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Earthlink a Big Scam!
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When we first got our laptop, we decided to take advantage of the free internet offers for 30 days, as installed in the computer. We tried Earthlink, which said that no billing would occur during the trial period (30 days). We tried it for three days -- it was a nightmare! Terribly slow, connection kept getting interrupted, and downloading would take a century and a half!

We canceled as per the instructions on the site -- written request, certified mail with return receipt. About a week after we first went on, we received the confirmation postcard that they received the cancellation. NOW they've put us in collections for two months of service! WE USED IT FOR THREE DAYS DURING A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD! The reps who call are barely audible and difficult to understand. What a ripoff! I plan to report them to the BBB and Attorney General. Internet Users, BEWARE!

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PHILADELPHIA -- A few weeks ago I called Earthlink and ordered wireless internet service. About 7 days later, they tried delivering the package with all installation products via UPS. Because UPS delivers only during the day while I'm working, I had to spend $30 roundtrip on a cab to pick up the package at UPS. This would not be a problem if I were getting a good product, but this was not to be the case. When I got home, I realized Earthlink sent me the wrong product; inside the box was a modem and ethernet connection, all for DSL but not for wireless service.

I called Earthlink to rectify the situation. In all, I was on the phone for more than 90 minutes that evening. It seemed that everyone I spoke to had a scripted response. It was as though they weren't hearing what I was saying. When they realized they were saying the same thing over and over and that I wasn't hearing what I needed to hear to fix the situation, they would transfer me to another representative. In all, I spoke to eight Earthlink employees that evening.

All the while I'd been transferred around from "customer service" rep to rep, I was trying to hook up the DSL to at least get that going until my wireless products would arrive in the mail. I needed internet service badly to work on school papers. I discovered (not surprisingly) that the DSL connection did not work. After being on the phone for 90 minutes I asked that they please quickly transfer me to tech support. I waited and waited for someone in tech support to answer the line. It took so long, by that time I was furious. I canceled the service altogether.

Meanwhile, I've returned the modem and all other products that were mistakenly sent to me for DSL service. Today, I noticed on my checking account that Earthlink had the audacity to charge me for shipping those wrong items! $21.35! I called this evening to demand a refund. I was hung up on by the first rep, and then when I called a second time I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred, according to the person I was transferred to, to the wrong person. He then lectured me on how "stupid" it was that I was demanding a refund. Yes, he used the word stupid.

He insisted that I be charged until the modem that I never ordered is returned. Then, he said, they'll refund my money. How much do you want to bet the money doesn't get refunded and I have to spend another hour sometime next week trying to resolve the problem?

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MIAMI -- Be aware of EarthLink!!!! Back in September, we call EarthLink about the bundle package of high speed internet with VoiP phone service bundle to upgrade our dial-up internet service from another carrier; we were satisfied with the options we were offered and decided to sign up for the service. After all the information was provided and about 25 minutes of discussions over the service everything was set for then to mail the DSL modem, along with the VoiP adapter for the phone service, a day later it was discovered that EarthLink did not provide high speed internet service in this area; so everything was cancelled and nothing was ship to us from EarthLink.

2 months later we notice some unknown charges in our credit card, and put those charges in dispute, since we did not know where they came from. Then we received emails and threading letters from EarthLink for not paying for the dial up service; I tried to contact them immediately, and I was put on hold twice, once for over an hour and 15 minutes in which I gave up and decided to call them back the next day.

After 50 minutes of waiting time, I had a very hard time trying to communicate with the person representing Earthlink, since her English was very limited. I tried to explain that I never signed up for dial up service, and they were charging my credit card illegally since we never had an agreement for dial-up service; I kept arguing with her but apparently she did not understand or simply was just playing dull. She claimed to transfer me to another department and very conveniently the line was disconnected.

Later on I called again and was able to speak with a supervisor and offered to credit me with $21.95 for late charges which I found ridiculous since there was no such thing as late charges, since they charged my credit card $65.85 illegally and gave me a speech about their policy on refunds within 30 days; my answer was your company has committed a tort against me and is fraud charge me for a service I'd never agreed to and you will refund my money in full. He agreed to refund $43.90 which still is not the full amount charged to my credit card, and I will still disputed with my credit card so this thieves won't get away with it.

Bell South DSL & Earthlink DSL
By -

I came to Knoxville, TN in October of 2005, where I signed up for BellSouth DSL. It took a couple of months before the system worked consistently (and two visits from BellSouth guys). Exactly 3 days after my contract expired so did my modem... I called BellSouth and was told I could send them $59.99 and they would gladly replace said modem. I DON'T THINK SO. I figured Knoxville was a big enough city that I could get another phone company AND another DSL provider so I called and found a really "good deal" on phone service from MCI, but they don't offer DSL. So, I called and got a "deal" with Earthlink to provide my DSL.

