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More for less?
By -

HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS -- I often work late nights or early mornings too. I, like many other people, rely on Dunkin Donuts to kick start my workday and give me the extra boost of energy that I need. Lately, I've been becoming more and more unhappy with the service that is provided to me while visiting Dunkin Donuts.

Often times when you order a breakfast sandwich they forget the meat or cheese. Once they even forgot to cook my bagel sandwich. On occasion they'll even go as far as to forget the cream cheese to go with your bagel or even forget to put items that you were charged for in your bag. What I'm noticing most recently is that the price is NEVER the same.

Usually the cost varies only by a few cents but this morning I went to a location up the street from my work and was charged $5.46 for a plain bagel with cream cheese and a medium iced coffee with a turbo shot. Explain how this is correctly priced when just yesterday I bought a medium hot coffee with a turbo shot, a bagel with cream cheese, AND a blueberry muffin for $4.11? That is a $1.35 difference AND I bought an item less.

I asked the girl why it cost me so much for a bagel and a coffee (it should have been $5.46 for a bagel sandwich and a coffee) and she rudely informed me that it was because of the turbo shot... Clearly this is incorrect because I always get turbo shots and there is never over a dollar's difference in price because of it. VERY unsatisfied. I will be switching to Heavenly Donuts as of this afternoon. They're not only set on prices, but make everything fresh to order AND have a drive through. Good riddance Dunkin Donuts!

Horrible Customer Service
By -

OLYMPIA FIELDS, ILLINOIS -- I recently visited the Dunkin Donuts located in Olympia Fields on Vollmer Road, Flossmoor, IL. I have had several bad experiences just due to people not paying attention or listening to what the customer is asking for. I typically order a raisin bagel with lite cream cheese on the side. However what I received on this occasion, and several others, was a TOASTED raising bagel with REGULAR cream cheese ON THE BAGEL. This was TOTALLY contrary to what I asked for.

Once I realized my order was incorrect, I told the woman that I did not ask for my bagel to be toasted. Her response, instead of an apology, was one of a clear frustration. I told her that she should ask people if they want their bagels toasted as opposed to taking the liberty just because "most" people want it toasted. The default, as I understand it, is not toasted. That is just a new amenity to the menu.

Also, it isn't up to them to put cream cheese on the bagels. That's the whole point of taking someone's order. If you aren't going to pay attention to what your customer's are ordering, perhaps you should subscribe to a cookie cutter menu. Typically, I would not blog, but this is something that happens on a REGULAR basis.

It's like they can't prepare your order without something missing or just wrong altogether. The worse part is, they repeat your order correctly but something goes terribly between ordering and your drive to the window. It's like there is some disconnect between the order takers and the order preparers. Worse than that, they don't want to be accountable for their errors!!!

An example of that is once I visited and ordered a Banana Royale with cookies and cream ice cream, but they gave me cookie dough ice cream (which I hate). When I told the woman at the window about the error, instead of an apology I again was met with the look of frustration and told next time I should say "Oreo" cookies and cream!!! Is there another type of cookies and cream??? No, there's only one. Perhaps what they should do is not put to ice creams that look virtually the same next to each other if they don't plan on reading!!!

I don't get it. How do you tell the customer what THEY should do instead of just accepting responsibility and correcting the problem, INTERNALLY, so that it doesn't happen in the future? As an additional note, I too called Dunkin Donuts corporate office and I still have not received a call back. I am still waiting 11 months later. As one reviewer wrote, I suppose they have outgrown themselves and can't remember the people who got them to this level. One more thing, they have a sign that advertises their store hours as 24 hours but guess what.....they close at 10 P.M. Go figure!

Thank GOD I'm not alone!
By -

I'm glad I came across these DD reviews! I NEVER bother with giving input back until recently, after a looong time of dealing with similar situations. I have been YELLED AT! I've been argued with! I have received a COMPLETELY different order than what I asked for. I've been handed a latte that was ICE COLD!? How does THAT happen? This company makes coffee and do the employees get that wrong ALL the time?

Needless to say I DO NOT visit ANY DD anymore. It is a complete waste of money and time. The store I would visit most on my way to work, in Southington CT NEVER...not an order correct...never. After multiple times, I spoke with the manager who thanked me for bringing it to her attention and said it would be addressed.

About 3 weeks later I go back ordered a latte lite with wake up wrap (egg, chz, and bacon). I get to work the latte has no splenda and is half full, THE WRAP was stale and only had egg. WOW. At a different store I was told to shut the hell up and get outta my drive through by some punk teen! Awesome.

Another store told me to go somewhere else if I didn't like it, when I left my car to go into the store and bring back the order that drive through messed up. I simply asked if they gave me someone else's order. NO the girl said before even looking at it or asking why. OK but I didn't order any of this, so while she snatched the bag and turned to get the correct bagel she said to her friend in normal tone, "she needs to go to Denny's if she doesn't like it here." HUH?! My list goes on.

