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Unsanitary - Handling money and food at same time
Posted by on 11/24/2012
NEW HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I went to the New Hartford CT Dunkin Donuts to get donuts for my family in the drive-through. When I got to the window I gave the women my money and she then handed me the bag of donuts. Before leaving I opened the bag to make sure that everything was in there. One of the donuts were wrong and I asked if she could correct the order. At this point, the woman had been handling the money transaction and handing my food bag wearing latex/rubber gloves. I thought as long as she is just handing me the bag and not touching my food it would be fine. But no, in front of me, I watched her take my bag back, put the same grimy money gloves covering her hands back into the bag. She sorted through my donuts with her dirty gloves to find the one that she put back into the bin and give me another one. She never changed her gloves. The same gloves that probably had been changed all morning. I am paying just about a dollar a donut but never asked for a side order of germs (Flu etc...) I left the drive-through only to park and go inside to return the donuts and get my money back. I question whey people wear the gloves since they don't use them for what they are intended for. Obviously the women was using them for her own safety and not concerned for the customers. I have watched employees at this store conduct these unsanitary practices before. I am not interested in going there again. Oh in addition, the counter register at this store has not been working properly for a long time now, weeks. The item prices will not come up so you will not know what you are being charged for unless you remember to ask for a receipt. Do so. Your may be getting charged a little more than you notice. Each person adds up. Why hasn't the register been fixed yet??

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Posted by Dana on 2013-10-08:
A few germs help keep you healthy and you immune system up I more concerned about the sanitation in the back room
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Quality of product
Posted by Mikesfancycakes on 11/01/2012
HOLLIS, MAINE -- I've been in the food service industry for over 40 years.
This new turkey cranberry cheese sandwich is terrible.
For one thing the turkey is processed. The combination of the processed
meat and the cheese overwhelms the cranberry sauce.
Try fresh baked turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing next time.
While I'm on the subject of your products, particularly your donuts.
Your filled donuts are not cooked enough--They should be light and fluffy.
I fried donuts for over 10 years. Another thing, I ate more than three
quarters of a Boston creme donut before I tasted custard.
Thanks, Michael Petrin
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-11-02:
This is what new corporate ownership who only worries about todays profit can do to a company.
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Disrespect of My Wife by Employee
Posted by Katie163 on 08/26/2012
LYNDHURST, NEW JERSEY -- On the afternoon of 08/26/12 My wife had stopped with my mother-in-law for a coffee and a little time together to talk. When they were on their way out, my wife had decided to purchase a pound of coffee. My mother-in-law had mentioned why don't you purchase the one at 10% off. My wife decided to do just that and mentioned to the employee behind the counter that it said the product was 10% off. The employee went on to say sarcastically, "That's not 10% off! Where did you go to school? Can't you read!"

My wife was shocked and immediatley left the establishment, as the employee sarcastically yeld, "Pick it up! Put it back." When I was told about this needless to say I was infuriated, but knew what could I do, but tell her, never go back there again, they don't know how to treat their customers.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-08-26:
Make sure you call the store's GM first thing Monday morning. Management can't fix what they don't know about.
Posted by prince caesar on 2012-08-27:
ohhh.....I wish they would have said that to me, they would have been chewed a new you know what
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They Asked if We Wanted Our Receipts Then, Charged Double, They Should Not Be Asking if We Want a Receipt.
Posted by Mustafovskiusa on 08/08/2012
We were charged double. They asked if we wanted a receipt, which they should give to us without asking.

I am very upset because I am always there buying my coffee, something needs to be done.

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Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-08-08:
They probably ask if you want your receipt because a lot of people would just leave it on the counter or throw it on the floor. Most people don't need a receipt for coffee and donuts. If they charged you double, did you tell them about it and get it corrected when it happened?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-08:
What's wrong with asking if you want a receipt? I get asked that at Subway and Starbucks each time I purchase something. I always say no because keeping the receipt does me no good. It also cuts down on the amount of junk in my purse.
Posted by biomajor on 2012-08-08:
I prefer that they ask, because I don't want it
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-08:
I for one don't bother for receipt for fast food and and the like. No harm in them asking if you'd like one, I'll bet most people don't want a receipt for a $2 or $3 cup of coffee.

As for the double charge; did you bring the error to their attention and if you did what was the outcome?
Posted by jc on 2012-08-09:
I always say yes when asked if I want my receipt...precisely because of things like this, whether intentional or not..being double/incorrectly charged happens. If I don't have my receipt I don't know and may or may not realize it when I see the charge go through.

