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Coupon Tricks!!!
Posted by on
WOODRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- August 20, 2007

TO: Better Business Bureau.
Cc: NJ Consumer Affairs.
Toyota Corporate HQ.
East Coast Toyota.

From: CEA

To Whom It May Concern:

Last Tuesday, August 14, 2007 I bought a Toyota Corolla LE 2008 at East Coast Toyota,
Located at 85 State Route 17, Woodridge, NJ, 07075, Tel (201) 939 9400. This is the second car that I bought here in less than 2 years (01/31/06 Toyota Corolla LE 2006), plus I did recommend somebody else and she bought a Corolla as well.

The price in the window for the Corolla 2008 was $17,475.00, after an hour or so of negotiation A. Ramos, the sales person, drops the price to $16,200.00. Then I handle him a discount coupon in the amount of $250.00, so the price would be 15,950.00.

I got this coupon in the mail after I bought the first car (COPY ATTACHED), have no expiration date and is valid only in this dealer, but they (sales person and manager L. Mendez) decided not to honor it. I closed the deal that night anyway, first of all because I needed the car and the second reason was the fact that is a fair price, but this have nothing to do with the coupon, this dealer was supposed to honor it.

After 2 days, last Thursday, my fiancé, who was with me in the negotiation, went back to the dealer to try to talk to them and hoping that they will do the right thing and honor the coupon, he talked to A. Ramos, L. Mendez wasn’t there, he talked to one of the sales managers, he talked to Mr. M. Catalano, Customer Relations Manager…..all of them went over again to the nonsense speech, they won't honor the coupon, my fiancé was at least 3 hours there waiting for an answer and all that he got was a job offer from Mr. J. A. Ripoli Vice-president/General Manager of the company.

What I want is to be compensate for the $250.00 dollars of the coupon plus the time that I’m expending in this matter and all the frustration that I’ve been feeling in this week.
Whit all the respect, I have a recommendation for Toyota , if you won’t honor coupons, if you don’t like them, just don’t mail them…nobody ask for it, you mailed to my house…that was just a trick???...Do you like to play with people like that??? I know that for a multimillionaire company as Toyota one customer more or one customer less means nothing…but please we all deserve respect.

Thank you in advance for all your help. Waiting for answers or at least comments.

C. E. A.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/20/2007:
Did they give you a reason for not honoring the coupon? I get these dealer coupons in the mail all the time. Reading the small print shows the coupon is good only at full purchase price or 'not valid on a negotiated sale'. Makes the coupon rather worthless. I wonder if that's the case with your coupon. You got them to knock off from the sticker price, so forget the $250 and compensation. Next time buy elsewhere.
firengine103 on 08/20/2007:
Hi CEA, My wife and I went to a multi brand dealership and received two 250 dollar coupons for test driving a car. Three months later, we negotiate a GREAT deal on a new vehicle. Just as we were ready to sign the contract and with all the salesmen standing there smiling, we pull out the 500 dollars worth of coupons. We heard a quiet gulp, adjusted the price down 500 dollars and signed the deal. If there are no restrictions of limitations on the coupon they owe you.
Aerocave on 08/20/2007:
It was probably a coupon sent to you from the dealership, if it was only good at this dealer.

We used to attach "$100 off your next purchase" in the maintanance books at our store that clearly stated "Please present this at time of purchase" because it was simply an extra discount that we had to absorb--the idea was to hopefully give the customer some extra incentive to purchase from us again and also let us track who actually used the maintenance books. However, the only times that these coupons were presented were from a certain "select" group of customers...in other words, they would beat the tar out of you on price and then present the coupon at delivery, expecting you to give another $100 off of a price that you were most-likey reluctant to agree to in the first place. And then, to top it off, the same customer would beat down your CSI scores and were normally difficult service customers. It really got under your skin if you were my side of the desk. We have since had the coupons removed. This reminds me of the exact situation.

My advice: If you are persistent enough they will probably refund you the $250 to shut you up. But, I have to say, C.E.A...writing a letter to the Better Business Bureau for a measly $250 on a deal that you already stated "was a fair price"? ...There are more important things to be upset over!
sarah123 on 08/27/2007:
My husband and I have purchased 3 cars from East Coast Toyota (2 used, 1 new) over the past 4 years. We have always had wonderful service there! In fact, the Customer Relations Manager that you mentioned, M Catalano, personally called us 2 months after each purchase to make sure we were happy with the cars. He even drove the plates to our house when they came in so that we didn't have to make another trip to the dealership.

You purchased a $16,000 car does; that $250 really break your bank to the point that you needed to write to the BBB to complain! Especially since you were already given such a low price on the car! And how exactly do you expect them to: "compensate you for the time that I’m expending in this matter". You are the one wasting your time and their time over a lousy $250.00.

And honestly, you don't even know how to spell "customer." They are doing their jobs and you are obviously just looking for something to complain about. I do and will continue to recommend family and friends to this dealership and am saddened that someone like you is trying to tarnish their reputation.
Aerocave on 08/27/2007:
Well stated sarah123!
Palbert on 09/10/2007:
I definitely agree. you should be lucky you got that much off on your car, I couldn't knock more than $1000 off my matrix. besides, coupons never really mean anything, they're mailed to bring you in.
jktshff1 on 09/10/2007:
Aerocave...hard negotiations from the customer. I go in work the best deal...financing etc.....get the bottom line...write a check for the car at the best price....no points paid for financing...no car note..no interest...you get the picture.
Had a couple of car salesmen try to back out of the deal...ain't going to happen or go elsewhere. Price shouldn't be higher because of financing.
Been selling capital equipment for over 30 yrs. Average deal is @ $100,000....ya got to play the game and be prepared.
animatedragin on 11/17/2009:
coupons OFF the price of the car is exactly that. without fineprint of exclusions, it should be honored, otherwise it's practically bait and switch.

There's a reason why it's completely idiotic for a carbuyer to pull out a coupon, referral bonus, or whatever dollar off discount before negotiations. The salesman would 100% include that discount in the negotiation and completely render useless.

I kno this post was back in 2007, but consider this years 2009 Federal Cash Rebate Program. ALL the dealers would INCLUDE the gvmt's rebate in the price of the car.. so now the dealer is earning an extra 2000+ per car sold when they aren't the ones honoring those rebates.. it's outrageous!!

why waste time complaining to BBB, FTC, AG, Toyota, etc?? because though individually, our complaint cannot do anything.. but if we encourage complaints against these unfair business practices, then enough complaints will prompt an investigation and put a stop to it. The Car Dealership Business can almost do whatever they want with money in the ten thousands and there's almost no recourse against them and when they decide to pull a bait and switch.
the amount of money involved can ruin families and lives.. and they do it without batting an eye.. They'll screw you for 10000$ just sop they can earn an extra $100.. I'm sorry if I find it hard to care about them supporting their household when they're out to ruin mine..
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