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Horrible Customer Service
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MAYER, ARIZONA -- First off, I'd rather be lauding fast delivery and great customer service... Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I placed a telephone order with Dyers RV yesterday for what I thought was a Dirt Devil hose and wand for my RV vacuum. I received my order today, but only the hose was in the box.

I called Dyers RV right away and asked for John, the man I spoke to yesterday. The young man who answered insisted he could assist me and would not put me through to John, even though I asked twice.

I told the young man that I wanted both the hose and the wand, but I only received the hose. He asked for my order number and told me that I only ordered the hose. I said I thought they came together and explained that the hose was not useful without the wand. He said the wand was $10.63. I said okay... I asked if he had my information from yesterday. He said he was copying it over to a new order and asked me for my credit card information. After all that was completed he said my total would be $22.23. I said, What? You said it was $10.63. He said the shipping was $11.60 and the total order was $22.23. I said I just paid for shipping for that yesterday! He wouldn't budge and he didn't seem to care, even though this all happened within 24 hours.

My order yesterday was $64.59 for what I thought was a Dirt Devil hose and wand + $12.38 shipping for a total of $76.97. Fine. Today I'm told the hose and wand do not come together and they must charge another $11.60 shipping fee for the wand. That is what I call horrible customer service. I obviously thought the hose and wand came together or I would have ordered it yesterday!

I did not place a second order for the wand.

Sadly, I do not recommend Dyers RV to the reader nor will I recommend them to fellow Airstream and RV owners.

Buyer beware if you have missing parts or issues with your order.
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At Your Service on 08/24/2011:
With absolutely all respect intended, even by the O.P.s accounting of the incident, I still favor the side of the merchant.

Yes, there was a misunderstanding that the hose and attachment came together, but this was in no way the fault of the merchant so why would they be expected to cover the cost of the second shipping?
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Dyers RV Supply - the adventure NEVER ENDS!
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CORDES LAKE, AZ AND ONLINE AT DYERSONLINE.COM, ARIZONA -- I paid $329.93 for a 14 FT. Gold Coast Screen Room from this on-line seller at dyersonline.com on JUNE 7, 2007. I was delivered a faulty good (hence not the good that I ordered), I contacted the seller, and spoke to John Hurdon at Dyers, who refused to resolve the matter, so I contacted my credit card company which advised me.

I followed their advice, and the seller was given the opportunity to collect the faulty good (as required under law) in JUNE. The seller chose to refuse delivery of the returned item in JUNE, (within 30 days of the purchase) and the credit card company gave me a refund on July 5, 2007.

I finally disposed of the faulty good (as is my right) on October 4, 2007. I retained it for inspection far longer than was reasonably necessary, and any RV'er knows that we simply do not have the space to continue to haul around useless items in our vehicles when we travel.

The seller, having chosen not to collect the good in June, began on 10/16/2007, more than FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE FACT harassing me via email about having taken legal steps within my power to protect myself.

I am not using or enjoying this item. I got less than 24 hours of actual use out of it, if one could even say that, since one of the rafter poles bent upon installation, and it never adhered to the side of the RV. In over 6 years of RVing, this was by far the worst purchase I ever made for my RV!

John Hurdon has sent me a barrage of harassing emails since October 16th demanding return of the item, threatening to call the police and collection agencies and accusing me of being a thief. I fail to understand why he is demanding return of this item at this late date, having refused redelivery in June and the fact is, I simply no longer have the screen room because it was GARBAGE, and utterly useless.

He also complained that he was unable to reach me by phone. I HAVE AN RV. I TRAVEL. Cell phones don't work in all areas! Considering the hostile nature of the emails I have received from this guy, I am very glad that he cannot reach my phone today. I would not choose to pay for cell phone airtime to listen to his harassment.
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User Replies:
GQ_08 on 11/21/2007:
I purchased the same 14 FT. Gold Coast Screen Room in March of 2006 from www.dyersonline.com and I haven’t been happier with it! It is a great product and everyone comments on how smart of a purchase it was (especially when we visited the mosquito infested state of Michigan!).

