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Expensive Vacuum That Doesn't Work as Good as One for 60.00
Posted by Dland298 on 02/21/2014
Dyson customer service really isn't there to deal with your cares or concerns at all. They know you spend a lot of money for a vacuum that just keeps breaking down and their attitude is you didn't buy it directly from us so who cares.

I have had the first piece of junk finally replaced as it kept breaking down constantly and ripping hoses this is a really poorly made vacuum the Animal as it is called. Second vacuum does the same thing breaks the hoses all the time they are just a plastic hose not strong or rigid plastic but very thin see through something like a hose for a commercial hair dryer it is clear with metal coils and it doesn't stretch as far as they claim it does no not at all it just rips at the end of the plastic collar. This is not a cheap replacement hose either it costs over 50.00 for a new one.

If you don't keep coverage on the unit you are really in trouble to have to pay for the hoses up front. I have a Hoover and never ever have I had to replace the hose in all of the years that I own it and paid 60.00 for it not 600.00 like a Dyson Animal.

Not a good experience firstly buying the unit and secondly trying to keep it in hoses and thirdly dealing with rude women at the customer service department not one could care less about my concerns and I have spoken to plenty over the years. I do not recommend this vacuum to anyone and will not ever.

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Dyson DC 41 Vacuum Does Is Not Recommended for Use on Many of Shaw and Karastan's (Mohawk) Carpets
Posted by Kct_kathleen on 05/22/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On 5/21/2013 I wrote this to Dyson via their website
Dear Customer Support Agent;

We heard the advertisements addressing the Dyson DC 41. We donated our Hoover and bought the Dyson. It is lighter and seemed relatively effective on pet hair on my 20 year old carpeting (Cabin Craft Nylon)

Today I went and picked out new carpeting. To my surprise both Karastan and Shaw said not to use the Dyson on their soft carpets. Unfortunately it is these two carpet series that I like.

I feel cheated in that nothing in the Dyson brochure or users manual or in your advertisement said that Dyson vacuums are not approved by two of the largest carpet manufacturers. I would like a full refund for the Dyson (purchased at Target) so that I can purchase an "approved" vacuum sweeper from the list below. .

Standard Upright Vacuum Models
Hoover UH70120 ($100-$150)
Hoover UH70205 ($150-$200)
Hoover U5780-950 ($150-$200)
Dirt Devil UD70115 ($50-$100)
Eureka AS5203A ($50-$100)
Lightweight/No Depth Adjustment
Oreck Magnesium ($250-$300)
Oreck Magnesium RS ($450-$500)
Hoover Nano UH20020W ($50-$100)
Canister Vacuum Models
Hoover Canister S3865 ($300-$350)
Oreck Quest Pro ($350-$400)

This is the reply I received via email today:
-----Original Message-----
From: questions
Sent: Wed, May 22, 2013 9:13 am
Subject: RE: Dyson DC 41

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thank you for contacting Dyson. We are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your Dyson product.

In regards to your inquiry, Dyson vacuums are safe for use on all flooring types including bare floors when used in accordance with the user guide for the machine. We recommend following the guidelines set forth by your carpet manufacturer with regard to their warranty coverage.

In regards to your request for a full refund, we offer a 30 day return policy on items purchased on www. dyson. com. This includes replacements parts, tools, and machines. To get your money refunded, simply return the machine to Target and they will be happy to refund your purchase.

If you have any additional questions, contact us at questions@dyson. com. Thank you very much for your time.


Dyson Online Support (rh)

For product support, troubleshooting videos and more visit www. dyson. com/support

1-866-MY-DYSON (1-866-693-9766)

The issue is
1- Dyson is NOT SAFE to use on all flooring since it is not approved by the leading carpet manufacturers and does not have the seal of approval from CRI (Carpet Rug Institute)
2- the vacuum in question is a year old, not thirty days old
3.- CRI http://www. carpet-rug. org/ states that an unapproved vacuum will damage the carpet (and void the warranty?)

