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They Will Deactivate Your Email Account Without Warning and Lose Everything Saved. Be Warned!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have a free email account with Earthlink for around 15 years now. Doesn't have a big space but enough for me to use it just fine. I had to delete my emails every other day or so before the box got full. I use it yesterday, clean my emails, and I woke up this morning and could not access my account. At first my password was not recognized, then when I tried to retrieve the "forgotten" password I found out that my account does not exist anymore; it got deactivated.

I called the customer service and I found out that the Earthlink discontinued the free accounts and now they want $5.99/month. I said, "Ok, I get my account back?" No, everything was deleted!!! I can get the same email, but a completely "clean" one with EVERYTHING ERASED. I complained about the "no warning", and they completely lied, saying they sent an email yesterday (10/03/2017). Well, if I did not receive it, it means they just plain lie! Even if that will be true (which is not), really, only one day notice? What if someone did not get the time to look over their email that day? Really? One day, and that's it?

BE AWARE! They can and will deactivate your email account at any time and without warning, and if you have anything saved of any importance, IT WILL BE ERASED. WHAT A SHAME! I will never sign with these people again, under any circumstances.

Paying Bill on Deceased Husband's Account
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Rating: 1/51

Account is in my recently deceased husband's name. I was trying to pay an overdue bill. They wouldn't let me pay because I couldn't answer the security question (name of his first pet; I knew everything but the name), the card it was paid with (canceled and tossed) or his online password (couldn't change that on the website because it would only accept an Earthlink email, which to the best of my knowledge he never created). I need to submit documentation that I'm the executrix AND a picture of myself IN ORDER TO PAY AN OVERDUE BILL. As soon as the dust settles and I can think again, I will be switching internet providers.

Internet service being down
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Rating: 1/51

HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT -- I have been a EarthLink customer from the time they bought out One Communications countless years ago. From day one the 1st thing is my bill went up only a few dollars but still higher than it was with One Communications. But ok let it slide. Then my internet service went out and I could not connect to the net. This became so regular I would lost my service about once every 30 to 60 days most times. It would only be down for a day but over the last 2 years it has dropped for days on end. Once was 8 days, other times 2 days, 4 days, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days, 5 days. My business is run through the net and when my service drops, I lose lots of money.

So the last time it dropped it was for 6 days. And instead 2 months ago I had my bill in hand but didn't pay it as I will be dammed if I'm paying for service I don't have and keep losing because of them. I call EarthLink to see if I can get my bill readjusted for all the lost time I have been without service. They offered me 24 dollars off my bill. Is this a joke? I have lost 1,000s and 24 bucks is it? I told them I want my bill for the last two months wiped out and a balance of 0. I them will stay with EarthLink and not take them to small claims for the 6 claims I have in hand for lost services.

The service is so bad I know the 800-962-2488 number by heart. It's kind of sad to know a customer service number by heart. If I add in the times my voice line was down it becomes even more of a total joke. Stay away from EarthLink. They are bad. Not just bad but real bad.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had Earthlink since 1998. Up until last year it wasn't a bad service. Until the last 12 months I had few issues, but recently the email issues are growing in numbers and today I called when my emails kept disappearing out of my Inbox. I was transferred 6x until finally I told the last person (all non-American) that I wanted a supervisor. She ignored my request and asked me how I could help her. I stated she should not ignore my request but rather give a manager which she finally did.

He was person 7. He said he would not transfer me and see that I got help finally. So I told him my issue (for the 7th time) and when done he said "But Ma'am, I'm BILLING!!!" She had apparently given me a billing manager when my issues were all about email. I have been a loyal customer for 14 years. Today I am leaving Earthlink for good!!! Earthlink sucks!!!

Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- HORRIBLE! Earthlink is a dying company and service and program are awful. I had to have EarthLink for several years because of where I lived. Not even satellite was available. The program has always been very slow, even at work when I use broadband. Very basic program with extremely limited options for settings, etc.

When I had to order a modem it was so cheesy (flimsy plastic and wiring) it didn't work. I sent it back and the next one broke in a month. Then I finally had enough after all these years and called to cancel. They had the audacity to bill me for the 30 days AFTER CANCELLATION! Making me pay for a month I wouldn't even use. I went ahead and paid it so I would never have to communicate with that dying company ever again. Yay!

I Am Sick Of Being Ripped Off By Earthlink!
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LAKE CITY, FLORIDA -- I signed up with Earthlink for DSL internet service in August of 2005. I used the service exactly one week from the day it was turned on. I had a dispute with Bell South and requested they remove their line from my property. I decided to go with cable and VOIP. I called Earthlink and told them I needed to cancel my account. They informed me I was obligated to pay for one full year and if I canceled early I would still have to pay 240 dollars. I am such an easy target, I paid for the full year.

When the year was up I called them again and requested to cancel my account. They wanted to know why I wanted to cancel, I told them I don't have a phone line going to my house. I explained I had not used the service except for the first week. They canceled the account and gave me a confirmation number. The charge was 39.95 per month.

Six months later I just happened to check my bank account online and saw a charge from Earthlink! They had started taking out the 39.95 again the next month after I canceled! I called them again and went through the whole story and requested a refund. They credited my account for two of the five months they took. The charge stopped coming out. I did not check my account for about five months, because my husband became very ill and with everything going on with him I just simply forgot. One day while checking my account online I saw a charge from Earthlink for $39.95! They had started taking out the 39.95 again two months after I canceled the second time.

