actually you did order more of the product. Do a search for Colonex in this forum to get more details.
Posted by toohot4dc on 2007-08-18:
I finally got in contact with customer service who by the way was rude and told me I had to complain to get my money back through their email system, which I emailed the support@colonex700.com and they wrote back, I wasn't receiving a refund...so with that response and more search on the internet, I have contacted my bank to reverse the charges...so I hope this will stop them....
Posted by Arch2Bee on 2007-09-09:
I had the same experience. I called my bank and filed a complaint with them (Chase) two days later the money was back in my account. They said this kind of scam is borderline predatory and illegal. Call your bank and have the charges disputed.
Posted by skyeline on 2008-01-20:
I have never received anything, and have had almost $200 billed to my credit card! I have filed an objection with them- this has got to stop!!!
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Order On My Credit Card
Posted by Negotiator on 10/07/2008
I was truly blasted when I saw the order on my credit card when I haven't seen any product. I will be doing my research, because this is r1dicolous for them not to even respond to the consumer. I was a former employee of the District Attorney' Office and I have some acknowledge of this area and I will be back on this website to give all of you an update.
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Posted by BobJohn on 2008-10-07:
Of course, you must first dispute it with your credic card company. Did you order a free supply? How did they get your credit card number?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-07:
From all the complaints on here about Colonex700, they are obviously a shady company. I have the same question though, how did they get your CC number? Did you order their product or not?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-07:
The OP did order the product. The complaint is that the product was never received.
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Not happy! A Scam
Posted by Kee01 on 09/21/2007
I got my "FREE" trail of the colon700 supplements about two weeks ago. I started using them immediately. I was not pleased because they did not produce like they guaranteed. Actually, I began to have stomach cramps within a few days. I could have accepted that since they were "FREE", but today I received a charge of $78.98 on my MC. I called the company and I was informed I signed up for a membership, which I DID NOT and only would be refunded $55.99.

I will be taking this to the BBB as well as ensuring I never fall for this again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-21:
Yes you did sign up for an auto ship with these scammers. You failed to read the terms before you hit the submit button. Close your bank account! They will take money whenever they want now and without even shipping you anything!
Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-21:
Nothing is free.

Free-trails for for naive, gullible "Tough Luck that's life" virgins.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-21:
What is the British Broadcasting Corporation going to do about it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-22:
You did actually agree to a membership when you signed up for the free trial offer and did not cancel within the allotted timeframe (must read the fine print!).

There is no medical proof that this type of 'cleansing' is actually good for your body anyway and no one knows what the long term effects might be. The best way to detoxify your body is to simply change your eating habits.
Posted by Kee01 on 2007-09-25:
Thanks to all for your comments. I have changed my eating habits and I work out atleast 3-5 days a week. I plan to seek professional medical advice/treatment because not producing a bowel movement could possibly be colon cancer or hemmoriods. And your'e right, who knows if that type of cleansing is good for my body. P.S. I cancelled my MC.
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Posted by DLEICEAGA on 09/08/2007
IF you been scammed by this company, the answer is go to Ic3.gov and file a complaint. If enough of do it the FBI will investigate and send these crooks to jail.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-08:
The link is good. However, and I know this sounds like a defense, but firms such as Colonex aren't scamming anyone. Those who complain are the ones that never read the terms before accepting the 'free sample' offers. The terms clearly state exactly what the buyer is agreeing to and it's 100% legal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-08:
The FBI will investigate, ha, ha hahahahaha, LMAO! What a useless bunch of idiots!
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Posted by Maudiemo on 09/04/2007

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Does not work
Posted by Fudd on 08/28/2007
The company is a rip-off, they fool you with free trial,charge you shipping, handling, and insurane off 1.00 on trial. Before you can cancel the trial, they ship you 90.00 more of the crap. You refuse post office returns products, you get charged a second shipping charge off 8.99 plus a restocking fee of 7.00 so your out 15.00 for nothing.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-28:
Their web site says they are out of business and will be changing their name soon. www.colonex700.com
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Posted by Another victim on 08/20/2007
CADIZ, OHIO -- Everyone is right the numbers and emails they give you are fake or they just don't answer the phone or emails. I read all the reviews from other customers so I had to cancel my credit card before the 15 day free trial was up because you can not call in or email to cancel like they say you can . And the product did not work. I hope more people write in so they will get shut down. And I learned my lesson don't give out you credit card number online!!

I hope I canceled mine in time.
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Don't waste your money
Posted by Footballfan1 on 08/10/2007
WEST VIRGINIA -- I had two of my friends and myself try the product. We did the 14 day trial. First of all it didn't work. We all followed the directions correctly. Second of all when we tried to cancel-forget about it. They scam people. I hope they get turned into the officials. They are one of these internet scam companies that will rook you out of your money.

Do not use their product. You are better off drinking castor oil!!!!

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Posted by Took a chance on 08/07/2007
Colonex700 DOES NOT WORK, don't waste your time and money on it.
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-07:
Yes, we know, as it has been posted here several times. Next time, buy a can of prunes.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-08-07:
We have been alerting people on this scam for as long as I have been here. P.T. Barnum was right!
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