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DVD Omega - Bad product/NO SERVICE
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DVD Omega, an internet company that appears in Yahoo Shopping and advertises great prices, declares that it does not sell bootleg DVD's. Maybe not, but a boxed set of "The Complete X-Files" that I purchased from them: (1) Shipped from China, (2) Will not play on my DVD player (Some DVD's, but not all, will play on my PlayStation, though. Go figure that.) and (3) The DVD's that will play, skip and jump so badly that they're impossible to watch. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions as to their origin. Nothing libelous there. I never said they sold junk, did I?
CUSTOMER SERVICE UPDATE - They have the nerve to advertise "24/7 customer service". In my case, the so-called customer service consisted of an apology and a promise to have their "distributor"? contact me "within 48 hours and tell me what to do". (That makes me nervous!) Anyhow, that was over a week ago.
Some free advice (for what it's worth): Buy licensed DVD's from a company you can trust. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE UPDATE - In my case, their "24-7 Customer Service" is a total lie. They will, however, tell you how sorry they are within 24 hours. How nice!

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DVDOmega Scam
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NEW JERSEY -- Like another poster pointed out, this website shows pictures of North American/NTSC DVD box sets as the items to be shipped to buyers, and then ships Chinese bootlegged DVD-R/RW copies.

If you are planning on purchasing anything from this unscrupulous merchant, STAY AWAY FROM PLACING ANY ORDERS, as I sadly found out.

Even though the company lists on its website a US, New Jersey address, the box sets are shipped directly from China to the customer's home addresses, and if you have to return items they need to be shipped back all the way to China, at substantial cost and risk !
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GenuineNerd on 01/18/2010:
These DVD sets coming from China (which has lax copyright regulations and a booming piracy problem) are often for TV series and movies that were never legitimately released to DVD or VHS in the U.S. These TV series/movies include the 1966 "Batman" TV series (whose DVD release is long delayed due to complex rights and royalties problems...the main sticking point being is that Fox released the TV series, but Time Warner subsidiary DC Comics owns the rights to "Batman".) Also, the 1948 Walt Disney film "Song Of The South" is commonly bootlegged, since Disney chooses not to legitimately release this film due to "political correctness" reasons...some people think "Song Of The South" is racist. Most "SOTS" bootlegs come from the British VHS release or the Hong Kong laserdisc release from the late 1980's. "SOTS" was never released to VHS or DVD legitimately in the United States. Other movies and TV shows never make it to DVD mainly due to rights/royalty issues or low demand. But if someone wants a copy of the full run of the 1967 TV series "It's About Time", for example, a fan of the show will find a way to get DVD's of it, even if it's through peer to peer torrent downloads or Chinese bootlegs.
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