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Duracite "A picture is worth a thousand words"
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2100 HUNTINGTON DRIVE FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- "A Picture is worth a thousand words" If only you could see the pics. Anyway, the installers came in and installed the granite counter. All looked great except a blemish, discoloration, in an obvious area in the front. They completed it in a short time, pleased. The installers said, "we are done and please sign here to show that we actually came in". A piece of paper black and white cheaply photographed, blurred signature required paper.
So I signed it thinking, well they arrived and installed. But before letting them go, I did
mention there is a discolor or blemish the size of an ostrich egg on the counter.
Their response was "natural occurring quality" I said, as long as someone can fix it, I can work with it. So, the installer said on the piece of paper where you signed it, just write down your comment on the paper work and it will be faxed to Home Depot.
Well, guess what, after complaining to Home Depot they said they never received the form with my comments from Duracite. How convenient Duracite.

I sent pictures and all. So after discussing my options with Home Depot. The first thing Duracite did admit to was, you signed the waver. So my compensation after all that, we'll get you a couple coasters and a cutting board. Imagine that, after paying over $ 6k, Duracite granite supplier said that. What a damn insult from Duracite. However, they are not all alone here. Home Depot should have some backbone in all this madness.

The customer is me, I bought this from Home Depot and their distributor is Duracite. If they have no control on quality of their merchandise, then why deal with Duracite? Home Depot did compensate about 4 % , yup that was it. Very disappointing for Home Depot, and their distributor Duracite.

By the way take back the coasters and give it to the next disappointed customer.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/22/2009:
Very nice countertop (except for the blemish). You shouldn't have signed the release.
madconsumer on 12/22/2009:
it looks like a natural blemish in the stone to me.
PepperElf on 12/22/2009:
sounds like you shouldn't have signed
Crown Jules on 12/22/2009:
Just out of curiosity, what exactly did you expect them to due to fix it? The installer is right, in a natural material such as granite, slate or marble you're going to have irregularities. If you want perfection you need to buy Formica or another laminate. It still looks like a beautiful countertop.
jktshff1 on 12/22/2009:
It's a friggin rock!!! You should have gotten man made if you did not want natural.
ok4now on 07/22/2010:
OUCH!!! That's horrible looking. I can fully understand your displeasure. Didn't you look at the granite slab BEFORE the installation? The beauty of natural granite is it's unique one of a kind pattern. If there is a flaw in it that bothers you why did you buy it? I went to several granite dealers and looked at hundreds of stones before I found the perfect level 4 stone. It looks awesome with the new stone back splash accented with a glass trim.
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