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Incredibly Poor Service
By -

My wife and I recently purchased a Dyson Ball DC25 vacuum from BJ's in Richmond, Va for $500. Works OK on hardwood floors but not very well on carpets. My wife called the customer service number printed on the vacuum cleaner to request service to resolve the low vacuum issue. She received incredibly rude and unacceptable response from two different representatives. The first representative hung up on her when she asked to be connected to her supervisor. My wife called back and the second person she talked to was also rude and refused to give her the name of her supervisor. My wife has worked in banking for 30 years and knows the importance of quality customer service. She intends to pursue this issue tomorrow. At this point in time I am not the least bit impressed with Dyson. We have owned Electrolux vacuums for many years and have always been satisfied. The Electrolux model BJ's had was $100 less expensive. Looks like we made a poor purchase decision. More expensive doesn't mean better quality.

Piece of JUNK
By -

I have had this for a few years and have HATED it from about 6 months on. IT DO
The suction.... well......SUCKS, just wish it would suck up hair and dirt.
If you get more than an inch of dirt and hair in the canister you have to empty it.
Service dept. was NOT helpful.
It literally takes 20 minutes to clean a 12X10 carpet and when you are done it doesn't look like you did anything.
I would never buy another Dyson even if they gave it to me.
My old Sears canister does a better job than this piece of junk!

Dyson Animal, Great product, Great customer service
By -

I am so happy with my Dyson Animal and we rarely take the time to thank people. After about three years it stopped sucking and I called their customer service line. Four rings and a real person answered, when was the last time that happened to you? The lady was nice, asked me a couple questions and them told me she would be sending me all the new parts to make my vacuum work like new. Less than a week later the box arrived and I am so happy I spent the extra money and got something that works great and has a company that stands behind it. They have a lifetime customer here!

Awful Service and Worse Customer Care
By -

This vacuum is not cheap $480.00 + $40.00 extended service plan at Sam's; and you would expect more for the money.
The switch broke so the beater would not operate properly.
I called Dyson, was advised by them that the vacuum was under warranty. I was told to take it to Dyson's authorized service center, which I did (an hour's drive).
That was over a month ago. It is still not repaired; and the service man has explained that Dyson sent the wrong part(s) and he does not get any satisfaction when he contacts Dyson.
I called Dyson's "Customer Service" line last week and a surly customer care person told me that it was not their fault. I persisted and was then told that Dyson would check on the problem and call me back.
That of course never happened.
Today I called the Customer Service again, and after waiting for 15 or so minutes on hold was told by an even more surly customer representative that the first representative was wrong and that would be a "breach of contract". I asked to speak with a Supervisor; and after another 15 minutes on hold was told that there was no supervisor, and she would have one call me back. Fat chance. I have heard nothing.
This is dismal. Dyson should honor their promises.

Loss of Suction
By -

Have had Dyson vacuum in the local repair shop twice now, as it keeps losing suction. Dyson refused to replace or refund.

Dyson Animal Sucks And Not In A Good Way
By -

ARIZONA -- I was very excited when Dyson vacuums came out and promised to be better than any vacuum on the market. Well, $550 and 3 years later, I am less than thrilled. I have to vacuum an area 8-10 times, and then still go back and pick up by hand what the vacuum left behind.

I just hate to vacuum now because I get so angry at the machine! I will be buying a new, cheaper, NOT Dyson soon!

Beater Brushes
By -

BROOKLYN, OHIO -- I have been waiting for beater brushes for 3 weeks now. Just called and they won't be in until June 30 (maybe). Sorry I ever got the Dyson. Giving the public warning, don't buy the product if you can't get replacement parts for it. It will be over a month until I even have a chance of getting the parts.

Dyson Vacuums - think twice
By -

ARIZONA -- I just wanted to comment how disappointed I am in the Dyson Vacuum. After spending $450 for the vacuum I expected it to work really well. It worked okay the first couple months, then it lost all suction. I find it to perform just the same as the less expense vacuums you can buy. I would not recommend others to spend $400-$500 on these vacuums when the quality is not as good as they advertise it to be.

I have had some friends who have had the same experiences I have had with this brand.

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