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Great Price, Great Experience!
Posted by Gtgrgxgvfh on 01/16/2014
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I hadn't seen any reviews on this company until after I returned the car, but I don't understand why so many are negative... It sounds like some people didn't read the rental contract well and didn't know what they were getting, while others just had some bad luck. My experience with this location couldn't have gone better... I got the car I wanted, and they matched the price I found at another company. The car was virtually brand new in perfect shape and worked great. The return process was very efficient -- an agent gave it a quick once over and verified it had a full tank (and I was never asked to prove I filled it up at a nearby station). I then entered my email on the agent's iPad and got the receipt on my phone seconds later. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

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Posted by Maria on 2014-02-11:
You can't understand why people who were fraudulently billed by this company post negative reviews? I'll explain: it's because they were ripped off. Therefore, they are angry. Does that make it understandable to you? Please let me know if you require further clarification.
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Posted by Alpacas on 11/14/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Scam. I wish I had read the reviews before We rented. My mother filled out online rental info and no credit card was required. When we got there My brother (45 years old) wanted to be listed as the sole driver and we were told there would be a fee for a second driver. I explained that she was not the driver and that there would only be one They said that since she had made the reservations she had to be listed as a driver-- anyone else must be second. I asked about changing the name on the reservations and was told we would have to call an make a reservation. Long story short, I asked to speak to the manager and was told it was their policy. When I said I would call he laughed and said good luck. I asked if he could check for a new reservation and he said it would be $110/day. When we made one less than 24 hrs before it was $25! I have my doubts that he even looked it up. Never rent here. It is not at all worth the discount.
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Never Never Rent a Car From E-Z Rent-a-Car
Posted by Oakvilleyoungyoung on 10/04/2013
DALLAS FOR WORTH AIRPORT, TEXAS -- In August 2013 I rented a car from E-Z Rent-A-Car for three days in Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas. At the time I return the car an employee fully inspected the car from front bumper thought the rear bumper, from left side to right side, and from bottom to roof. There are no any damages found. We both signed the paper, and she brought me to the counter and I paid whatever cost for three days rental.

About three weeks after I got to home, I received a letter (bill) from Orlando of E-Z Rent-A-Car, the bill shows I damaged the car and estimated cost is almost $3000! There are 40 damages need to be repaired! They include four doors, roofing, front and rear bumper, even the trunk light, and so on. I was stocked. 40 spots damages the inspector on earth didn't see any of them at the time the car was returned?

After I consulted with professionals, I realize this is total a scam, a fraud, and [snip]. As I didn't’t buy extra insurance which is about $25 per day, and E-Z Rent-A-Car knows my credit card has extra coverage for car rental, E-Z Rent-A-Car thought it has a change to fraud and hope to get paid from insurance company. That is illegal.

I will never ever rent a car from E-Z Rent-A-Car again. Everyone should stay away from it as much as possible.
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Posted by Pete on 2013-10-06:
Dispute it with your credit card company. I hope you have the receipt saying everything was OK. Make them prove it, not just some memo saying what is wrong. As others have said, always take pictures of the car before taking it. I have gotten into the habit of taking a picture of just about everything including the interior. I hope EZ car responds to you because they are on my blacklist based on your report.
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EZ Rent A Car Fraudulent Damage Claim
Posted by Zeax on 08/06/2013
DENVER, COLORADO -- BE CAREFUL OF THEM SCAMMING YOU FOR CAR REPAIRS / DAMAGE THAT YOU DIDN'T DO. I rented there a few months ago for a week. I returned the car and everything looked good with no issues. After a few weeks I received a letter in the mail saying I returned the car with a flat tire and they are billing me for a new tire. I knew this couldn't be true because this car has a tire pressure warning for flat tires and it wasn't on when I returned it. I asked for supporting documents which the claims/risk dept sent. They sent falsified check-in slip from that day saying there was a flat tire and a "customer filled accident report form" reporting a flat tire which I never filled out but someone in their office did to look like I filled it out. They also sent an invoice showing the price for the tire replacement and wrote on the tire invoice my car rental number it.

The only reason I knew this was a SCAM was because the date of the tire receipt was 2 DAYS BEFORE I RETURNED THE CAR while I was still driving the car. They falsified all these documents to try to make me pay for the repairs of another car. After I pointed this date error to the claims/risk dept, they just sent an email back saying they are dropping the claim with no explanation. If it wasn't for the date error, they would have made me pay for the repairs.