I'm with you OP, they should always give the receipt without asking if you want it...those that don't want their receipts will say so and ask the cashier to toss it.
Posted by A dunkin employee on 2012-08-27:
You know what is funny?
This girl came into my dunkin and tried to get me fired over me handing her the receipt without asking her if she wanted it or not. And after they watched the videos she changed her story to i made her coffee incorrectly, to then i was very rude from the start,
You come to dunkin, i make sure i wrap your receipt around your card because we are required to give it to you. Or ill give it to you with your bills and change if you do money.
I am glad you asked here tho OP, because you could have gotten an innocent person fired over this. Is it really too hard to say "Sure! Thanks!"
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Employee Errors, Customer Mistreatment, Mismanagement
Posted by Meredith1971 on 07/19/2012
NORTH SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Dunkin' Donuts on Taft Road, North Syracuse NY... All the employees and managers there know that my coffee is made wrong nearly every day. Yesterday, it was made wrong and the manager Briana told me to go somewhere else to get my coffee. I was dumbfounded and told her I cannot believe you are turning a customer away because you can't get my order right (simple- medium iced coffee extra cream, extra sugar, light ice).

I asked for contact information for someone above her, which she refused- telling me that there is no one above her. I insisted that since she doesn't own the store, there is higher management. She advised me that this was coming from upper management. I found the number for the exec offices and attempted to contact one of the franchisees (owners) and they weren't in. I reported the incident to the DD 800#, and then I found a cell number to Roy Clark (franchisee). I spoke with him and he referred this to Marcia, a district manager. She called me and told me that Briana, the store manager, said that I show up there WITHOUT the coffee that was made wrong all in an attempt to get free coffee. This is NOT the case!

I went there today and Briana is on vacation, but a manager in training is there as was Marcia. I spoke to the manager in training first, and he acknowledged that "we screw up your coffee almost every day" as well as "you circle back around to the drive-through with the coffee that is wrong to have it replaced". I even have this on tape now. He brought Marcia over to talk to me, and repeated for her what he had said- that I am not trying to get free coffee out of nowhere, that I drive back around WITH the coffee that needs to be replaced.
I ask that you call Roy Clark at 315-474-7294 ext 210 and let him know how disgusting it is that the manager Briana is treating a customer this way and that she should indeed be fired for doing so. To tell a customer to shop somewhere else because they can't get an order right, and subsequently lie about the customer is simply unacceptable.
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Posted by frak on 2012-07-19:
Well, at least they are honest with - they don't want your business. At least now you can move on and give your business to a company that appreciates it.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-07-19:
Ditto Frak.
Frankly - your demand to prove them wrong seems to outweigh the security of being able to get your coffee your way somewhere else.
If this is the only coffee place around I can understand trying to push to get it right. If your 'simple' coffee extra...and .... is beyond their service rules,'no more than 3 pumps of cream per cup' etc I understand the shop push back.
If you are keeping the 'incorrect coffee' that is another issue.
I hope you find a place that is better suited to your needs.
Posted by A dunkin employee on 2012-07-20:
You said they all know it is made wrong.
So you are one of these people who are never happy.
I have a girl who gets a medium ice French vanilla XX with 3 shots of caramel swirl.
It is never made right, but anyone including the manager. She just enjoys making a scene and getting people to wait on her, just like it seems you do.
If they suck dont go back, they probly all hate you and laugh at you everyday too ( We are mean at dunkin, but you would be too if you had to deal with people like that all day)
Posted by yoke on 2012-07-20:
There is no reason to drive around and go back. If you are at the drive thru just take a sip before you leave. If it is done wrong they can make it right. Since we only heard one side we don't know how many times the employee's have tried to please the customer with no luck. When I worked a waitress years ago they actually banned a few people because they always complained and would call the owners after every visit.
Posted by former DD's employee on 2013-07-25:
The bottom line here is: no matter if said customer is looking for attention or is trying to make a scene...the manager was Wrong!! You Never Ever talk to a customer or employee that way. I had an issue myslef with a former manager who was always making sarcastic remarks or was very un-professional with the way she spoke to people, the GM needs to get rid of her NOW!!!
Posted by Bill Gilmer on 2014-02-07:
Driving through a second time on a regular basis to return a cup of coffee not made to specs is not very economical.You spend more on extra gas than what the coffee is worth.also it is rude to the other customers who are trying to get served.
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Slow and bad customer service
Posted by Nibby324 on 07/18/2012
BRIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have now been to the "new" Dunkin Donuts on Market St. in Brighton, MA twice this week. Each time I went there were about 6 people working, but I waited for 10 minutes and then left and walked out on both days! I have yet to get a coffee there! How can the workers not even acknowledge the people in line by saying at least something like, "I'm sorry this is taking a while but we will be with you in a few moments." There is zero customer service. At least when I go to Starbucks, if they take a bit more time than expected they always apologize and usually give me a free drink coupon for my next visit. I would rather pay $5 for a small coffee at Starbucks anyday than be served by the slowest and most unaware people ever at the Dunkin Donuts on Market St. in Brighton! Thanks for nothing! I felt like my business did not even matter at all!
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-07-18:
Write a google review as well, that way u can target that specific location.
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Everyone Ordering Combos Are Overcharged!
Posted by Gowestlw on 06/08/2012
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I was overcharged for a combo and the server, a female, clearly NOT named "Alfred" as indicated on my receipt could only say "it's taxes" and look at me like I'm stupid. I asked if they had a "button" they push for the combo so it calculates the correct price. She charged me for each one separate $1.99 for "Single Muffin", $1.99 for MED coffee, NOT as a combo and she rang up my orange juice in between the two $2.09 subtotal $6.07 with sales tax. 30 for a total of $6.37. This woman continued to ring people up at the "individual" prices of the items rather than the discounted rates. My question is "What do they do with the extra funds?" It is only a matter of $.79, but I am being taxed off that extra as well. It's the principle of wanting the cashier to know her job and not cheat the customer. This can be remedied by providing proper training with EXPLANATION of how the taxes work to this cashier. I am irritated with Dunkin Donuts...there was no napkin in the bag either.
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Posted by TLSmith on 2012-06-08:
I need to start looking at my receipts.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-08:
I don't know that taxes is the first thing the server needs to be educated about. Seems to me she needs to know how to ring up a combo when it is ordered. The taxes will take care of themselves, but you are correct - that error in charging separately wound up costing you .79 + .79*.05 = .04, or .83 total.

