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Stolen credit card information
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When I placed an order with E4hats.com, I left my new cell phone number on the order. As I rarely order online, I always leave a different number, so that I can better track who gives out my information. Anyway, I had never given this number out so...about a week later I received a call ( on this cell phone)from another online company requesting verification of a 815 dollar puchase made on my credit card being shipped to Anchorage!! I live in Massachusetts! Luckily they cancelled the order. However, when I called my credit card company, they informed me that the perpetrator had opened both a Google account and a Yahoo. Wallet account. I cancelled the credit card and called E4hats. Mr. "Yung's" response to my situation was "So, what do you want from me?" (BAD ANSWER) PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM E4HATS!! Save yourself the aggravation of identity theft. Hope this helps someone else stay out of trouble.
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