Dyson does not mention this in any of their publications. They have misled me as a consumer and I want a refund of 4/5 of purchased price (since the vacuum is warranted for 5 years)....
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-05-22:
I'd be willing to bet the Dyson will work just fine on your carpet. Anyway, I don't think it's Dyson's fault that you chose to buy carpet that apparently has an approved vacuum list, especially when you bought the carpet after the vacuum.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-23:
Not wanting to play the devils advocate here but why do you think a full refund on a 1 year old vacuum is fair? What Dyson was telling you is that they have no control over the warranty from a carpet manufacturer. I personally do not see how any carpet manufacturer could determine that you used a Dyson. If it makes you feel any better, read the warranty that you will get with your carpet purchase. You may be surprised how ineffective it is.
Posted by Birdie on 2013-07-26:
We own a Dyson ball multi-floor vacuum. Had new Shaw Luscious carpet installed and found that my 4 year old Dyson will not push on this carpet. There is no way to adjust the height of the roller. I contacted Dyson and went through multiple steps with them and was told not all carpet manufactures recommend them and I should have checked what vacuums where approved for the carpet. (Who does this?) The representative said the suction is too strong for my carpet. I now have a $500 vacuum that sits in the closet. I was disappointed in Dyson and the rep offered no solution except to park it. I have a year of warranty left, but not being able to use it on my carpet is not a warranty issue. Lucky my mother gave me a 30 year old Hoover that not only works great on my new carpet, but also suctions up more on my older carpet that the Dyson ever did. Hope to get more years from this old girl, when she dies I will be looking at the Hoovers.
Posted by Byron on 2013-11-15:
We recently bought a dc41,, not a good vacuum at all !! If you are going to spend 600 on a vacuum DO NOT GET A DYSON !! Don't have time to list all the problems with the vacuum and costumer service. I will never own another one
Posted by TLWiz on 2014-02-19:
I have not used Dysons since I think they are overpriced plastic things with bad reviews but quite a few of the vacuums on the "approved" list are really crappy ineffective vacuums.
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Dyson, Shame on You Dyson Inc
Posted by Rlcarlson77 on 01/24/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Got a DC24 Animal in Mar 2012,it broke in May and I still don't have it back.. Called Dyson and they walked me through their "easy fix" It did not fix it... I sent pics as requested, and the same day I sent extra pics to Alexandra at Dyson, I got a letter in San Diego saying the engineers said there was nothing wrong with it. It is broken, the beater bar doesn't work, suction is bad....WHAT DO THEY THINK, CONSUMERS ARE DUMB....How did I get a letter from Chicago to San Diego the same day? I didn't, it was posted 5 days before they asked for pics of the broken beater bar... So they lied again.

I had to threaten lawsuits against them to take the vacuum for service.. Sent it it in Dec 16th 2012, today Jan 24th, 2013 and still no vacuum back....They won't return calls, all the supervisors never return calls. I have this documented by recordings and videos also... This broken beater bar damaged my carpet in May 2012, and no resolve to this issue either still to this date... Now they won't call or email back, and I have had a non working vacuum since May 2012, and no vacuum since Dec 2012, as it has disappeared in the shop somewhere.. SHAME ON YOU DYSON INC
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Wow, That Was Fast!
Posted by Clutzycook on 12/08/2012
A couple of weeks ago, I got the crazy idea to clean my house. I managed to get my room cleaned and vacuumed, then I started on Baby Clutzy Deux's room. I started the vacuum up, but I noticed that the roller brush wasn't rolling. I pressed the on and off button and got no response. I checked the brush for obstructions, broken belt, etc and everything was fine. So I called the customer service line. After some over the phone troubleshooting, the representative decided it needed to be taken in for repair. Fortunately Dyson gives all of its vacuums a 5 year warranty and mine is only 2 years old. I had two options. The first was to take it to the local Sears to see if they could fix it (insert blood-curdling scream here) or take it to the Dyson store about 45 minutes from my house. Fearing that I would never see my poor Animal again if I took it to Sears (and I told the representative so), I dropped it off at the Dyson store approximately 10 days after my phone call.

At the store, the salesperson asked if Friday was soon enough to get it back to me (this was Wednesday, mind you). I told him that was fine and the girls and I left (it actually took me longer to get them out of the car and situated than it did to drop off the vacuum.

The following day, as I was driving home from work, my phone rang. It was the Dyson store calling to tell me that my vacuum was ready to be picked up at my earliest convenience. Wow, a less than 24 hour turnaround for a repair? Since I was already 2/3 of the way home, I stopped off the following day and picked it up. As it turned out, the on/off switch for the roller brush went bad, so it was fixed. Now my vacuum will hopefully work great for many more years.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-12-08:
Awesome! I know lots of people who have a Dyson and are satisfied with it. Nice to know the company actually cares about assisting their customers. Good review!
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-12-08:
Great review! Avoiding Sears was key in having it go so well.
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$500...worked for a year
Posted by Markkbllc on 05/22/2012
Bought this because it had a long hose for non-floor applications, and under couches, etc. Less than a year into it, the hose started to unravel, tear, etc. Today, I use the DC 14 for floors, but have to use my 40 year old Hoover because that hose still works. Why can't Dyson, in 2012, make a hose that can last? Because they want to sell you another at $30. Customer service is no help.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-05-22:
I have a Dyson and they have a pretty decent warranty, IMO Have you tried contacting the company about repairing/replacing it?
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2012-05-22:
I have a Dyson for probably 7 years now. Seems to be holding up really well. Sorry about your experience.