THE BEST PART!!! I HAVE WRITTEN TO DD! NO call, no email, no sorry NOTHING. Your consumers (I wasn't the only one) are telling you that your service is so horrible they are going to Starbucks and you don't even respond?! The ironic part is that a great uncle used to run a DD when I was little. Every Sat. morning he brought donuts over my grandmother's house. I LOVED DD, as cheesy as it is. Something about it reminded me of Saturday's at Mama's. So on top of breakfast they have also ruined that. Thanks DD...From both myself and Starbucks.

Lack Of Professional Customer Service
By -

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Dunkin Donuts 3710 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, Fl. I was a loyal customer but no longer... Every other Sunday my husband and I get together with another couple, and we bring bagels and either muffins or coffee rolls as well. The order is placed and paid in advanced on Saturday, the day before with a specific pick-up time on Sunday morning. On the last five occasions, dates are: January 25, February 8, February 22, March 8, and March 22, my order has not been ready, or the order is incorrect.

On March 8th my husband went in to pick-up the order and stood at the counter for approximately five minutes before being served, and this was after he had to call for someone to come to the front of the store. At the time he was the only customer up front, but what is disturbing is that two employees came up front and no one acknowledges his presence there, said “good morning,” or “how can I help you?”

This is extremely POOR customer service, unprofessional, and the lack of just plain good manners. Today, March 22, I decided to call ahead to ensure that my order will be ready for pick at 11:00am. I spoke with two Dunkin Donut employees and no one had any information about the order that was placed and paid for in advanced on Saturday night. I had to replace the order!!! I asked to speak with the manager and was told that the manager would be in on Tuesday, March 24th. I went on line to Dunkin Donuts website. I could find information on everything EXCEPT how to submit a complaint the Corporate Headquarters!!!

Since 1997 I have been a loyal patron of Dunkin Donuts from Jacksonville to Gainesville, and many other locations. This has me rethinking "why should I continue to spend my money and continue to do business with Dunkin Donuts. I did call the number posted on their website and left a message with my telephone number for a return call. I will see if they do respond as stated the next business day, which will be Monday, March 23rd. I have shared my story with my co-workers, church members, friends and family. There are other bagel shops in town and Krispy Kreme isn't that far up the street.

Horrible treatment at DD and no response from called in complaint
By -

BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to Dunks on Main Street in Brockton, MA and ordered the turkey sausage flatbread. Drove 1/2 way down the street and saw it didn't have any cheese. Drove back and got in the drive-through line again. Tried to explain the problem to the girl coming over the speaker. She told me in broken English that these sandwiches came pre-made. I told her there was no cheese in mine. She started to explain what color cheeses come in which sandwiches. I told her I knew that and that my sandwich had no cheese.

We went around about this several more time (with the obvious problem being her inability to speak and understand English clearly) before she finally gave up and asked me to just drive around. When I pulled up I opened the sandwich and showed it to her while I said, "No cheese".

At this point the girl across the restaurant making the sandwiches yelled, "Why she talkin' to you with attitude?" I replied, "I'm not giving her attitude... I'm frustrated because I can't get my order right". The girl then yelled, "You want it made wrong again?" I asked her what her name was, picked up my cell phone, and dialed the number posted on the window. She then yelled, "You said the F word".

Clearly, she is going to portray me as guttural as she, in an attempt to defend herself... if she is ever questioned about this incident. I told her that I absolutely had not and informed the girl who was waiting on me that I just wanted my money back. I was not about to eat anywhere where they threatened to mess with my food.

She called the manager over. I asked the manager (an older white woman who appeared to be afraid of the people she was responsible for) if she was aware of what was going on. She replied that she had only caught the end of it. I told her that the girl who waited on me wasn't disrespectful, she just clearly did not have a good command of the English language.

She then whispered that the district manager herself was Cape Verdean and that is all she hires. She assured me that she would let her know what went on. I wrote my name and number down and asked her to have the district manager give me a call.

I haven't heard from anyone at the other end of the 1-800 #... nor from the district manager. Apparently, Dunks now thinks they are so hot that they don't have to care about the little people (customers) who made them that way. I went out and bought a travel mug and a pound of New England coffee at the grocery store... and that's the way it will remain till I hear from someone who cares.

Kicked Out For Leaving Storefront To Have A Cigarette
By -

FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- I am just posting this since this week me and my friends went to our local Dunkin Donuts for our ritual coffee and talking about how we're doing and we were kicked out for having left the premise to have a coffee inside our car. The weather was cold so we had our coffee and cigarette inside our vehicle. I know there was a 15 min parking for this Dunkin Donuts but we left as soon as we ordered. The owner/manager kicked us out for being there too long. We were planning to go back inside and order some donuts and more coffee.

We complained that we were going to go back inside to have our donuts and to continue talking. There were people inside that were parked for longer than us still inside but the manager seemed to have singled us out because we were there too long. We than told him we would buy more coffee and sit inside. The owner/manager then threatened to have our car towed.

We were the only Asians there and I know that there were people inside who were parked and there much longer than we were (all the cars that were there before us were still there and still was after we left). We then asked him to also kick out other customers since they were past the 15 min limitations. The owner/manager then threatened again to tow our car and told us to leave.