As for "Alfred", could this be because several cashiers are using the same register? I don't know how that works in retail.
Posted by yoke on 2012-06-08:
Do the airports have meal numbers? The ones I have been to everything is sold separate.
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Have to Wait While Others Are Served and You Were First
Posted by Skip3stewart on 05/25/2012
ROCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have given Dunkin Donuts quite a few tries. They always seem to have plenty of people behind the counter. But no one ever starts serving you until they are good and ready. What ever happened to good customer service. I a disabled veteran that walks with a cane all the time. They have a flag saying they they support our troops. Boy is that a lie, the only thing they support are themselves. Well, now I ordered some hot food and coffee now then I had to wait at least 35 to 40 minutes before I got my order filled. But I see allot of what I ordered go out the drive through first. But they took my money pretty fast. Then they have also screwed up in the order also I have waited for over one hour before they get it right.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-25:
So would this be less unacceptable if you weren't a disabled veteran?
Posted by Laurella on 2012-05-25:
Sounds like this place is just ran really slow. How would they know that you were a veteran just by looking at you?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-25:
Have you asked to speak with a manager about the apparent lack of efficiency you have observed? Sounds like this location has the same "drive through has top priority" illness that other fast food joints have. The lazy people in their cars get served before those who make the effort to haul their butts out and get exercise.

I don't see how your status as a Vet is related to the situation. I appreciate your dedication to te country, but we're all equivalent when standing waiting for service, IMO.
Posted by A dunkin employee on 2012-07-20:
Dunkin donuts is only cares about the drive threw times. It takes top priority over all else.
If they took a long time, they probably forgot about you.
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Refused Cup of Water
Posted by RoNa_1995 on 05/12/2012
I asked for water to add to the hot coffee and they want me to pay for it.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-12:
I can understand that you may have wanted this water to mix with your coffee, but on the other hand they have a policy (evidently) of charging for water. Interesting conundrum.

The least they could have done was offer to shoot a shot of water into the coffee...
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-12:
Seems like every fast food place wants to charge the customer for every little extra thing. Would giving the OP some hot water really break the bank? I doubt it. I don't see why they would charge extra for hot water. Good review.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-12:
yaya - the justification for charging, in my mind, is if a cup is needed. I'm waging a guess that a cup could cost .05 to .07 or so.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-12:
What if they put the hot water directly in the coffee? I wonder how much they wanted to charge the OP for hot water
Posted by BigAl on 2012-05-12:
I think maybe the OP wanted to add water to cool and dilute the strength of the coffee. What is not mentioned is how much they were asked to pay. A nickle for the cup?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-12:
We don't know they would even do that, but they should. I'm not sure they even wanted hot water - maybe it was cold that they desired.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-12:
Oh I read the review wrong. I thought the OP wanted hot water. What they wanted was water for their hot coffee *smacking forehead*

Either way, I stil don't think it should be an extra charge for the customer.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-05-12:
I would have burned my mouth, spilled it on me doing so and sued them:)
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-14:
jk, then you could come back and complain about the prices being so high.
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Horrible Incompetent Service
Posted by Thunder7771777 on 05/04/2012
VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK -- There is a Dunkin Donuts on Merrick road. It is located near king kullen. The service is disgraceful. I went in to order breakfast. They got my order wrong. I had to explain what I wanted for at least 5 minutes. They still got the order wrong. Had a nasty attitude, and didn't give me a receipt. Not only me they were making mistakes on every order. They were mumbling insults about customers so they could be heard. They gave someone the wrong change back. Everyone on line was shaking there head in disbelief!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2012-05-04:
You can file a complaint on their website at:

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