Can you elaborate on your experience with their customer service?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-22:
I'm surprised that a Dyson's hose is falling apart already. Was it subjected to rough service, or would you say it was a problem in design, materials, or assembly?
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Customer Service is the Worst
Posted by Alliekats on 03/12/2012
CHICAGO, WASHINGTON -- Don't buy anything from Dyson. I needed to exchange a part and tried calling numerous times with waits longer than 30 minutes and I'd have to hang up. I then e-mailed and a week later got a response that I had to call to get a RA. Finally I called and waited 40 minutes to talk to someone and they told me it was past 30 days and there was nothing they could do. I then sent letter to them and was told 2 weeks later, it was my fault for not contacting them within 30 days. I am returning the part, with receipt confirmation, disputing the charge on my CC and filing a complaint with the BBB. I'm tired of these companies thinking they can just rip off consumers without repercussion. I know fighting for your rights is a hassle and seems easier to just forget about it, but on principle I am not letting this go.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-03-14:
Be sure and stop by this website, too: http://www.atg.wa.gov/FileAComplaint.aspx
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Loss of Suction
Posted by Squirlly on 09/11/2011
Have had Dyson vacuum in the local repair shop twice now, as it keeps losing suction. Dyson refused to replace or refund.
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Posted by ok4now on 2011-09-12:
So you're saying Dyson sucks? Read Consumer Reports and their poor rating of Dyson. Definitely not worth the money and the company won't stand behind it's product.
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Incredibly Poor Service
Posted by Bill4848 on 02/23/2011
My wife and I recently purchased a Dyson Ball DC25 vacuum from BJ's in Richmond, Va for $500. Works OK on hardwood floors but not very well on carpets. My wife called the customer service number printed on the vacuum cleaner to request service to resolve the low vacuum issue. She received incredibly rude and unacceptable response from two different representatives. The first representative hung up on her when she asked to be connected to her supervisor. My wife called back and and the second person she talked to was also rude and refused to give her the name of her supervisor. My wife has worked in banking for 30 years and knows the importance of quality customer service. She intends to pursue this issue tomorrow. At this point in time I am not the least bit impressed with Dyson. We have owned Electrolux vacuums for many years and have always been satisfied. The Electrolux model BJ's had was $100 less expensive. Looks like we made a poor purchase decision. More expensive doesn't mean better quality.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-23:
I assume that a discussion took place prior to asking for a supervisor. What was that discussion? That is a key, missing detail.

Most companies don't allow customers with issues to speak with a supervisor without a lower level CSR discuss the issue first.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-24:
I have a Dyson Animal and it works exceptionally well on our carpet, as well as the hardwood. It does sound like there is a problem with your particular vacuum. There is a button that you push for the brush vs hard floor settings. Is it working? If it isn't the brush will not spin for carpet cleaning.

If you purchased the vacuum recently, as you stated, isn't it possible that you can return it for a refund? Hope you get this problem resolved to your satisfaction. If you can't return it, then I do hope you give Dyson another call. Maybe the third time will be the charm.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-02-24:
singsing, you use your Animal on the solid floors? How well does it work? I would love it if I could just use the dyson and not have to haul out my mini canister when I do my hardwood and tile floors (which is 90% of my floors anyway). I've tried to use other upright vacs on my floors before and have consistently been disapointed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-24:
clutzy, I do use my Dyson on all my solid surface floors and it picks up everything. Just be sure to change the setting.