I do not like this horrendous treatment. The previous manager never had any problems and we usually moved our cars for other customers if we were past the limitations. I could find another place to file this complaint but would to let people know our horrendous treatment. I do not know if there was racism involved but it was odd that we as young Asians were singled out. Also the manager made no attempt to force any other customer out.

What do you think about this?
By -

HOLLYWOOD,, FLORIDA -- To start off, we are HUGE fans of Dunkin Donuts coffee. We go a few times during the week and get iced coffees and iced lattes. I am constantly impressed by their quality of service, and rarely have a bad coffee made. When we visited the Dunkin Donuts at 6800 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL the other day however, I was appalled by the terrible attitude and service we received. Upon walking in with a group of 6, we observed the girl helping us behind the counter was a completely miserable person. We had a 7 year old with us (not mine), and she just stared at him with daggers in her eyes when he ordered.

Our turn came - we ordered a large iced latte to share. It is our BIGGEST pet peeve when they fill the cup with too much ice, thereby leaving no room for coffee in the cup! So we asked for "A little less ice, please." She said "Well then, the coffee would only be up to here -- (pointing to the middle of the cup)." We said, "No, not if you fill it up with more coffee!" She then said "Well then, I'd have to charge you like a dollar extra for that." So what? They're allowed to make up prices in their heads now??

We were shocked, and explained that any other Dunkin Donuts we've gone to have willingly done this for us. So I went to the bathroom at this time, and heard the rest of the story when I came out. My Husband asked for the manager, and she said he was not here, but we think she was the manager.

Well, what do you do? We left with our latte that ended up being over 5 dollars. What is this, Starbucks? It was made well, but we were all so bitter from our bad experience. Personally, I would have walked out and left the coffee, but my Husband is a little more patient than I am. UPDATE: Reported it to DD Corporate, and they apologized and gave me $10 Dunkin bucks for our troubles. Very nice ending.

The worst customer service
By -

HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK -- I was at the Dunkin Donuts by my house. The workers there have no idea what customer service is. 1st they try to guess your order. I ordered a large hot tea and before I could finish the worker says "and a muffin", I said no. Then he says "what kind of bagel do you want." I said "I don't want a bagel, may I finish my order on my own please." Then he gives a sigh like I'm wasting his time. I finally order a bowtie and a large tea.

2nd they give you what they want to. He gives me a large hot chocolate and a bagel with cream cheese. When I go to return it he tells me that is what I ordered. I know I didn't order that because I am allergic to cream cheese and have been all my life. I give him the benefit of the doubt and I tell him that may be he mixed my order up (which is understandable) but he continues to tell me that is what I ordered. Finally someone else asks what is wrong and I tell the next worker the problem. She snatches the hot chocolate with an attitude and takes the next customer and tells me I have to wait.

This isn't the first time I have heard stories about this particular Dunkin Donuts. But it was my first experience. People say if you want what you ordered don't go to that one. That is a shame. I think all of your workers should take a class or two on customer service. I don't think I have ever been to a Dunkin Donuts where someone was nice to you, but it has never been this bad. I understand it is a fast paced environment but a smile goes a long way. Especially with me.

By -

WELLSVILLE, NY -- 7/31/2011 I am going to be a new mother, 9 wks pregnant. My husband and some friends decided one morning to stop and eat at Dunkin Donuts on our way to church. I ordered the Big and toasty sandwich. When I ate it I thought something was a little weird about the way it tasted, but my husband told me it was probably just me since my taste has been off due to the pregnancy.

It wasn't until a few hours later that my stomach started to cramp and I became extremely sick. Let it be known that Dunkin Donuts was the only thing I had eaten that day. My illness grew worse, then it was later discovered that I was suffering from food poisoning. I was sick from 3pm that day, and did not get completely better until the next day. Thanks Dunkin Donuts I appreciate you endangering my life and my unborn child's life!

A crew that couldn't care less
By -

BELLINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to the Dunkin Donuts drive through at 20 Pulaski Blvd in Bellingham, MA the other day and ordered a large hot Mocha latte. The girl on the headset asked me if I would like anything else and I said "yes a donut." She asked "what kind?" and I told her a Boston Cream. She said "thank you please drive up."

When I get to the window she says that will be $3.28 please. I hand here a coupon for a free donut from another purchase at this store earlier that day. She pushes some buttons on the register and says that will be $3.28. I said "isn't the donut free?" She said "you want a donut? What kind?" (With a snide attitude as if I'm interrupting her day) I tell her and she hands me the donut and another crew member gives me the hot latte.

It appeared to be smaller and lighter than what I usually get but I didn't say anything at the time because I just finished grocery shopping and had frozen food in the trunk. I get home open the cover of the hot latte to find that the cup is half empty. So for $3.28 I got a half a cup of Mocha latte, an attitude, and a free donut. (I think it was free I'm not entirely sure) I normally wouldn't post about this problem because I'm sure it happens 100 times a day across all the Dunkin Donuts but I've had this experience at this Dunkin Donuts several times which prompted me to post just one of my problems with this Dunkin Donuts.

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