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E-Z Rental Confirmation: $173.22 --- Actual charge: $789.45
Posted by Dblnr on 08/04/2012
ORLANDO MCO AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- Rental Confirmation: $173.22 --- Actual charge: $789.45

Thinking of renting a car from E-Z Rent-A-Car? You might want to read this first!

I booked a car from Orlando (MCO) Airport with a confirmed price of $173.22. (Confirmation#: EZ Rent-A-Car NBTZ0FF670 $173.22)

At pickup, the E-Z representative (name withheld) offered me an upgrade at "no additional charge". After a brief discussion about the expected gas mileage of this bigger, upgrade, car, I agreed, as it was a 'free' upgrade.

I then specifically declined the additional insurance (CDW).

The only additional fee I agreed to at pickup was the Easy Pass (SunPass) pre-paid toll which the E-Z representative (name withheld) assured me was a one-time fee of some $37 (this later became $55.92, but that was the least of my problems!).

To cut to the chase, after I returned the car (undamaged), I got my credit card statement with a payment of $789.45. (Contract # MCO-364584).

Despite my agreement to take the upgrade only if it was free and my express instructions that I did not want to take additional insurance, the E-Z representative (name withheld), or someone in the office had added a $120.20 upgrade fee and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to the contract. To add insult to injury, the CDW cost even more because thy charged me the rate for the bigger car.

Despite calls almost every day to E-Z Rent-A-Car's Customer Care department and repeated e-mails to them requesting they review my contract, I have never once received a reply.

Try calling the E-Z Rent-A-Car Customer Care at 407-674-1006. The call is never answered! If you wait on hold a message every minute or so will inform you that they are busy assisting other callers, but despite how long you wait, your call will not be picked up. The message will suggest you leave your name and number and they will return your call within one business day. I imagine that if anyone at E-Z Car Rental ever bothered to listen to those messages, mine would be the first voice they would hear!

I have lost count of the number of phone messages I have left, all unreturned. I have sent e-mails to the same E-Z Rent-A-Car Customer Care department and never received a reply.

I'm out $600. Don't let this happen to you!
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Posted by bob932304 on 2012-08-04:
The first thing I do is read the contract without paying much attention to what the agent says. The contracts I've seen are usually fairly straight forward. And I always decline the full-tank fuel option - they make a fortune on that, I always bring back the tank full. Rental agents are notorious for this type of activity.
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Stay Away!!! Leaves You Stranded
Posted by Travelnopie on 06/25/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I usually use National, Alamo or Avis, in that order. I made the unpardonable mistake of making a reservation with EZ based on price. Never, ever again.

No one came close to their rate: $135 for three days out of Toronto Pearson for a midsize. I booked it. Should have read more but I rely on information being in the reservation: unlimited mileage, pick up point, etc... What I didn't dig deep enough to find is they'll take any chance they get to leave you stranded.

I called from CMH after a bump opportunity for $400 came up. Their lot closed at 10 but my new flight would not get in 'til 11. They said there was no way to do an after hours pick up and they would not honor the reservation if I picked it up the next morning. So, fine, I lost out on $400.

My plane ended up leaving late but was only supposed to be an hour. Well, between boarding and sitting at the gate and delayed landing, my plane ended up getting in just before 8 instead of 6. Another 15 minutes to get to the 'courtesy' phone only to be told 'You didn't call so your reservation was cancelled'. I don't have an air phone. He, in fact, said they had no cars available. The central reservation operator blamed me and said it was their policy to cancel any reservations after 1 hour and I should have called them. There is no such information on my reservation. She said it was in the policies on their website. I not only don't have an air phone, I don't have Internet access in the air. I've had dozens of car rentals and never had one cancelled on me because the plane was late. Oh, the nice lady did apologize for the inconvenience but I made it clear, in less than gentlemanly language, that getting in two hours late and than being stranded in Toronto with no car was not merely an inconvenience.

So I lost a $400 voucher, paid $50 in cab fees to get to the hotel and back and the new reservation, with a different company, of course, cost $150 more than my original reservation.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-27:
I've seen poor reviews about this company before. Contact/file a complaint via the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services: http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/pages/default.aspx
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Worst, Rude and Scam
Posted by Vdm782018 on 12/22/2011
EZ Rent A Car from TransCanada located on 801 Airport Rd. in Toronto. Stay away or you will be cheated!!! The guy there is rude and unprofessional. I give you 99.9 % chance that he will try to scam you!!! I have talked to quite a few people in line and they all share this opinion.
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-22:
What happened?
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Poor service/ bait and switched-$1500 for a Flat Tire!?
Posted by Silly22kat87 on 10/31/2011
ORLANDO, CALIFORNIA -- I had a flat tire out in Florida while renting the car from the MCO location. It took me 45 min. to get a representative on the phone at 2 am. The representative stated there is no one to come out and service the vehicle / it would be a while before they came out. I would be able to get a "replacement vehicle" but it would be the next day.

i had my male friend hop out alongside I-4 and popped the donut on. We drove the car back to the airport. The representative swapped out the vehicle for the exact same car after he WALKED THE PREVIOUS CAR and CHECKED ME OUT OF MY CONTRACT and had me sign for a new one.

