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Earthlink Has Kept Their Promise, as to the Price I Got Since 2008.
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Rating: 4/51

I pay $29.95 for Earthlink internet service to this day. I have had Earthlink since 2008 at this price. It's not the fastest speed, but I'm in no hurry. I recently wanted to upgrade our cable service, but was told I would have to upgrade the internet service to theirs. The price I pay now is $64 for Earthlink and local cable. To upgrade both shot up to $90. I asked how much just for upgrading just the cable, not Earthlink. That was $99. Well since Earthlink kept their promise of $29.95 a month, I decided to stick with them.

I Am Sick Of Being Ripped Off By Earthlink!
By -

LAKE CITY, FLORIDA -- I signed up with Earthlink for DSL internet service in August of 2005. I used the service exactly one week from the day it was turned on. I had a dispute with Bell South and requested they remove their line from my property. I decided to go with cable and VOIP. I called Earthlink and told them I needed to cancel my account. They informed me I was obligated to pay for one full year and if I canceled early I would still have to pay 240 dollars. I am such an easy target, I paid for the full year.

When the year was up I called them again and requested to cancel my account. They wanted to know why I wanted to cancel, I told them I don't have a phone line going to my house. I explained I had not used the service except for the first week. They canceled the account and gave me a confirmation number. The charge was 39.95 per month.

Six months later I just happened to check my bank account online and saw a charge from Earthlink! They had started taking out the 39.95 again the next month after I canceled! I called them again and went through the whole story and requested a refund. They credited my account for two of the five months they took. The charge stopped coming out. I did not check my account for about five months, because my husband became very ill and with everything going on with him I just simply forgot. One day while checking my account online I saw a charge from Earthlink for $39.95! They had started taking out the 39.95 again two months after I canceled the second time.

I was having a really bad time during this because I had lost my husband in June of 2007. I tried to contact them and couldn't get through. I tried again the next day same thing. Because there were so many things I had to deal with at that time I forgot to try to call them again for three months. This time when I called I got through and again told them the whole story of no phone line and that I had canceled already once. They of course were so sorry for all my trouble and again canceled the account. They were generous enough to refund two months of the five they owed me. As I said I am an easy target, so I agreed. The charges stopped again.

With the death of my husband I was having financial problems and decided to stay with my youngest son for a while and let another one of my children stay in my house and make the payment. This was in September of 2007. Although I checked my account each month I just didn't really look at it close. That is until one month a check to my doctor bounced. I knew the money should have been in the account. So I checked my account to see what had happened. WOW!

Earthlink had started taking out 39.95 in October of 2007. This was in Feb. of 2008. I called them again and was very upset. I went through the same routine again. They refunded two months. The charges stopped. Two months later in April of 2008 charges from Earthlink appeared on my account again. Only this time it was 3.95 per month.

I tried to call them I never got through. I tried everyday without ever talking to anyone. Last night I decided to go to their website. I found a live chat contact there. I started the chat with **. The only thing she could "do" was to give me a two month refund of the 3.95 and cancel the account again. I think there should be someone I could complain to. I feel I should have a full refund of all my money! I am undecided at this time as to what steps I will take from here.

DSL & Home Phone
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BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- I had been a satisfied Earthlink/Mindspring customer for 7 years. Several weeks ago I was contacted by Earthlink marketing to sign up for the new DSL & Home Phone service. What she told me about the program sounded very good. I talked to two other marketing people and they confirmed the program (I have copy of one chat I had). They all told me that:

  1. I would get 500 outgoing call minutes (not counting Earthlink "800" customer service or tech support numbers). NOT TRUE! I am being charged for Earthlink support. Even the website states, “You won't be charged minutes for dialing 611 from your EarthLink Voice phone”.

  2. That my DSL line would be upgraded from 1.2 to 3.0 Mbit/s. NOT TRUE! My line remains 1.2. My account information says I am being charged $40 for the DSL line, which is $10 more than my previous service (for the same speed). I have no problem with the speed, just charge me the original $29.95 and I will shut up. Or, upgrade my speed for the upgraded price. Isn't that only fair?

  3. I would get a new DSL modem, which I could simply swap with my old Earthlink modem. NOT TRUE! When I called tech support to resolve the issues, the tech told me he could not speak to me until I signed up for a $7/month ($84 year) Home Networking support. I hung up and finally fixed the connection problem myself.

  4. I have spent over 4 hours with customer service and technical personnel trying to resolve the problems and not one was familiar enough with the program to give me straight answers; not one could correct the problems I raised, and ALL tried to sell me another service for more money! (And for that trouble I am being charged minutes!)

When I call Cingular or AT&T with a problem, I always get a person who understands my problem and who can do something to resolve it. When I call Earthlink, I get shuffled from person to person, all unfamiliar with the DSL & Home Phone program and all powerless to resolve the difficulties. In the past few days I have talked to **. All are very, very nice. All apologize profusely for not having documentation on the program. All try to sell me a more expensive program. All refer me to someone who is “sure” to help me.

What a terrible way to run a business: Rollout a new product with inadequate information and training to marketing, customer service and technical support personnel. Then give the customer the runaround until s/he tires and gives up. Is there anyone in Earthlink who cares about the business and customers and who can do anything about this situation? I cannot believe that Earthlink has changed that much in the last few years.

My advice: Under no circumstances port your telephone number to Earthlink, unless you don't care to get it back if you cancel your service. There are blogs all over where people report that they cannot cancel their service without a lot of pain and suffering. I wish I had read them before I signed up for the service.