Guess what? Earthlink will only provide DSL if I am a BellSouth customer!!! I stayed with BS (appropriate acronym, I think) and ordered Earthlink. Then my old Compaq router wouldn't work with their modem, so at the advice of one of Earthlink's "senior techs" (not sure what makes them senior) I went out and bought a Linksys wireless router. Everything worked great... for a month. Ten hours of "tech support" later, they tell me what I knew when I called them the very first time. The modem will not, for some unknown reason, stay in the bridging position so my router won't work. Feb. 12 I am assured they will send me a new modem, which will arrive in 3-5 business days.

Feb. 15 I receive not one, but two return shipping labels for the modem I have but no replacement modem. Feb 20 and still no modem so I call back to have the nice Indian or Pakistani guy tell me "Oh we're so sorry. We'll get that right out to you." Feb. 28... no modem. I call back. (At this point I should tell you that if you want to talk to anyone at Earthlink, you must have at least an hour of free time.) "Oh, we're so sorry. There was some confusion. We'll get that LABEL right out to you." NO! I don't need ANOTHER label!!!!

I am finally transferred (again) to a "senior representative" who assures me he is seeing to it that my new modem will be sent to me ASAP and I will have it no later than Mar. 4. March 7... no modem. I call back. Only THIS time, I select the option for cancelling my service. I get a new ** on the line who tells me they have sent me the wrong label (an RMA instead of an EMA) but he will be shipping me a modem overnight and refunding two months worth of payments. Well, we'll see if it actually arrives. I'm not holding my breath, as I look horrible in purple. A word to anyone who is considering Earthlink. DON'T!!!

By -

Earthlink is without a doubt the worst consumer experience I have ever endured.

Don't Use Earthlink You Will Be Sorry!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I always make my payments on time to Earthlink. Can you believe they call me 40 times a month anyway to collect an additional payment ahead that's not even past due. They claim they always collect the future payment at the end of the month to pay for the following month due on the 15th. That's crazy. It's like paying your mortgage payment twice in one month.

They must be hurting financially trying to show more revenue. If you have an Earthlink account don't use your credit card they will steal one payment ahead from your credit card.

Web Mail Service
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I'm totally frustrated on the phone and on the chat. I'm just giving up there.. The Earthlink operators giving me a hard time just for $2.95 There. Here what, I tried to do to resolve it there. I told Earthlink to deactivate my account, no not done, harassed me and my family at 6am in the morning that I had to call "Qwest" to stop these calls.. It stop but someone from Earthlink did take away my money from my debit card without my knowledge. Then I asked again the operator please would you replace my money back that you have taken away from me?? No they have not done it and jp chase have charged my account 35.00 Plus the amount there. The woman at chase said they would do an investigation with Earthlink, but as of tonight nothing is changed. What can I do with both of them??

Help. I give up !!

Not providing required speed, bad tech support
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BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- I pay for 6mps DSL internet connection from Earthlink. I often get service at 1.5 download, and 0.3 upload. I have tried to use Earthlink chat tech support for this problem. The techs give irrelevant advice about changing browser settings, when I don't even use a browser for email. Then they simply stop responding.

Today I waited for a response for half an hour on two different occasions, and finally gave up both times.

Avoid At All Costs - Worst Service Ever!!!
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I can't even begin to outline all the time/headaches and trouble having this "service" has cost me.

"Customer service" often you are told to call back later - they have too much call volume.

So called online account info - haven't ever been given an Earthlink account and password - though they claim I have - and nobody seems to be able then to tell me what it is - so I'm stuck with calling the 800 number only to be told to call back later.

Billing problem has not been resolved though I have called, written a letter, emailed etc...

This months bill is abnormally high and I have no idea why and can't get a detailed report of costs - because I can't log onto my supposed Earthlink account (see complaint above) it's becoming kafkaesque.

Don't ever ever sign up.

Worst customer service ever!
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- The worst customer service imaginable; the reps never seem to really understand what I'm saying, & there\'s a big language barrier to us communicating. I was told I wouldn't be charged for the modem, & I was charged $19.99 For delivery of modem. I also told them many times when I signed up (DSL/phone bundle) I did not want auto deduction, I wanted to pay either by check or notified by email & I would then pay online or phone. They charged me twice what I was expecting via auto pay! There is literally no customer service, I can't trust that they will actually do what I ask re changes to my account, etc. My phone was not working for a few days & after being on hold forever both online live chat & phone, they said their system was down & I wouldn't be charged for those days of no service. Of course I was charged & had to go through the torture that is Earthlink customer service for a credit.

If it wasn't my only choice (no other co. Services DSL in my building) I would cancel service in a second.

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