You quoted:
"I got less than 24 hours of actual use out of it, if one could even say that, since one of the rafter poles bent upon installation, and it never adhered to the side of the RV."

From an objective stand point it seems that you were being careless during installation and bent the pole rather than it being faulty equipment. I don't see how the pole could just bend while installing or after the setup unless it was a user error. I would be cautious to refund you as well. Why should they take the hit on the item if you broke it?

I have been purchasing RV products from Dyer's for a few years now and they are very courteous and receptive to my questions on their products. In fact once I mistakenly ordered the wrong product and they not only walked me through the return process but also set me up with FedEx to seamlessly get the incorrect item back to them and the correct one to me quickly.

For anyone considering using Dyer's to purchase items don't let this scare you. They are a great company and are my primary source for RV equipment.

BTW the only way to camp is off road. :-)

"Who needs electricity?"
Ryan Dyers RV on 11/21/2007:
Let me start by saying that I work for Dyers RV and am well aware of this situation. There are only two people that work here that would handle a customer not happy with a product, either John, or myself. Neither of us recall speaking with you in June about this matter, nor do we have any records of it. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you spoke to someone else. We also have no record of you trying to return the item to us.

Now here is a little lesson on charge backs. When a charge back is filed, the money is automatically taken out of the sellers account. The bank then sends the seller a letter via snail mail stating we have had a charge back filed and gives us the opportunity to dispute it. The time it takes for this varies.

The customer claims that we refused her shipment. Its very rare that we refuse a shipment, and when a shipment is refused its usually because of it being severely damaged. At which point we contact the sender. Every time that I can recall that we have refused a shipment its from a vendor, not a customer.

We disputed the charge back and asked for a tracking number showing the item was sent back to us as we did not have it. We won the original charge back dispute. So I'm going to assume the customer was unable to provide a tracking number. The customer then filed a SECOND charge back in which we got the letter the first week of October. For some reason the charge card company found in favor of the customer even though they were unable to provide proof they sent the product back to us. This is why its October and we are still dealing with this. My guess is the customer received her statement and realized they lost the original charge back and filed a second one. So as you can see, this becomes a lengthy process.

We then proceeded to try to contact the customer again via phone. The number she provided we called many times over a period of a 3-4 days and were unable to get in contact with the customer. We even looked up the shipping address info and got a phone number of who the product shipped to. When we called that number, the person was no longer working there (the product shipped to a different person then the customer). I have the phone records to prove that we called many times. If I remember correctly, one of the last times we called the number, it said the number was no longer accepting incoming calls. If your cell phone doesn't work, it usually goes right to voice mail, not ring a bunch of times then say its no longer accepting incoming calls.

We also emailed and the customer finally replied. We kindly asked for a tracking number to prove that the customer had sent the product back to us or that we were going to speak with a collection agency and the local police if the customer could not provide proof they sent it back. Remember, we have no product, and the customer has their money back. The customer never gave us any proof.

I called fed ex and spoke with someone there on how to get a tracking number and wrote an email to the customer explaining how to get their tracking number so they could provide us with it. I am not sure how that qualifies for harassment cause it sure seems like I'm trying to help you and give you the benefit of the doubt.

After many emails of the customer threatening to bad mouth us to their camping groups etc we still had no tracking number, receipt or any kind of proof the item was sent back. It was stated many times in our emails, that if she would provide a tracking number that proved the customer sent the product to us, then its our fault and we would no longer pursue the situation.

I hope you enjoy your screen room you got for free.

Ron on 10/18/2013:
I bought a gas valve from Dyers. Wrong one. Sent it back and got wacked for 12 bucks for "handling". I won't be back.Not worth 12 bucks to put it back on the shelf for THEM sending me the WRONG part.
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