Poor Service
By -

The nature of the problem I'm about to relay will not be news to some of you, I'm sure. But just the telling of it will make me feel better, so I trust that you will be patient. Earthlink's euphemistically named “service” is dreadful. If it were worth the harassment I would no doubt suffer as a result, I'd cancel my contract now. Frankly, they are not worth that much of my time and trouble. But, really, the company is guilty of thievery and someone should be arrested for it. Sadly, I am not so empowered.

My latest difficulties occurred this past weekend when I was unable to connect through my DSL. I tried logging on for 24 hours, each time getting a message that the internet service was down, “please try again later.” Repeated attempts to get through to the call center resulted in a recording telling me of “unusual call volume, so we're unable to assist you now. Please try again later.” While not a logician by profession, fairly straightforward logic tells me that getting this message means a system problem. On Earthlink's end. Not mine, but theirs.

I finally reached a person on Sunday morning. ** covered his East Asian origins very cleverly by choosing such an all-American pseudonym, but that's beside the point. The point is that he did not help me. His parting “help” was that I should go and get the computer checked. No, I told him, the problem is your system. Did you do an update or something, I asked, since I couldn't even get through for a full day? Whether he couldn't understand me or was ordered not to directly answer such questions I don't know. But I do know that suddenly he couldn't spend any more time on the phone with me, that he'd have to schedule a call-back.

I have been this route before with Earthlink. I know that call-backs are fictional. No one ever calls back, and certainly not within the allegedly scheduled time. So it was no surprise to me that the call-back never materialized. It should have occurred at about 11 am (Central time) yesterday. What a shock – I'm still waiting.

I've had the “service” for less than a year and this is the third serious encounter I've had. Each has been more unpleasant and inconvenient than the last. The problem has always ended up being on Earthlink's part, though they were always reluctant to address it.

And here's what makes this scenario criminal: I have upheld my end of the contract, and they have failed to uphold theirs. I have paid each month, while they have repeatedly not provided me with the service for which I've paid. I get no credit for being without service. I never get timely attention. So I think it well within my rights to cancel our contract, but I know that Earthlink will never treat this issue so simply, directly, or honestly.

Now, I know that the best response I can expect from a complaint is a form letter composed by one of their unfortunate minions. Still, as I wrote above, it makes me feel a bit better to tell someone that the instant this contract is up I will cancel. What would really make me feel better would be to see them arrested for being thieves, for being a fraud, for violating basic consumer trust. I can't make that happen. But I can spread the word, and I will.

Earthlink Is A Rip Off - Will Not Honor Cancellation
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- EARTHLINK continues to bill my credit card after 3 months of me telling them to cancel the account. It is outsourced and the people they have are rude and unresponsive.

Fraudulent Charges
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I recently found a charge from Eartlink for $9.95 on my Time Warner 3 in 1 pack bill. I never asked for it and they would only tell me what it was not offer any proof that I had signed up for it. (My contract is in writing.) Eventually Time Warner removed and credited me back 8 months but it seemed to me that Earthlink is the slimy one here.

Earthlink adds erroneous bills to credit card and will not refund
By -

Earthlink loves to add little charges here and there. Like 4.95 per month for pc clean up service that they never provide. They also love to play shell games with your bill so you never see it. Of course, once you finally catch up with your bill and want to dispute the charges. You first get to go through about an hour of runaround with the kind folks in India, then you are just told "Earthlink policy is that you cannot dispute charges beyond 30 days old".

They screw you for as long as they can. They will admit the charges are incorrect but it is your duty to keep up with your bills and call them when you have a problem. They absolutely will not refund your money beyond a very small percentage of what they have stolen. They must be raking in thousands with this little scheme.

No way to make payment online if account deactivated
By -

I have never really had a problem with Earthlink as far as service goes, the main issue is with being unable to make a payment online if your account is deactivated. Husband had stroke, etc. Found out we are now in a wi-fi area, only because my daughter's main computer has been on Earthlink and hers does not support wireless. I have apparently been wireless and didn't realize it.

I do not have a credit or debit card and they won't take a check over the phone, only online, but if your account is deactivated... I can wait til I mail them a check for service to be reactivated since my daughter is gone on vacation. Maybe Earthlink needs to reconsider just let a person pay online, by check, even if their account is deactivated.

Beyond Harassment!
By -

I have been harassed for the past week by Earthlink's billing department. My husband is deployed, and our communication is sporadic. Earthlink said I needed to pay an outstanding balance of $7.90 (ridiculous in itself) and demanded my credit card number. I don't think so! I said I'd need to check with him next time he called. I called the customer service dept. the next day, and the person said there wasn't any balance. Today (4/11) I was called, and NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN SO HARASSED! He demanded my card # again, and I said, "not until I talk to my husband." He ended the call with, "talk to you tomorrow."

Furthermore, he showed no record of my previous call. I have since filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's office. If we do indeed owe, I will pay. However, the confusion needs to be cleared up on Earthlink's end. I refuse to be intimidated.

Customer Harassment Scam
By -

DRAPER -- So, the story starts with me having called the Dish people to talk about one of their advertisements which says high speed internet starting @ 12.99 a month. I called them and they said they don't take orders but they have tie ups with Earthlink. They asked me for the information and told me that I would NOT be charged and it's to verify the information and they said Earthlink people will call me and explain about all the options they have. Of course, I was stupid enough to give them my credit card information.

Now, guess what, I see an order on my name next day in my email and that too without talking to any one from Earthlink. They just placed an order on my name without me even talking to them (forget about placing any orders). How insane is that? Terrible, now they tell me that they have shipped the equipments fees and I will be charged. Someone got to be sued for something. What a pathetic way to harass the customers and get people trapped. Never ever trust anyone and give your CC information. Earthlink sucks or shall I say it was Dish who messed it up....

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