I also have a Hoover hard floor vac that picks up dirt and also cleans the floors spotless. I love that thing for washing the floors. I haven't had to scrub on my hands and knees for forever. But, I find I never need to use it for just picking up dirt.
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Piece of JUNK
Posted by Filthy floors on 11/25/2010
I have had this for a few years and have HATED it from about 6 months on. IT DO
The suction.... well......SUCKS, just wish it would suck up hair and dirt.
If you get more than an inch of dirt and hair in the canister you have to empty it.
Service dept. was NOT helpful.
It literally takes 20 minutes to clean a 12X10 carpet and when you are done it doesn't look like you did anything.
I would never buy another Dyson even if they gave it to me.
My old Sears canister does a better job than this piece of junk!
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Posted by bargod on 2010-11-25:
Really? I actually love my Dyson. I just got one not to long ago and it picks up so much better than the Dirt Devil I used to have. Yes even dog hair. Sounds like the one you got was a lemon. Don't give up trying to get to customer service. I would actually make love to my Dyson if it didn't mean a trip to the emergency room. That's how much I believe in them. (and no I don't work for the company)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-25:
ive read a bunch of problems wit hthese vacuums. I think they are overpriced junk. Ive had the same vacuum cleaner for about 8 years now, a SEBO, and I love it.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-11-25:
I just bought a Dyson Animal last week. I gave it quite a workout this past weekend. Vacuumed the upstairs once and the basement twice. I filled the canisters each time.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-25:
It seems people either love Dyson or hate it, with little in between. All I know is that I would never spend that much money on a vacuum cleaner. But that's probably because my house has wood floors!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-26:
I LOVE my vacuum, ive had it a long time. The way I look at it, is "if it aint broke and still works, don't replace it!"
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-26:
For pet hair, I HIGHLY recommend the Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum. I forget the official name, but it's made specifically for pet hair, and it even has an attachment to directly vacuum your pets.

We have four cats and two dogs, and as you would expect, the hair collects very quickly. Our last vacuum would clog constantly. This Bissell is awesome, picks up all the hair with great suction. And it's easy to handle. AND it's way cheaper than a Dyson!
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-26:
Canister vacuums do an excellent job. I have a bazillion year-old Sears that swallows dog hair eagerly. It doesn't look like much, but it sucks like there's no tomorrow.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-26:
That's what he said.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-26:
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-11-26:
i have heard other people say the same thing. is a dyson really worth the extra price tag?

very helpful.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-11-26:
IDK mad. I'm happy with my Dyson. It works way better than the Eureka I had before it, but I'm sure I would have been perfectly happy with the Bissell momsey recommended or even a Hoover built for the same purpose. My husband said if I was going to get one, get a Dyson or something that wouldn't need to be replaced in 2 years. Of course, I showed him. I ordered one that cost about $200 more than what he had in mind. The only good thing is that it has a 5 year warranty so hopefully I paid extra for the piece of mind if nothing else :).
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-26:
When I got married, my husband had a Sears canister vacuum cleaner that made today's vacuums look like Dustbusters. We used it for 30 years before the hose finally broke and I decided to throw the whole thing out. It just looked disgusting and I couldn't stand the sight of it anymore. What I should have done instead was take it somewhere for a good cleaning and tune-up because it still worked. Another one of my stupid mistakes.
Posted by liz on 2012-05-01:
Whilst I was originally happy with the animal, when it did break (lose suction), the service was appalling. We were told to take our vacuum in twice when there was no suction and the no suction light was flashing. On the first return the light no longer flashed, but there was still no suction. We returned the vacuum and asked that they please "rehook the light" or whatever they did with it and fix the suction! We told them where the break in suction was (at the bottom of the cannister - kept popping open). Again it was returned with no suction. We were told the 3rd time to send it to Chicago who has now had it over a month. On wondering why it had not been returned yet we discovered that it had been sitting at UPS since 4/17 (today is 5/1). UPS told us we had to contact Dyson to have them file an enquiry as to why it is still sitting there. If it still has no suction if and when it is returned, I'm taking it back and getting something else. For 600 bucks this has been more grief that it's worth.
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Company refuses to repair/respond
Posted by Elliemae77 on 11/21/2010
My vacuum gathers debris around the belt. I brought it in to be repaired and the repairman refused to look at it and belittled me. I then emailed the company and received no response. I'm stuck with an expensive vacuum that doesn't work - I'm forced to pick debris out of the belt every time before I vacuum.

I've bought cheaper vacuums that worked better. Don't get sucked into the hype - just because some guy goes on the television and brags about how awesome his product is doesn't mean that it works.

Bottom line, if you want a good vacuum, it's best to buy one from a company that values its customers and charges a reasonable amount for its product. I'll never buy Dyson again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-21:
I am finished and sick sick sick to death with Dyson. I agree. Wash your hands of them.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-21:
Great review and good advice. I too think that Dyson is overrated and overpriced. There's nothing like a clever spokesperson with an accent to reel people in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-21:
I was shopping for a Vacuum cleaner a couple months ago and the dysons are so expensive. I went with another brand that is half the price and does same job if not better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-21:
Or a really cool fan with no blades that sounds like a lawn mower and costs $300. I hate them. Liars.
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