I was having a really bad time during this because I had lost my husband in June of 2007. I tried to contact them and couldn't get through. I tried again the next day same thing. Because there were so many things I had to deal with at that time I forgot to try to call them again for three months. This time when I called I got through and again told them the whole story of no phone line and that I had canceled already once. They of course were so sorry for all my trouble and again canceled the account. They were generous enough to refund two months of the five they owed me. As I said I am an easy target, so I agreed. The charges stopped again.

With the death of my husband I was having financial problems and decided to stay with my youngest son for a while and let another one of my children stay in my house and make the payment. This was in September of 2007. Although I checked my account each month I just didn't really look at it close. That is until one month a check to my doctor bounced. I knew the money should have been in the account. So I checked my account to see what had happened. WOW!

Earthlink had started taking out 39.95 in October of 2007. This was in Feb. of 2008. I called them again and was very upset. I went through the same routine again. They refunded two months. The charges stopped. Two months later in April of 2008 charges from Earthlink appeared on my account again. Only this time it was 3.95 per month.

I tried to call them I never got through. I tried everyday without ever talking to anyone. Last night I decided to go to their website. I found a live chat contact there. I started the chat with **. The only thing she could "do" was to give me a two month refund of the 3.95 and cancel the account again. I think there should be someone I could complain to. I feel I should have a full refund of all my money! I am undecided at this time as to what steps I will take from here.

Replies Server Seeking to Get Us to Pay Way More for HIGH SPEED
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- ANYONE ELSE FEEL has dumbed down the speed by a factor of 500%? Slow as molasses. Really makes it dreary to load my holistic prevention protocols on to the website. A FACTOR OF FIVE TIMES AS SLOW. My FTP clocks the speed. It's been days now. They went offline to set this up for the DSL customers and on phone techies tried to sell me the high speed service... I'm sorry is screamed so loud I didn't get the price he was asking. I HUNG UP.

Complete Ripoff and Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

Earthlink ripoff: I inquired into getting Earthlink internet service where I was moving to and was advised coverage was available. They took my credit card information and charged me a total of $40 but a technician called me and told me that internet was not available where I live due to the rural location. I called Earthlink to advise them this but they did not believe me. I offered to give them the contact number for the technician but they transferred me to tech support. They insisted internet was available and put in the service request again.

I was again called by another local technician who told me that internet was not available where I live. Earthlink continues to insist that I have internet service and I had to cancel my credit card to get the charges to stop because they refused to cancel my account. I disputed the charges that had already gone through with my credit card company but was unsuccessful because Earthlink told them I had internet service and never canceled.

Today I received a bill from Earthlink for $110. I called them and they would not talk to me for several minutes because the person kept asking me for my email password which I had no clue what he was talking about. He finally told me that there was an early termination fee and he said something about the bill being due to me disputing the charges with my credit card company (even though my dispute was not successful). He said there was nothing that could be done. I was charged for internet that I was never provided, had to cancel my credit card, and now have a past due bill which they said will be sent to collections. I don't know how to resolve this.

Can't get an account closed
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, PENNSYLVANIA -- This has gone out to 26 consumer complaint companies. If my account is not canceled, it will go to TV stations, newspapers, and cable news networks. I have sent a private message to Earthlink Internet as one ** at Earthlink suggested with all the info they need in order to cancel my account. No response. I have posted on their Facebook page multiple times to please contact me to cancel my account. They keep posting private message (already did that), or call them. I do not have a phone.

I have been trying to cancel my service with Earthlink since the day my former partner signed up for it last year. Their site makes it very difficult to figure how to cancel. I can't use chat. I can't call. I can't email. Now I see I have to send a registered or some other more expensive mailing to cancel this account. I think this company is ignoring me and I think that this company is stealing from me and thus am filing a complaint on this site.

I am being charged each month and have yet to use their services. I would like to have the services I do not want nor am I signed up for CANCELED. The account is under ** who has not been here since April, 2013. I would like all the money taken out of my checking account via my MasterCard refunded to date.

Now, most likely they are just another money grabbing corporation, and I probably cannot get it back. I repeat, I have never used their services, I did not order it, yet I am being charged since last May I believe. Cancel it now. Account **. I am on disability and if this is not taken care of soon, I will get the TV stations and attorney generals involved.

Earthlink DSL Customer Support
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Rating: 3/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been an Earthlink customer since dial-up days. I have worked in technical support but encountered a DSL problem at home that I could not solve. I gave this rating three stars because the problem is not yet solved. I would not give regular customer service any stars.

My problem began when my old DSL modem broke after 10 years faithful service. I paid Earthlink for Fedex 2-day shipping. The new DSL modem arrived and did not work no matter how I tried to tweak the connection. After spending hours with regular service reps (**), I was told my call would go to senior tech reps who would call back but didn't.

Regular technical support expected me to wait for their call. Each time I called, the regular technical reps, they were polite, obsequious, and utterly ineffective. The only exception was one tech representative who chastised me for not waiting for a callback. Each time the reps ran through their support script even as I told them I was repeating the same steps over and over again and getting the same results.

At the reps' suggestions, I even called my computer tech support and made sure the problem was not with my hardware or setup. When I called this afternoon, a senior representative came to the phone and was unable to help. He offered to send me another new modem at no cost. I then called the Earthlink headquarters in Atlanta and got patched through to Tier-3 technical support. After nearly two hours of expert support, we determined the modem was indeed not working. Despite my initial frustrations with the regular reps, I was satisfied with the Tier-3 support from Atlanta. The Tier-3 technician *was* an expert who knew his business.

Lesson learned: I will *never* *ever* call the regular support line again; the reps simply do not have the technical skills necessary to solve more than the most rudimentary problems. If the new modem does not work, I will sever my business relationship with Earthlink and move to another ISP.

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