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Dvirak Car Rental-- Beware!
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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC -- I rented a car in mid October, returned it and had the inspector sign off that it had no damages, but needed to have the gas refilled. In mid November I got a bill on my credit card for about $350, which given the price of petrol seemed about right. Then two weeks later, another bill was posted on my account for $783 -- no explanation. They provide no email contact number and have limited English so I have simply asked my credit card company to challenge the bill. In forty years of renting cars, I have never received such bills without prior contact or information, and in this case there is no justification. I have since noticed another complaint on My3Cents about the same company from approximately this same time period. I would recommend everyone avoid this company at the Prague airport.
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Blacksburg on 08/08/2013:
We had the same experience. Initially after picking up the car, we noted all the dents and scratches, it was signed and stamped by the representative of Dvorak. When returning the vehicle we were accused by the agent thereof forging the signed document, eventually a manager came out noted that we would not be charged for any damage on the vehicle. When our credit card statement came back we did receive charges which are under dispute.

Bottom line, unethical employees by unethical management. Avoid this company if you can.
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