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Rip Off
Posted by on
How is it that a person who is struggling to pay their utility bill in the first place, get charged an enormous fee just to get it back on. My niece paid DTE three dollars of a bill that was six hundred to try to keep her utilities on. That wasn't sufficient for DTE so that turned it off. Now they want a reconnection fee and some other fee in addition. Where is the compassion to help people that are trying to pay what they can and to add additional fees are absolutely ridiculous.

Can anything be done to call DTE to a sense of responsibility to those who are trying their best in this type of economy. Why can't they work with customers, are they that hard up that they lose any king of sympathy for those who are struggling just to keep it on?
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trmn8r on 03/10/2011:
Well, DTE provided goods, and they have a right to be reimbursed. If your niece could only pay $3 on a $600 bill, DTE might expect the following month's bill to also not be paid.

Was this $600 bill for one month's service, or was she already behind?

There are agencies who may be able to assist in matters such as this. Maybe another poster can point you in the right direction. It's an expensive lesson - I hope she can get back on track.
saj80 on 03/10/2011:
Using your logic, I should only have to pay 1% of my monthly obligations (mortgage, car payment, etc.) and continue on. Everyone knows that our current economic environment is not very good, but to assume paying 1% of an amount due is acceptable is asinine. trmn8r gave you very good advice, please follow through with checking for assistance with various government agencies.
BEJ on 03/10/2011:
Has she called to see if they have a program to help those in financial difficulty. My provider SCE is always slipping in info sheets about their program to help low-income customers. Give them a call--it cannot hurt.
Mike in FL on 03/10/2011:
$600... sounds like she was behind on her payments for several months. If they cut the power off, it sounds like she made no effort to contact them about trying to set things right. As others have said, utility companies do have programs for helping customers who are in financial difficulty. However, it is the customer's responsibility to seek out that help.
Sheldonrs on 03/11/2011:
"In this economy" you STILL have to pay your bills. Would you think it was OK to walk into a grocery store and grab an armfull of steaks and walk out just because you didn't have the money?
Ytropious on 03/11/2011:
Because they have to pay that person to go over there and shut you off, and turn you on. Why should they have to front that cost when it was an issue on your side? If there was no penalty everyone would just skip on the months they can't pay and there would be no issue.
kittymac on 03/11/2011:
I've never heard of any utility company that would turn power back on for unpaid bills without receiving payment in full. At the very least, she would have to pay half or more. Anyone who can't pay their utility bills needs to contact the utility company for a payment plan, or possibly check with whatever agencies exist in their town that help with such problems. You can't expect them to accept $3.00 out of $600 as a down payment.
Skye on 03/11/2011:
I understand how you feel, but you have to remember, they supplied the electricity to her, and expect to be paid for it. Yes, many have fallen on hard times, but bills still need to be paid.

Before the bill became outrageous, did she contact them to try to set up a payment plan? Utility companies will work with you, but you have to contact them, and not ignore them. A reconnection fee is standard.

Remember, it's not personal against her, it's business.
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Destroying My Credit-Negative Information
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- DTE Energy is trying to destroy my credit because I have been paying all my monthly bill on time. I was able to call them had said that I was 120 days late paying in paying my bills which is a damn lie. I was able to get a computer print showing for the past year I paid-my-bills-on-time!
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trmn8r on 08/12/2012:
Please let us know what they say when you call and inform them that all of your payments were made on time.
ticia232 on 08/12/2012:
It may have been a computer glitch that did it. Since you have the proof they have to remove the mark from your credit. I had the same thing happen to me with a different company and once I proved to them that I had paid on time, and they looked into their system and the computer had done that to everyone.
BigAl on 08/13/2012:
The whole system of credit reporting and credit ratings need to be changed. If I cancel an unneeded credit card it negatively affects my rating. If someone checks my credit even without my knowledge it can affect my rating. Unscrupulous businesses can ruin someones credit for no good reason and use this as a threat making people pay bills they do not owe. Identity theft can ruin your rating and be nearly impossible and extremely expensive to correct. These are just a few of the problems. Something needs to be done.
Alain on 08/13/2012:
You can contact the Michigan Attorney Generals office via http://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,1607,7-164-17331---,00.html or call (517) 373-1110 for assistance on this problem.
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