About 3 weeks later a bill came from them for the amount of over $1500 for a flat tire, axel, rims, wheel stuff and more! I was like WTF?! You can't charge a customer like this! Where is the pictures? I was not cited for possible incurrence of damages upon the original check in of the previous vehicle nor did I sign off on that. Now it is popped on my credit report. This is outrageous!

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Posted by griffin21 on 2011-10-31:
I drove my rental so completely flat, the mechanics was scooping handfuls of rubber out of the tire, and there was a pencil eraser head sized groove all along the exterior tire wall. I was way out on California Highway 1 / Ragged Point and needed to make the $15 repair for the very long drive to the nearest rental location. I made sure to point out and emphasize the damaged tire when I came in for the exchange, but must have been lucky to get off with no charge.

Your flat tire sounds routine by the way you described it, so the amount billed is indeed outrageous!
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-31:
If it is baseless, you can read the Fair Debt Collection act and Fair Credit Reporting act of the early 90s. If you immediately follow the outlined law, you can require any credit reporting agency to, at least, mark the debt as disputed, if not remove it all together. Further, you can demand the car rental agency not contact you further about the debt, leaving them with the only option to file against you in court. Generally, they can figure out if they have the grounds to winning a judgment and will pursue or drop the issue on this alone.
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Running A Scam! EZ Rent A Car - Orlando Airport
Posted by FEvans on 07/26/2011
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- This company is definitely running a scam. We just got a credit card charge for $51.60 for a car rental from six months ago. We called to ask what this charge was for and were told that the car went through a toll without paying, the toll amount was $1.60 and then there was a $50 administration fee. My husband rented this car and he is sure he did not go through a toll without paying. I am disputing this charge with my credit card company but don't expect much to come out of it. My next move is reporting this company to the BBB.
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Posted by saj80 on 2011-07-26:
Not sure the BBB will be of much assistance. You are entitled to proof that your husband incurred this toll charge; if the company can not provide it, or refuses to provide it, then it will help your dispute with your credit card issuer.
Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-26:
It would be better to go through your credit card company rather than the BBB. I wouldn't hesitate to file a BBB complaint, though. If you are positive that you did not drive through a toll without paying, they have no right to charge you. I'm not sure one could get through a toll booth without paying, anyway. The Florida Highway Patrol would be on your bumper in no time.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-07-26:
MissLeopard, you can just drive through the E-Pass/SunPass lanes that are designated for people with electronic transponders that deduct the toll amount from your account. There are not enough FHP in the state to go after every one that runs a toll. I know that near that airport there is one toll that has high speed lanes for the transponders and if you don't take the cash lanes that looks similar to an exit that you will be stuck running the toll. I'm guessing that there was something in the OP's husband's contract that said if he runs a toll that there is a $50 administrative fee. He should be able to get a copy of the photo that shows the license plate and date/time that the violation occured.
Posted by TT on 2011-07-28:
Well not getting a car from them.
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Dishonest Business Practices
Posted by Kris10d on 07/23/2011
HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- When I booked my premium rental car online I was given an estimate of $230 for a passenger car. Arriving at the airport I was offered a "free upgrade" to an SUV, which I accepted. The statement had an estimate of over $350 dollars which I questioned and was told "that is only an estimate of the cost-we are giving you the free upgrade." The agent had me sign an initial several times and on one paper the word "free upgrade" was handwritten and circled.

When I returned the car the upgrade was charged and the agent refused to call the manager when I asked. I was told that the manager was not in the office that day. There were three other customers with the same problem. When we demanded a manager one finally responded and the agent denied having told us that no manager was available. The manager was just as unwilling to help us and even threatened to call security although no one had raised voices or used intimidating language or behavior.

Blatant and unapologetic dishonest business practices all the way around.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-24:
Contact the attorney generals office of the state that the rental car office you used is located in. If it's Connecticut, then give a call to 860-808-5318 (for another state, you can find a contact number on the web). They can advise you if fraud as occurred and how to proceed.
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